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"...feels like I'm wearing my father's clothes, singing a song my brother would sing"
Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - October Road - 09 - Carry Me On My Way

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Sometimes I like to think James Taylor wrote that song just for me, to help me explain a great deal of my life. I can go through that song line line by line and tell you story after story that I could "claim" were references to very important parts of my life, things that shaped me and the culture that I grew up in and informed me of the "truth" of the world I lived in. I love how music can make you remember your life in a different way.

I bring this up because that line, "...feels like I'm wearing my father's clothes, singing a song my brother would sing" because in a way, that's what it was like for me back in 2002 when I was speaking of America, the Constitution, Corruption, and then opposition to the Iraq War.

My father was a military man, Navy, worked at the Naval Shipyard in San Francisco at Hunter's Point in the 50's. I used to joke about how I didn't know what he did, but I knew it must have been important because I and some of the other members of my family reminisce about guys asking questions about what we knew of his work. We assumed it was FBI doing routine background checks for security clearances.

It didn't occur to me that I knew anything, especially back in around 1975 when a guy came up to me in the Sears store I worked at in Eureka, California, too young to be an old friend of my father's as he described himself, wanting to know what I knew about my father's work.

"I turned to hide my face, they're gone without a trace"... that's sort of how that "contact" went :}

I'm sure some of you know the sort of thing that happens like that. Routine stuff you sort of laugh about and wonder "What WAS he doing that would have agents ask me about this some 10 years after his death?". I know now, but I didn't even do more than laugh about it then.

I'm really not sure what my father did in the military, though it appears he had a Purple Heart from the Korean War, grazed in the head by a bullet, and I was also told that he designed and installed the first ground to air communications system on the   West Coast. I'm certain he was, in some way involved with nuclear tests and the Hover Craft, weather modification and more. He was a  true blue patriot, and we had little signs everywhere that were Navy discipline slogans and cliches to make you think about wisdom and consciousness, the Navy way. I know some of you know what I mean by that:}

Meanwhile, my brother was a self-proclaimed pacifist, which confused me a little because his long-term profession was working on military electronics, which somehow included guidance systems for Phoenix and Tomahawk missiles. He didn't say too much, and I didn't ask many questions.

Thus, "...feels like I'm wearing my father's clothes, singing a song my brother would sing"...

Because... let's just say I was having a talk with a true pacifist one day, a person who I greatly respect and whose life work has assisted many people, finding myself a little angry that they could not understand that no matter what the cause of war or the reasons for engaging in one, whether you agree with it or not, you have to respect those people who are willing to lay down their lives for the sakes of their fellow   citizens, even for the world. Whether they are your enemies or your allies.

One of the things the United States Government does to me, I suppose to intimidate me, is have helicopters flying and hovering over the house where I live, and I have witnesses, and it's been going on so long all I can do is shake my head and wonder what the heck is wrong with the people giving these orders. Using fellow citizens who have volunteered to put their lives on the line for their country to do harm to their fellow citizens who are trying to protect them from going into harm's way for lies.

I'm really no dissident or radical or extremist.. I'm actually not a peace activist either.

I'm a truth activist. I didn't even intend to be that. I was just a citizen speaking out about the truth of a great number of things, something we're supposed to be able to do in the United States.

One day, I was sitting in the front yard, taking a break from work, and I looked up and I counted at least 9 choppers presenting themselves in front of me, hovering in the air, and I was surprised at first but I've seen so many bizarre things as (I'm assuming) psyop trainees from Ft. Lewis and Renton practiced on me that little surprises me anymore...

So I'm sitting there, these choppers in the air in front of me, and I'm thinking, I wish I had my camera right now, wondering if this was supposed to scare me or amuse me (it amused me) and I wondered, how in the world can I respond to this?

So I stood up and saluted them.

And even though, technically, legally, they were and have been committing traitorous and unconstitutional acts against me for years, I respect and honor them, knowing that someone gave them orders to engage in these illegal, tortuous and traitorous activities. And they are that, using U.S. Military personnel and equipment to harm U.S. Citizens , especially on U.S. soil (let alone recruiting citizens to work clandestinely against citizens as well, as with Weed & Seed).

Talk about caught in the middle. 

I honor them, though, because of their willingness to defend their nation, not just in words in a pledge, but with their lives. With action.  I have the same sort of opinions about police.

It's like  Sgt. Calley in Viet Nam. Sure, he did some horrible things, but he wasn't the only one, it wasn't the first or last time, he was just the first and last guy they used as a scapegoat. Like the people taking orders at Abu Ghraib. While those at the top who passed down the orders walked away without penalty.

Just as the government sort of shunned Viet Nam Veterans because to acknowledge their heroism and courage would be to remind an entire nation of the lies and corruption that lead to the escalation of that war, once again leaving the citizens, the Veterans, as the focus  of our anger about the war, instead of the corrupt politicians who sent such honorable people into harm's way and to their deaths.

It riles me up no end to know that went on then, just as it did with the injured Vets, especially those who were harmed by our own weaponry, denying agent orange effects for years and more, just as the government shuns responsibility for Gulf War Syndrome due to chemical and depleted uranium weapons and experimental vaccines.. and it makes me angry.

And it angers me to feel as though I'm in the position of being labeled a guy dishonoring veterans and the military when in truth, I respect the military and the need for it, justly, righteously, appropriately, and if you have to fight a war, to win by any ethical means, such as overwhelming force.

Knowing that any good military commander knows that the way to fight a war is to win, and to do so effectively with a minimum of casualties and destruction. And that fighting a war should always be the last resort in resolving any conflict.

So, for me to be writing, as if definitively and with authority, with the things I often speak about and criticize the government about that end up having to do with issues and policies that could be perceived, stereotyped, as someone who might have any disdain or contempt for the military at all... I want to make my position clear.

Because I want to to definitively assure you that, in this world as it is, a strong and effective military is important and essential, as it is for any nation, as every nation and person has the right to defend themselves, and they should... but to say definitively that if I ever believed I need to engage in war, it would be for clear, honest reasons, having exhausted all other means without compromising the security of my or any other nation, the objectives would be clearly enunciated, and there would never be an occasion when the resources of this or any other nation would be used to implement economic policy or to promote profiteering amongst military manufacturers and corporate interests.

I believe that policy truly honors the courage and honor of those who would serve their country in such ways, especially in these times. Win, lose or draw, anyone who would be so willing is a hero in my book. Don't ever let anyone get away with telling you I think any different.

A few years after that conversation with my friend the pacifist, who finally understood and accepted what I was trying to get them to understand, I was reading the Bible and it turns out Jesus said pretty much the same thing.

St. John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

So for those of you suffering PTSD or just having had to deal with the experience of someone who doesn't understand your loyalty and courage, maybe telling you you're a bad person for having participated in war, for whatever reason you were willing to do so... always remember that while Jesus abhorred war and people harming each other, He really did understand war and the reasons it was usually fought, and He specifically stated that He honored anyone who would give their lives to save another - no matter what the reason - so if you've ever felt bad about things you may have experienced in war, remember that Jesus understands, and he doesn't condemn you, and like you, doesn't like it anymore than you did. But it happened. Let it go. You're a hero.

Ask your minister to show you the part of the Bible where Jesus said that, because it's important that they be able to fully serve you Vets with all that God has to offer.

Sometimes I see people in uniform, and wonder what it would be like to be the leader of a nation, having to send people into harm's way. Knowing that sometimes there is good reason to do so.  A tear  welling up in pride and in thankfulness for those who are so willing.. appreciate fully what they offer... even when afraid.. praying that the need to send them to face an enemy never comes. Thanking God they are there if and when that moment presents itself.

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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Charles Rehn - Do It For America (New Patriot Song)
Dedicated to Donald Rumsfeld. Dear Donny; how's the weather?


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