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For the Love of the World - A Book

For the Love
of the World
A  Book

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Walking In His Footsteps
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The "Living" Example of  the Being & Spirit of Christ Jesus
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Wisdom tells us, 'that to deny the voice of Christ, is to deny His presence and to deny His presence, is to deny His very existence.'

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Bitter Pills - Revelations 10:7

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Plagiarism, & the attempted overthrow of America & the Kingdom of God

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littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - A Historic Document relevant to current world events, including the U.S. Gov't Crimes & the Presidency of Obama

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This is one of those pages you won't want to believe now, but will find out is true later.
















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The Old Scofield Study Bible
The Holy Koran

The Koran is often spoken of as diverse reading, often quoted incorrectly and used as a hate symbol for people who are uninformed or misled.

I recommend that everyone, e specially Christians, read it and find out that it's historically objective, talks a great deal about Muslims interacting with Christians and Jews in friendship, and that Muslims are eager for  the Second Coming as well.


Hafiz - The Gift

This Ladinsky translation is one of my favorite books. It often makes me think it's like letter from my father.

Hafiz is considered one of the great Sufi master.


In the Wake of the Plague
The Black Death & the World It Made
by Norman F. Cantor

This book tells the real story of the fall of the Roman Empire, its people tired and bankrupt from war by its government, and then, left to deal with their lives on their own while the politicians and royalty and wealthy kept to themselves.

It's very much the story of the U.S. today, and the way empires are handed from one country to another.


Jim Marrs - The Rise of the Fourth Reich

How Secret Societies are taking over.


Daniel Quinn & Tom Whalen

Newcomer's Guide to the Afterlife

I think of this book not just an idea of what the "afterlife" might be like, but also what God's Kingdom would be like if it was in full establishment.

It describes a world where we do almost everything we do now only we do it not because it's just  a job, but because we're passionate about something.

The only part I disagree with is when it mentions shunning. In God world, people wouldn't be shunned, they'd be understood.



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