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A Conversation With America & the World
Creating the Future 2012
Where the New World Begins!

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Creating the Future 2012
(The Book)
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Notice, I talk about the New World and NOT the New World Order
There's a very big difference, and it makes a very big difference.

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The most important thing I can think to tell you as you read this book is to take it literally. I mean what I say, and I work to accurately use words so that there's no question about what I actually said. Unless you try to read between the lines.

These days, we've more or less been trained to read between the lines everyone speaks and writes because the way of the world seems to rely a great deal on passive aggression and ulterior motivations, and so, reading between the lines can actually be a useful and reasonable skill.

However, in a short time, I trust you'll understand that if there's anything I'm trying to accomplish by writing this book, it's to establish a new baseline for the truth, based on facts, about what we call the reality of our world, so that we, as citizens, can make informed decisions. Based on fact, and not the focus group tested spin we're fed by politicians and the news media controlled by the corporations and affiliates that control the government.

I'm like the guy in the office you go to when you need an answer or need to be directed to a resource, and whether the answer is good news or bad news, they always provide the information you need, if they know, in a way that empowers you to accomplish whatever it is you were seeking assistance about.

I believe I gained a good deal of respect with employers when being interviewed because I told them, and I meant it, that if they asked me a question about policy or procedure or whatever they might ask me about regarding the business,that I would give them an honest answer - as a team player and their business partner - as constructively as possible, but once they made a decision, I would respect their decision and follow their methods and policies because, after all, it was their business, and they had a right to say how it would be run.

I also informed them to please not ask me to engage in unethical or illegal activities.

As far as I'm concerned, the last 3 paragraphs are, in essence, the paradigms and relationships I believe should compromise a government in regard to its citizens.

Simple. Straightforward. Honest.

I like the honest part, because I like adult conversations.

What I mean by that is an intellectually honest conversation that includes an honest exchange of ideas, not for the purpose of changing someone's mind or winning them over, but to expand the understanding of the approaches, beliefs, issues and the application of human and spiritual rights so that the intent of liberty is fulfilled by being more inclusive in its respect and allowance for preference and difference, as well as encouraging and fostering a culture of citizens interested in understanding other cultures and human issues not for the purpose of social engineering but because it's interesting, inspiring, informative and, frankly, fun.

One of the first things I noticed about the internet was how, within 3 hours of logging on back in 1995, I was exchanging emails with someone in Germany. When I began doing geo-political research back in 2000, I asked questions of people in more "socialized" nations how they approached their "organization" and governments, how they thought about them and how they expressed their will as citizens.

Back in the 1980's, many  of the more popular radio stations programmed their music around a list of about 240 songs, played over and over again, based on the idea that your familiarity with those songs would make you listen to them more. And it worked. Any time you tuned in, you heard something you were comfortable with and liked.

I designed a format for a  particular genre of music, a format or paradigm of a format that could be applied to practically any genre of music, that made it possible to include literally thousands of songs without losing the benefit of familiarity.

Not long after, a large radio chain installed a format just like the one I had designed. It became the number one station from San Francisco to Monterey in 6 weeks.

The  point of all that is this, and try to consider this in terms of a government in relation to its citizens:

It's easy to formulate a way of doing things that forces the consumer, or citizen, to limit their choices for the sake of subjective definitions of efficiency, or to effect social engineering for the sake of effecting goals, publicly known or unknown.

But, true efficacy of governance would be proven by honoring the intent and essence of what liberty means by ensuring that every citizen and concern was properly represented and received appropriate attention.

If that was the case, then a true global community, the kind being called for by citizens around the world, would be possible.

The kind of world, the kind of nation, the kind of communities and families that comprise what I refer to as The New World.

The United States proudly declares that we are "one nation under God", often times referred to as the "anointed nation", a chosen nation to be, in one way or another, the ruling empire of the world. An empire that has gone the way of every other empire, where someone saying something like "the best Democracy money can buy" doesn't even raise an eyebrow.

I don't say that to criticize the United States, particularly the citizens, I say that because the citizens of this nation, as of other nations, are very good people, and they deserve, as a matter of human rights let alone the Constitution,   a government that represents them in the resolution of their needs and that operates in a way that reflects the values of its citizens. In every way.

I have long said that, even with my limited exposure to organized religion, that I believed in living life according to the Golden Rule, and that the Constitution and the intent of the Constitution of the United States was the closest thing there was to a government that expressed the actual existence of a just nation to lead the world by example in what I've come to know are the ways of God.

I bring this up to give context, first of all, to my assurance to you that I believe in and am absolutely committed to the necessity of separation of church and state, as well as how to balance its intended influence with objective justice and inclusion.

But second, to acknowledge that I wrote the original conversations in A Conversation With America, and much more, prior to endeavoring to fully read and understanding the Bible in 2002 in order to understand the concerns of Christians and people of other moral faiths and spiritual beliefs, and am glad to realize that few of my opinions or positions about issues have changed since doing that Biblical research which subsequently led to research in everything from ancient history, Machiavelli, national history and "fraternal organizations"... I believe that in one 6 month period, I read more books than I'd read in my entire life before - 47 years.

Interestingly enough, and to me, amusing, is that it also ended up causing something to happen, what Rick Warren might call discovering my purpose in a "purpose driven life". Most of my life, I knew somewhere along the line, somehow, some way, in some form or another, that I would be a minister. All these years, it was like something I knew I was supposed to do, and yet, it was as if I just couldn't figure out what the message would be. After all, there were plenty of ministers and churches already.

And yet, despite the many hats I wear these days as a writer and reporter, someone involved in political analysis and more, if I was asked what I would call myself, professionally, I would say that I am first and foremost a minister.

Now, I've lived an unusual life, and if you become familiar with my "story", you'll understand what I'm talking about. Long ago, I'd begin to tell someone about my life, when they'd ask me about my life, and it's surprising how often they'd interrupt me and ask "When's the book coming out?" or "When's the movie coming out?"

But, let's just say, my life and the experiences of my life has been an incredible series of paradoxes that include, along with believing I would be a minister of some sort, that I would be a politician. Even more, that I would be President of the United States one day.

That's why I wanted to state, up front, that very few of my opinions as expressed in my essays and the original Conversation With America have changed, which is important to me because all that Bible study and research spanning thousands of years of humanity, for me, affirmed that even though I am not perfect, that my ways and views of the world and how to approach the issues of this time are consistent with my values and beliefs over time.

Meaning that my "Christianity", or what some may erroneous view as my "recent conversion" has not been a cause for an alteration in my outlook, but most definitely has strengthened both my  confidence and resolve that the New World I have spoken of since 2002 is not only possible but imminent.

That includes my respect and adamant support, as well as understanding of the intent, of the separation of church and state. A principle I believe is well supported by the Bible as well.

I don't intend to speak of spiritualism too much in this book, but I will include 2-3 brief chapters regarding my spiritual beliefs, and  I think some of it will surprise and enlighten you, to the extent that you won't have any questions about where I stand in terms of the appropriate roles and relationships of religion and governance to each other.

The interesting thing is, though, when you really do the research and fully understand the history of this world for the last couple of thousand of years, you begin to realize the fact that politics actually is, at its roots, religion.

And, that ideology is the reason that no government, no empire, has ever succeeded in ruling the world in a sustainable way.

It is in that realization where the truth of the necessity of separation of church and state is found.

The only ideology any government should concern itself with is the ideology of the earnest intent of the constitution upon which the foundations of the nation are built in order to facilitate the honest intentions of its citizens and the preservation of its environment in every sense of the word including defense.

The United States Government, and others, are most certainly failing in this regard, and it is negatively impacting citizens and environs on a global scale. It must end.

In Creating the Future, the New World, as I call it, there will be a great number of challenges, as well as truths of corruption and even conspiracy that we in the United States, and other nations, will have to confront in order to make that New World possible.

A great number of things you need to know about were things not easy for me to accept either, but after years of research, since 2000, the proof of a great deal of criminal corruption has this world on the precipice of having to make a choice: the New World, or the New World Order.

In order to choose, you need to understand the difference.

The New World is a world that seeks to meet the needs of citizens as well as empower responsible business practices and the use of the latest safe technologies to restore the environs - of every kind -  as well as empowering partnership of the citizens with governments and citizens and governments of other nations in order to stabilize sustainable cash-based economies as well as the partnership of citizens in their communities in order to provide wholesome communities, and provide opportunities on a level playing field for commerce and education.

We say we stand and support these things now. If you look at the facts, we actually do not.

The New World Order is a plan that is more of an empirical global governance enforced not by true partnership, but by threat of economic coercion, as well as military threat. It relies on Corporate Socialism to employ and, by employment standards and wage control, control the conduct of the citizens as well as manage the economy, while the government itself is occupied with trade and military pacts that generate the dependence of patron nations, and thus, provide coercive controls that can be applied by the aggressor government or corporation.

If there's anything history proves, it's that governance by force only breeds hostility. And every empire has fallen because of the arrogance and true sociopathy an psychosis of megalomania.

The Government of the United States, and allied nations and factions, have definitely reached that point.

I do  not speak and use those words lightly.

I like to adamantly point out that I am no conspiracy theorist, I am not a radical or extremist of any kind - quite the contrary - I am simply a citizen who knows the truth. The kind of truth, important truth, that politicians talk about as things the nation can't bear to be put through regarding governmental conduct and corruption that harms people.

I think we can take it. We can take the truth. And if there is a scandal, it will be worth it to get to the bottom of it, not out of vindictiveness, but to be true to our constitution and to honor the rights of every citizen to true life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And to once again have a government and the foundation of the world reflect the will and values of the citizens.

The citizens of the Untied States, and of the world, should be applauded for their vigilance and their work and their ability to bear so much for the ill-conceived plans and exploits of leaders we elect and others we have never known, those rumored to be in the smoke-filled rooms where the real decisions are being made.

But it truly is time for us to choose a better world than the one we are handed, not out of rebellion and angry, but out of an expression of our inherent desire to be free, and the knowledge that if government respected its administrative role as public servants, the solutions we need are already available if the government was truly serving its constituents.

There are a great number of adult conversation we need to have in order to put the United States back on track, and to lead the world in a way that is worthy of a nation under God.

As I like to think about when I think of creating the future:

A pilgrim is someone in search of a country
in which God would not be ashamed to be called God.

I'd like to live there. I bet you'd like to live there too. We can.



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