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Signs of Electronic Attacks by Directed Energy Weapons

Part 1 - The Onset of Electronically Induced Depression
& Effects of Directed Energy Weapon Attacks




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I was watching TV the other night, wondering how I could present classic "symptoms" of psychotronic and directed energy attacks, with the problem of knowing that psychotronics and directed energy weapons are used in ways that emulate real medical conditions and maladies.

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A couple of other things were important to me.

First, I didn't want people with maladies to stop seeking normal relief or cause people to mistakenly believe that that they had an illness or were attacked. People like me who have been targeted for some time are often the most capable people to determine if things you are experiencing are real, something you're afraid of, or something that may be something other than anything they know of.  People like me have no interest or anything to gain by falsely encouraging delusional or unhealthy behavior and merely blaming it on external forces. Years of research prove the existence and applications discussed.

However, most targeted individuals who know they've been targeted and aware of it for a year or more typically know the signs. But be careful who you talk to if you suspect you are being targeted. There are groups online that will be very helpful and supportive. Keep in mind that most doctors, lawyers and others are not aware of these devices and weapons, and  the symptoms you may describe may be, unknown to you, symptoms of mental illness that may not be accurate.

Back in 2002-2003, I remember reports on CNN about how some 40% of the people in the United States were suffering from sleep deprivation, typically less than 8 hours per night. After a while, you become a little groggy. If you were being targeted, such sleep deprivation would make you much more susceptible to the electronic weapons.

As is well known, grief and depression from time to time is healthy, and even normal. However, persistent depression, or the constant barrage of thinking about something worrisome for a long period of time, would typically be considered abnormal, and often is remedied through counseling, talking to a friend, time, or medications, often anti-depressants.

The stess of war, terrorism, poverty, job concerns, children's care and more can certainly cause normal times of worry and anxiety.

What's interestng, though, is the literature often given out for medications that give us an interesting picture of the use of drugs for what may be called "non-consensual experimentation", medical experimentation without your consent, and how definitions of diseases and conditions can easily be manipulated in ways that might be proof of certain side effects.

For example: I take a simple hormone replacement supplement, and have taken the same thing since I was 18 years old, in 1973. I was concerned to know about the reason the supplement was required, why my body required it and didn't make it, as well as the literature's explanation of concerns and contraindications, as well as possible other conditions that may  occur along with the requirement for the hormone replacement therapy.

Back in 1973, the literature read that "mal-adjustment" could occur, and given tha tit was about hormones, and having grown up with 4 sisters, in theory, the worst case would be that I might be a little moody between doses. I'd heard about amusician and other peopel  withthe same condition, most were perfectly normal, one, who probably wasn't receiving hormone replacement therapy, did suffer from bouts of  depression over hs career with Warner Borthers Records. But, I connected with other people with the same condition a while back, and I don't recall one entry of people complaining about depression, though they did mention that they wished there were ways of getting a more steady dose.

The interesting thing is, in 2003, I noticed the literature about the hormones I took, the standard treatment since it was discovered in the 1920's, suddenly claimed that accompanying symptoms or conditions may include schizophrenia. I have a lot of problems with that supposed conclusion. I also find it interesting that it's the condition the Germans used as an excuse to practice eugenics, killing people with birth defects. My doctor got a littl enervous when I told him that, the day I also caught him prescribing the wrong hormones to me, and lying about the availability of the one I should have been taking.

He had prescribed another drug that is most often prescribed, and preferred by the New Freedom Initiative put forward by George W. Bush. A Yale study showed that prescribing this drug causes diabetes and "schizophrenia", what ends up actually being called shizo-affective disorder, when given to a healthy, normal person. That drug is called Zyprexa. And people being targeted know that schhizo-affective disorder is a purposely caused condition, when it's effective.

For the record, I assure you I am quite sane.

So, I was sitting there the other night, watching tv, wondering how I might explain these things, drugs that aren't good for you that make it to market for what appear to be the wrong reasons....

And this came to me.

Some of the following are the basic symptoms of the onset of psychotronic attacks, typically after you start noticing you need more sleep more often.

Suicidality and Antidepressant Drugs

Antidepressants increased the risk compared to placebo of suicidal thinking and behavior (suicidality) in children, teens, and young adults. Depression and certain other psychiatric disorders are themselves associated with increases in the risk of suicide. Patients of all ages who are started on antidepressant therapy should be monitored appropriately and observed closely for clinical worsening, suicidality, or unusual changes in behavior. PRISTIQ is not approved for use in children under 18.

  • People taking MAOIs should not take PRISTIQ.
  • All patients taking antidepressants should be observed closely for signs that their condition is getting worse or that they are becoming suicidal. This is very important when an antidepressant is started or when the dose is changed. Patients should be watched for becoming agitated, irritable, hostile, aggressive, impulsive, or restless. These symptoms should be reported to the patient’s health care professional right away.
  • Tell your health care professional about all prescription and over-the-counter medications you are taking or plan to take, including:
    • Medicines to treat migraines or mood disorders, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition
    • Aspirin, NSAID pain relievers, or blood thinners because they may increase the risk of bleeding
  • PRISTIQ may cause or make some conditions worse, so tell your health care professional about all your medical conditions, including if you:
    • Have high blood pressure. Your blood pressure should be controlled before you start taking PRISTIQ and monitored regularly
    • Have heart problems, high cholesterol or triglyceride levels, or a history of stroke
    • Have glaucoma or increased eye pressure
    • Have kidney or liver problems
    • Have or had mania, bipolar disorder, or seizures or convulsions
    • Have low sodium levels in your blood
    • Are nursing, pregnant, or plan to become pregnant
  • Discontinuation symptoms may occur when stopping PRISTIQ, especially when therapy is stopped suddenly. Talk to your health care professional before you stop taking or reduce the dose of PRISTIQ.
  • Until you see how PRISTIQ affects you, be careful driving a car or operating machinery. Avoid drinking alcohol while taking PRISTIQ.
  • Side effects when taking PRISTIQ 50 mg may include nausea, dizziness, sweating, constipation, and decreased appetite.

These are the symptoms of the typical onset of directed energy weapons attacks.

  • The most commonly observed adverse reactions in patients taking PRISTIQ vs placebo for MDD in short-term fixed-dose premarketing studies (incidence =5% and at least twice the rate of placebo in the 50-mg dose group) were nausea (22% vs 10%), dizziness (13% vs 5%), hyperhidrosis (10% vs 4%), constipation (9% vs 4%), and decreased appetite (5% vs 2%).

The above information is provided under Fair Use laws from the Pfizer web site.

I use this example because the interesting thing is, all of the symptoms listed could be legitimate, as well as the uses of the medication.

Unfortunately, the symptoms now used to diagnose things like depression and so forth could also be chronic fatigue, originally known to be more common in people of Jewish descent, and treated by chelation therapy to remove hevy metals from the blood stream. This reduced their vulnerability to sychotronics and directed energy weapons attacks.

In addition, directed energy, often microwave attacks, reduce blood flow to the whole body, causing stiffness and soreness like fibromyalgia and arthritis do, and you might notice many of the indicators are related to body and fluid pressures, with warnings about taking other things that would also thin the blood.. I find it most interesting that taking these medications would actually cause a rise in cholesterol, a condition that could easily cover up the negative effects of the medication and energy attacks.

At the same time, blood thinners and cardiovascular workouts would also be effective without other medications. Blood thinners would include aspirin, alcohol, or any sort of stimulant like used with children given Ritlin. Reports indicate that 70% of withdrawn and sometimes classified ADD Children are actually suffering from reduced blood flow to the brain, and it is related to proximity to cell phone towers, yield similar hostile and ansious symptoms OR placidity..

This is particularly true in the current development of what's called a thalamic stroke, what appear to be directed energy attacks to the part of the brain that is the central nervous system. It's  a new kind of stroke, affecting less than 2% of all stroke victims, and is currently being considered for study by doctors in San Francisco.

A stroke of this kind could easily be used as an excuse to cover the torture of the pain of directed energy weapons attacks.

That may sound far fetched, but I have some information for those doctors that is likely to be confirmed by microwave tests done by Boeing on employees to test the effectiveness of directed energy and microwave attacks, and the ability of a human body to withstand them. The State of Washington prosecuted them.

I will also assert, given the circumstances, the timing and particularly, in the case of Ariel Sharon and Yassir Arafat, declaring peace and going against the grain of the Bush Admisnistration's "Roadmap To Peace" by declaring peace to each other to their own people the same day, that the truth was that the roadmap was to use lethal force and war. And that they and Kim Jong Il of North Korea were victims of directed energy attacks similar to those that cause thalamic strokes.

Directed Energy and Psychotroics have been of our war aresenal since the Gulf War in 1991.

Sleeping Aids and Sleep Deprivation

I won't go into detail, but a few weeks back I was watching another ad on tv, and noticed the same thing about sleeping aids that work with the central nervous system. Taking such a medication would leave you in a restful twilight or sleeping state, as if in a hypnotic trance.

If you use them, and aren't able to sleep them off, after a while, you become extremely sleep deprived, losing REM sleep that  can affect your mental health. The problem is that psychotronics and DEWS are capable of interrupting or nullifying the effects of those sleeping aids, meaning they can wake you up at will.

You might wonder, how could someone monitor someone sleeping. One way of understanding it is to think about how the U.S. Government paid a company in California to make fake rocks that they could drop on the ground on someone's property that had sensors and transmitters in them to monitor people's heart rate, breathing rate and more.

I remember a UPS ad that played once about a package that was lost, and they used an RFID in the box to determine via satellite where that box was and what truck it was in. The joke line in the ad was, why don't we just let the box drive the truck?

Sleep deprivation is one of the things targeted individuals of the Death Squads experience most. It is often a typical symptom used to describe someone as having  a mental illness or emotional problem and thus is an easy emulation to cause concern and suspicion, despite its being induced by electronic devices. Your cell phone is no different than the RFID when they have they handy GPS devices built-in.

Rev. Jim Marrs wrote that the government was going to get the public to buy the tracking devices it needed so the government could monitor them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For what?

It 's also interesting to note that Pfizer is known to have worked with the CIA on creating what might be called designer drugs, typically to be given to unsuspecting consumers, targets, for the purpose of making them act oddly, to drive them insane, cause them to commit suicide or to kill them. This is part of what the real spy vs spy vs spy research is often about, and it's gruesome to witness and experience.

You might want to consider this. We all have heard of Timothy Leary, the guy who supposedly invented LSD who was a Stanford Professor developing, among other things, a drug used by the CIA for such activities. LSD.

According to CNN, Paul Robeson, actor and activist, disliked by the U.S. Government, was killed when given such a drug and committing suicide.

Interestingly enough, psychotronics can be used to emulate the effects of LSD, something I've never taken. But it's well described by other people. And I think about the people I read about in Santa Cruz, California, where I grew up when the 60's drugs thing was happening, and the people who jumped off the train tressels, believing they could fly.

Finally, I wonder why it was permissible to import drugs for the CIA through the Mena, Arkansas airport, if the government is so serious about its concern about drug use... unless they want to tax it. And then wonder why they did it, who they sold it to, and what happened to their customers.

Talk about a multi-use weapon.

Joseph Stalin wrote long ago that one of the things that would take the United States down would be drugs. I thought he meant cocaine, marijuana, LSD, things we were all trained to believe were completely bad.

I remember being told marijuana would make you hallucinate and kill yourself when I was in grade school. They also say it gives you short term memory loss.

Now I hear it was made illegal originally to be able to harass black people and Mexicans, according to former New York Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.  Look him up sometime to find out what an honest politician who believes in justice and truth is like.

And now, the U.N. says marijuana is effective in helping people with Alzheimers by increasing their memory.

As with most anti-depressants which purposely attempt to emulate the effects of THC (marijuana), one might assume these positive effects are because THC actually does "expand the mind" by causing  greater production of neurons, which are what allow the brain to process more, and do it more quickly, like getting a faster CPU or hard drive for a computer, and more memory.

I think Stalin knew something. And the drugs taking down our health are pharmaceuticals.

Sometimes, it's  not an accident.

See also: Evidence and Documentation

Here's a web page I downloaded from a site called Everydayhealth.com While some of the comments on this page make it seem as though these people have mental or physical illnesses, and they might, it is hard to ignore that their symptoms are also much the same as those of "targeted individuals" of the Death Squads using psychotronics and Directed Energy Weapons against their victims. I have done nothing to alter or embellish the presentation of this page.

I generally refrain from going into details regarding how to tell the difference between someone who is targeted and others who have genuine conditions because I don't want to encourage psychosomatic conditions. However, to be honest, these people could easily be targeted by the Death Squads.

You'd be amazed how many of our veterans with "Gulf War Syndrome" and PTSD have the same collection of symptoms.



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