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What is Psychotronics?
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Who is Being Attacked and Why?

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A few years back I wrote a section called "What is Psychotronics" that took me over a week to write, and while I was writing it I accuse Barack Obama of being Satan. In addition, I was lead to a web site in England before the elction that claimed Barack Obama 's name in Kenya meant "Satan is among us". I won't go back on saying either.

To be honest I don't know if either of these things is true, but I can say the United States Government has used psychotronics to force me to say all that. At the same time, I can show you a great deal of scriptures in Revelations and throughout the Bible that would indicate that if nothing else, his false Christianity is nothing more than a facade to cover his willingness to allow and sanction evil against this country, the same as the false "Christ" or "Son of Man" George W Bush tried to emulate.

Psychotronics, technically, is anything electronic that affects the brain, and could easily also be called psychological electronics.

In my reports on "What is Psychotronics", I explain how psychotronics could have been the single greatest medical achievement in history. The Russians, who developed them first, actually use them for major medical surgeries so that anesthetics do not need to be used, thus increasing recovery time as well as providing greater relief for the patient. Similar relief could be gained for people considered terminal and suffering horribly, needlessly.

Instead, as usual, the government weaponized the Tesla technology first, and only release it to the public when the technology made available is obsolete compared to the military versions. The same sort of technology has been reported to be a cure for cancer since the 1920's.

For example: lasers were touted  as a way to do surgery and and cauterize wounds so that sutures were not required. Now, as weapons, they blind you, daze you, dazzle you and are used to cause symptoms of dizziness, and make people dysfunctional and considered mentally ill.

They can also cause people to experience rape.

Deep brain stimulation is considered a miracle for people suffering from brain injuries, allowing scientists to stimulate or override nerve groups and other parts of the brain that could provide relief, the same way acupuncture does. Unfortunately, the same devices are used to inflict pain, and, based on testimony from hundreds of witnesses, such suffering is inflicted by some of those military and unmarked helicopters flying in the sky.

They shoot you with two things: millimeter waves, part of what's called a military "Active Denial System" that instantly induces burned skin on the outer layer at about 360 degrees. It's deployment is for war such as in Iraq, and considered to be   effective by the government for crowd control against people like, peace protesters, obeying the law and bothering politicians who don't want anyone to know what they're up to.

Microwave, which we believe is a cooking miracle, is actually a mild poison. Ask the experts. Experiments have been done showing that plants grown in microwaved water die while plants of the same seed, fed natural water, thrive.

These choppers and some so-called microwave cell phone towers are used to target people targeted by the Death Squads to create a wide variety of maladies that the media has trained us to accepty are nothing more than normal disease and signs of aging. Hand held-devices are used for the same thing.

Sanjay Gupta of CNN, nominated at first to be Surgeon General under the Obama Administation, once reported that migraine headaches leave scar tissue on the brain. That may be true, but I doubt it.

What is now occurring can be statistically and appropriately questioned regarding this scar tissue, also sometimes called "calcifications", is that these devices cause strokes. And the idea that migraines cause calcifications is a great cover, just as Sanjay Gupta covered for the pharmaceutical and insurance companies during an interview with Michael Moore on the subject of health care.

A new stroke is emerging, called thalamic strokes, affeting the central nervous system portion of the brain, leaving patients who survive the microwave and millimeter attacks in extreme pain as they go bankrupt, desperately seeking relief. The literature given to patients says that 25 per cent of victims commit suicide because the pain is so bad. They are told their conditions are hopeless and incurable.

In the future I believe I will prove one patient - someone who is the target of a political "hit job" to protect certain politicians and organizations - has an FBI agent posing as a doctor, the same person I will provide pictures of psyopping me at a health care facility to supposedly set me up for arrest for catching them committing crimes at another health care facility. If they're not an agent, they're definitely not acting as a competent doctor, and taking orders from the Department of Health and Human Services, and Homeland Security.

Same as the 10 (or 11) dentists who I paid $16,000 to in order to trust them to destroy my teeth.

Like Ed Shuster of MSNBC said - they're using health care as a weapon.

When Barack Obama campaigned for the presidency, he claimed outrage that 40 million U.S. citizens did not have healthcare. The latest report I heard is now over 50 million.

Typical Symptoms of Electronic Attacks

There is a long list of symptoms and indications that people are being attacked. It's hard to say any specific symptom is a proof. However, in communicating with hundreds of other victims, certain things are true. Keep in mind, "symptoms" are not necessarily simply medical symptoms. And, if you have any of these symptoms, it's likely that

1) Only another victim would be able to tell if you are a legitimate victim or not, and the clues they'll get from talking to you are not necessarily what you believe would be the thing that you think identifies you as a victim

2) Doctors are told by the Department of Health and Human Services to do what things to who.  I had one doctor who gave me the wrong hormone replacement therapy until I called him on it after beginning to develop breasts.

3) Doctors are also instructed to assist in generating a medical history to suggest a medical or mental condition that would label you as mentally incompetant or mentally ill so that if you complain of attacks, they will be ignored since you are "crazy".

4) Police officers are instructed to handle people making complaints about gang-stalking and directed energy weapons attacks, as well as psychotronics, as if they are exhibiting signs of mental instability so that they can make a report in police files about it, as well as place you in an institution for observation if you insist upon making your claims.

A case I became aware of last year involved a targeted individual who was homeless who spoke of their experiences to a social worker at a shelter in Florida. The social worker AND the targeted individual were placed in a mental institution for observation.

In the conference call of victims that I was particpating in that was given that information, I recommended getting a letter from a lawyer to assist people in such a situation should it ever arise, which was made available the next day. Feel free to use it as necessary. Letter to Medical & Mental Health Professionals from an attorney not seeking publicity at this time.

This attorney did require a rest afer requiring surgery for a brain aneurysm after suffering severe migraine headaches.

Personally, I attended a meeting with U.S. Rep. Brian Baird's office in Olympia, Washington with his rep named Pam Brokaw regarding the activities and government alliances of the Department of Peace, now known as the Peace Alliance at www.thepeacealliance.org

Our household was originally going to sponsor fund-raising events for his 2002 re-election campaign.

In this meeting, I provided documentation on psychotronics and dews, as if Congress was unaware of the crimes. At the end of the meeting she suggested that if any of us in our various organization wanted Federal Grants, to let her know. She also urged me to keep her up to date on the materials and issues I was speaking about, which were compatible with the Department of Peace's legislative agenda against gang-stalking.

A few weeks later, I faxed her my request, and verified its recepit with the receptionist, asking for a $20,000 grant to travel through the State of Washington and inform the police of the emerging crimes of psychotronics and directed energy weapons. At that time, I was not aware of Death Squads, Weed and Seed or any other clandestine activities. I was also not aware that Federal Law allowed Federal and Police officials to use these weapons in the course of their work.

Previously, I had contacted and opened a case with the FBI related to the fact that the State Attorney General's office would not assist me with problems of unauthotrized alteration of my website, as well as using my domain names to spam other people so that my domain would be banned from all other email servers. I also contacted Sen. Patty Murray's office. In that FBI complaint, I also mentioned some of these things were related to incidents with CNN.

Not long after, I was under heavy attack one day, an attack I now understand is the kind to set your electrolytes off balance, a problem a physician might use if they wanted to claim you were acting strangely because of a physcial condition...

I went to the store along Black Lake, and an officer was in his car, sitting there. It was a beautiful day. I thought maybe he was having lunch or taking a break or just keeping an eye on things. I thought, if he's still there when I come out of the store, I think I'll talk to him.

He was there. So, I introduced myself, and we talked. He seemed like a nice guy.

I asked him if he'd been in the military, he said he'd served in the 1991 Gulf War. I asked him if he was aware of something new then called "silent sound", first openly used in that war theater. He said he wasn't aware of it, and I believed him. Remember, I didn't know these things were as common as they are. And I believed if police were using them, it was only a small number of them doing it covertly.

I told him I had nothing to tell him that I would consider actionable at that time, but that I was seeking a grant from U.S. Representative Brian Baird's office to travel the state to educate the police departments about what I thought was purely or primarily criminal activity, although I did not mention anything about believing the federal government or others were involved. I made that request for the Federal Grant after Pam Brokaw, his aide, suggested she was interested in receiving requests after I attended a meeting with her at his office on behalf of the Department of Peace, now The Peace Alliance, presenting the issues of gang-stalking as well as psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons (DEWS) as part of the proposed legislation the Department of Peace was originally organized to promote, by Dennis Kucinich and Marianne Williamson.

At a certain point, he began to question me, and I didn't want to lie to him, I was concerned about trying to explain my situation at that time, and I became cautious because other victims warned me of this type of treatment. I ended up mentioning I did have a situation with CNN but didn't want to go into it.

Then he asked me if I was under the care of a doctor. I had read years before, form other targets, when targeted individuals ae asked this question, they are being questioned to establish a history of mental health problems. I looked at him and gave him the only answer a targeted individual should ever say, no matter what, in that situation. Yes I am. In their book, that means even if you have a mental condition, it is under control and as long as you are being normal, they can take no action. (And I was, at least, for the same hormone condition I had been since I was 18.) And most people have General Practitioners. 

If they ask you if you take medication, say yes. That's advice. It'll keep you out of mental institutions as well as provide you a better profile in the computer, otherwise, someone might say you're  a danger to yourself and others. If, later, they claim you made a false police report, please refer them to this section of this book for an explanation as to why you would give a police officer a reason to commit you to an institution.

I would never have  recommended such a thing to anyone EXCEPT when you are a targeted individual.

There are some people who would have you believe I am telling you that all police are "dirty" or that you should lie to them. I am not. Nor is the justice system ignorant or completely corrupt as psychotronic and psyops people would want you to believe.

At the same time, a sting is a sting.  Just be cautious. And remember, I'll be setting precedents soon to stop it.

It's very important for targeted individuals, or people who suspect they are targeted, to understand that for whatever reason, the United States Government sanctions Death Squads to work against citizens, and so any citizens wishing to make reports to authorities regarding targeting and such gang-stalking activities should never make the reports alone, record the report if possible, and be certain you have plenty of documentation about psychotronics and the symptoms of attacks, all readily available on this site and others.

There are many, but  my www.democraticfundamentalism.org site will serve as a primer for the technologies involved in these covert attacks. Also be sure to read "What Is Psychotronics?"

The advice I'm actually giving you is is similar to the advice that Jesus gave people when an oppressive government institutes tyrannical policies. Here is His advice.

Luke 6:29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the one cheek, offer also the other; and him that taketh away they cloak, forbid not to take thy coat also.

Matthew 5:25 Agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in the way with him; lest at any time the adversary deliver thee to the judge, and the judge deliver thee to the officer, and thou shalt be cast into prison.

Jesus was not saying that everyone should simply give in to evil, evil people or goals, and simply accept the suffering and hardship as if if it was something that goes along with being Christian or a person of faith. He was saying to give in to something if you have to in order to not become ensnared in a system designed to diminish or incarcerate those, for example, sentenced to death by the FISA board without hearing, trial or notification, and apparently, for having witnessed government crimes or because of covert racial and ethnic cleansing as well as other unethical reasons, certainly not befitting a nation that claims to be anointed "under God".

It's also important that while the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" remains true, if there's any example God gave about His ways regarding the requirements of the conduct of His people - those He lived with and guided and protected - is that when His people were faithful, He was willing to conduct war to protect them from those who proved themselves intending to do His people harm. It's called true self-defense. And Jesus told a way to do it with integrity to the most important facets of Christianity... as an act of self-defense as in the scriptures above.

I'm going to be very candid about something. I've been threatened not to say things like this. 

But the fact is that this is not about any particular officers or police forces, or individual acts. 

This is about the Federal Government and policies that break every crime Hitler and his regime were convicted of at Nuremberg. And I hate to say it, but if you think this is anything new, consider that I will be presenting a case showing that every one of these crimes has been committed against me since the time I was 4 years old in 1959.

I believed it was odd that when I spoke to Officer Mazlett, a future witness, of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office, I thought it was odd that he first required me to show my driver's license and get my phone number before having a casual talk with someone in the neighborhood.

I mention that because over the years, as I'll write about when speaking of Methods of Operation, I've had at least 3 incidents of that nature, all of which will be shown to be related to activities of people including Time-Warner, and indirectly from my view regarding these specific incidents, NBC/GE Universal.

These "contacts" appear to be part of covering up their activities, the type of which I will write about called "Media Mirroring", a practice similar to Operation Mockingbird and an example of the content of the subject of Carl Bernstein's report called "The CIA and the Media".

It will also explain David Letterman's "Mystery Guests" and Conan O' Brien's switch to TBS... among other things... and why I call Anderson Cooper CIAnderson Cooper.

To police officers: I always liked police:} Really.

In time, I'll be able to show that in my case, there were special efforts employed by the government just like the Senate Church Committee said, but I know of so many others being harmed, and I have the right to disagree with the practice, and I employ freedom of speech to politically oppose it. So, please, don't convince yourself that I am your enemy because of crimes committed against me. There are plenty of politicians who will be pointed out that I'd rather embarrass.

As for the weapons in use:

They are weapons, they are lethal, and reports from the Council on Foreign Relations as well as law suits by Washington State vs Boeing prove it, despite the fact they are described as non-lethal. For many of these weapons, the lethality is based on the longevity of the attacks, often for years without the victim suspecting.

I am not talking about tazers. I'm talking about psychotronics and directed energy weapons, often microwave. Sometimes called magnetic pulse or Electro-magnetic pulse, EMP. The danger of microwave used this way is exemplified by the warning by Verizon to never let children use a cell phone in its cell phone literature.

It's also proven based on health problems caused when the United States became more interested in microwave weapons when ambassadors and workers in our Moscow embassy became ill because of constant microwave beams to injure them, as well as to activate listening devices, similar to RFID's and bar codes at grocery stores, that provide the power necessary for them to transmit.

Technically, glaucoma, cataracts, gray's disease, headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, leukemia and worse can be caused by such attacks, including strokes.

And since I have said so before, I will assert once again that I believe Ariel Sharon of Israel, Yassir Arafat and Kim Jong Il were targets of such microwave attacks. I'm sure many others have been as well. Including Lynn McMullen, Executive Director of The Peace Alliance at the time of her stroke.

The people in the Death Squads are terrorists deployed by the United States Government under a variety of "covers".

They perform a number of tasks, including the use of psychotronics to verbally and mentally abuse their targets, as well as to cause physical sensations that amount to torture and rape. They can also cause body movements. This is all easily documented and reverse engineered by understanding certain technologies used by Electronic Arts/Time Warner to record physical movements of people in order to create animated characters.

The CIA is well known for its use of Satanic Ritual Abuse practices on its victims.

They infiltrate churches and organizations, running sting operations like con artists in "Ther Sting", which I suppose is why they call what they do "street theater".

I rememebr hearing  astory on CNN one day about people who signed up in some city and got text messages and so forth, and would show up as a group somewhere, sing a song, and leave just for fun. I'd do stuff like that for  fun.

The problem is: imagine you're a targeted  individual at work. Suddenly a group of people appear, people you know are targeting you, people doing their best to taunt and incite you to violence or calling the police, and what nobody else knows is that the song they're singing was the song you heard the first time you were having sex, and it was the only time you ever heard the song before or since, knowing full well part of the  intimidation is that these people know everything about you, and they're daring you to call the police, knowing they will think you're crazy, whether they're in on it or not.

littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology
Carole Smith,
Journal of Psycho Social Studies 2003

For someone who felt his mind was going to pieces, to be put into the stressful situation of the psychiatric examination, even when the psychiatrist acquitted himself with kindness, the situation of the assessment procedure itself, can be ‘an effective way to drive someone crazy, or more crazy.’

But if the accounting of bizarre experiences more or less guaranteed you a new label or a trip to the psychiatric ward, there is even more reason for a new group of people to be outraged about how their symptoms are being diagnosed.

A doubly cruel sentence is being imposed on people who are the victims of the most appalling abuse by scientific-military experiments, and a totally uncomprehending society is indifferent to their evidence.

For the development of a new class of weaponry now has the capability of entering the brain and mind and body of another person by technological means.

One time someone broke into my house and reset my alarm clock. I won't go into the details, but I spent a good deal of time going over it in my mind. And I'm certain.

Imagine calling the police and reporting that.

But it left a message that I was being harassed, and so rediculous that as an incident unto itself, no one would ever claim it was a crime. Except me. And that's actually one of the symptoms of being under the attacks of Death Squads.

It's not sneak and peak. It's harassment. And a conspiracy to give you a record of supposed mental illness.



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