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Creating the Future 2012
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Creating the Future 2012
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Long ago, someone created or changed the meaning of some important words that I'm going to use.

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Chem Trails: Chem trails look like contrails  from jets. Contrails are the white "lines in the sky" that quickly dissipate after the jet goes by. Chem trails hang around a while, then spread out and, typically, create clouds that either produce rain locally or clouds that drift in anticipated winds to another geographical area. For more information see gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.weatherwars.info  and gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.exoticwarfare.com  Chem trails often also contain barium, which allows us to be seen from remote locations using infra red satellite imaging, as well as makng us more susceptible to psychotronic and directed energy devices and weapons. Current estimates are that 98% of earth's population has ingested this barium, and a new nano-tech disease called Morgellon's has resulted. People are growing synthetic hair because of it. It's not welcome.

CIA Slow Kill

Corporate Socialism: Form of government and trade that utilizes corporations as government administration as well as to enforce social "rules". Utilized by the New World Order. Theologians would view it as the full incorporation of systematic economic slavery, which goes far beyond socialistic standards and is, in fact, totalitarian in nature. The Insurance Reform program by Barack Obama is a perfect example of corporate socialism. Actually a very complex subject.

HAARP: An electronic system in use by the United States Government that is the source of a great deal of "Man Made Climate Change".   It allows the government to create and use weather as a weapon, enhance natural storms such as hurricanes, and can be directed to specific regions effecting weather, earth quakes and frequency based psychotronic effects. See also: gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org


Welfare State: A nation which places the welfare of its citizens above all other considerations. It is not about entitlements or "welfare payments". It's about a nation committed to its citizens as individuals AND as the whole.




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