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This is one of my favorite projects.

I believe it's time to open up the records, and reconcile some of the myths about America, and document "what really happened".

I think this would be good for us as a nation, as well as provide an opportunity to correct history books and records that have been left uncorrected by expediency and printing costs.

This is how it would work.

A commission of journalists, some permanent and some rotating members, would do research into government records and produce historical documents in a partnership with news organizations.

The content of these reports would be entirely up to the commission; however, it must be certain that what is reported is reported in a non-partisan manner that exposes facts, and does not seek to vindicate or promote a particular ideology or theory.

Further, organizations may sponsor journalists to perform research and reports, at which time they would also be granted rights to sell collateral materials (books and movies) for profit, with a very minor residual to the commission to offset administrative costs and award research grants.

This commission would also, then, reconcile its findings with educators and historians, and generate an encyclopedia of history available for educators and publishers to use as a reference for subsequent materials.

I believe this would generate a great amount amount of awareness about our country's history and rich heritage, as well as promote greater freedom of information, transparency of government, and provide opportunities for many people in the news and educational sectors.

It should be stressed that this would not be a means to exploit the records of the United States in order to demean or criminalize leaders or public figures. The commission would be charged with maintaining objectivity.

I also want to say that it could easily be that things might be uncovered that would leave the government liable. I can only say that it should be the attitude of the government to care for any people it has injured or harmed.

However, it should also be kept in mind that this is intended to be part of a "healing process", an opportunity to accurately report history, acknowledge what has occurred, and then be able to move on as a nation without any secrets or myths to protect or perpetuate.

But, it can not be used as a means to paralyze or bankrupt the functioning of our government. That will not be allowed.

I believe that the trust, transparency and integrity of our government would be greatly enhanced by such a national project.

I realize that when we think of opening up records and things, what we automatically think of are the bad things. I actually think there will be a great number of good things, stories of heroes and pioneers of science and humanities that will actually be inspirations to us all.

And, it will prove that despite any indiscretions, that the United States has done a great deal of good in the world, as a nation and as individual citizens. We have a lot to be proud of.


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