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The Summer 2005 Tour
The Lambano Orphanage

Bridges to the World

Lambano began in 2001 to respond to the growing need in South Africa for the care of orphaned and abandoned children.

They currently have three homes in the Johannesburg area.

To date Lambano has assisted 91 children, 53 children have been adopted, 16 have passed away, and 22 children - currently HIV positive or living with AIDS - are part of the forever Lambano family.

This small but loving program strives to give their children a family type experience and are able to put all their children on anti-retrovirals for whom it is medically advisable to do so. During 2004 and 2005 our Bridges team brought art supplies, clothing, diapers, and financial gifts in support of their work. We spent most of an afternoon playing with these children of the Wychwood house.


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This is the view of Lombano from the street.

Security fences of this kind are typical throughout the Johannesburg area.


This little boy was a real charmer. He kept shouting "okay!" as Kip Kemple held him in his arms.


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This is Kip with Samuel.

It took Samuel a while to "warm up to us".

We were told that Samuel, like many other ophan children, grew weary of people stopping by and coming and going, and decided not to get involved with "temporaty friends" anymore.

Colleen Freeman and some of the younger kids playing cars in the sand.

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Colleen and Lauren with the kids on the slide
Jody "assisting" in putting together a jigsaw puzle.

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It's a
Whole, New World!
All you have to do is want it!

With God,
Everything is Possible!

Creating the Future By Empowering People


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