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How Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee
used my materials/intellectual properties to get Obama elected

Jon Wilson
Attorney At Law


Dear Jon -

First, I want to thank you for calling last week in regard to your continuing research on the cases you have graciously been working on  in the interest of helping Freedom From Covert Harassment  ( www.FFCHS.org  ), the victims of MK-Ultra-Style Psychotronic harassment, organized CoIntelPro style stalking (by the government and corporations),  24/7/365 surveillance, disruption of lives and families, injury to children and pets, forced loss of employment, denial of medical services and more.

I want to explain a few things before I go into detail. First, I am writing this to you as well as posting it on the web because I believe I have been able to "crack the nut" on this situation, coming from a completely different approach than addressing the harassment issue head on. I understand that some may consider this posting and writing to you to be malingering and/or defamation and slander, however, I want to point out that I have appropriately sought assistance from law enforcement, the FBI, Secret Service (as a political candidate) and my appropriate elected officials.

Like most victims of intended abuse by the government and corporations with ownership and access to satellite microwave technologies, it has been to no avail, and so I feel justified in bringing this case to the attention of the public, since there has been no recourse available to make this illegal, immoral and unconstitutional suppression of my human rights end. And I have suffered greatly.

Part of my reticence to respond to your call has been because I am preparing to go homeless because of the violation of my rights. In addition, I have a story that compares to that of Taylor Brice, and the Tranceformation of America. It has taken years to gather enough information about my harassment to be able to succinctly communicate my situation, and how the tangible, palpable evidence I have can put an end to the suffering of all of us victims.

The bottom line on my case is premised on a fully documented case of plagiarism. What I am saying is this:

Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee have been stealing all of my own campaign materials from this web site in order to structure the platform of the Democratic Party to retake the majority in the House and Senate, as well as to provide material for Howard Dean's Democratic Presidential Nomination bid in 2004. I can adequately show collusion on the parts of nearly every speaker in the Democratic Party at this year's national convention in Denver, as well as many Republicans.

This has been going on since 2002. However, I believe I can show RICCO activities against me dating back to the 1990's and the Clinton Administration. While fragmented due to Psychotronics, the proof of this is on my web site.

It would be very easy to use Lexis-Nexis, my web materials, television transcripts and a vast amount of emails that clearly show communications with members of Congress, the National Corporate Media and others. It would then also be easy to conclude that they were in fact stealing my materials.

How it began from my point of view, and what I have discovered to date. I will conclude this preface by saying that many of the things I may mention may unusual to you, as they did to me, but I assure you, I would not mention them if I did not believe that I could prove my assertions in a court of law.

Despite the fact that I can show that my harassment and "bubble life" actually began in the 1950's, not long after birth, I was not aware of that until recently. So, for me, the story begins in 2000, when I began to become politically active.

Election 2000

When the events of election 2000 happened, I was like many people in America. I didn't vote in that election, so I had no complaint about who the winner would be (if you don't vote, you can't really complain about that). What I was concerned with was the process of Democracy. I put up signs all over Capitol Street and in front of all the news agencies in downtown Washington D.C. that said "Count the Votes".

My personal background in politics dates back to the late 50's listening to my father speak of politics, Democracy and many other things. He put a particular emphasis on recognizing propaganda on TV and in writing, the dangers of  communism and government infiltration, his concerns about the Tri-Lateral Commission (begun by the Rockefellers and Jimmy Carter in 1958) which led to its more current organization The Council On Foreign Relations. 

My father was a military man, a consultant at the Hunter's Point Naval Shipyard in San Francisco. He appears to have been a member of the John Birch Society, the Masons, and was a friend of Richard Nixon's and Shirley Temple Black (as an adult). In addition, he was a co-founder of AMPEX Electronics, putting him in direct contact with the industry pioneers of broadcasting, including RCA, Fox, EMI, CBS/Westinghouse, ABC, GE/NBC.. a little more digging by a professional investigator would also have that trail lead to Prescott Bush, and the Kennedy Family.

In the last couple of years, I have to come to realize that he passed employed people to give me clues about things he was involved with that appear to be classified. This includes the fact that a patent search for the names Tesla and Charles Rehn revealed the high probability that he worked with Tesla on a device at Stanford Research Institute called the "Thought Camera", which provides a baseline technology used in Psychotronics.

The patent instructed contacting Los Alamos for further information. I contacted them, and received no reply (I offered to be debriefed, as it appears Psychotronics has been used to determine what I actually know) and attacks against me greatly intensified.

I believe I was "MK-Ultra-ed" somewhere between 1959-1961 at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in San Francisco, which was participating in some very interesting tests and experimental procedures that I won't go into detail about here. I was born in 1955.

Back to the year 2000.

After the Supreme Court made its decision on the election, I decided to take on a personal project of determining what was actually going on with the government and the media. I studied Newt Gingrich and the tactics of GoPac.

I created a website called  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org for the purpose of creating an online database that would show me the patterns of 1) what statements were made in public about issues, policy and world events and 2) what actually happened "on the ground".   The disparities between the two were so obvious that, in May 2002, I decided to launch a boycott of mainstream, national corporate news media outlets. To be intellectually honest, I boycotted the channel I watched, and encouraged others to boycott their channels in the same ways.

I boycotted MSNBC.. or at least began the process. MSNBC almost immediately responded befor the boycott initiation with the firing of Laura Ingram, the hiring of Pat Buchanan and Phil Donohue, as well as completely shaking up their staffs and re-working their format. I was surprised, but, again being intellectually honest, I accepted that they exceeded my expectations regarding the few demands I actually had - to allow guests to complete their statements when asked questions, and giving truthful answers about issues that were in opposition to the "political slant" of the program host.

So, I "laid off" them, and decided to watch CNN, because I'd never watched them before (except Headline News occasionally) and I heard they were good, and I wanted to see what they were doing. The only real exception to that is when I'd watch Wolf Blitzer. I began commenting on the reports he gave in December 2001 in a daily blog (the word blog had not yet been coined).

I started watching Lou Dobbs, and have no qualms about saying that the themes of his programming are a direct result of my emails to him regarding the dialectics in play in America, and the issues of immigration, the economy, the development of China and the abandonment of America by its financiers and therefore, out manufacturing base. And many, many more issues. I believe I could also show, with testimony from MASH star, Mike Farrell, that Dobbs used Aesopian language to  promise me he and I could have an argument with each other after this ordeal was over (more specifically, the Iraq War).

All this may sound a little unusual... but please keep in mind that my career has included systems consulting and analysis, some 15+ years of off and on work in the media, including interviewing rock stars... not to mention having become the youngest person to run for an elected office in the history of the United States in 1972 when I ran for the school board in Arcata, California. So, what may seem bold to others, to me just seems like what there is to do... about whatever needs to get done. Interacting with the media is, to me, interacting with peers. I actually do, and have been employed as, a journalist. So...

As a viewer of MSNBC, I became a fan of Paul Begala's, who was the counterpart to Oliver North. So, when I paid more attention to CNN, there was Begala on Crossfire. So I started watching, and decided I'd try contacting him through the "back door"... for me, it wouldn't have been a big deal to just call him, but I wasn't looking for personal promotion - although I'd hoped he and I could start an email relationship - and basically I wanted to volunteer to write and develop materials and give them to the Democratic Party to get people elected so the government could be balanced again, and checks and balances would be intact again.

So it's important to note that I was originally volunteering to provide materials. Of course, they'll say that gave them permission to use my work. However, my site clearly stated "All Rights Reserved". And, at a certain point,  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) I notified the DNC of my intent to run for the Democratic Nomination, as well as later littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) directly informing them to stop plagiarizing my work. All of which they ignored (because the dialectic they were working against me included making it appear as if I gave them materials and later had unjustifiable remorse). I will also state that there is always the possibility that people will have similar thoughts, develop similar ideas and logos, etc.

Regardless of any denials they may have, I can clearly show that I informed Begala and Carville by email, and I have no reservations about my claims to have been in communication with them, and they "set me up" through Psyops and Psychotronics to steal my materials. I made it very clear on several occasions that it was not alright for them to steal my materials, via email and in my weblogs.

However, I can clearly show how, even up to a few days ago, the incorporation of phrases I use on my web site that have become part of the national political debate. And for my work, unwillingly, I have been repaid by intense Psychotronic and Psyops attacks in order to "shut me up" so as not to expose the Democrats and Barack Obama for their crimes.

Examples: One of the primary themes of this site is "A Conversation With America"...  Hillary Clinton began her 2004 campaign for the Democratic Nomination with theme of having a "Conversation". Wesley Clark used "A Dialogue With America".

Clark also talked of New Patriots, and legislation banning the burning of the Flag. I introduced the incorporation of the phrase "New Patriots" way back in 2002, and even wrote a song about t.

Politicians are currently using the phrase "they don't get it" a lot.. that came immediately after I used that phrase over and over in my personal web journal, when talking/writing to members of the DNC who engaged in "communications with me".

That communication came in the form of "code words"... the same way the French Resistance would listen to broadcasters and listen for key words that would send info only to people who knew the codes.. This is called Aesopian Language, as described in WikiPedia's explanation of the Church Committee.

Aesopian Language is described thusly:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government).

I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.  

This Aesopian languaging was/is confusing at times because others opposed to my work would purposely use it to disinform me. Many targeted individuals in typical situations would refer to some of this kind of activity as "media mirroring".

I could show you the tape of the Saddleback Church video of Barack Obama answering questions and prove, item by item, that Obama was plagiarizing my materials. You could look at the transcript of the Obama-Clinton Unity, New Hampshire event, and I could show you the same things, and that they were "talking" to me in code. I could show you video of Al Gore's endorsement of Barack Obama, and easily prove to you that he was talking to me in code.

The Republicans do it too. They all think it's really funny.

The media does it with me.

And, given the political environment of the world, and the United States, there's something really fishy about it all, because it's so "out in the open"...  and I even have video from certain video outlets feeding me evidence against them, politicians doing everything they can to make it so obvious that I am compelled to take action against them. And it gives me reason to believe that there is legislation that makes them believe they can do all this with impunity, regardless of the fact that our constitutional, civil and human rights are supposed to be inalienable.

Given littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  the remarks of Senator John Glenn, it is obvious that our government does not really take these God given rights as seriously as they would have us believe.

There is one other possibility: and that is, as I actually suspect at times, that many of these people have fed me evidence because the people who own the Psychotronics technology, primarily E-Systems and Raytheon, in collaboration with the Bush Family and the Rockefellers and their desire to install the "New World Order", they have many of the leaders of the U.S. Government under the effects and/or control and/or threat of attacks by Psychotronics and directed energy weapons. If this is the case, then they actually want me to take action to get them out of a jam.

With the filing of a simple plagiarism case, an incredible array of problems and sources of problems, the participants in the Untied States Government and corporations will all be "caught in the snare", so to speak. And I have reason to believe there is a vast array of nationally known figures who will come forward, once Psychotronics is exposed, and the threats to their lives and families is abated.

Abuse by Psychotronics will come to an end. See littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) "What is Psychotronics?"  This case will bring down the house of cards.

In addition, I believe I can provide testimony and witnesses that will result in the freedom of Ira Einhorn, who was a pioneer in attempting to inform the American public about the CIA's use of a technology of mind-control called Psychotronics way back in the 70's (and before, I have been told by someone who I had not previously known was associated with the SDS).

And, the anecdotal reports of the targeted individuals of the FFCHS will provide more than adequate corroborating reports regarding the methods and technologies of Psychotronics, and its effects.

The final thing I have to disclose and explain, briefly, to you, is the part that may or may not be what they'll use to discredit me. Again, I assure you, I have actual evidence of my claims, much more than what I've described in this letter. And I believe it goes to the heart of why this government would want to suppress me my entire life.

The psychological operations against me have effectively, just as the executive summary of the Church Committee outlines, destroyed my personal relationships, my finances, damaged my body and health, I have been denied appropriate medical and dental care (and could actually file as many as 6 documented malpractice cases, including one causing me to develop gynecomastia, and another that has me losing teeth that I paid to have repaired, to no avail. I have medical records, and some recordings of conversations that could only have occurred because the person I was talking to knew the intimate details of my whole life, like a government agent). My  pets have been harmed (I have video of my dog),  and given improper veterinarian care.

Iwanted to believe in Barack Obama too. Unfortunately, he's a fraud.

It appears I'm victim number 41 in the Clinton Chronicles, which I didn't believe until now.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,


Charles Rehn

PS. The plagiarism suit will get the ball rolling. Meanwhile, get ready to sue some of the largest corporations and most famous politicians in the world. If you have the courage :}

See also: Letter to Obama attorney Kendall Burman. 9/17/2008 No response received. Sent to: legal@barackobama.com  and media@barackobama.com



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