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A Conversation With America
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Creating the Future 2012

Where the New World Begins!
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Creating the Future 2012
(The Book)
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the Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens
The New World



Table of Contents





Section 1: The Context of This Conversation


littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Era of Reconciliation


Embracing the possibility of a world that empowers Global Peace & Abundance For All

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Notice, I talk about the New World and NOT the New World Order.... There's a very big difference, and it makes a very big difference.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) For Kids & Others: A Reminder


  Some music to tell you how we came into existence, and strangely, why things are the way they are today.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) My Favorite Place I Ever Worked


  I've studied a great number of business models and management styles over the years. It's always interesting to identify what makes an organization succeed or fail. Borland, International, in Scotts Valley California.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Am I A Messianic Leader?


  It's not as simple as it may seem, but it is a question worthy of a discussion and an answer. Highly Recommended: http://www.explorationfilms.com/explorationfilms-Cracking.html
Can You Handle The Truth?
  It might be too late to ask that, but I want you to ask yourself if you can before you go on. Are you a seeker of truth, or would you prefer to live in denial now, and ask why nobody told you later in order to blame someone else for the corruption you voted for?

"For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie - deliberate, contrived and dishonest - but the myth - persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebearers. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinions without the discomfort of thought." -- John F. Kennedy 1962

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom, and before I leave office I must inform the citizen of his plight." --  John F. Kennedy at Columbia University 10 days before his assassination

Aesopian Communications & The French Resistance

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, George W. Bush announced that messages from people like Osama Bin Laden would not be aired on TV because - paraphrased - there would be people listening, as in terrorist cells, listening for key words that mean something significant only to them or a small group of people, for whatever purpose.

This is Aesopian Communications, the same as used by the French Resistance when occupied by the German Nazi Army. These sorts of communications are used in the media, by politicians and operatives as well.

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Just Like Gitmo


  Jackson Browne and other people have sued the United States Government for using their music for the purpose of destroying people's minds during torture and psyops. They do it to people in their homes in the United States, too. One day, I'll be a victim of torture who will be their witness.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) National Geographic Moments

  Last Christmas I received a special gift : The Complete National Geographic, a DVD set containing every National Geographic Magazine since 1888. My parents gave me their collection from the 50's, that got lost in a flood. Though I would never publish this in a printed book out of respect for National G, I want to share certain articles and experiences from this set that I believe will provide context for current world and domestic events that might not otherwise be understood. I  highly recommend you purchase this for your children.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) July 4, 2010 Independence Day re: Death Squads

July 3, 2010

  "Give me liberty, or give me death" has been like a personal statement of my love for what the United States stands for, and what I believed it was all about. A Memo to U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann.
shake0a.gif (198 bytes)

Barack Obama's Confession

  When Barack Obama commemorated the battle at Normandy, he said Nazis humiliate and exterminate. The history of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with this speech, and his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, comprise a confession about the United States Government.  Remember, they wanted to give George W. Bush the Nobel Peace Prize for invading Iraq as well. Orwell: peace is war.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes)

Barack Obama's Lecture Upon Receiving the Nobel Prize


  A Just and Lasting Peace. When Barack Obama received the Nobel, he gave this beautiful speech about freedom and justice, and also explained that the world war the United States is waging is not about religion. Any true historian would understand that all politics is about religion because it's about values, morals and principals.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Death Squads AKA How To Overthrow A Nation in progress 12/27/2010

For nearly 15 years, Lynn McMullen and I have been attacked by the Death Squads of the United States Government, most intensively after I announced my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in 2003. Since then, I've learned death squads have been operating for decades, but increasingly, and they include some people who tout their work with Weed and Seed, Faith Based Charities, Neighborhood Initiatives, Community Watch, and often coordinated with authorities.

For further reference, look up Germany, 1941, Einsatzgruppen.

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes)

Bioethics: What the U.S. Government Continues To Deny



This letter to an individual targeted by death squads explains the continued U.S. denial of lethal covert activities against its own citizens on U.S. soil. The bioethics committee, originally chaired by the President of Emory University, where psychotronics was researched and funded, ignores the same crimes by the U.S. Govt. that the Church Committee covered up in 1976. It is yet another confession by the United States Government.

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes)

Further Confessions from Army Intelligence


  This declassified 4mb PDF file received via the Freedom of Information Act proves that the U.S. Army is aware of and has experimented with Directed Energy Weapons, and while they call them non-lethal, they are only non-lethal when arbitrarily used at non-lethal levels. A new kind of stroke is emerging to under 2% of stroke victims caused by warming of the brain because of these weapons, cellular microwave and satellite TV, GPS satellites and other devices the government has long known will kill you.
gem_red.gif (110 bytes) You Need to Understand What These Words Actually Mean



Long ago, someone created or changed the meaning of some important words that I'm going to use.

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Perception Is Reality


  But I wouldn't want you to think...What are we actually denying and allowing?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) A Message to the Military


  "...feels like I'm wearing my father's clothes, singing a song my brother would sing"
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) If You Think I'm Being Tough On Barack Obama...


  You should hear some of the stuff littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) I said about George W. Bush
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes)

A Message To Barack Obama and the Council On Foreign Relations



Regarding Libya and Venezuela and Iran. The ironies of current events cannot be overlooked, Barack, and members of the United States Government.

The New and Improved "Hope" - Transformation or Tranceformation?
  I always thought it was interesting when detergent companies would launch an ad campaign about their products, only to find out that what was new was the smaller box and the higher price. And, oh yeah, a pretty, new label backed by test-marketing that says it's guaranteed to catch your eye. It always works.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) It's Important For You To Realize...


  Who does the United States Government REALLY answer to?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) What Is A Centrist?


  Some might describe a centrist as one who takes a more moderate approach to things. It's another one of those deceptively ambiguous "catch-phrases" thrown around that leave you to think whatever you think it means, whether the person saying it knows it means something else or not.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Centrists ARE The New World Order Leaders


Here's what the Centrists, Council on Foreign Relations footsoldiers and Globalists, have to say about the future under their tyrannical regime. "We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans.."- Bill Clinton USA Today--3-11-93, page 2a
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The United States Government has been overthrown by force by the United States Government


People say they like the truth. This is the test. When the people of the United States fought the Revolutionary War against England, they lost. See also: Hegelian Dialectics, The Shillum and the Declaration of Independence.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Shillum
  The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Devil's playbook. Dialectics. It's all the Centrists know how to do. And they're getting desperate, because people are figuring it out.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) What IS Corporate Socialism?
  Call it Globalization, the New World Order, Free Markets or Global Governance, economic slavery is economic slavery. Here's how it's being done right before your eyes. That's deception upon deception upon deception for you.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) What IS a Baghdad Bob?


  Democracy cannot survive without a free press
U.S. Media Propaganda: Baghdad Bob Comes To America


  How news and media people like Keith Olbermann are used to lie to you. It's all very scientific. They call it left-brain programming. It used to be illegal, and called subliminals. Others would call it mind control, another way to say "telling you what to think". Includes a special report on the rippling effects from December 25, 2009, from Christmas Town USA.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Baghdad Bob Comes To America - Part II


  This article by the Sierra Times is a perfect example of how the rule of law is perverted by the rules of loopholes, and the way media companies use the law and the courts to get away with sheer propaganda on behalf of their corporate clients, political patrons and sycophants.
What Is Oligarchy?
  A man following in a parents' footsteps is like an Oligarchy. But, how many Kennedy's, Bush's, Rockefeller's, Hunt's, Crowley's and their sycophants are left?
  "We'll come up with a bi-partisan plan" (so long as everyone agrees with the centrist party). How incremental change is incremental deception
Machiavellian Dialecticians & the Results They Cause
  Some would call them architects of the future of the world, others would call them sycophants, still others might see them as sociopaths who lust for power, wealth and control. The big picture, as seen by a dialectician in post-integrity politics
The Ultimate Dialecticians & What They've Planned
  I'm sure many will find the publication of this document scandalous. I disagree. However, I present it not only for people to consider, but particularly for those out there who might be described as anti-semites because they believe the "Jews" are in a global conspiracy. There's something they haven't been told. It's not the Jews.
How To Fix Elections
  Elections in the United States have been fixed for generations. Repairing the election system is another chapter. See also: What is a Centrist?, or, how and why Chuck Hagel (R) Became A Barack Obama Supporter

IRAN: The quintessential example of a dialectic happening before our eyes


littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Pres. Mahmoud Amhmadinejad Addressing the United Nations


  I praise the Merciful, All-Knowing and Almighty God for blessing me with another opportunity to address this Assembly on behalf of the great nation of Iran and to bring a number of issues to the attention of the international community...
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Pres. Mahmoud Amhmadinejad Addressing the United Nations


  Transcript of a speech I wish I'd made myself
gem_red.gif (110 bytes) About Iran and Pres. Mahmoud Ahmedinejad
  If you understood the history of U.S. Iranian relations, as well as the dialectics that have been in play for nearly 200 years, you begin to understand why the United States media wants you to think Iran is a threat to Israel, the United States and the World. It begins with oil. In progress...
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Barack Obama's Speech Commemorating the Normandy Invasion


  Barack Obama explains how Normandy was a victory of the spirit of the Citizens of the United States and  the World.  It's his confession to International Civil and Human Rights violations by the United States and his administration, as well as causing serious concerns regarding the actual intent,  alliances and objectives of our leaders in World War II as well as the Carter Administration.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech for the Nobel Peace Prize


  This odd acceptance speech reads like a global declaration of war. Remember, they wanted to give George W. Bush the Nobel Peace Prize for invading Iraq as well. Orwell: peace is war.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The ACLU Report on Civil Rights


  While some would have you declare an historic civil rights victory in the United States with the election of Barack Obama, black people and other ethnic groups should read this ACLU report showing that civil rights, especially for blacks and other minorities, has declined sharply since he was elected.

Report of the Ninth Session of the Working Group on the Universal Periodic review for the United Nations Human Rights Council November 22 December 3, 2010


1b: What Brings Us To This Day


littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Memo 46: How To Hijack A Movement


  "Keep your friends close: Keep your enemy closer"
  Hijacked religions, causes, races and nations. How what makes this nation, and this world great, are used against us without our knowledge. It's called deception upon deception upon deception.
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Problem With the Rule of Law


  What's more important than the specifics laws by which we are ruled is the intent of laws. We don't need more laws, we need more honest intent.
Talking in Code
  The French Resistance used Aesopian communications to pass on information to each other while France was occupied by German forces.  How it's done... in the United States... as George W. Bush pointed out, and the DNC demonstrated in 2008.
Anything Can Be Used For Good Or For Bad
  One day, I was doing some research and became concerned that my father might have helped develop some technologies in the 1950's that could have been medical and electronic miracles, but instead, have been turned into deadly covert weapons that effect everything including "Global Warming"
Isms and Schisms
  Do we know what they mean? Does it matter? What works?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) I Am A Potential Homegrown Terrorist


  Given what the FBI and Department of Homeland Security describe as a potential homegrown terrorist, I have to say I'm proud of being one. You would be too. The description of a potential homegrown terrorist used to be one that described a good citizen in many ways. Have I changed, or has the government? This 1997 FBI flyer answers the question. I'm guilty of quoting the Constitution and the Bible.
I Declare A Civil War To Unite Us
  I said it that way to give propagandists somethng to lie about, and Intel people one more thing to obsess about when writing very creative reports that look like the work of a paranoid schizophrenic regarding the activities of individuals whose only real crime was believing that the government of the United States believes in the same Constitution that I read. I thought I was living in the United States.

Ruby Ridge, the Oklahoma City bombing, Wounded Knee, the Black Panthers, Waco, my life and September 11, 2001 provide perfect examples for this discussion of how the U.S. Government plans and carries out terrorism within its own borders, and how to stop it. See also: gem_red.gif (110 bytes) A Letter to Joe Biden

What if there was a war, and nobody came to fight it?

And remember, I'm not calling for a civil war, I'm declaring that one is occurring, and the government is inciting it. I am calling for a Jeffersonian Revolution, a conversation to discuss and remind us what Democracy and  Republic actually mean, and not just the common propagandistic versions of it. G.W. Bush said the Constitution was "just a God damned piece of paper". I disagree,



Section 2: The Theory of Government & Governance


The Rights & Responsibilities of Citizens
  In order to form a more perfect union....
Governance, The Way It Is
  What lessons have we learned? Truths we need to accept.
Governance, The Way It Should Be
  Justice equals equality.
Global Governance or Global Government?
  The difference is immense
The Rights & Responsibilities of Representatives
  When you take the oath of  office, you promise to uphold the Constitution, and protect us from all enemies, foreign and domestic. U.S. Government. Please arrest yourselves.    
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) The Privilege & Honor of Serving A Commitment


  The privilege of knowing you have an opportunity to serve, and the honor of being allowed to.
Separation of Church & State
  Why it can not, must and will be accomplished. The minute Christians and spiritualists rely on the government to pass laws to protect the sanctity of anything, it becomes a law of man, not of God, and those who seek sanctity through government surrender the sanctity of their beliefs as they place their faith and hope in the government instead of God
What If You Trusted Your Government?
  Take the test. What would your opinion be on issues if you could trust your government and your leaders?
Where the World Is Actually Headed
  Somewhere in a smoke-filled room...
Creation, Always Creation
  Global Peace & Abundance for All. Creation begins with a vision, an image we create in our minds


Section 3: Specific Issues That Must Be Addressed


Fundamentally Restoring America
  We don't need to change the United States. We need to restore it's foundation, aka, solving the problems of the United States is actually easy. I could tell you how to actually implement real frugal, all-encompassing health care in less than 20 minutes... but I won't... right now... here's why.
First, It's Corruption, Then It's the  Economy
  Restoring justice. How can you repair a system that is under deliberate attack?
Thomas Jefferson and Tieneman Square
  The true meaning and purpose of revolution
The Economy & Globalized Economics
  When and why the New World Order was renamed Globalization. The same reason they renamed Enron.
shake0a.gif (198 bytes) Barack Obama's Confession
  When Barack Obama commemorated the battle at Normandy, he said Nazis humiliate and exterminate. The history of the Council on Foreign Relations, along with this speech, and his speech accepting the Nobel Peace Prize, comprise a confession about the United States Government.
shake0a.gif (198 bytes) Death Squads in the United States
  For years, Lynn McMullen and I have been attacked by the Death Squads of the United States Government, most intensively after I announced my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in 2003. Since then, I've learned these days death squads have been operating for decades, but more now, and they include some people who tout their work with Weed and Seed, Faith Based Charities, Neighborhood Initiatives, Community Watch, and often coordinated with authorities.
Radio Frequency Emissions and their Diseases
  Psychotronics, HAARP, Cell Phones, TV, Radio & Microwave. It's a crime. Millions of people are being harmed, some due to lack of regulation, many due to death squad attacks, using military weapons to kill U.S. Citizens on U.S. soil. Symptoms and diseases and signs of attacks.
REAL Health Care
  Insurance should be a result, not a catalyst.
  Making a deal with Australia for inexpensive American made medicines, so long as we pay full price, is good for the GDP?
The Military
  Why are our soldiers being labeled potential home-grown terrorists?
Drone Warfare & the Perpetual War In Oceania
  We really don't need all this oil. The need is a fraud. The drones are people. Our military has become corporate welfare. See also: The Glory of War
Fascim In America
  It's easy to say it doesn't exist when you don't really know what the word means. When you do, you may be surprised at yourselves. Reminds me of my favorite bumper sticker
Energy, Drone Warfare & the Perpetual War In Oceania
  We really don't need all this oil. The need is a fraud. Solar power is all but obsolete. Hydrogen fuel is a deadly deception. Cap & Trade is legalized gambling subsidized by the Federal Reserve, and that means perpetual debt - on purpose.
Global Warming, Man-Made Climate Change & Terraforming
  This story of Hurricanes Katrina and Ike raise and answer a number of questions, such as, why my father wanted me to talk to the president about the weather back in 1961
  Genetically modified foods, organic & natural foods, diet & nutrition
Marijuana & Hemp
  The legalization of marijuana & hemp for economic reasons is the wrong reason, although the right reasons result in a host of economic benefits.
  Not just a U.S. - Mexico issue at all. It's global, and it's not about racism.
The Media: Back to the Original Intent
  Family Values & National Values, public service, equal opportunity & freedom of speech
Justice & the Penal System
  America has the highest incarceration rate in the "free world"


Section 4: On Behalf of the New World


Global Peace & Abundance For All
     Sound naive? Sounds like the right kind of thinking for "a nation under God"


Section 5: Promises, Promises


We've Heard It All Before
  And then they say our leaders get into office and face reality, while we are forced to deal with the reality of more of the same. The lesser of two evils is still evil.
Promises You Can Have Faith In
  The Bible says never make a promise that you can't guarantee you can keep. These are my promises as a leader.

Section 6: Previous Conversations
A Conversation With America - Questions That Must Be Answered
A compilation of observations and discoveries that comprised "A Conversation With America - Questions That Must Be Answered" as I wrote it from 2002 until mid 2009.


Section 7: Re-Runs & Leftovers
A Compilation of Essays and Ideas written since 2000.



Section 8: Before Weblogs Were Born
It also includes things I wrote in my weblogs long ago that had previously "gotten lost" as I've written what appears to be about 2000 pages of material since 2000, and then I "accidentally" find things in my archives, that I will keep track of by listing them here as I find them, just for fun, like a hobby, linking them in just so I don't lose track of them again.


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Section 9: About Me


soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) The Least Important Section
  ...and when I heard John McCain declare the election was about personality, I knew it was being thrown for a cause bigger than himself.
Any Questions?
  With all I've written over the years, it would be hard to believe that anyone would have more questions about me than I do.


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