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How Radio Waves Work
How That Relates to the Brain,
And How it Affects You & Your Children




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Most people believe radio waves are innocuous and have no effect because they cannot be seen. However, the truth is, like microwave ovens, radio signals have mass, meaning, if given enough power , they can actually move objects and cause heat injuries just like the phasers and photon torpedoes do on Star Trek and other "Star Wars" types of science fiction programs.

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Most people believe radio waves are innocuous and have no effect because they cannot be seen. However, the truth is, like microwave ovens, radio signals have mass, meaning, if given enough power , they can actually move objects and cause heat injuries just like the phasers and photon torpedoes do on Star Trek and other "Star Wars" types of science fiction programs. Phasers and photon torpedoes, typically in the form of lasers, are real and in use, as explained in laws by the State of Massachusetes, as well as mentioned in the littlebluedot.gif (136 bytes) Space Preservation Act of 2001 introduced by U.S. Rep. Dennis Kucinich. It mentions psychotronics, militarization of space and exotic "emissions" and/or signals. That legislation was discarded, and it would be rare to find any legislator willing to talk about it now.

I was reading in the literature that came with my Verizon cell phone one day, and noticed in its warnings that it said that it recommended that children never be allowed to use a cell phone for health reasons. On another website I operate, gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.democraticfundamentalism.org , I have documentation regarding how some 70% of children commonly prescribed Ritlin for Attention Deficit Disorders are actually suffering from reduced blood flow to the brain because of proximity to cell phone towers, thus, the Ritlin simply increases blood pressure to compensate for the reduced blood flow.

The effects of such microwaves, cell phone broadcasts, cause dizziness, lack of attention and ability to focus, headaches, nausea, depression and  occasional fits of hostility or violence.

Of course, any cell phone or cellular/microwave use would add to such risks. Additional similar effects are experienced because of things llike satellite tv and radio.

People laugh at the idea that people can pick up radio stations on their teeth and other parts of their bodies, but it's actually possible based simply on magnetic resonance, the same principle applied in MRI's at hospitals for brain scans and other maladies requiring x-ray type imaging. It relies on the effect of bones blocking signals, as well as showing them and other magnetic effects of parts of the body that show up on "medical films". It causes them to vibrate. And, strangely enough, the CIA actually was known to implant trasmitters and receivers in people's teeth.

Back in the late 1950's and throughout the 1960's, there was a complaint made about how so much iron was added to Kellogg's Corn Flakes, that people were reporting being magnetic. And of course, at that time, older people were being advised to take Geritol and other iron additives. It's no coincidence that at the same time, it became popular to wear a magnetic bracelet to ease bone and joint pain.

That addition of iron to people's bodies would be the same as people these days being fed "nano-tech", metallic particles that would be receptive to radio waves, as well as things like Thermisol, a mercury derivative added to innoculations as a preservative. Mercury, of course, has been proven to attack the nervous system. Thermisol has never actually been cleared of suspicion.

The real question about that preservative is, does it actually cause Mercury induced nervous system deterioriation leading to a higher incidence of autism, or does the metallic content make the brain and the body more receptive and affected by radio waves more susceptible to directed energy weapon sand psychotronics?

Personally, I don't take innoculations like flu shots and other things for this concern, as well as the fact that these supposed flu epidemics are a fraud. The only purposes served by it are to scare people into receiving their yearly metallic nano-tech shot, and to pay some corporations massive amounts of money for vaccinnations for things that barely or rarely exist. To me, that would be like getting a yearly innoculation for something like... stubbing your toe.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is reproted to be helped by chelation therapy, which removes heavy metals from the blood stream,  and is primarily known for most often attacking people of Jewish descent.

Think about that, and then think about the research going on at Stanford Research Institute at the same time all that iron was being pumped into our bodies, and I was receiving some rather interesting medical attention.

Project Stargate

When I looked up the Thought Camera, I did a number of other searches for Tesla and Rehn, the Rehn part may or may not have been my father but a couple in particular were definitely in his time period and areas of professional work in electronics and other things at the Shipyard. One of those was for devices that would measure radio frequencies, and measure them with greater and greater sensitivity.

Project Stargate concentrated on the use of the most senistive magnetometer ever produced at the time. A magnetometer measure radio frequencies.

The brain, the body and the nervous system are basically electronic radio stations and receivers of brainwaves. The idea was to be able to measure brainwaves and by doing so, be able to tell what a person could see, think, smell, anything they sense in the central nervous system could be measured. The work was more specifically aimed, originally, at determining the frequencies the brain uses when "broadcasting", ESP, Extra Sensory Perception, renamed "Remote Viewing" by the CIA after extensive research and applying it to spying and remote manipulation of thought of other people.

In effect, ultimately, the goals was to develop something called "synthetic telepathy, because after determining what frequencies caused thoughts and body movements of the person whose brainwaves were measured, they could theoretically be controlled like a computer controlled robot. In essence, it would be Artificial Intelligence replacing human thought and actions.

In the long run, the goal would be to connect all human beings up to psychocorrection computer interfaces that would prevent them from doing things the government did not like, and cause them to do what the government wanted, including marry people, have or have not children, volunteer for war, vote for certain people...

Strangely enough, to provide an analogy you can relate to, it would be like being one of the Borg on Star Trek, or a Ceylon on Battlestar Galactica.

Kurzweil and others believe that at some point, the electronic singularity will malfunction, causing massive numbers of death.

I am of the belief that the "vision" of rapture by Christians is a mistaken interpretation of what causes them to have bumper stickers that say "If you hear a trumpet, grab the wheel, I'm a Christian".... because what I know of the electronic singularity and the torture it is used for, along with persecution of Christians and people of faith, and others being afflicted for a number of reasons, they would be the ones first "hooked into" this system in order to make sure those who seek and speak truth and will not give blind obedience to government are controlled and suppressed in what is currently being implemented electronically and through death squads in what is called an "electronic fence".

Synthetic telepathy has become known as psychotronics - electronics to effect people psychologically - and can be applied via cell phone, satellite military weapons and other ways originated by Tesla.

When Carole Smith testified to the European Union, and these weapons were banned, she said afterward she went to the back of the room and engaged in a brief conversation with a CIA agent there, who was observing.

She said, "Doesn't this make you a little nervous?"

He said, "No, people in the United States don't know about it".

The thing about psychotronics - a technology type that can be accomplished in many ways based on a microwave radar signal heard by a Russian in 1945 - is that if someone is not aware it is being used on them, actual thoughts and actions can be controlled by other people. This is spoken of by a psychotronics neurosurgeon/developer working for Martin-Marietta/Lockheed for the Department of Defense. He says:

"If this research pans out", says Norseen, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it." But Norseen says he is "agnostic" on the moral ramifications, that he's not a mad scientist–just a dedicated one. "The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."

U.S. News & World Report John Norseen Reading Your Mind - and Injecting Smart Thoughts.
Original url: gem_red.gif (110 bytes)  http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/000103/norseen.htm    Published: January 3, 2000 U.S.News & World Report by Douglas Pasternak Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts.

If the people afflicting/torturing the victim makes them aware of it, they begin to hear voices and sounds.

This is explained by thinking of  a stereo system with speakers, where the speakers are connected by wires. However, with psychotronics, remembering that radio waves have mass, the radio wave itself acts like a wire and delivers a signal tuned to the magnetic resonance of your audio or visual cortex, and delivers a sound or visualization. The same basic method is used to receive brain signals. This is equivalent to sending a signal created to be received on a specific FM or AM radio broadcast, or maybe being required to use 4 or 8 ohm speakers for your stereo in order to match it properly to the electrical requirements of the sound system.

Later, I'll explain how these electronic devices, and the illusions they generate for the victims, are used to make it seem as though  the victims are crazy, and therefore, unable to seek assistance because they are not taken seriously. This is one of the most common outcomes of INITIAL targeting, leaving the victim defenseless.

As a victim, doing research to find out why your life is falling apart, imagine looking up patents one day, and finding one that says scientists have found a way to push a button and cause a woman to have an orgasm. By remote cotnrol. Without their permission. And no way to stop it, explain it, or anyone to explain it to without sounding crazy or perverted. And then imagine what it would mean if a man tried to explain it to someone if it happened to him.

Watch the movie "Inception" for a good example of how these things work.

This is all part of what's called a "CIA Slow Kill", where causing stress and causing   people to take harmful medications and suffer humiliation leads them to a shortened life.

All this despite Department of Defense documentation regarding the intent to use and further deploy their use against citizens who, among other things, would speak out against the U.S. plans to lead to a one world, New World Order government imposed by military force.

See littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Evidence and Documentation That Proves That The Descriptions of The U.S. Government Technology and Methods Described Below are True, and Why They Are Illegal In Other Nations. Information Roadmap: The Department of Defense The Official Publication October 30, 2003

One day, I read about how our NATO Commander in Afghanistan was laughing about how they used psychotronics against Muslims to make them believe God was talking to them.

A similar "accomplishment" was touted by a man developing such things for the DOD in an interview with Sharon Weinberger, former DOD Consultant, Washington Post writer and blogger in Wired.com's "Danger Room".

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) XTreme Defense by Sharon Weinberger, Washington Post
His latest is to use ultrasonic waves in the dazzler not to just blind enemies, but also to convey messages into their heads, similar to Gibbs's Medusa project. Hearing voices from God is a "big thing" [Like at Waco, 1993, they use this to trick you into thinking you are having a religious experience. No wonder the FBI agents laughed so hard when Koresh said he was talking to God.]

Psychotronics and related military Directed Energy Weapons are a part of the military coercion being used to soften up U.S. citizens on U.S. soil, as well as other people in other nations, and also being done by our so called allies - friends of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Illuminati - in our so called "War on Terror", which is not a war against terror, but is a war based on covert terror globally.. at least covert at this time.

The life and struggles of people being attacked by these death squads is easily characterized by the writings of Carole Smith, who was greatly responsible for their banning in the European Union.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho Social Studies 2003

For someone who felt his mind was going to pieces, to be put into the stressful situation of the psychiatric examination, even when the psychiatrist acquitted himself with kindness, the situation of the assessment procedure itself, can be ‘an effective way to drive someone crazy, or more crazy.’

But if the accounting of bizarre experiences more or less guaranteed you a new label or a trip to the psychiatric ward, there is even more reason for a new group of people to be outraged about how their symptoms are being diagnosed.

A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence.

For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means.

See also: littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology: Hacking the Mind

This is obviously not a complete guide or description of the effects and uses of radio wave and psychotronic technology. The truth is, when used properly, psychotronics could be oen of the most wonderful medical miracles ever discovered, including for use as a means to perform surgery without chemical anesthetic, complete relief of most pain, and an array of other conditions that could bring you to tears if you only knew.




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