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Some might describe a centrist as one who takes a more moderate approach to things. It's another one of those deceptively ambiguous "catch-phrases" thrown around that leave you to think whatever you think it means, whether the person saying it knows it means something else or not.

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Back in 1958 when Jimmy Carter wrote the Tri-Lateral plan   that lead to the Tri-Lateral Commission and now the G30, which was the predecessor to the Council On Foreign Relations, all funded in the U.S. by the Rockefellers... all for the purpose of generating this political climate for the purpose of accomplishing the goals of those who want to install "the New World Order".

It's interesting. Most people think the Republicans are the bad guys. They think the Republicans are the ones using corporations and promoting big money and lobbyists and more... the record books will easily show that the Clinton Administration did more to boost big business, free markets as well as quietly pass legislation that egregiously violates the constitution regarding nonconsensual medical experimentation, and nonconsensual tagging of newborn infants with RFID devices.

It was the Democrats who passed the legislation in the last 2 years of the Bush Administration that allowed for the final leg of the economic collapse - one of the biggest ponzi schemes ever, that began during the Bush Administration when home loans and interest rates were dropped in general in a way that lured the American Public - and citizens and nations throughout the world - into unsustainable or repayable debt. It was no accident. And I'm not defending the Republicans. 

So back in 1958 - those were the good old days, when Hillary Clinton claims she was a Goldwater Republican. Most people don't know or remember what that means.

Back then, it meant you were against the Tri-lateral plan, among other things. My father was a Goldwater Republican. Having been born in 1908, he knew what the words "New World Order" meant.

I remember brief memories of my parents talking about how people were actually setting up tables in shopping centers and protesting the Tri-lateral Commission. That had to be about 1960. These weren't young students protesting it, these were parents, middle aged, World War II and Korean War Veterans, people who fought and sacrificed through tough times, making their voices heard about the future of their own country.

Some 42 years, I find out this organization now calls itself the Council on Foreign Relations. Like a corporation with a bad reputation, they just changed the name and proceeded with what they were doing, more or less. Some people got upset when Pres. George H.W. Bush announced the New World Order. So, the planners just told everyone to call it "Globalization", and act as if talking about the New World Order is talk of crazy conspiracy theorists.

As if the New World Order just disappeared. Only they didn't. They just became more covert.

Being a Centrist or ascribing to Centrism sounds like a politician claiming to be a moderate, seeking to bridge the gap between all sides of an issue so that, like in a good Republic, all interests are fairly considered and given equal protection and representation.

Our nation was never based on "majority rules". That is the mentality of gangs and regimes.

The United States was founded on the idea of representing the interests of every single citizen. That the rights of the one are as important as the rights of the whole. Liberalism originally was about liberty, not morality.

A nation with a democratic system relies on the freedom of citizens to do many things, including running for office. However, if you check the facts, you'll easily find that the Council on Foreign Relations has been, by and large, running the United States since at least 1960.

In one way, there's technically nothing wrong without, except for the fraud against the citizens of the United States that has been perpetrated over and over again, the idea of free elections.  I'm not even talking about vote counts. I'm talking about their control over who's allowed to run and win. Who's allowed to participate in debates. And what candidates are allowed to talk about.

When all is said and done, the key leaders of our nation have failed to inform us that our nation is controlled not by the people for whom the government was designed to serve, but by financiers and politicians who used the government to serve themselves.

As Ralph Nader said, in essence, the United States has only one true political party. That party is the Council on Foreign Relations. And it is, in effect, no different in how it selects its front men and speech makers, media propagandists and religious leaders, just like the Soviet Union's politburo, that we have, as a nation, criticized for so long.

It's time for people to wake up, shake off the denial, and start speaking of the political system as what it is: a single party system with multiple candidates, the most important of whom - those allowed to run for president - are related by blood to the British Royal Family.

Centrists - Democrats and Republicans - have gotten drunk with their own power, and have forgotten what nation they pledged allegiance to.

To more fully understand their vision, give some thought to what "Chinese Democracy" means. And it isn't about a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

And read "The Shillum" of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It may be controversial now, but it may actually save America, and your life, later. And a whole lot more.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that. I only wish I was.


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