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If you understood the history of U.S. Iranian relations, as well as the dialectics that have been in play for nearly 200 years, you'd begin to understand why the United States media wants you to think Iran is a threat to Israel, the United States and theWorld. It begins with oil.

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The first thing I want to point out is that I have no desire or intention to defend Iran or Pres. Ahmedinejad by writing this. In the long run, if you believe the truth, you'll realize that they need no defense for their conduct.

What I ask you to do is simply ask yourself, as you read this, what would you do if you were the President of Iran under these circumstances?

Then, all you have to do is understand the real circumstances, and not simply those you are caused to believe by a corporate media that serves those corporations who would profit by having you believe lies and support militaristic and economic coercion practices on their behalf while claiming to protect you from the "evil-doers" that George W. Bush warned us about.

It's important to remind you of George W. Bush in this chapter because he was, after all, the one who decided that Iran would join Iraq and North Korea on  the list of nations considered the axis of evil that carried with it implicit declarations of war through military, economic and/or covert psychological operations within Iran to destabilize the government.

Neither Iran, Iraq or North Korea were making threats against the United States, or even Israel, when the Axis of Evil was declared. The United States was the aggressor in declaring that axis of evil, that included plans made to go to war against Iraq by George W. Bush long before he even began his bid for the Republican Presidential Nomination.

The Houston Chronical said Bush mentioned it in 1998. Michael Ruppert reports a meeting between Bush and Tony Blair in Crawford Texas in 1996 to plan it all. (Michael Ruppert, by the way, was harrassed into leaving the country to silence him)

Furthermore, the United States Government, under the Clinton Administration, never had a problem with the civil rights violations of the Taliban until Hamid Karzai, (now Pres. of Afghanistan and former Unocal representative) was unsuccessful in securing the rights for the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline,  losing  it to a Venezuelan firm instead. The war changed that.

And those JDAM bombs in Torah Bora when we were supposedly "going for" bin Laden.... how convenient that those huge bombs saved a lot of bulldozer time, as that area was right along the same path as the pipeline was supposed to go in.

I told you all that because the movie "Wag the Dog" has been what the American people have been subjected to for generations. It's about time citizens realized it and quit placing faith and  hope in people who perpetuate deceptive policies and commit national resources to evil and corrupt purposes.

The case of the Axis of evil, and, at this moment, makes a perfect case study of how the citizens of the United States have been used to finance and manufacture a military and economic force to create a corrupt New World Order that neither represents the stated and believed in  values of the founding of the United States or the values of people who believe in a moral and ethical way of being in the world, as citizens and nations.

We've all heard lots of pretty speeches by leaders we are asked to take at their word. When I read asnd hear the speeches of Pres. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, as provided, I understand they are the inner thoughts and visons, the beliefs and foundations of his nation and religion. At the same time, I also believe them to be the universal message God is speaking through countless people throughout the world.

So, when the U.S. media depicts his speech to the U.N. as offensive and anti-Seminitc, it can only be because, as it is, he spoke the truth, and people in power who  believe they are above reproach don't like it when those they see to oppress speak truth to power. Especially when it so eloquently addresses the hyposcrisy of those who seek to pass judgment on a nation in order to hijack its natural resources... again.

In essence, the United States has sought to control Iran for decade upon decade in many of the same ways Hugo Chavez was communicating about when he gave Barack Obama the book:

We claim support and promotion of democracy, and then, when the citizens elected people who would represent them instead of the policies of the U.S. Government, the United States would covertly conspire with "our choice" of leaders, and either kill or silence those who opposed our policies, and killed or set up coups against those leaders who would not back down.

Just as the Bush Administration was directly involved in the attempted coup against Pres. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

When the arguably most powerful military nation in the world declares your nation as being part of an Axis of Evil, what do you do? First, you secure your nation, by any rational means. And if the only thing your enemy respects is nuclear weapons, you look at acquiring them for preventive reasons.

Now, let's take a brief but closer look at the history the leadership of Iran.

If you read this gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Wikipedia desciption of their history, you'll see that Iran, among other nations, has been under military and economic coercion by western influences since long before 1925 when the Shah Pahlavi overthrew the government, a form of government that had ruled Iran, Persia, for nearly 150 years. 

What should be underlined and emphasized is how it begins by telling of the manipulation of Iran's politics by the British, primarily for access to and control of oil, but also, to provide supply routes - oil products - from the Caspian Sea.

It's a very old "dialetic" of controlling Middle East Nations for their oil, altering their cultures to accept western "ways", primarily the lust for consumerism which drives the economic engine and filling the coffers of those who seek to control them.

Even though it would appear that Pahlavi's son intended legitimate reforms in Iran that were truly for the benefit of the people, although clearly constricted by the United States Government, whose military and intel abilities were the only reason The Shah was able to maintain power, and thus, satisfy the oil needs of the U.S.

Just as in so many countries in South America, when the leader of a nation isn't one we like, we generally tend to find a way to overthrow them. In South America, we labeled FARC a terrorist organization upon which to convie us they are terrorists and horrible drug dealers, when, in fact, they are a legitimate anti-government militia that would have won their civil wars long ago had it not been for U.S. forces propping up tyrannical leaders who would promote the interests of U.S. Corporations and international financiers.

"Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent" by by Eduardo Galeano That's the book Hugo Chavez gave to Pres. Obama. gem_red.gif (110 bytes) http://www.amazon.com/Open-Veins-Latin-America-Centuries/dp/0853459916

The United States trained South American "forces" to disappear people who were unloyal to their governments, assassinate political adversaries and use the U.S. Corporate media to deceive the U.S. citizens into believing these so called South American narco-terrorists were the bad guys. So the American public would support the war on drugs, and now, using the same tactics, the war on terrorism.

Some of the people who "gave the nod" to South American officials to do such things are or have been in leadership roles in the Department of Homeland Security, like John Negroponte.

It's the kind of stuff the book gem_red.gif (110 bytes) "The Trials of Henry Kissinger" by Christopher Hitchens talks about. Crimes against humanity sanctioned by the United States.

In modern terms, that would be called state sponsored terrorism, sponsored by the United States.

Yet, we point our fingers and condemn other nations for doing what we do. And we call it having the moral high ground.

But, for the moment, it's very important to notice that the instabilities of the government of Iran have always been because of external governmental interference in their internal affairs for the purpose of controlling their oil, and the Caspian Sea has always been part of that equation.

Why? Because those people planning the New World Order knew it would take more than a few years to complete their project, and so, a dialect needed to be used to gain control, and if control was lost, to be able to justify war against the nation or group that "would not acquiesce".

Good dialecticians set things up so that no matter what the target does, the dialectician "gets them".

So, if Iran went along with U.S. control and domination, everything was fine, but if they rebelled, the U.S. would make them out to be bad guys, and sooner or later, using the media to harm the image of Islamists and certain nations, the pretext for war would be set. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion point to this as a successful tactic they use time after time after time.

Before long, it  will be apparent to you why Jimmy Carter's role in the "Hostage Crisis" was more than an unfortunate turn of events. It was a turning point in a dialectic that leads us to the "fabricated nuclear crisis" the U.S. government and the media are selling you today... not just with Iran, but with North Korea as well. Just as we did to Iraq and Afghanistan.

It will, then, also be apparent to you why I used to admire Jimmy Carter but no longer do.

to be continued .....




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