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It's not as simple as it may seem, but it is a question worthy of a discussion and an answer

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If I had to answer this question straight out, unfortunately, my answer would have to be something like this:

I wasn't, I didn't intend to be, I wasn't even trying to be a leader, it appears maybe I am and still, it's not how I see what I'm trying to accomplish. And yet, I know my path in life, what I am doing now and the direction things are headed in, in regard to the world and my own personal life, and that my actions are fully guided by God.

Ultimately, who I am is  the person you decide I am should you choose to spend some time fully evaluating me. I'll add, if you believe my writings fully express who I am as a person, as a being, then you would be wrong simply because you would be mislead by attempting to pigeonhole or sterotype me based on what we have been taught is typical behavior patterns and thought patterns.  This  would be even more skewed by the cicrcumstances and conditions of my life because of the Death Squads since 2002.

To my knowledge, no one has ever successfully been able to "classify" me, and when people try, I always find a way to add one more facet to their line of thinking in their attempt to "lock in" on me, not to confuse them, but to sort of cause them to realize that I don't like to be sterotyped anymore than anyone else, nor is there ever anything as complex as a human mind and personality and thus, in many manners, there can not be a simple yes or no answer or true stereotyping of a human personality and mind.

It's an example of what I call the holographic nature of the paradigms of creation in concert with free will. There are certain absolutes that never change but evolve and deepen that apply to every atom and to every object and to every form of life in the universe. There is always equal and opposite reaction, and yet, it is impossible to fully predict behavior and outcome.

Some may say I want to save your souls.

I suppose that's true, but I don't actually see it that way.  That may be, in part, the result of a lack of theological orientaton in what would be considered generally accepted theological training.

Whatever your image is of what a soul is comprised, what I know more than anything else is that the souls or spirits of people are intrinsically good, and that without the influence of people who actually perpetrate evil to tempt you with things that aren't good for you solely to make money and possess power, we'd be making  a lot fewer mistakes and/or commiting a lot fewer sins.

I'm talking about food that could be easily classified as poison - sold to us by influences on tv...such as sex, for profit...  that create a world where parents are afraid to allow their children to play in their yards and go out on dates. Understand, I'm no prude.

I know that in a world where we require our leaders to represent us legalistically and with the values we have in common, people want to live and conduct themselves in orderly, compassionate ways, because people would prefer to be that way, despite the ways we've hardened our hearts and have been required to revert to some of the animalistic ways within us in order to survive what we believe are mortal and spiritual threats.

Despite being told the ways that our so called leaders have used billions of dollars of research to figure out how to "push our buttons" in order to divide this nation, and the nations of the world, using a theory called "order from chaos", or "divide and conquer", and the mastery of what we call spin, which is actually nothing less than lies by omission and obfuscation. Fraud.

The answer to this question begins with the fact that when I began to become "socially active", I did so because of my belief that the United States had the ability, over time, to choose to be the leader of the free world based on the precepts of a nation under God. Based on liberty, true freedom, and the ability to exemplify and to teach the world a way of global community that truly provides for the people, beings and environment of this world. A nation that understands and forwards the conversation of what it means to live in a world modeled after the Kingdom of God, when you actually understood why it would be that, intended or not.

When we say that the United States is the "anointed nation", that is the basis for such presumptions. It doesn't really require a knowledge or adoption of Christianity or any other faith or religon. It simply requires the full acknowledgement of the inherent knowledge we are born with, knowing the difference between right and wrong, and having the integrity to stick to our principles no matter what the circumstances.

An anointed nation is one in which, typically, we'd read in the Bible about that has made a covenant with God. The covenants are usually that the nation's people and leaders "choose" to base their society on the rules of God, and in return, it appears, God empowers and enriches them as a reward. Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any nation or Empire that has ever kept it's covenant with God.

Where we all go off track is when we give absolute power and faith to people who have proven over more than 200 years that they deceive us for their own benefit and ulterior motives, personally and/or conspiratorially and even when they get caught up in something and play the "go along to get along" game, the true manipulators use the citizens' knowledge of right and wrong and moral values as a weapon against them. Against us. To keep us in line.

By passing unconstitutional laws to intimidate us, all the while seeking to avoid a legal confrontation that would require them to pass a constitutional test, which they would lose, and thereby undermine the impression that the government had the absolute authority it sought to display to people who would stand up to their usurpations of the constitution for  more fundamental ulterior motives.

It's interesting to me, having always believed in an unadulterated separation of church and state, a belief further supported by my understanding of the paradigms of the roles of churches as presented in the Bible and historical accounts, that I view the creation, interpretation and implementation of the original U.S. Constitution - with its few flaws - to be very similar to the significance and intent of the 10 Commandments.

Here's what I mean.

The Ten Commandments were basically God's way of conveying to people through Moses that, "if you just learn to follow these few simple rules and apply them into everything you do in your life, and if everyone else did too, then things will work out really well for you, not because you obeyed me because I told you to, but just because you realize that when you liberally apply these rules and concepts to your life and world, things work out well."

What I mean by "liberally" has nothing to do with more permissive rules and having it be okay to abandon principles and values. "Liberal" actually has more to do, by dictionary and Biblical definition, to be at the essence of liberty, as in finding a way to conduct ourselves in the world in such a way that everybody gets to do whatever they want to do - and here's the catch or hard part - so long as it causes no harm or negative impact on anyone else or any thing.

Keeping in mind that everything there is has been provided, even many of the things we consider temptations, with the thinking of "all things in moderation"...

Ultimately, it comes down to one rule, the Golen Rule, "Love thy neighbor as thyself", or "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

The question is, how do you incorporate all that into a just and equal society, scalable on a local to global scale, honoring the idea that everyone deserves an honest day's pay for an honest day's work, a fair-exchange value or currency system as an equitable way to exchange goods and services, recognizing the need of every person to have truly equal opportunity in the most basic ways such as food, shelter and healthcare without empowering an entitlements system nor depriving those who deserve them?

But even more importantly, to have a just government of people who understood that their job is to serve their citizens, and not to serve a covert agenda they have decided to implement that serves the interests of those we have "surrendered our dominion and sovereignty to because of economic coercion", that humbly accepts checks and balances, and seeks to honor the intent of the constitution that clearly insists that "the rights of the individual are as important as the rights of the many".

And part of that service is to empower, without promotion, institutions that provide an orientation to a values system that, from faith and religion and moral discipline, the matrix of God, if you will, that allow us to operate or conduct our lives in ways that are in sync with God's ways, that connect us to what is referred to as the "instant judgment", or His guidance, sometimes thought of as intuition or gut feeling, and Grace, that has us make the right choices, much like it becomes automatic to press the brake pedal on a car when you need to stop, and most remarkably, after you learn to "work the machne", you don't even really have to think about it anymore because you just do it automatically.

In a way, it's like when we call an athlete being "in the zone". Once you stop thinking about it so much, and stop comparing your thoughts about what to do in any situation to the way other people do things and just do what you know is right, being connected to God or at least what some might call your conscience or sense of right and wrong - coupled with your true desire and intent to do right in the first place - it's amazing how your sense of the world and the way things go changes for you and for those around you.

And how easy it is to see just how important everything is to everything, without it necessarily being about religion or "special interests" like environmentalism, but looking at it all the same way we all take responsibility for maintaining our cars by changing the oil and getting new tires when its dirty or they're used up.

If you expect the car to keep running, you'd better maintain it, or it will fail you just when you need it most, and it will be your own fault.

The same concepts and ideas, the universal concepts and paradigms of conduct and intent, are all in the original U.S. Constitution, with the exception of the inconsistency of the constituionally sanctioned perpetuation of slavery which was, thankfully, finally reversed, and in theory, if every individual understood and fully incorporated the intent and wisdom of it as an ageless, living document, bearing the kind of wisdom that acknowledges that complete justice could only be promised if these few guidelines were followed and applied to every policy and law, that the machine of government would operate as it was intended. Even when expediency causes you to consider shortcuts, and "would only hurt a few people" to do it the wrong way.

To serve the citizens and maintain the planet.

But that's not what happens, as the history of the world and the United States and many other nations easily reveals.

So, am I a messianic leader? I certainly don't see myself that way. I don't think of what I speak of in political or "religious" ways as being an attempt to save souls", although I understand that it could be viewed that way and that what I speak of is the same sort of thing as those who are commited to that purpose, and I honor them for their work in that calling. That's their job.

But I do know that if we actually got back to understanding the original intent of the U.S. Constitution - without slavery - that we actually would be conducting ourselves, and providing an example to the world of the kind of government God would trust to administer to the needs of the beings of this world. Further, that if you understood the organization and intent of what is called the Kingdom of God, you would understand that the well thought out beauty of the U.S Constitution, and the paradigm it provides, is nearly the same.

It's not like a place where everybody walks around saying "Praise God" all the time, like an ideological state with a requirement of dogmatic religious practice. In fact, I would say it's accurate to realize that Hindus can be Christian, Islamists can be Christian, Christians can be Christians, and I assert, there are lots of atheists who are Christian and don't even know it. This, of course, would define Christian as meaning people who, for whatever reason, conduct themselves in ways resembling the teachings of Jesus. I differentiate that with the defiinition of Christians, plural, as that of the religion.

Some people just naturally act like some would think a real Chrsitian would.

It's very important to acknowledge that there is a great deal of truth available, and that there are many paths to enlightenment. At the same time, if ministers of all faiths do, ultimately, realize and accept this, the opportunities to share knowledge and wisdom and ways to connect to God spiritually, the easier and more quickly we can truly reconcile the differences of the world by fully empowering our vast commonalities, and without a facade of service to citizens whilst rigging the system for power and profit.

The greatest dilemma to face an honest leader who takes seriously and enjoys service to others, as it was intended to be, is the duplicity and sociopathy of those who would stop at nothing to cause war or economic collapse in order to maintain power and control.

It is no coincidence that the events and trends of what's going on in the world today, if you are informed and understand, is what is described in Revelations as "the end days". This actually means "the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ", when the corrupt leaders and power brokers have the tables turned on them, they are removed from power, and just, honest people take over to restore the moral and ethical foundations of this and other nations, those who are Biblically referred to as the "chosen people", the corporal descendants of the 12  Tribes of Israel who were sealed unto God and protected from unrepented corruption of their character.

That's not going to happen like an uprising. It's just that these people exist, and God has his ways of causing things, putting people in places, making sure He's got someone influencing groups positively.

That leads us to the next question, given all the rest I've written and asserted politically and religiously, am I Christ, am I the man referred to as "the savior" in the "Second Coming".

You have no idea how weird that sounds, even to me. First, if I am a savior, it would only be because I'm willing to take some heat to end the corruption in this government, as well as to, at least initially, send a message to the leaders of every other nation that the United States was back and the moral leader it was intended to be.

And that we're going to prove it, and don't even expect anyone to believe it just because of fancy speeches with words we've all heard a million times before. And as far as accepting me as that, I'd say, savior really means "leader", and I hope you can consider accepting me as that. At least toward what I beleive are immediate needs.

As far as the "Second Coming". Yeah, I am the guy. I don't want to minimize it or make it seem more significant than it is. I joke around a little sometimes in relaying how God isn't impressed by the fact that he's God, He just is.   I'm also amused that when God chooses a Christ, He doesn't generally give the citizens the choice, nor does He give the person He picks a choice.

There are plenty of things that could possibly be verified that would have you understand that part of the affirmation of this has come to me because of things I've said over the years that I later read in the Bible, things that Jesus said and things that the Son of Man was intructed to say and do, all of which after I came to some realizations because of a Bible verse I was referred to in Isaiah by the late Robert Novak on the CNN Crossfire program.

One of the things I kept saying, and still truly mean, is that I really am not too concerned if people believe I am Christ or anything of a divine nature, whatever that means to them, what is important is that I hope they'll read and hear what I have to say, and come to realize that what I'm saying and proposing makes sense. I hope one day it will make sense. I hope that, in terms of leading the discussion of what all this means and what a difference it can make in the world, that I wil be allowed to provide leadership. Possibly to the point of political election, having faith in my judgment and ability to restore and cause the kind of world we actually would want it to be.

See, I don't believe the world is the way it is because we choose it to be this way.

I think the world is the way it is because we are so tired of fighting and arguing and making little or no progress toward the vision we claim to seek that we have surrendered to the hardships and frustrations of this world as if all we are allowed to do is cope with "the way it is".

The frustration we feel is no accident. You'll understand this more just as you'll realize how important it is to read The Shillum, which is more or less the "playbook" of those who seek to divide the United States in order to control it and the world.

Such are times we live in. It's a shame that it has come to this point.

I say the world can be the way we would want it to be, and it's not naive to think so, it's naive to believe the world of people can exist if we continue on the path we're on, as if it's just the way it is, as if it is inevitable and rational.

It's naive to think that the planet can support life, given the technological devices that you probably don't even know about that are harming it, including what we call Global Warming or Man-Made Climate change that isn't primarily caused by carbon emissions. Global Warming is, in essence, a cover story for terra forming.

The late George Carlin summed it up well in one of his HBO specials when he said that we can all pollute and "harm" the earth all we want and the earth will still go on and be fine - it's the people who'll be pissed off - when it is fully uninhabitable. Of course, it was funnier the way he said it. Sort of. In an ironic sort of way.

Like separation of church and state, to me, the idea of my own divinity is separate from the requirements of administration of government and a realistic view and approach to the way the world is as it currently is, with the willingness to draw the line, standing firm in defending the constitution and my fellow citizens as I said I would each time I recited the pledge of allegiance, as well as realizing that as a citizen, and even more as a leader, the responsibilities and capabilities of global citizenship.

The necessity, opportunites and privilege to be part of causing a world we've always claimed we wanted and believed was possible - and for a variety of faiths and religions, the deliverance of the promises of God Himself - that regardless of the lessons and tricks and problems I've had to endure to be who I am, a person willing to step up and take some heat if it does any good at all, that to be part of helping to cause that world, what I call The New World... what could be cooler than that? Hard work, the kind that makes you feel good, or at least better..

Better about the suffering and deception I've witnessed. Better about the frustration I've felt in wanting to stand up and be heard despite of and in the face of the suppression and harm done to me by the government and its patrons, better about my lack of understanding of the difficult but excellent work of people under the most difficult circumstances, and the faith and integrity required to hold their ground and lead others to press onward, in so many ways and fields...

Better about my belief that the citizens of the United States, and of the World, want virtually the same things, regardless of the words or cultural mores they are expressed with.

Unfortunately, as predicted in so many writings of prophets of so many faiths, and statistically predictability, those who have dominated the power structures have finally crossed the line and have become evil in the face of the temptations of absolute power, whether intended or not, and that's not a religious judgment or evaluation.

It's an unfortunate but easily supportable fact, regardless of whatever you might hear in the "mainstream" media, owned and edited by the same corporations and political patrons who benefit most from your deception and control.

Unfortunate, because, as they always say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

And it ends up leading to hell because of people who lose patience or get bored or become numb to suffering after seeing so much, or simply believe that the votes for their representation are a mandate cast for a false idol, not a sacred trust for just and faithful representation.

Even the best of them acquiesce to an ends justifies the means mentality that requires their loyalty to a "don't ask, don't tell" and "go along to get along" creed that betrays even their own principles. And then, like anyone committing such criminal betrayals, it becomes easier and easier, until it is simply a way of life with rippling effects that pervert everything it touches.

And, like normal people, these people don't want to think of themselves as criminals, they want to rationalize their methods and closing their eyes to corruption and the betrayal of the constitution and ethics - as  politics, in fear of arrest for the breach of security and confidentiality agreements that force them to remain silent about un-American activities and legislation vaguely worded to allow activities that might be unconceivable to people trusting earnest representation in the legislation considered in our Congress....

Thus goes the slow degradation of the fundamental foundations of any and every culture. And thus, the need to restore the foundation and re-communicate the fundamental principals of the operation of the  "machine" from time to time.

This is one of those times. And there are, indeed, things that need to be addressed that are urgent, socially, environmentally and spiritually.

If you're like me, and I know many are, I know this is the time God says he'll "run the thieves out of the temples" forever, those who the Bible describes as the people who claim to be Jews but are not, and in the United States, more typically, those who claim to be Christians, but are not.

I'm not talking about religion right now. I'm talking about values.

It's about the paraphrasal of scripture I like that says A pilgrim is someone in search of  a country in which God would not be ashamed to be called God.

It says it all doesn't it? 

If you were God, would you be proud of the corruption of the United States Government? Would God be proud of a nation that actually believes there's a reason to discuss torture as justifiable? Do you care?

In non-religious vernaclar, that would be the same thing as hypocrites who'll do everything including go to church and every other thing that the public would say is right for the sole purpose of getting elected for their own vain satisfaction... claiming moral high ground and righteousness, living in fear that their own fallible and embarrassing lives prove they are no better than anyone else.. except in expensive ads and in their own minds.

They're also, unfortunately, described in the Bible as those who won't stop what they're doing because they don't believe that what they're doing is wrong.

That, really, is what's at the heart of the problem with the government these days, and you don't have to read the Bible to see that.

What I'm hoping you're noticing in what I'm saying is that, regardless of   the implications of my declared spiritual identity as Christ, the problems of the world and the solutions available are easily identified and available with only one difference in my approach from the approach of politicans and other certain social leaders, and that is that the only thing I want from the work I do is to see things become fully analyzed and revealed so that the real solutions can be applied.

That would be fun, and make it all worthwhile. For everyone. I really believe that.

And because of my travels as I've driven across the United States 4 times, the people of this nation are very good people and are more alike than you might imagine, given the news that always says we are so divided in our opinions and preferences.

As our leaders always say  of other nations when we declare war or threaten war against them, you could say I have no problem with the citizens of this nation.. in fact, I have no problem with our form of government as it was intended.. but I do have a problem with our leaders.

Part of that problem, regardless of the fear placed in us by the constant threat of terrorism of all kinds, foreign and domestic, is that if you were to view the facts and unconstitutionality of the Patriot Act alone, then you would have to conclude that every politician who voted its passage and the powers granted, known to the public or not, are often inhumane and illegal, and would be formidable grounds for impeachment if not arrest for breach of their oaths of office to uphold the Constitution and treason for the harm done by authorized agents of the government against its own  citizens, guilty only of existing, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or exercising their legal constitutional rights.

It is a time when our government, under George W. Bush, violated treaties with Iraq prior to the war by flying our fighters into their airspace in order to provoke their gunfire in order to claim they were attacking us. Just like the Gulf of Tonkin incident that lead to escalation of the Viet Nam War on false pretenses.

It is a time when the propagandist tactics of the Obama administration and political dialecticians are generating faux public debate in order to justify further Executive Branch powers to control information dissemination to a population that believes they are being conned into something to benefit corporations and politicians, and they are, and when it's through, the politcians will have passed what they intended to pass in the first place, and they will call it reform, a success, at least we got something done, regardless of how little it actually accomplishes or provides health care.

It's always one step forward and two steps back in politics. Especially when it comes to the welfare of  the citizens. The problem with incremental change is that it gets so far behind what's required that at a certain point, it simply isn't enough at all.

It's like an economy based on credit. After a while, nobody can afford to borrow anymore, and then the entire economy collapses. Like it's doing.

No wonder the Bible says that we should not employ usery, or credit, as a foundation of economics if at all. You could say it's religious, or simple wisdom. And a good example of how religion and politics end up being intertwined even though separate from one another. It's no different than going to college and becoming an expert at something, and then using what you've learned and incorporating it into your work, because it was good advice, because it works.

For me, for my orientation to politics and spirituality, I say that what I bring to the table are values based not only on faith and belief and sociology and experience, and the integrity to demand and receive accountability and responsibility for the faithful service of governmental employees and officials based on what we claim to value in this nation and as people of ethical composition as individuals and as a nation and species.

I'm actually a kind of soft-spoken guy who's a lot tougher than most people would ever believe... and like the soldiers who so courageously offer their lives to fight wars to protect us, I, too, believe there are things worth fighting and dying for. For the same reasons.

I'll always remember when George W. Bush presented himself as a messianic leader, telling people God told him to attack Iraq, claiming He talked to God and declaring a war of hearts and minds. Knowing full well he was an emulation, a false Christ, a deception to hijack religion and dare anyone to call him a liar... knowing the wars of hearts and minds to be caused by the Son of Man in the Second Coming were always to be just that, hearts and minds, spiritual wars - honest conversations that would lead to understanding and reconciliation of the wounds of peoples and nations that have built up like the resentments of a stormy marriage that simply couldn't exist together without hostility any longer.

Instead, he declared as mortal enemies an axis of evil, threatening military action based on lies and deception. They weren't threatening us.

Michael Ruppert reported that Bush and Tony Blair met in Crawford, Texas to plan their strategy for launching the Iraq War in 1996. Bush, himself, told a Houston reporter that when he became president, he would launch a war against Iraq. That was in 1998. In one news conference before the Iraq war, on CNN in 2002, Bush said, in part of his justification for war, "Heck, he tried to kill my dad".  

Before the 2004 Democratic Convention, Wesley Clark revealed in his book that he was aware of the administration's desire to launch 5 wars, but could not reveal that at the time due to security agreements and classifications.

Hostilities are generated by generation after generation of inhumane and meglamaniacal conduct by leaders who lose sight of the purpose, privilege and honor of the trust placed in them by those who rely on their leadership and guidance. Of peoples and resources and animals and soils that depend on them for their existence and facilitation.

Hostilities that have existed and have been exascerbated and exploited for centuries, all rooted in the values of faiths and religions, expressed and then exploited in governments, and controlled by the almighty dollar after all.

Hostilities that have truly brought the world to the point where we'll either stand up and require leadership by people who understand what it really means to live and work and appreciate living in a beautiful world without having to have a   lot of power or excessive wealth... just loving the beauty of the world, and other people.

Or deal with the methods of government and cultural and economic change, fundamental change, standard of living effecting change, beneficial to corporations but detrimental to citizen's issues as demonstrated in the record of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in regard to policy requirements of their debtor client nations, of which we were led to become one as discussed in the campaign of George W. Bush in 2000.

They say the economic bailout plan is working. For corporations and the stock market. But, not for the citizens, who have yet to feel the worst of it.Esitmates are that 70% of black working Americans will face unemployemnt or underemployment by the end of 2010.

Fundamental changes, they say, changes that basically abandon the idea of a government's responsibility for the health and welfare of its citizens, always resulting in greater disease, infant mortality, militarization of law enforcment, inflation, unemployment and crime.

Just as was faciliated by the oversight - or lack thereof - of regulations under the control of the Democrats that enabled the economic collapse with timing that would conveniently provide Barack Obama the plausible deniability of claiming that it was all the fault of George W. Bush, when in fact, the Obama Administration is actually perpetuating and forwarding the same agenda as George W. Bush AND Bill Clinton, but more precisely, the Central Party of this nation, the Council on Foreign Relations, the party to which Centrists ascribe and who truly do want to fundamentally change the United States.

Even more, they want to change the world, but not in ways you'd like.

While the CFR is a legal organization and even operates in legitmate ways, the fact that its members work with it in a covert way, very scientifically and primarily legitimate ways promoting candidates who are willing participants in covert agendas, either by dishonest non-disclosure of actual intentions, affiliations and loyalties... that they are at least perpetrating a hoax against us all, as they have been doing for quite some time, or they are, in more technical terms, guilty of conspiracy to commit treason, and, though different words are used, to fundamentally change America by actually overthrowing the Constitution through the passage of unconstitituional laws that cannot be challenged because of the government's continued position that the "interests of national security" means anything that would threaten the exposition of what is going on before it is fully beyond challenge.

What is going on is the fundamental changing of America by unconstitutional and detrimental legislation with the power to mandate illegal enforcement by overt and covert means, without the checks and balances required to maintain, control and guide true Democracy within this Republic.

Those who deny this are either lying, uninformed, or being deceived by information sources they trust. That is the unfortunate part of what's going on. Our trust in people who aren't who or what they appear to be. Who have flaws and blemishes and backgrounds and embarassing pasts like everyone in one way or another, all glossed over or suppressed by the national corporate media, the preponderance of which employs news anchors who are also members of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Isn't it interesting that more and more printed newspapers are going out business, that we rely more and more on the internet for news and information, especially beyond mainstream reporting, and that the Obama Administration is talking about giving the president the ability to shut down the internet "for reasons of national security".

Donald Rumsfeld said, in a war, the first thing you want to do is control communications.

Here we are, people in the Republic of Texas are talking of secession from the union, which I believe they have the right to do, with all that great technology of Lockheed-Martin-Marrietta as well as the Johnson Space Center.  It sort of reminds me of how the breakup of the Soviet Union began. Think about that.

Here we are, the United States, actually having to listen to people given the right to speak to the entire nation to defend the morality and rationality of torture.

Frankly, it doesn't appear to me we've had a single president since at least John Kennedy who wasn't actually guilty of at least one felony, often impeachable and sometimes actually traitorous, if only to the extent of failing to uphold the constitution, that wasn't glossed over or suppressed as mere politics, and not the treachery and deception, the betrayals that they were.

The idea that we would allow individuals, let alone consider plans, that would even conceive of using staged terror attacks against our own citizens, as exemplified by Operation Northwoods, in order to manipulate public opinion and to justify wars under consideration.. that we would allow these kinds of people to be part of the strategy and planning teams of our government is actually unfathomable when you really consider the implications of how that relates to the ends these people actually consider in terms of justifiability.

There is evil in this world. That is evil. To actually allow that sort of thing in the thinking of leaders is pure evil, and pure betrayal, deception upon deception.

I didn't mean to ramble about these things. But when you really investigate beyond the headlines, and you don't have to look far, you really do find that for whatever reason, the corruption and the covert fundamental changes being sought as lead by the Obama Adminsitration right now puts an end to the United States as we know it without our permission.

I call it a conspiracy because these people do not have the courage to tell us directly and forthrightly what they are really trying to accomplish, nor the danger they will be placing us at risk for.  They have already, for the most part and with the power of enforcement, taken away our civil rights and voided the value of the Constitution. I am not unique in that observation and conclusion.

So, I want to begin the conclusion of this by saying that what motivated me, what continues to motivate me and frankly, now, at this point in time especially, with the knowledge I have of world events and trends and certain dialectics in play, is that I love the United States, our Constitution, everything it stands for, the beauty of true and honest Democratic discourse and education,  the vision and possibility for social order and true liberty, and that restores the truth that we are all unique individuals, creative and productive forces in our own individual and collaborative ways.

While, as a citizen, I intend to succeed in whatever I am able to accomplish to inform other people of what I have witnessed and to share my experiences in such a way that people can see the differences between what's going on and what would be going on if something fishy wasn't going on.... As a citizen, I would simply want to know that I did my part to do what I believed was right.

I have no doubts that some would find it unusual that I would even declare an attempt at running for president, knowing myself it was not likely, especially in a first attempt, but worthy of effort, I considered it within my rights to do, and I honestly believe I could do the job, and that others would believe it too, if I had not been subjected to psychotronic and directed energy attacks to silence me, and thus, if I had not been prevented from presenting my ideas and proposals in person by public speaking and more.

In a nation that claims to be the land of opportunity, I'm sure you can understand why my perserverance has been fueled by the hypocrisy of our government, even toward the suppression of freedom of speech, by a guy who only had a $1000 budget to afford a bus ticket to get to the midwest to begin a speaking tour on the fly, beginning with a group of people who claimed to be anarchists who I was working with to convince to them to continue to work within the Democratic System, because I believed in it, and knew they do too - if it wasn't corrupt. That group of people are responsible for me hearing about CointelPro for the first time. That was in 2002. I'd also never heard of the Council on Foreign Relations before that.

Mentioning CoIntelPro, the government's basic program of harassing and bankrupting and sometimes killing and incriminating people the government thinks could get in the way...

It reminds me to address my speaking of psyops and psychotronics and directed energy attacks and all. Don't think for  a minute that when it seemed people were trying to tell me I was the Son of Man that, despite that vision I say I had as a child and all, it didn't seem odd to me, and is very much a part of why I took the inquiry seriously but believed it was important to continue to separate my thinking about politics and governance from the inquiry of religion and spirituality, but the two always seemed to converge, and became impossible to separate in some ways, particularly when studying ancient history.

I was fortunate to realize that much of psyops is illusion, and without going into a great deal of detail, was able to learn to recognize the difference between appearances, concrete fact and the importance of corroborative evidence and reports,   as well as to devise certain methods related to my faith in God that could not in any way be manipulated.

The most impressive of things that has happened now for years is the kind of thing you could say could happen 10 times out of 20 and claim that it had a good probability of working for you. It's sort of like asking a question and waiting for the answer to show up in the window of an "8 ball". 

These attacks, the modern, covert way of harassing  people I describe at times have caused me and people I care about to have to endure some pretty difficult times, including physical and emotional pain, truly torture. I am not exaggerating in any way, I am sorry to say.

I got into the habit of asking God a question, to give me guidance, to give me, as time went on, the courage to be able to endure these attacks with the faith that one day they'd end and I'd also be able to do things that I actually believed were things I was supposed to do at some time in my life, including being some sort of minister, especially when I determined what the message I was supposed to deliver could possibly be. And then it just sort of happened as a matter of course in my writing and online activism.

So I'd ask a question, throw my Bible into the air, and every single time, it would open to a part in the Bible that directly answered my question, at least in concept or paradigm, and  if not that, I would end up reading a passage that informed me that something I said or did was something that actually fulfilled Bible prophecy.

In time, I reluctantly understood the reason for the importance of my lack of knowledge of my being the "Son of Man". Just as I realized it was important for me to live a good deal of my life to be able to prove to at least myself that, despite the mistakes I've made and some bad choices I've made, that my life really is accurately described as that of the son of man. I don't take this subject lightly or without a great deal of soul searching, and understanding the importance and significance of it both in terms of social implications and possibility for religious confrontation if exploited by people who would want to prevent at least the message to be heard or who would want to falsely represent me and what I speak of in order to instigate violence or disorder.

But, like I said, if you asked God questions, and 100 out of 100 times you threw the Bible in the air and it answered your questions or gave you the verses that proved who you were and gave you the courage to carry on with or without anyone else's approval or belief, after a while, you just can't call it coincidence anymore. And that can't be manipulated, randomly tossing a Bible in the air.

I say God talks to me and through me. I can't say I can absolutely describe it, you might want to talk to a minister about what that means, what a triunary being mght be, but for me, I find myself writing and talking about things and sometimes make a statement in one context, and then I look at it, and realize it could be the anlaysis or the answer to a number of questions or issues, sometimes almost like I've been handed the answers to the test, and what I have to do is now figure out what the questions were, and by doing so, I'm required to consider every possible angle I can imagine that could have had cause and effect to result in the answer that was resulted.

It's not as if I hear an audible voice out of the bushes or the trees or anything, either. It's not like that at all. Sometimes it's part of a thought process that I recognize, one that always leads to thoughts and thought patterns that always make sense, part of how I know it's inspired by God and not some tricky little psyop psychotronic game being played by someone being paid to distract and mislead me. I find that interesting because of Biblical passages of warnings given to leaders and "Christs" about spirits and deceivers who would come along, claiming righteousness and divinity, as  prophets or wise people, and that it was always important that when receiving what would be divine inspiration, to not actually take action unless it made sense.

And that required not only judgment and faith in God, but having some kind of intrinisc understanding of God's ways in order to really know that what you believe you are being led to do would be a way God would have you do it. God's sometimes unusual and truly audacious ways notwithstanding. Sometimes it seems a little weird and you wonder how you're going to explain it, but underneath it all, you actually understand His reasoning and you just finally surrender and say, "Alright God, whatever you say. You said you'd handle it in the end".

As time goes on, even what seems to be illogical makes sense to me in terms of being able to ultimately deliver the message and intitate the purpose of His plan for my life. I just wonder if it makes sense to anyone else, knowing that when all is said and done, it will, and simply trying to find a way to have it all amuse me as things unfold in the meantime.

So even with all the psyops and psychotronics and directed energy attacks, all of which could be admitted by the government as a way to claim that I was the proof of their ability to fully control a human being and alter their behavior, in other words, as if I was some sort of mind control manchurian candidate.

I'd have to admit that I can see a number of things in my life that were likely the result of more conventional CoInTelPro types of manipulations. But I also know myself very well, and was lucky to be able to know how to separate the difference between those things I could prove or corroborate and those things that were likely illusion, as well as be able to always return my thoughts and convictions to what I really believe in and value, partnered with that moral imperative I've always carried with me, to do the right thing, even if it wasn't the best thing for me.

I'm not perfect, and I can't say I've always followed through to the extent I always believed possible, but when it's really important, there's a time to set personal considerations aside, and to persevere.

In the end, I can honestly say that the psyops and such ended up making me prove, to myself, and have God prove to me, that I am who I am, as God has to other Christs throughout time, as described in the Bible. I always wonder if, when God proved it to Moses and Abraham, did anyone else witness it, so other people wouldn't say they were crazy? Somebody must have known, or it wouldn't have been in the Bible :}

I think, sometimes, I'm sure some people, maybe most people, could conclude that because of mental illness or because of the psyops and all that I'm just delusional, and I would understand it. I wondered myself, I actually tried to disprove it to myself, and that's what lead to proving it to myself. I giggle at the idea that the good news is that even if I was delusional, people typically are only delusional about one thing, and are pretty normal in most other ways. :} I don't know if you can understand the humor in that or not.

Nonetheless, I know in my heart that I am Christ, that I truly understand the ways of God no matter how exasperating that can be at times, and that regardless of anything else, when it comes to the needs of people and beings, the only thing that really matters is that the solutions offered are offered in earnest, honestly, without ulterior motive, and clearly representing the needs and rights of citizens in every way over any other consideration. In every way cause and effect can impact them and require them.

I have said before that if I was in a position of leadership, that if the only thing I accomplished while in office was to inform the nation and the world of the truth of what is going on, then the world would be a better place without doing a single other thing. Because I know that when citizenes are informed, they make the right choices.

In time, if my containment allows, I believe that I'll be able to demonstrate to you that I  know how to turn things around, to restore the foundations of the fundamentals of this nation that were so very right and, to me, in many ways, sacred, not to impede progress or commerce, but to once again unleash the creative and compassionate forces of us all in order to create a future that reflects a society with values and opportunity that we actually desire, that conducts itself in ways that reflect those values, and that is truly worthy of global leadership by example once again.

That's what reconciliation and atonement are really all about. The willingness and ability to individually, and as nations, acknowledge mistakes, truly learn from them, and not do it again, not because it's wrong or we might get caught, but just because it's the right thing to do, and if we didn't live in a world where getting away with things has become something of a norm, we would choose to do the right things, personally and in government.

The majority of citizens do have that same sort of integrity, if they could only have faith that their leaders were being honest with them, instead of having to settle for hope that someone could at least make progress that really isn't when all is said and done.

If only voting wasn't considered by so many to be having to choose the lesser of two evils, which still means having to choose evil.

If only our candidates weren't pre-selected by a covert central party called the Council on Foreign Relations. If only our national corporate media wasn't controlled by the central party called the Council on Foreign Relations, because, as George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice reminded us, Democracy can't exist without a free  press.

What does that tell you?

What I'm getting at is the Biblical and worldly truth that the truth will set you free. Even if faced with the worst possible circumstances, at least knowing the truth allows you to intelligently consider what's possible and available to resolve the situation. Without the truth, there is no way for citizens to understand what is actually going on, and that is exactly how we are so easily deceived.

Why the deception and corruption must end.

Why the line must be drawn.

Why citizens must once again require service and loyalty of their representatives.

And why citizens must demand that those in our government who can not or will not honor the intent of our constitution and the responsibilities of their offices to their constituents should respectfully resign.

These people manipulate and control information to unethically and illegally maintain power and wealth.

For now, all I'm saying is that we need a leader who actually is not beholding to any corporate or organizational affiliations, who is receptive and responsive to the citizens they are sworn to serve in a manner that sets the tone and example for the future regarding what a just and compassionate government can be and accomplish on behalf of those who rely on the fulfillment of the liberty and intent of our founding as the foundation for the visions of the future and the promise of individual, national and global opportunity and equality.. all of which can easily be applied to the fulfillment and deliverance of God's promises, or serve as the final example of why God knew He needed to promise to bring an early end to the days of tribulations.

However you want to view me is fine with me. I believe in time that you will at least come to know that I am honestly seeking to represent you and provide truth as I can. And in time, I also believe, as written in Hosea,  as described in Hebrews and even in the book of St. Jude, that I really am Christ, and that there is Biblical reference that would affirm this, if the truth of my life was actually known.

So, finally, am I a messianic leader?

I would suppose that some might say so, although I see it more as a purpose with a great number of responsibilites for a great number of things, just as I believe that if we can get things back on track, the more spiritual part of God's mysterious ways of getting things done will be the result that, simply, people will come to understand the intent, ways and purposes of God unto Himself and in and through our lives in empowering ways that people will love.

I know it for a fact. Somehow, some way. Because it's time. Because God says so. Because citizens say so. Because I say so.

It's not about force. Let's hope it never comes to that.

It's about making sense, Something this world hasn't really done since the beginning of time.

I defy you to deny that :}

And the only thing else I'll say is that I'm willing and able. In a way, that's all God asks of anyone. In a way, isn't that what we expect of our leaders?

It's time we got it. It's time we get what we ask for. We have a right to expect it. God wants us to have it.

It's a whole new world, and all you have to do is want it. 

Let's create it together. I know we can.

But we have to do it, and we have to do it together.

Because we want to.

Because we can.

Because it makes sense.



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