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Given what the FBI and Department of Homeland Security describe as a potential homegrown terrorist, I have to say I'm proud of being one. You would be too. The description of a potential homegrown terrorist used to be one that described a good citizen, in many ways. Have I changed, or has the government? This 1997 FBI flyer answers the question.

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I was joking around a few years back, after realizing I was being "monitored", that I suppose the government could make the case that I was a potential homegrown terrorist because I had a can of gas in my garage for the lawn mower, and lots of glass jars, so if  you wanted to, you could say I was a disgruntled citizen with bomb making supplies.

I don't mean to be too sarcastic, but there are a great number of things that can easily be made to sound sinister.

The government says Iraq War Veterans are potential homegrown terrroists.

These brochures, although they contain numerous descriptions that certainly could be signs of "trouble", it displays a certain regard for people who quote the constitution, as well as being Christian, in ways that I find quite disturbing for a "nation under God" and one that supposedly is ruled by the same Constitution that makes them suspicious.

Even former Congressman Bob Barr, Libertarians, Ron Paul followers... all have had them and their followers identified as potential homegrown terrorists.

Since this brochure came out during the Clinton Administration, I've heard a great number of additional aspects that are to be seen, when profiling, as possible signs of terrorists is long hair, moustaches, wearing blue jeans... My favorite wa sthe day I heard something about concern for people with Farmer's Almanacs, which contain a great deal of info.

All in all, it's one more thing that makes it look like the government is afraid of its own citizens. And, of course, this was before the Patriot Act.

Why? What are the Centrists up to?

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