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Dear Apostle Carpenter;

First, I'd like to begin by thanking you for your work on behalf of God and in the name of Christ Jesus.

These are significant and important Biblical Times, the End of Days - the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, leading to the full establishment of the Kingdom of God, led by the remnant of the Tribes if Israel, consisting of Jewish and Christian citizens around the world.

It's time for us all to reconcile our lives to the Word and Promise of and to God, and in that light, I would like to offer a few thoughts and ideas regarding a few issues I have related to your ministry and a number of ministries I have viewed lately. I hope you will receive these thoughts will all the love and respect intended, on behalf of your service to God.

We live in a time when people are seeking answers, when hope in politicians and civic leaders has led us to rely on them because, as the Bible predicts and the world bears witness, circumstances have caused faith in God to wane, and violence in all forms shapes the debate and basis of opinion and society.

These are also the times predicted of the persecution of Christians and the desolation of this planet, and is very much the reason that I have come to put an end to the turmoil and division of citizens that has led to so much poverty and suffering to those whose faith has been betrayed.

At this time in history, I call upon you and all spiritual leaders to review Ecclesiastes, not as a rebuke, but as a reminder of how we take so much upon ourselves to deliver the Word and practices of God. Ecclesiastes would have us observe that we tend to take His grace for granted, and that His grace working through us and within our beings becomes the image He had when, out of love and friendship and desire for community, His creation was begun.

Faith without grace is one of those things that is often interpreted in a way to suggest that His grace working in and through us would have us perform worldly acts as if it is proof of our faithfulness in service. But, like the idea of dominant gifts, we all have many talents, all of which are blessed and of equal power and importance toward the fulfillment of our lives toward the purpose of our lives, moment by moment, day by day.  

Our gifts and expressions of them could be simply to provide an example to others. An example of peaceful yet enlivened being in the grace of God, that of a good Samaritan or one who provides assistance in the public eye, each individual serving as  a single, multi-faceted piece of our interconnected whole.

But it is important to point out that the Grace of God within our spirits and beings expressed in our walks of faith IS "the works"... faith with works.. the expression of that Grace being the evocation of action.

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Action that may or may not be visible to any one but the individual being themselves. In fact, you could say that those who walk in the Grace of God may often be those of a quiet and/or cooperative team mate, a friend who listens, or whose presence on your block makes you feel a little bit safer.

It's important to know that God does not create obstacles or create enemies assigned to challenge us to rise above the circumstances of our lives and accomplishments.

God empowers. He hears and answers every prayer, every prayer,  in His own way, gently guiding us and showing us the way toward the completion of each task along the way. But, the evil-doers, followers of the anti-Christ, are assigned by Satan to obstruct the will of God, and those who hear, from the completion of their fulfillment.

In this world, we often speak of suffering, as if God would have us endure suffering as part of His plan instead of as a condition of the world in which we live, and following the Golden Rule when the rule of the day is defined by the measure of assets and position, of humanistics - that success and worth are of the works of the self and not provided by the Grace of God.

We often hear of those speaking of persecution as a gift, as if causing offense and generating the rejection by others is proof of good work and faithful service, delivering truth like a violent weapon or act of defiance instead of a gentle letter, a kind word or by providing information and guidance when another is in need, materially or spiritually.

The violence of the words we use in the deliverance of God's word and the expression of His love and blessings is the very thing that perpetuates the violence in the world.

It causes our own persecution and the persecution of any being standing up for the message and understanding of His Golden Rule to the powers of the material plane who purposefully place a veil of the facade of righteous over our hearts and souls in order to make us believe that God would have us trust them, and to break our personal, individual connections with God that are the source of His love and the grace that has us become our selfs, the transformed being walking in the example and footsteps of Christ, as exemplified in the Book of Days, bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Thomas A'Kempis.

Therefore, I request that, when rallying our community to God's work and their faith to follow with patience and tenacity, that we speak in terms that lead us to unity instead of division, of  being with instead of standing against those we believe are our enemies, knowing they too would prefer the wonderful life, world and universe He Promised at the conclusion of His work at this time, and forevermore, creating the future, with global peace and abundance for all.

I know that such transitioning of our speaking from a world of terrorism, crime, economic and political turmoil - that has many talking of other faiths and gentiles as mortal enemies to be righteously taking arms and making war against in His name. But, even Jesus disowned the idea of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, which has led to the deaths and destruction of so much and so any through the annals of time, and has perpetuated misconceptions and ancestral hatreds and prejudices.

In the Kingdom of God, there is no enemy, just beings and love and expressions of art and creativity that have yet to be revealed.

As we proceed in our ministries, I request that we all speak as though the Kingdom is here, and that we are operating as His servants and faithful in that Kingdom, being the example of humble grace that Jesus provided, and leaders known by integrity, compassion and caring, as it should be and is, for God is in control, allowing us to be born and borne once again by the power of His word and works of faith in the world  as His Plan and Promise are revealed and realized.

Again, thank you for your work and service, on behalf of God and in honor of Christ Jesus.

I am yours in love, service and as His messenger,

God Bless You and enlighten you again and again in His living Word,

Christ Charles


PS.  I invite you to visit my website... always under creation, at bluediam.gif (123 bytes) www.charlesrehn.com/thekingdomofgod for more information, His word and instruction for us all. I'm sure you'll feel His presence and blessings that I am blessed to deliver.


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