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The Story of FBI Agent Candice Delong




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I made my first complaint of harassment and other problems related to disabling my email capabilities back in 2002. It included a complaint about CNN.

Given all that's gone on since then, I actually laugh at this latest "psyop" that was on CNN and included this FBI agent, who I'm sure took good advice not to use her own name it what appears to be yet another attempt to use a "badge" of higher authority to intimidate me, and as I'll explain later, to possibly run psyops on other people at the same time, with or without her knowledge of additional targets. Psyop dialectics often combine attacks on targeted individuals.

The Day CNN hired Candice Delong of the FBI to Murder Me.

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Incomplete due to government torture

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I keep thinking this story is a lot like Murder She Wrote, starring Angela Lansbury, who interestingly enough, my  mother said she knew and worked with long ago... at Disneyland, I think. The days of the original Peter Pan movies.

Here's the part that amuses me most. A few years ago, I posted  a headline, and prepared a web page, that discussed a topic that bothers me, just as it bothered Carl Bernstein wrote The CIA and the Media & Why the Church Committee Covered It Up.

What I was going to write about was how certain corporations or political parties or government agencies would use the media to promote certain websites - and others that would normally be considered excellent were never mentioned. Part of that story isthe broadcast media's support of making sure weblog writers were considered legal journalists so they could find weblog writers that had a certain position on issues, and change people's minds while literally using that weblog writer for as long as they "need" them.

The funny part begins with how I was going to mention how Marko Moulitsos of the daliykos appears to be one of those people, a former CIA Intern when he decided to join the Dean Campaign weeks  before it bankrupted itself, and him in the position to  rally Dean Supporters to his site, and with media assistance, gain a large internet audience almost overnight, able to affect public opinion and perception.

The truly funny part is about Anderson Cooper of CNN, who was a CIA Intern 2 summers in a row before instantly becoming an international correspondent, an anchor on Channel 1 TV for schools, host of The Mole, and of course, host of Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.

How and why would this sort of thing concern me. Be objective, please, as I state this fact.

It was a horrible thing that Wall Street Journal Reporter Danny Pearl was executed by "terrorists/insurgents" - with the excuse being it was because he was working with the CIA. And, of course, given the war, they wanted to send a message back to the CIA and the media not to try to gather information using media people as their agents.

Robert Baer, former CIA agent and now contractor, appeared on MSNBC and told how HE was the CIA agent Danny Pearl was working under.

It doesn't exonerate the people who executed him. It does show, however, that the intelligence system of the United States is embedded in the media, and vis a versa.

Now, the truly funny part involving Anderson Cooper, and a technology known as psychotronics.

Part of the psyops against me have included trying to make me out to be some sort of psychic person trying to expose the government for using psychotronics. Their most disgusting attempt came just before the United States extradited Ira Einhorn from France, a man known for his visionary abilities, and warning people about the government's use of psychotronics. He murdered his girlfriend, and was "convicted", and fled to France. That was prior to 1976.

At the time the psyops were  done to me for this particular setup, I had never heard of Ira Einhorn, and I was barely becoming aware of the application of psychotronics, and did not even know the word psychotronics then, or that it existed in any form.

So one night, I became angry at Anderson Cooper for running a story about Ira Einhorn about the time he was finally being extradited by the GW Bush Administration, and even France would claim that it was using unconstitutional laws made for the sole purpose of making certain he was in jail so when psychotronics went  into wide-scale use, as it has, Einhorn would not be available to speak to people. Of course, now I do my best to inform people of psychotronics, and just like he claimed, the government has been trying to set me up, using them. 

I became angry because Cooper reported that psychotronics didn't exist, and that Einhorn was crazy or something for his claims, all of which is disproven by reporting by CNN back in 1985 and sense, as well as in a particularly relevant article in U.S. News and World Report about a man named John Norseen who has worked for Martin-Marrietta Lockheed developing software and systems for psychotronic mind reading and thought insertion. Those who watched the movie "Inception" have an understanding of how psychotic thought insertion can occur.

So, in my anger which is about 10% of what normal people call anger, I wrote  a little smear piece talking about the CIA connection, and don't even know if I have the documentation on Cooper's report on Ira Einhorn and psychotronics. However, I'll make a deal with him: if I can't find that, let's talk about his  explanation of holograms on election night 2008, and we'll talk about  on e way the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop was staged.

(You''ll love the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop stuff. Includes Kyra Phillips, Bill Clinton, and some great Bible lessons people forgot to read when they set up the pysop. The end of the Bible stories, where the bad guys dong the psyops died.... I doubt few people would understand why I think  that's funny.)

So, how that related to FBI agent Candice Delong.

The Day CNN hired Candice Delong of the FBI to Murder Me.

A few weeks before she appeared on CNN, I started being questioned about my opinions of Wolf Blitzer. I was tired of being psyopped by TV news people, and hadn't watched CNN or Wolf for along time, and for some reason, as I later learned, they were trying to get me to watch someone in order to use Aesopian and other tricks.... I have to be honest, this has been going on for over 10 years. Strange, I didn't pick the methods. Nonetheless, I think they're delusional because they think they cna run a psyop, and the victim is going to automatically respond a certain way, even when they've run the same basic psyop a dozen times.

 I kept telling the psychotronics guys on the death squads that I had a few strange things happen with Blitzer before, but at this point, only  a few are things that could be considered harmful, based on how certain other things worked out, including the implications  of the dental treatment I've received and a story he did years ago about a man they called the Snaggle tooth Strangler who spent 20 years in prison for murdering a woman he did not murder. they said, because of his teeth and hair, he looked like   a murderer, and one day I'll explain how the dental work and another assault are part of a cover for implications of these psyops.

Another goal of psyops is to get the victim to show faith or loyalty to someone, and then have that person let them down or  betray. It's part of what they call "Helter Skelter", and describes attempts by operatives to keep their victims in an emotionally upset state as much as possible.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Helter Skelter

I often wonder if that song was actually about the psyops being done to Charles Manson, and interesting figure and group of followers I never understood.

So, I'm a Wolf Blitzer fan basically, and the them know that I had no specific arguments with him, couldn't figure out why it would even come up to discuss... and then one day I was tortured pretty badly, and convinced I might as well turn on the news, and of course, Wolf Blitzer. That day and the next day were about watching the news, and using my video recorder to document Aesopian and media  mirroring games, one after another, so many I was bored. 

And then came what I have to believe was the purpose of that particular segment of the psyop, to get me to watch the news, and there were many purposes, but Candice Delong appeared on Anderson Cooper's show, and I  have to believe one of the purposes was to scare me into believing that the FBI would "harass me" or  something if I disclosed more about him and the Einhorn story, given that what he did was an actual perpetration of a public hoax that covered an illegal government action in the 70's, multiple human rights crimes and a cover up of the illegal means to extradite him let alone the cover up of the existence of psychotronics.

Candice Delong, by the way, was also made up to look like at least one of the Pastor Melissa Scotts.

Further, in this multiple weeks long psyop that I knew was still continuing and still does, is the FBI's feeble attempt to find a way to let 13 dentists off the hook for setting up the destruction of my teeth after spending approximately $16,000 to restore them to their best possible condition. Their involvement surprises me in this part because the DHHS is actually the agency most responsible for that part of the psyop.

Delong appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 as an FBI Profiler, and having been an RN previously. I saw that, immediately rewound the dvr, started the video camera, because I recognized the real purpose of all this watching TV and thinking the could make me psychotronically "affected".

I'll admit, my evaluation of what happened is rather cynical, but after a few years of this sort of thing, it's hard not to be, at least regarding what the media and government do when they work together on psyops.

She was there that evening as a profiler to comment on the case of a young Jewish Boy in New York, walking to camp, losing his way, and then being abducted by a man who murdered him, and I believe also raped him.

She ended the segment, commenting that people said the man had acted a little unusually before, but in this case, apparently the man finally did something criminal. Not her words, really, but the point - The old story of the guy "who finally pops". She delivered that  line as media people  do when delivering Aesopian, messages embedded in speech that only a few people understand. 

It's the same thing George W Bush said about not playing tapes from Osama Bin Laden on news casts because his broadcasts may contain messages that only people in terrorist cells would understand, or find meaning in.

No one thinks it's stranger than me, but he media and politicians have been doing it with me for years. It would take hours, maybe days, to explain why they would do this to me. And it  still might not be the reason they'd admit.

This is how  cynical these psyops get. Part of the ways they force people into silence is to put them in the position of having to tell something that might make them embarrassed or seem mean or - not very nice people. This is how cynically the FBI and CNN used the death of this boy to deliver  a number of messages to me. In addition, it also sent messages to people working locally, "terrorist cells' that I call Death Squads, that carry out certain parts of psyops to cause, among other things, victims to appear paranoid or reporting or talking about strange occurrences.

Here's some of the background that relates to my  life and situation that provide reason to believe certain Aesopian messages were sent in her report, all of which can easily be denied if it were not for other examples I have of this Aesopian "code talk" being done.







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