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Back when I became fully "politically active" in 2002, I assumed that the U.S. Government would "check me out". In fact, I though it was appropriate given the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Just about anyone could have things about them that  might look "fishy", especially if an Intel agent looks at your record and looks at all the possibilities of things someone might do if they were as industrious as me.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Blood, Sweat & Tears - And When I Die Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

The problem is, the government of the United States knew who I was since birth.   They knew my purpose in this world, but, as they did with my Father and other people with great minds like Tesla, they like to keep "inventors" of one sort or another impoverished and socially isolated so corporations and the government could use their work without paying for it, meanwhile reaping political benefits and massive amounts of money.

In my case, and my Father's case, this particular document is incredibly poignant as to the way governments have treated the Christs of this world, bearing the spirit of Jesus and God and all the archetypes.

This is a message Kingdom of God Communications for King Henry II, the final Holy Roman Emperor, whose name means 'Help from God'.

The once small voice is no longer silent. It speaks in the late hour of reality, as a name across the room of our souls. It is time to stand and find the disciplines of old. Wisdom tells us, 'that to deny the voice of Christ, is to deny His presence and to deny His presence, is to deny His very existence.' For those who have ears let them listen. God still speaks to His children, but how many are willing to listen?

Can we prepare ourselves a humble ground, on which the message of Jesus can live?

For the United States Government and a large list of corporations, the answer is no. And that's the point of this web page. To make you aware of my situation, and how it affects our ability to communicate and interact.

I didn't become aware of my personal heritage and responsibilities in anyway until some time in 2002, and it was quite by accident. I was doing what the Bible said would be the actions of the "Son of Man". Unfortunately, as I've discovered, the prophecy of my life is incredibly accurate, including the occurrence of earth quakes, floods and unusual weather anomalies where my mother Jacqueline, my Father and stepfather lived over the years as we moved from place to place while I was young.

Since 2002, I've been able to determine a great number of the people involved and the corporations and government officials my father had relationships with, Presidents and prominent Americans of dubious integrity, and it all makes sense when you connect the dots that "I was cast into the sea by a powerful angel" who was one of the people who was to see to my guidance and instruction such that I would fulfill my purpose.   Unfortunately, this and other people decided they didn't want me to succeed, so they used the "power they had over me" to set me up to be discredited and publicly humiliated should I ever surface in the public eye.

So when I started contacting officials and the media, they did a great deal more than investigate me, it seems they put the full weight of law enforcement, the military and Intel agencies in action to suppress, if not kill me.

I'm really stubborn and not easily shaken.I used to write that my father was always who He had to be when faced with any given situation. And that they say I'm just like Him. "If you knew my father, you know what I'm like". So, I put on my war face, and focused even more on the tasks at hand - encumbered and delayed by the use of Psychotronic and Directed Energy Weapon attacks - that can make it difficult to function and concentrate.

The Situation Now

In general, I am not able to rely on my phone communications, and it doesn't matter what company you get telephone service from, because the Intel services can tap into any of them at any time. If they don't want me to have contact with you by phone, they just disconnect my phone. I'm monitored and controlled and harassed 7/24/365.

I get lots of phone solicitors, what sounds lie an occasional phony message on my answering machine from my brother, my internet connections are completely controlled. If I try to access something like an airline to book a flight out of the United States, I am not allowed to access the sites. I can't get medical care, and even veterinarians will not treat my pets.

Yes, I do live in the United States.

In fact, it appears that the residents of Thurston County and Mason County Washington have been instructed to play tricks on me, rip me off when selling me things, be rude to me and apparently teach me lessons for supposed "bad things" I have supposedly done throughout my life. They think it's really funny. All these things combined make my life a living hell.

All arranged by the Council on Foreign Relations, both political parties, the Weed & Seed program,. and many others.

It's hard to believe this could happen in America. Frankly, I'm not the only person this sort of thing is happening to, as the United States converts from Democracy and a Republic to what Pres. Jimmy Carter and the Rock Band Guns & Roses refer to as "Chinese Democracy". Jimmy Carter authored the plan being put in place in 1958 for the Tri-Lateral Commission, the reason for our financial crisis and many more American tragedies of deception upon deception that have been planned and slowly executed over the years.

The Tri-lateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations are currently the actual government of the United States, all funded by the Rockefeller family, who received their funding form the Rothchild family, who were the people behind Hitler, and are commonly referred to as the Illuminati, often equivocated to be the Skull and Bones of Yale University, alma mater to Pres. George H.W. Bush and his son George W. Bush. The Rothchilds bought England long ago using the same economic coercion tactics that Hillary Clinton claims to believe in.

Hillary claims she used to be a Goldwater Republican, which meant she opposed the CFR and Tri-lateral Commission. Now, she's a Rockefeller Democrat, as nearly all politicians, Democrat and Republican, actually are.

That said, you might be able to understand why the government doesn't like me, and why they don't want me to actually talk to anyone. Sometimes, the isolation, sleep deprivation and solitude make me lonely and a little dingy, and it shows up in my writing, but I'm doing better with that now. Thank God.

Email is much the same. I get anywhere from 700 to 1000 spams per day, many of them with subject lines that reflect private activities in my household, meaning people have access to my life somehow... I have clues of what that means, but I don't really know who and when people are able to "see my life".

The only real email address I can give you is through the menu above, in the media section. If I post an email address on this site, it immediately becomes subject to incoming Spam, and I get hundreds of emails of undelivered emails someone else sends "from my domains" in order to cause Spam filtering software around the world to reject any emails to anyone anywhere.

I do have to say, though, that the real estate spumes from Russia offering cottages and small churches for sale are tempting. It actually appears that real Russian people have been trying to contact me for years. I almost hired a Russian company to develop my Webster years ago just to annoy the government of the United States, and because I wanted to help some of the people the U.S. economic policies of coercion have harmed. The government did some things to make sure I went bankrupt.

The bottom line is this:

I would dearly love to be in direct contact with anyone and everyone who might have serious inquiries, would like me to come to talk to them, you name it, I'd be there, even just to exchange emails. I just can't promise that my incoming and outgoing communications of any kind will go through.

If you try to contact me, and I do not respond, you should assume that your communications to me have been blocked, or my communications to you have been blocked.

I even think, I could maybe do some coaching of people of all faiths, watching them on TV. Or just speak to the issues they speak about. That seems like a good idea, if those on TV understood my coaching style and realized that my directness is not intended to be critical or hurtful. When you're as direct as I prefer to be with working associates requesting coaching, it's difficult to do without real interaction.

Some people found out that over the course of the years, media and politicians communicated back to me about my emails to them and weblog  entries through what's known as Aesopian Language, where people on TV speak using words that are in context with my remarks, and then tell a story that is analogous to what I pose to them as their response. That only works sometimes, because our senses of humor and ways of speaking in this "code language" - like the French Resistance used - well, we don't know each other well enough, there is no real code like Morse coded... so translations are often wrong going both ways. And, to make sure I'm confused enough not to trust anyone attempting this with me, the media and government often give me wrong messages and, from time to time, have "suggested" that I do certain things in order to attempt to make me look like a media-obsessed stalker and sex offender.

So, people using Aesopian language with me, which may be fun if simple and not about anything important, is okay, but generally ineffective. So, it causes me to be suspicious of anyone attempting it with me because the media and politicians have used it as an effective tool like a weapon against me. And you'd be amazed at the list of important, prominent people who have participated in this. People I used to consider to be my heroes.

I'm one of those people described in the Bible as guileless. I like to trust people, take them at their word, give them the benefit of the doubt, and empower them with every opportunity. And I'm not good at all at scheming and deception. So I don't really ever try.

"The once small voice is no longer silent. It speaks in the late hour of reality, as a name across the room of our souls. It is time to stand and find the disciplines of old. Wisdom tells us, 'that to deny the voice of Christ, is to deny His presence and to deny His presence, is to deny His very existence.' For those who have ears let them listen. God still speaks to His children, but how many are willing to listen?"

Unfortunate Important Consideration

The Bible says a number of things about the Son of Man, particularly in the period of "becoming", when you realize your purpose in this world, and the power of God comes through you to reveal so many things.

Some of those include that - "Any one or nation who harbors the Son of Man, or harms the Son of Man" will be harmed. It includes that "they will know everything He does before He does it". It also says that no one will assist Him. And they don't. I wondered about why these things would be true, and how it would be accomplished.

I also am now aware of a number of people who have been harmed in my life since I was a young child.

It seems that most people might think that God was managing who gets harmed, as if some mystical thing was occurring. The fact is, it's clear to me that factions of the United States Government as well as private security firms employed by major corporations are the ones harming people, and the reason is because they know my "coming" would mean the "end of the reign of the anti-Christ" - those who have been responsible for the evil in the world, those of the Devil, as well as a propagandistic media, consumerism and a culture of economic enslavement.

They also know that it would mean the expulsion of most members of the United States Government, guilty of unimaginable crimes against the citizens of this nation an the world. Crimes worse than those we tried the Nazi's for at Nuremberg. Treason would be the least of their worries.

Consider this: plenty of movies like Deja Vu, the Matrix and other high tech movies, as well as musicians and songs, have been covertly trying to tell the world about this since the 60's. Many have been harmed, or died because of their courage. Listen to these songs.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alan Parsons Project - Eye In The Sky

And then, there's this song...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rockwell, Michael & Jermaine Jackson - Somebody's Watching Me

They know everything about what I do because of something called synthetic telepathy, or Psychotronics, developed primarily at Stanford's Hoover Institute, where Condi Rice presided for a time, and where MK-Ultra was originated and implemented. Anything you can imagine ESP can do - mind reading, thought projection, image projection and more, Psychotronics can do it. To anyone at any given moment. The net effect is very similar to that of how agents in the movie the Matrix can take over the body of any person inside the Matrix.

The song above by Rockwell, Michael and Jermaine Jackson is the reason Michael used to sleep in a hyperbaric chamber... because it blocked the electronic Psychotronic and directed energy signals they were using on him and Jermaine and Rockwell to destroy their lives. You may not know this, but the Bible says musicians are God's angels. It's simple to understand that Satan would want to destroy God's angels. Include artists of all kinds in that group of angels, which actually probably includes you too.

That means, for example, that you could go to a job interview, and blurt out practically anything that would assure you not get the job, or the employer could decide they just don't like you... because of synthetic telepathy/Psychotronics.

It's sort of like Don Imus using that phrase "nappy headed hoe".. he has a reputation for controversial speaking, and yet, I also know that with Psychotronics, Intel agents can cause people to say things they wouldn't ordinarily say.

It's the same as with me and some of the foul language I use at times (mostly when addressing politicians)  although I rarely swear in normal life.  A great deal more information can be found in a section of this site - Kingdom of God Communications What is Psychotronics - that provides an explanation of the technologies related to their use to literally overthrow the Kingdom of God.

This is aptly demonstrated by reading this article from Kingdom of God Communications U.S. News and World Report on John Norseen, who works for Lockheed-Martin-Marietta, working to perfect a system that actually intercepts your thoughts and replaces them - as he says it - before a person even realizes they had a thought.

Further, my original news site has been converted to providing a vast amount of a material to show you all of the medical and military applications of this technology, apparently developed by Tesla and either my uncle Harvey or my Father. Kingdom of God Communications www.democraticfundamentalism.org

Los Alamos would not respond to my inquiries  to determine that definitively.   And it appears my nephew, with my name, has been awarded lucrative contracts with the Department of Homeland Security, presumably to keep him and the rest of my father's side of my family distant and loyal to the Federal Government. I never understood why, but my family has purposely kept me away from them for a long time. Now I do.

Mk-Ultra was and is a program, named various things over the years, that led to using implants to record and monitor bodily functions, as well as provide audio and video signals from the individual to provide what now appears to be a TV feed or something to a wide range of people, and it apparently goes around the world. Although I really have no idea of the true scope of it.

And they have a newer technology that does not require implants.

It's quite a shock to find out, after 50+ years of life, to find out that I haven't had a real day of freedom or privacy since I was about 3 years old. I've lived my life in a bubble. I had no idea. No one ever told me a thing. Not even my family, who I have realized have been harmed greatly over the years to keep their mouths shut.

The long and short of it is that if you contact me, there is a possibility that you will be monitored if not affected by these Intel agents. Part of this process of using me in a magnet war - using me to attract people who would be interested in my writing and speaking - is an illusion used to get me to warn you so you won't have anything to do with me, this site, and ultimately, God's Word for you at this time. Part of it is simply true.

Further... this magnet war strategy is used all over the internet. If you go to a web site speaking against the government and the New World Order, they will track you. Religious sites: they will track you. And they do this so they an eliminate moral people from the world such that the only people left are people who will go along with their evil ways. With Psychotronics, they can brainwash people into going along with the   hypnotic subliminal instructions in the signals they send electronically.

While it seems it makes this site, and me,  more dangerous than others, I assure you, you're already in a database somewhere telling these Intel agencies your personality profile, likes and dislikes and such. And if you're not friendly to their cause, I assure you they are using Psychotronics on you whether you're aware of it or not.

Psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons  are the weapons of choice of the New World Order.

John Kerry called them the "New Class of Weapons" in his Democratic Nomination acceptance speech in 2004.  They are also euphemistically called "Non-lethal weapons", although they are far from non-lethal.

Barack Obama is the front man for the final installation of the New World Order. That will become clear to you in the very new future. And his administration is actually just another Clinton Administration, that authorized implants in new born children, without the parents knowledge,  when born,  in order to provide future tracking capabilities of every person on earth.

That tracking system is now functional, and relies on these RFID implants and cell phones to keep track of you. Doctors are required to not disclose these implants and tracking devices to you, even when and especially when, your health and mental health deteriorate because of Psychotronics.

Kingdom of God Communications Senator John Glenn in 1997, from the Congressional Record, the Clinton Years:

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about."

"They were given medicine, they were given pills, they were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this, were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will do them harm also—but they do not know about it"

Their goal is to slowly lower the average years of life expectancy for purposes of birth control, population control, and to rid us of the need to pay people long-term pensions, old age health plans and social security.

If things get out of control, they can push a button and kill millions of people at once, and then tell the public that it was the result of "the rapture". Remember, the Bible warns us of "emulations".

Those are the considerations. How we bring them to an end. The crimes, and the anti-Christ.

First, understand that like in 1975, there will likely be some sort of semi-public Congressional investigation into this (which is ridiculous, because Congress knows all about it. They authorized it in the first place). This investigation will, like before, cause a few people to be released so the government can put them on TV to testify that these crimes have stopped. Meanwhile millions and billions of people around the world will continue suffering the effects, whether they know it or not.

A few things need to happen.

1) People need to become aware of Psychotronics, and that their government is responsible for what Robert F. Kennedy called "their afflictions".

2) People need to know of the egregious crimes of this government. There are so many, it's hard to know which ones to choose. I've done my best to outline a small number of significant issues in the Work To Do section from the menu.

3) I need to become a public figure, because I have a grasp of issues of faith, Christianity, technology, global issues... I made a deal with God when I was young for Him to teach me what I needed to know when the time came to serve Him.. and boy did He ever. I thought I was just having a strange life. :} And there's this issue of being the Christ that compels me to take on speaking with people. :}

But it's a paradox. You could say that I'm a "dangerous person" to associate with. Or, you can realize that if we don't take a stand together now, Psychotronics will go fully operational, especially after digital TV broadcasting goes into effect - from which a great deal of Psychotronics will be broadcast to you every time you turn on your TV (which is already happening, but the new digital version will be nearly insurmountable).

And, if you read the materials on this site and on Kingdom of God Communications www.democraticfundamentalism.org , you'll realize how incredibly important it is and how urgently we need to stop this.

Keep this in mind as well.

Part of the reason they have put me on display, as well as even allowing me to write this for you to read, is to use me as an example of what they'll do to you if you don't go along with their plans. That's right, they'll be able to say "we can do this to God and His Son, and we can do it to you too."

Their biggest problem is, they can't implement full control yet because all of their weapons for this purpose of global mind control are not ready. So, as usual, they use fear (which they'll accuse me of for writing this material in the first place, which can't help but scare you even a little if you're sane).

So,  I would suggest that at some point, someone should find a way to "spring me from this prison I'm in", otherwise, the shortening of the days of tribulations I'm supposed to accomplish will go all the way to a full blown Armageddon, which is already beginning with the holocaust of a number of races of people, now in progress, including the remnant of the 12 tribes of Israel, who are to lead the planet with integrity upon the return of Christ.

Whose name is Chuck. :}


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