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My father and I in East Palo Alto. I was a large child. I think I was 1, which would mean he was 48. Circa 1956


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My brother and sisters
Alma, Grayson, Donna
Susan, Linda and Me

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My first grade school picture at Costano Elementary School in East Palo Alto, California. 1960 I think. My dad and I had matching shirts like this. And... after we moved to Santa Cruz, my 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Engelke, sent me postcards from all over the world until she died. The last one was from England. I still have it. They were always addressed "Master Charles Rehn".

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I love baseball. I was a pitcher on this team. Later on in Little League, I was on the Indians. That's when they started announcing me on the PA in the ballpark as Batman. I wore these flip-down shades while playing left field... I guess that's where I was supposed to learn left drift.

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One of my favorites. My niece Linda Marie and my pony named Stormy.

This picture makes my pony look really small. This is actually an Appaloosa Welch mix that got much bigger, and he was gorgeous when his blanket finally came out. Roan, black and a silver blanket. Turned into a champion harness racer. The breeder originally named him "Stupid" because he was as gentle as he was spirited. He could fly! He was a hand shy of being a horse. This is taken in the orignal homestead in Scotts Valley.

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The Disco Days... my first real exposure to "hardball" business tactics.

It was interesting, because I went into this interview, and I know I answered everyhting to have it be about the business, and they turned it mainly into something about me. Caused some friction amongst the partners. :} That's showbiz.

This was a good thing to do. While things did'nt turn out as well as we hoped, many people had something to do without getting into trouble. We were always there on the weekend, we had good music, people from the community teaching dancing and more, and good prizes for the dance contests. It was fun!

Disco At The Coconut Grove!

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The day I didn't shake Ronald Reagan's hand.  No one else would shake his hand. I thought, it's true, I disagree with his policies, so I declined as well in solidarity. This speech contest "What America Means To Me"... Even though we were all from different places, there was only one of us state finalists who didn't, at one time recently, have the same speech and debate coach. His name was John Wasserberger of Soquel High School, in Soquel, Ca. The only person who wasn't one of his students was the contest winner. I'd publish my speech, but we got drunk the last night we were in Sacramento and lit our speeches on fire and threw them out the hotel window. The best part is when you find out whose idea it was for us to get drunk. :}


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This is a good memory. 1973. My graduating picture with the members of the school radio station, KAHS, at Arcata High School in Humboldt County, Ca. Home of the Marching Lumberjacks! That's me on the far right in the shades. the same year I ran for the school board. The other two guys in shades were my best friends... Charlie on the left, Clark in the middle. And, ( a special syncronicity moment for JohnMcCain, in reference to bomb, bomb Iran... ) the girl I've got my arm around in the picture is named Barbara..
in fact, I gave her the radio "air name" Barbara Ann....:} In front of her, Lucinda, and to her right, Pam, the girl I went on the air with frequently. She had a lower voice than me :}


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Me with my niece Rachel. Must have been around 1967


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