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For nearly 15 years, Lynn McMullen and I have been attacked by the Death Squads of the United States Government, most intensively after I announced my candidacy for the Presidency of the United States in 2003.

Since then, I've learned death squads have been operating for decades, and they include some people who tout their work with Weed and Seed, Faith Based Charities, Neighborhood Initiatives, Community Watch, and often coordinated with authorities, physicians, dentists and corporations.

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Note: Weblog CTH12/10/27/2010 Begun

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Vehicles like this, equipped with antennas like in the top center of the vehicle above, are likely people on patrol on U.S. Govt. Death Squads, especially when they travel in groups of 2-5 vehicles. Be careful around them, get their licenses, take their pictures if possible for later prosecution. Video is even better. Google Einsatzgruppen for more information.

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Holly Near - Edge - 09 - Uh Huh

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country
in which God would not be ashamed to be called God

[Be sure to read about infiltrated churches in the menu below.]

It was either in 1975 or 1976, I think, when someone came to the Sears store I worked at in Eureka, California and told me he recognized me, and was a friend of my father's when my father worked at the Naval Shipyard at Hunter's Point in San Francisco. He asked me what I knew about my father's work.

I knew my father's work was classified, and I never asked questions, and I thought he never told me anything of importance. I looked at this man, knew he was way too young to have known my father as he described, figured he was an FBI agent just closing the case on my father since my father had died more than 10 years before. And, I told him the truth, my father never told me anything about his work.

In 1975, a man named Ira Einhorn was trying to warn people that the CIA was using a technology called psychotronics as a "mind control" weapon against U.S. citizens. Future Senator Arlen  Specter was his attorney, after he was arrested for murdering his former girllfriend Holly Maddux. When the CIA showed up at his house and discovered her body - it's important you notice that - the CIA showed up and discovered her body, not the police - they went directly to the closet where her body was stored in a steamer trunk. He was preserving her body, presumably as evidence. Before my work is done, I will prove the CIA had such technology, and used it against Einhorn to silence him.

The crimes against Einhorn and the visit from the FBI were at about the same time. Right before the Church Committee hearings on MK-Ultra and the CIA, Co-Chaired by Senators Frank Church and Senator Ted Kennedy. Mk-Ultra included early work on psychotronics and mind control.

A couple of years ago, I finally looked up a patent in the U.S. Patent Office website for something called "the Thought Camera", a search recommended to me some 5 years earlier. Because of that, I wrote to Los Alamos for more information regarding what appeared to be work my father did with Tesla, or in further development of Tesla's original work, to implant people with electrodes so their thoughts could be monitored and recorded electronically.

This explains why, one day, when I was 3-4 years old in 1958 or 1959, my father, supposedly one of the founding members of AMPEX, and my mother, took my sister and I to Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco, and before a doctor saw us, he informed us we were the first people in history to have the chicken pox twice. They gave us pills to knock us out, and I guess a  few days later, I complained about not being sick, tired of sleeping, and felt a cut/scab on my ear.

Years later, a woman describing herself as a student at JFK University in San Francisco - studying to be a sex therapist - looked at the back of my ears and said without explanation "I've never seen them do it like that before." I'm assuming she was referring to the scars that I've always wondered about myself, how and why they happened.

Kaiser is well known, especially at that time, to have been involved with the CIA and the Stanford Research Institute, part of the Hoover Institute, on MK-Ultra and other mind control projects.

The Church Hearings were a cover-up to cause people to believe these egregious medical experimentations and life destroying practices had been ended. It's no different than the Warren Commission's cover up of the Pres. John F. Kennedy Assassination, and the government's unwillingness to tell us the truth of the attacks of September 11, 2001.

Since 2000, I've come to the conclusion that if the government says it's passing an "Act" or conducting a commission, I assume that they're acting like they're investigating something during the commission of a cover-up. That may sound extreme, but if you check the facts, and follow the money, you'll find out what I just said is true.

These are some of the things I've learned since 2002, and since learning I was a target of the U.S. Government Death Squads.

It's important to note that all people who call themselves "targeted individuals" are harrassed and psyopped using the same "mo's", methods of operation, and that because of psychotronics, psychological operations can be conducted covertly and custom tailored to attempt to "break" someone's psyche, the same way psychiatrists were used on GITMO detainees during such experimentation and possible programming. If you're not aware these things are going on, they can destroy you.

In my case, I've been exposed to the typical attacks, but because of other factors and I believe because of knowledge that Donald Rumsfeld characterized as information "I didn't know  that I know" - which was true at the time - I feel certain that some of my experiences have been quite different than some other people would report. But the MO's are the same.

Just the other day, I figured out that the hurricane he created in my fish tank one day with radioactive radium wasn't just about weather modification, it was also about a propulsion system for the hover craft prototype he brought home one day - a system and technology of anti-gravity aircraft supposedly derived from the Roswell crash - and the propulsion system of "alien" craft supposedly discovered by the Nazis, the Brill, as they attempted to apply it to aircraft and missile technology during World War II - also accounts for the pollution of San Francisco Bay with radium, and the reason Morton Salt had been "iodized", as it was harvested from the Bay and required the idoization to treat people en masse for radiation poisoning without their knowledge or causing people to become frightened.

10/28/2010 The next day. Last night, after years of wondering why, when we left Palo Alto to live in Santa Cruz, he named our 5 acre homestead Los Palo Altos. Only last night did I consider that he was telling me the proof was in the tall trees, the eucalyptus or willows down by the bay. A place I was forbidden to go... just down the street from the garage where AMPEX began. And then imagine what truths would be told in the rings of old growth trees about war, pollution, radiation, and....

I have over 100,000 emails from other victims, and a list of some 1,200 victims in the U.S. alone that range from Pulitzer award winning writers, CIA consultants to the Bush Administration, attorneys and other people who have been tortured for years. Many for decades.

I also have observed many other people who are being affected without their knowledge, and it is obviously harmful to them.

You may be able to recognize some of the signs of being psyopped or being at the effect of psychotronics and worse in your own life. It's important to keep in mind that similarities are not necessarily proof, and not everything bad that happens is part of some grand conspiracy. Life happens. And psyops happen too.

For psyops and psychotronic victims, one of my favorite newscasters once said something that's true: There are no such things as coincidences.


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About "Conspiracy Theories" and Theorists

I have never been into conspiracy theories or theorists, let alone science fiction or mythology. Since 2000, however, I decided to not only follow the threads of main stream news and politics, but also began reading and researching what most people would consider conspiracy theories.

A conspiracy theory is not as extreme or hysterical as politicians and some media would have you believe. A conspiracy theory is the same thing the police and intel people used as an hypothesis about how a crime may have been committed.

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How Radio Waves Work, How That Relates to the Brain, And How it Affects You & Your Children

littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Evidence and Documentation That Proves That The Descriptions of The U.S. Government Technology and Methods Described Below are True, and Why They Are Illegal In Other Nations
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Iraq War Veterans: What you need to know about Death Squads, and the people who called you potential homegrown terrorists 2/11/2012
From the Gulf War in 1991, to Afghanistan and Iraq, Libya and Egypt and other theaters of war, the people who call you potential homegrown terrorists,  the government that gives you inadequate care and anti-depressants to sedate you instead of empower you, here's a little of what the so-called neighborhood initiatives and weed and seed people, FBI Informants and other federally funded programs really think of your patriotic willingness to defend democracy, as stated to me while attacking me with military weapons on U.S. soil on the order of the FBI: 

"The soldiers (veterans) from Iraq are just sick fucks and we don't give a damn, we just don't care because they gave their lives for nothing but a bunch of sick fucks like us who don't give a shit about anything but our own welfare and money".

On behalf of  those who gave their lives, wounded, those with PTSD and Gulf War Syndrome, my run for the presidency and disclosure of government death squads are to honor people like you who DO care - about people, and the gift of Democracy.

Signs of Electronic Attacks by Directed Energy Weapons
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Part 1 - The Onset of Electronically Induced Depression & Effects of Directed Energy Weapon Attacks 1/21/2011
I was watching TV the other night, wondering how I could present classic "symptoms" of psychotronic and directed energy attacks, with the problem of knowing that psychotronics and directed energy weapons are used in ways that emulate real medical conditions and maladies.

What is Psychotronics? Psychological and Medical Symptoms of Attacks

Who is Being Attacked and Why?
littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Infiltrated Churches 1/20/2011
It's important that ministers, in particular, pay attention to this chapter. The safety of your congregations as well as maintaining an "unpolluted" church may be at stake. For the record: I am personally aware of the infiltration by the Death Squads in Jehovah's Witness, Quaker, Catholic, Lutheran, 7th Day Adventist and other independent and/or community churches. It is unlikely any churches have been left out.
Tectonic and Weather Warfare - What , How & Why

Who Would Do Such Things? We Must Look To the Past To See the Future (We must learn from our mistakes)

Organizations Involved
How Long Has This Been Planned?
Short List of Current Victims
A Word to Ministers of All Faiths.
Ecclesiastes, Truth and Using God's  Name in Vain: Your Affiliations & the Council on Foreign Relations
Do the Right Thing, Even If It's Not the Best Thing For You.

One of the greatest lessons my father ever taught me.

My Final Thoughts on This Chapter


Who Would Do Such Things? We Must Look To the Past To See the Future (We must learn from our mistakes)
I remember watching a report on the Today Show about a problem in The Commons in New York City. The Commons was a publicly funded housing project, overrun with drug dealers and gang members. The government was announcing a program to push the drug dealers out of the housing project.

Like most people, I thought it sounded like a good idea, and assumed it would lead to a number of arrests, additional police and people placed in the apartments to identify the people doing the crimes.  It also seemed appropriate to disallow drug dealers from lviing in publicly funded housing.

Unfortunately, the Clinton administration began a series of legal changes and policy changes that lead to something called the Weed and Seed Program. The program was designed to locate primarily meth-amphetamine addicts and manufacturers in  communities, shun and harass them out of the area, and then seed the community by supposedly having "good people" move into their area

I say unfortunately because the program has become something of a front for organized crime, the use of illegal military weapons by civilans, illegal searches and fraud to bankrupt its victims, as well as a tool for the government to suppress, torture, rape, terrorize and murder people.  This is easily proven.

I have a friend with another friend (former military) who says he works as a government assassin, and that he would kill his grandmother if the government told him to. I believe him. And despite how disgusting this is, I'm going to explain why I know this is true.

Who would do such things on behalf of the government? And why would they be done?

The first thing to remember about front organizations is that they rely on the good reputations and publicly stated intents to recruit new people. The events of September 11, 2001 and the resulting nationalism led many people to join government organizations and citizen groups to help protect national security.

Reprots are that electronic devices known as psychotronics and directed energy weapons were provided to government and state and local law enforcement agencies to assist them in the Weed and Seed as well as other enforcement activities. These activities have since lead to the creation of othe such groups, such as Community Watch, Faith Based Chatrities, the TIPS program and is also implemeted through the Department of Defense.

I can easily prove that such deploymnet of military weapons for use against an unaware, unarmed population in both illegal, unconstitutional and torture.

The administration of George W. Bush under John Ashcroft and Albert Gonzalez increased the number of weapons as well as the advanced technology then available.

The technology I'm talking about has been under development since 1945, and more intensely, in the United States, in the 1950's by the CIA at Stanford University. This same technology was the technology Ira Einhorn was attempting to inform U.S. citizens about when he was set up by  the CIA for the murder of his girlfriend.

The technology is called psychotronics. In 1985, CNN did a test and report on victim Cheryl Welsh, who claimed to be a victim of psychotronics and directed energy weapons. They said they could find no measurable signs of electronic devices being pointed at her.

In 1985, Chuck DeCaro of CNN did a report on the work of noted psychotronics pioneer Jose Del Gado of Yale University. He described it as a silent, undetectable weapon that could be used without a victim's knowledge.

In 1976, Senators Frank Church and Ted Kennedy lead a commitee that came to the conclusion that these weapons and such government tactics against its own citizens must stop.

In 2003 when Ira Einhorn was extradited from France because of the murder charges, France was hit with amedia barage form the U.S. Media to discredit psychotronics. Anderson Cooper, a former CIA intern, then did a report on his CNN program Andderson Cooper 360 stating that Einhorn was more or less crazy for suggesting that the CIA had such mind control devices.

This despite the fact that CNN had reported on such technology development and implementation, and that at least 3 of their reporters and news anchors were part of a business called Space Holdings with former GE Ceo Jack Welch that had business interests in the development of psychotronics. This includes Lou Dobbs and David Ensor.

In addition, it includes technology called nano-tech, the ability to put metals into the body that will cause you to be more responsive to psychotronics and directed weapons, nothing more, really, that radio transmissions of sound and power that can kill someone.

In addition, Tiime Warner has been the owner of a North American Phillips company that seems to be handed around, at last look owned by Raytheon.  That company is called E-Systems, and is the company that originally built HAARP in Alaska along with two other HAARP "broadcasters" that are used for triangulation of  coordinate for electronic attack tht can stun a regional population or cause earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. I was once told by  aman claiming to be a consultant on HAARP for the CIA/NSA and Raytheon that a Colonel in Alaska told him it would be used to "control the population".

The point of telling you all that is to pointout the amount of secrecy about these weapons, howthe Senate covered up their development and use particularly since 1976 and the Carter Administration that actively lobbied for such weapons. Few people understand that Carter was one of the designers of what has become the New World Order announced by Pres. H.W. Bush.

The point about secrecy has to do with the fact that, without the right equipment, these attacks would be undetectable, which is why I sought assistance from the FCC when I   knew I was under attack. The same secrecy is the same kind that had me realize, in retrospect, that I've likely been a victim since around 1985 myself, and possibly before.

So, the people who would carry out such attacks are people who may not otherwise have ever commited any other crime before. People who are gradually introduced to methods so graphic and perverse that there's no way they would want people to know what they do.

Like when a politician is caught with an intern, and provides Larry King with answers like, "When I do something, it's not necessarily about whether I do it because it's right or wrong, I do it because I can". That's a paraphrasal.

These people are obviously out of control and truly believe the government will continue to protect them and their so-callled anonymity using weapons and devices that are actually not that difficult to detect.

Psychotronics is  avery powerful thing. There's a reason it's often called synthetic telepathy. It's called synthetic telepathy because the government has developed the technology to be able to emulate the powers of extra sensory perception, ESP, telekinesis, now called by the CIA Remote Viewing. This means they can read minds, insert thoughts, and actually operate your body from a remote location.

Imagine being able to aim a device at someone that is so good at beaming sound that you could talk to someone in a crowd, and noone else would hear. Inventor Woody Norris used tobe featured showingt off his invention by having fun bothering people at the library. They'd hear a voice and wonder where it was coming from. And he could say anything. I used to have a video of him doing it on my website, but one day, I have to assume it was the government that had replaced it waith another frivolous presentation by the BBC. Norris develops the same technology for the military.

Now, as I stated before and provided evidence and documentation for, imagine you're one of these psychotronics people, and you actually believe you're above the law, and you have this other invention that knows how to send the frequencies and thought patterns that cause a woman to have a spontaneous orgasm.

Now, imagine you're having sex weith someone, and these guys have this device, and they have another one that allows them to see everything you're doing "through the wall" like x-ray vision.

Now imagine someone is doing this to your 14 year old teenage daughter or son.

I  truly wish I was exaggerating some of the things done with these weapons. This isn't even the worst of it.

These people can cause people to think they're going crazy, turning into sex perverts, cause them to become violent or even fall in love.

These lethal weapons come in varieties and sizes and powers that range from those mounted and used against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil on military vehicles, to hand held devices like "Star Trek" phasers, or activated via cell phone. Communications between these people is accomodated and coordinated through governmental radio frequencies for law enforcement and other emergency officials.

The symptoms of these weapons, particularly to people who are unaware they are under attack, include sudden mood and personality changes, dizziness, fibromyalgia, sleeplessness, heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats, arthritis, high blood pressure, Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis, glaucoma and cataracts, short and long term memory loss, the inability to construct sentences as often associated with mental disorders, hearing voices and much more including things that could be diagnosed as strokes and cancer, prostate and kidney and liver problems, impotence, incontinence.....

I have never actually wanted to become knowledgeable or understanding of abnormal psychology, but when you consider that these emulations of diseases often are associated with aging people 50-70 years old, I often wonder how these people working for the United States Government, now en masse across the country, can inflict lethal and tortuous wounds against other people, knowing their own parents are suffering the symptoms they inflict to others, as their parents and grandparents die before them, as they remain silent, or boast of their work with the government to secure the homeland during wartime.

I was watching the History Channel last night for about 10 minutes. It was a show that studied the brain, and how the brain of a normal person and the brain of a psychopath are different.

It explained a problem with the brain that caused it to actually be "deformed" or under-developed in such a way that the conscious mind did not make a connection to the part of the mind we think of as "the conscience", that would have them mentally capable of committing burtal and perverse acts of violence against others without truly being able to understand or "profile" the suffering of their victims, and because of that, feel no remorse for their actions, whether they're legal or not.

I always thought that described sociopaths, people who knew the difference right and wrong, and chose to do evil. Because they could.

Who does these things and why

This is not a simple answer or a simple situation. If you were on an island, and you knew you were alone, and you knew noone knew you were there, and you knew noone could find out, and you found a stack of unmarked $20 dollar bills worth a million dollars, would you take it?

The answer to this question in this context is, would these people do these things if not purposely tempted and if not promised anonymity and immunity? For most of them, I would sya the answer would be no. But that's what happens when people are purposely tempted.

But here's the real tricky part of this question. Psychotronics can be used to interrogate people with or without their knowledge. Psychotronics can also be used to put thoughts in people's heads and cause them to take actions they might not otherwise consider.

Weed and Seed uses psychotronics to illegally spy on people, and liek in the movie Inception, put thought sin people's heads and get them to think about things, and use those thoughts to convince others they are... criminals or bad people, for example.

They use psychotronics to cause their victims to move to certain locations where Weed and Seed people live, and systematically frequently cause those people to go bankrupt, develop ill health, become homeless and beyond affording assistance, in a situation where reporting the crimes against them would be used against them, as if they were crazy. Because they are of the "forgottten" class, homeless and destitute, labeled mentally ill becaus eof these so called "undetectable" crimes, no on e listens or cares.

Consider that if the U.S. Government uses this equipment to set up people, including older people, pensioners, witnesses to government crime, children of parents that were involved in classified military operations and technology, political foes or liabilities, Christians, Jews, ethnic minorities.... Donald Rumsfeld of the Department of Defense would tell you it would include anyone who would oppose the U.S. intent to use military force to dominate this world.

Again, I don't have to make these things up.

Now, consider that the United States Governemnt likely uses this same equipment to identify people with sociopathic or psychopathic tendencies, and uses the information they gather to cause these people to migrate to a certain area where the governent wants to be able to send people who they want suppressed or silently killed.

This consideration is, frankly, the only consideration I give to the people who carry out these attacks for the government. The likelihood that nearly all of them would not be involved if  they understood, and if the leaders of this country in Congress, the White House and Supreme Court.. if any of them had the guts to tell the Council on Foreign Relations that the United States and the World will not put up with this sort of brutality... if any of them were truly loyal to the citizens of this nation and actually respecting and upholding the Constitution of the United States. Unfortunately, for the most part, they belong to the Council on Foreign Relations or other affiliated organizations or they wouldn't be in federal office.

I remember back in 1980 or so someone told me that Ronald Reagan was part of an organization... all they said was that if you weren't a member of this certain organization, you weren't allowed to be president.

This organization claims it incorporated in 1973, but boasts its growing influence since the 1920's. And the two names that are at the top of the list of people involved in its current incarnation are Rockefeller and Carter. It's called The Council on Foreign Relations.

Here's some of what they have to say about Directed Energy Weapons and Psychotronics.

The history of some of this technology, and who would use them

This report by Project Censored is VERY well researched and documented. It provides a more in-depth look at the technology, its origins and development and those who use them.

The short  form of the story might go like this:

If you took the technolgy and research, medical and science, propulsion and energy developed by Nazi Germany, the results of the efforts of the Manhattan Project, which did much more than develop an atomic bomb, including early attempts at teleportation, anti-gravity propulsion purportedly derived from the Roswell crash but also studfied and developed by the Nazis and "the Brill" based on purported manuscripts and technical information left behind by so called "space aliens"....

I can't help but point out the Nazis and the United States Government both used the ploy of claiming space alien technology to explain advanced propulsion and directed energy research and deployment.  This would include much of the thinking behind the hover-craft prototype my father brought home one day from the Naval Shipyard on the way to a conference, as well as the propulsion technology demonstrated when he showed us how   to make a hurricane with radioactive materials. All explained by the technology of "the Brill".

That "weather modification" technology with radium could explain much of the radiation pollution in the San Francisco Bay today. And some hurricanes.

I'll add, I was on a conference call one night when another target of the Death Squads in Florida said her father worked on the same prototype.

The researchers brought from Nazi Germany to the United States under Operation Paperclip, financed by the Rockefellers and conducted at Emory University in Georgia, include people doing medical and scientific research that would broadly include those who would find interesting test results of how high - 5, 10, 15 thousand feet - can you release a man in a parachute to a battle without suffocating, how much blood and how often can you take blood from a human being to give it to wounded troops instead.

And they actually did these tests. I wonder what PETA would say.

Not long ago, the United States passed legislation that says children in foster care or under the guardianship of the United States Government can be subjected to any treatment the government says is desireable. Including medical testing. And we're talking about things that harm them, test their tolerances and ability to survive. Lab rats.

I can personally account for being personally subjected to every Nuremburg Code violation the Nazis were convicted of.

It was about a year or so ago that my sister informed me of my Jewish blood descendancy. The eldest son. I am convinced I am  not the only victim of that particular implication. Something about, just like Moses...

Jan 22, 1997

From the floor of the Senate, from John Glenn the full document

Madam President, if I approached any Senator here and I said,

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this, were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and say that is ridiculous.

...What I found, when I looked into it, is there is no law on the books requiring that informed consent be obtained. More important, I believe there is a need for such a law, as there continue to be cases where this basic right—I do view it as a basic right—is abused.

As I started out, I would like to put this on a personal level for everyone of my colleagues.

You just think about your own family, your own son, your own daughter, or grandchildren who might be, the next time they go to a doctor, the subject of some medical experiment that they are not even told about.

I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that.



My final thoughts on this chapter have to do with the reasons I believe the United States Government chose to target me by psyops and Death Squads since a young age.

Quite frankly, in my case, I can think of all sorts of reasons, none of which are criminal, because of information I've known, and have come to realize I've known, for most of my life.

My parents and other people have given me "clues" over the years, intended or not, but I'm now certain my father mentioned some things that now make the most important reasons for the United States Government, covertly imposing a not-so friendly or honest New World Order  on us all, to want me to remain silent.

One of my favorite clues came from my mother when I was young, telling me I was a relative of Ulysses S. Grant. The thing is, U.S. Grant was not named Ulysses. He showed up for training at West Point, and his name was not on the list, but a Ulysses Grant was on it, so he told them it was him, despite the fact his name was actually Hiram. My mother told me that Ulysses S. Grant was a great, great distant uncle of mine, and then didn't explain a thing.

One night, I was reading  in my Bible about Hiram, King David's brother...  with that, I'll only say what I wrote years ago about how I'd had a very unusual life, and didn't understand alot of why certain things happened, why there were so many mysteries about my father and the things people told me, and ideas and technologies I was exposed to, apparently so when the time came, I'd have a background in those things I'd need to know to serve God when He finally told me when it was time to serve, as I promised I would.

It appears certain people of the United States Government made certain to expose me to other things in order to publicly humiliate me if I did.

For more on that, I wrote a book called "For the Love of the World" that I wrote for that reason, my love of the world and people and the beauty of nature that convinced me as a child that God existed. It chronicles a great deal of what my life of being psyopped are like, the reasons and the results. And why the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights should never be encroached upon, anymore than God's one true law, the Golden Rule. It's always a mistake.

One important chapter that explains what can and is being done to people all the time, on U.S. soil to U.S. citizens, using technology developed for military purposes, is epitomized in "Auschwitz in America". It's part of what the New World Order, also known as globalization and free market economies is actually about.




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