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A Day of Torture




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The following is not pleasant to read, hear or present. It is being presented as evidence to officials and the public of the kinds of methods, torture and psychological operations and torture being conducted under the illegal and unconstitutional authority of the United States Government.

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I am pasting this into this page from my weblog, originally started as a news report column years ago.

See also: gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Death Squads

The following is something experienced by thousands if not millions of people per day using high tech weapons developed for military use. It is being done under a plan written under Donald Rumsfeld called the Information Roadmap, published by the Department of Defense, and its ability to do such things is well documented in the Washington Post and gem_red.gif (110 bytes) www.Wired.com , and thousands of sites authored by victims trying to make others aware of what is being covertly done.

George Noory of ABC Radio frequently hosts guests who are victims, seeking assistance and to educate the public.

I'll add, the government basically admitted, and then covered up, that it was doing this sort of thing in 1976.

For most people, this would be like posting a confession to being insane. If I was not confident of my ability to explain the methods, weapons and capabilities, as well as describe how things were done that are not commonly known, however, the people conducting my torture and harassment actually dared me to post this on my web site. 

I told them back in 2002, particularly after being threatened when I announced my intention to run for the presidency in 2004, that their suppression would not cause me to back down. To what, at that time, I actually didn't know.

One of the most important things I've learned from all of this is how the U.S. Government, under CoIntelPro and Mockingbird type programs, incites people opposed to government or corporate policy to violence that appears to be started by the victims. In this case, I've watched Federal, State and local authorities working with political parties to silence me, for whatever reasons each group may claim later, and I have observed a growing list of people dealing with the same kind of fascism and sickness, many of them for being witnesses to government crime, many because of race, health, religion... and this is an example of what they do to silence unknown Presidential Candidates.

When psyops are being performed, certain police officers an FBI agents do things to let the victims know that the authorities are backing their torture. Their problem is, when you understand the law and constitutional law, they know that if this ever goes to trial they will back down. In this case, this is part of the follow-up to a  psyop involving CNN and FBI Agent Candice Delong. This is the kind of stuff an FBI profiler gets a crazy person to write to get the person to prove they're crazy themselves. In this case, 10-100,000 emails and hundreds of victims and witnesses will prove the crazy person is the profiler.

Final thought: I consider myself to be a reporter, a minister, and  a politician. Consider that when and if you read the perverse language, the topics covered, and what happens when I read the Bible.

The people this was about know what it means, and it will be easily explained in criminal complaints against these people later.

Transcript: A Day of Torture

Keep in mind, things in red are words of the torturers

Tooth torture is when teeth are slowly extracted after dentists prepare them for torture


9/26/2011 5:47am Awakened around 4am.. when they wake you up that early and immediately start working ya, if you're smart enough you can figure the mo of the personwhi did it thinking they're very clever and they're not even close. But at least I get to hear how another incompetent FBI profiler fails miserably while giving a witness all the info he needs to convict her on her mo and to be able to free hundreds if  not thousands of people set up by idiots who think their badge makes them smart.

to the people with lame excuses coming into the yard lately.. B of A Better end up with a picture of this house recently ANd the other guy.. I really hope he liked Glendale... tell your friend when he harassed me at fred meyers the other day, it'll embarass him a lot mor ethna it would ever embarass me.. and having me include that, phony painter, is not going to help you or burkger king or the police o anyone else. You people are very stupid and it continues to show and will have you convicted

tell the FBI profilers that they can talk all they want about bombs and their own stupidity in court all they want.. all they'll end up with is  a uy well versed in their psyops and quite willing to explain them all why they're done and how the people who do it continue to prove their treason.. every attempt you idiots make is just one more pattern easily explained, and its gone on way too long tobe anything else but government crimes.. 

Desperate cops.. I'll bet history will show they're the easiest ones to bust. 

Loggins & Messina -  Angry Eyes

Delong wants me to call her a cunt again. You're quite welcome to the title.  Just remember  Delong, I have no reason to have any thought about you or the other perverts you employ. Thurston wants in the act. He was you rbiggest mistake, next to using the little boy as an excuse on CNN Be prou d of your fellow rapistsFBI, theHague loves arrogance.

James Taylor - That's Why I'm Here - 02 - Song For You Far Away 

The lcoal wants me to clal you a loser delong, He must know you. Nust be fun to leave a trail of evidence for your victims to use aginst you  alte


I have one more comment delong.. You'rr more stupid thanthe idiots you hire. MIt's my pleasure idiot.

Not the journal you sick FBI traitors wante dis it delong.. keep going delong... Another great Federal employee who obviously hates herself.


6:15am Extreme tooth torture attempts to break toes. You goddam right were getting what we want we're getting a weblog talking about nothing but torture, and were going tomake you out to be a militant extremst

Good luck denying psychotronics delong 6:18am This town is nothing but a bunch of fucking sex predataors, I think we'd better shut up now.. 

6:20am Attmpt to break toes Obviously one desperate stupid FBI agents =and her contractors..

We want you to realize we have noothing to lose and thats why we keep doingthis

They just told me why they wanted me to have HBO and atch Maher,.. so they'd have soem new material to harrass me about..


Just rememebr delong this is not Remind delong how this psyop to put focus on her is exactly like the Pator Melissa Scott Psyop and its why all of you will be convicted, and all you do is add mor esuspects...

Uday and Quday ARE our favorite people

6:29am delong they want me to keep addresing you.This sicko wants you to know your bet student finally learned two words fuck you.. he says it's his specialty

All these things are being said to amuse the people torturing e. Fuck you fucking dentiss.

For the record, they did that to themselves.

The fun part is going tobe that the reportsonthe FBI will prove theyir own case against themselves

Shelton High schll must specialize in teching peopel to be rapists.

Im relaly glad the locla police thinks this helps them

They're will end up beig  alot of families whose kids die  by suicide by police who will find out their kids were murdered Thurston's friend smust be relly desperate todya hiding behind an FBI agent

Ripp, yor friends say you should be executed with thruston.. deny psychotronics ripp, got the guts? join mazlett Hers' one they lvoe fuck the cops in washington state

Notice again thurston and th efbi MO.. threatening themselves and foul mouuths

Rhurston's wet dream.. get me to write about his sex life.. he says he's such abig dick, he suck s his own. that;s  paraphrase.

Ibet this will fit the mo on thephony peloi bust. Dave wand delong willlook goodwiththisone. Andthe guy will get off, and be a witness tothe entire weed and seed operation in Yosemite. No wonder they're so desperate.

You wanted the red leter edition, FBI, you got it.. the red letter stuff is all yours. you don'tneed much more proof tha tthe US government is satanist

he guy who learned to say fuck you in high school is back 6:48am

The perverts want me to remind the world that the dentists at the Ketchers are ft lewis military.All you soldiers volunteering to die in war, are you proud your government uses thes epeople totorture the peopel you supposedly die for to protect?

6:57am attempts to break toes

6:58am Again Hey delong how does it feel to be aan rn and tech people to break people's bones? Continuous torutre and attempots to break toes. Ye sdelong I doknowyou sick perverts don't give a damn about anythingbut being naiz perverts

7:01am Delong the Shelton high grauate says he's your favorit

Delong, I truly hope your office defends you and psychotroncs. I really do.

7:02 continued attempt s tobreaktoes. Im glad you perverts think it's such a joke and that this will notbe use as evidence against every single one of you

Just anothe rmorning on KMAS

Broken toe 7:04am  Thursotn we finally figured out exactly how to dii=o it

Now threatening to come onto the property and beat me up to cause a police incident. Suicide ny cop. THruton's favorite speilty. Proven by his bringing it up long ago.> Too bad he failed in makinga case of predisposition unfortuantely all he does is make thing sworse

7:07aam Lynn is now screaming in pain.What a great country.  By the way, FBI, I'll be able to easily explain to nternational authorites how the US govt want sit s own people to hate this nation to vindicate their own murdering asshles. Just like other coutnries where the US illegally operates

Apparently Key Bank wants to be inclded again in the lst of corporations that WILL be sued for terrorism and torture and more... 

One of the peeople working me right now is black. Probably the weed and seed guy thurston uses to illegally threaten people with.

Someobody must have told these idiots that running through the list of suspects will prove something for them other than their complete lack f intelligence as they continually isult themselves so they';ll have a bogus excuse to punish their victims

After 10 years, FBI, with your knowledge and assistance, it won't work. 7:16am St Christophers church, thurston's territory, wants to be counted in as satanists. they are. fine

Do you know what the FBI thinks of you as a presidential candidate? We think you're a piece of shit and that's why we're going tokeep fdoing this until you'r e dead

Fred Meyer... your friends arecalling you Nazi Jews...

7:31am Attempt to break toes

Agaon the FBI claimingUday and Quday are their heroes

Yippee we'r eall screwed so badly the only thing we can do is kill these people

7:47am Charluies' favorite torturing me when I try tourinate. He thinks it's funny, andthe fbi told him to ge tt in the weblog to prove myseual obsessions,... problem is.. lynn's problemwith her bowel movements and rn, and the ability to manipulate what people eat through psychotronics to starve them, to caus etooth torture, and to cause renal failure by gettingher to crave things to blcok her intestines.. adnthe stroke lie won't cover it..  

Typos due to torture... 

7:54am New crew claiming to be fbibecauese thurston and ripp are so stupid

8:02am Attempt to break toes

8:04am Attempt to break toes. Definitely jr

When you get to san francisco we'r egoing to have your cousing pick you up and work you over until you're beaten to a pulp and that's a direct order from Candice Delong

Jr just said he was assigned this shift by thurston Thurston still believes psyvcotroncis cant be proven and that his fellow officer mazlett will be vindicated for lying

8:10am Lynn cryin gin pain.

Now boasting about their ability to use psychotroncis to rape people. easily proven Patents. 

8:21am Attempt to breaktoes

We want to say that canidice delong is the stupidest fuck inthe world and she set us up and tht's all there is to it.

8:30am ASttempt to break toes

Note 4am is the standard time to wake victims for torture and interrogation using sleep deprivation.

 Now using elecrtronics again tomake mouse malfunction. Previously they've disabkle USB ports to cause cd and other devides to fail.

Multiple ongoing attempts to break toes. Trying to get computer to work. removed mouse from usb port keypad doesn't workj either. Attempt to cause hernia.

8:40am Suddenly mouse works again. A great morning of  proving illegal detention and torture.

Suddenly  mouse doesn'twork again.. never had problems before battery is not low. Did I ever mention the brand new casio camera that suddenly stopped working the day I was documenting trails on unoccupied land and the direction of the dews was coming from pete;s jouse when the battery suddenl went dead. And then another time,was completely ruined.

Like I said, this is a perfect example of illegal detention.. and yo idiots better figure it out after this long I don't have to prove all the specifics your idiot friends claim are needed.  Even if psychotronics and tempest and otehrs couldn't be proven, the evidence still convicts.

Now, law enforcement people who are actually honest, notice how all of this is nothing but me responding to verbal and semantic remarks to the entire town of shelton who have been, with their police, monitoring my communications since the police refused to speak to  me or respond to my complaints long before election 2008.  That is proveable, and he police harassment makes it easier to prove. ANd the message to Weed and Seed pacific northwest operaions manager proves it even more. And when it comes time to sort it out you'll all have ot confess too even begin to be able to defend anything

Finally, the previous was yet another example of idiots of the US Govt attempting to make some sort of profile about me, including me supposedly harrassingthis town. Weed and Seed is your confession, you have the equipment, and I won't back down to terrorists, and I don't care about their badges. It makes them even worse people than the worst people they ever took pride in busting. 

The peopl eo fthe state of washington have done a good job of proving they're good little soldiers fo rthe US govetrnment by taking the fall themselves. They will take the fall but not themsleves, and I'm a little tired of being used to prove how stupid these people really are.

8:55am The thing is tha tthe fbi is  a fully equipped us govt agency that has the right to kill anyone they want.

9:00am The perverts want me to inform you that the tooth torture continues, as do  attempts to injure neck and break toes. Neck to cause headache to stupidly claim I'm suffering manic depression, They want me to clal delong a stpid fucking profiler. I hope she relaly appreciates her fine work  Now they want me t o call her a fucking cunt

Jus trememebr delong, this will be a  profile of you,no tme. Psychotronics delong, Thanks for the documentation

Your friends now want me toremind you that you are no mor eimportant than pastor melissa scott, I don't have to prove anothe single thing, and especially thanks to morning like this, the documentation IS complete, and thanks for givingme the direct tie to the federal govt tha twill prove you'v ebeen in collusion to murder me since 2002 at least with CNN. MAson adn Thursotn County sheriffs covering for them.

Again, keep in mind, I don't get to watch tv news anymore,and attempts toillegal destroy evidence ar edocumented, and delong, I really have no interest in you personally, you're not a professional, and the fBI, thanks for proving you're really nothing but traitors. Glad it made you feel important to prove you're more perverse thanthruston. If you've gotten your attention for day, try work. Kill ajewish boy then claimn tobe an expert (you relaly are sick delong)

Extreme tooth torture. WHy is it, FBI, these peopel have to make up excuses to torture people? Barack, explain it to the world like you did to the Nobel comitteee when you declared world war.

Your trophy hunters think this is great fun, FBI, hope you do too

9:13am I was just told they brought in another tooth torture specialist. Good to know they want to admit the US govt keeps specialists to destroy people's teeth in the US.... 

9:30am I was just trying to talk to Lynn while the FBI perverts put on quite a show... fol,lwoed by Lynn talking about Sufi, and the  moment I mentally responded to their threats to call me a sufi, they had Lynn go into a typical Washington State cop induced arguemnt about taking me to the hospital if I should become faint from not enough food... qnything to cause arguement.s Police blotter, thurston.


Attempt to injure back.

9:33am Extreme attack attempt to break toys bruger king girl loving every minute of it

The guy working me says he's the painter who was here the other day and that he's the phony JW sister Scott/aka Pastor Melissa Scott.. it gets noone of fthe hook, th epeople in LA are still criminals, and the fbi idiot who looks like her.

9:36aqm more tooth torture attempt to injure neck]

9:39 attempt to cause hernia

9:40 attempt to break toes

We ant the whole fucking world to knwo  thtat the fbi loves doing this to people because they know thy'll never be prosecuted and they don'; give a damn about the fucking hague

10:12am now the perverts say they'r efrom fort lewis and their commander doesn't like it when he calls himself a nazi.

10:14am attempt to break toes

10:15am CNN must be on the list today. I love the orderly movement from topic to topic, a textbook caxe for a profiler using a textbook to generate a false profile.  CNN's aparently incredibly stupid. 2002 CNN And also for showing stupidity in the first place, and total inability to face relaity in the second, and a true criminal mindset proven by the desperate willingness to commit more crimes to cover crimes.. that's the FBI Like Thurston, thanks for using me to warn the world about the Nazi US Government.. glad you people thought it was funny to goad me into calling you that. No matter what's said in public, juries aren't stupid. And thanks for convicting every president since 1976 by taunting me... 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie & Nat King Cole - When I Fall in Love

I think God's having fun making fun of all the sex psyops. BTW Jr wants to let you know that someone last night said he replaced the picture of Pastor Melissa  Scott with yours when he masturbates... 

THat's definitely JR, the anti-semitic  JR's the one who ran me off the road..

10:58am Tooth torture continues.. desperate idiots. Thurston is definitely workingme.. always boasting about being a pedophile and proving his stupidity about the intelligence of other people.

Mouse once again works fine, and when I go to highight things the perverts say, it no longer functions. no coincidence. And thurston thinks I should be violent toward his peon ass. Suicide by cop thurston. You outlined it in your agenda long ago when the weblog got fille dwith your filth

Mosue not working.. I let thurston boast some more in the previous paragraph.

11:15am One continuing theme of all this is to hit lynn with microwave to make her dizzy and use rc to make her walking and everything, balance very difficult.. clearly supposedly to come to today, needing a ride to get to medical tests recommended by doctors, and asking me to leave the house unattended and the evidence vulnerable.. and of course, to make me the bad guy for not driving her a few minutes where her daughter could just as easily drive here from... the DVR will not be sent back, it is evidence, and further attempts to destroy or steal evidence will continue to be reported as such. As for  the dvr, remember I have video showing its contents, as well as the other one...

Again, more demonstrations of illegal detention, and thurston's specialty and apparent favorite of the Washington police, causing domestic disputes.

Good news; Lynn dropped her phone into a glass of water the other day. It works again. Had tons of info on it, including pictures of sex predators in Tacoma stalking her. Too bad guys.

11:49am Torture continues. Attempt to break toes followed by extreme torture whenI decided torecord this.

11:50am More extreme torture, attempts to continue to injure back and neck

12:00pm thurston insists that I write that he wants me to write that he's a foul mouthed piece of shit

12:17pm Another attempt to injure back

12:18pm We send our childrn  off to war to die for oil so we can collect their life insurance

Should have known That was for Mazlett. Thurston really screwed alot of people

2:38pm We really love being fbi contractors, because it means we are above the law and violating every facet of the constituion we can think of to prove this idiot is making all this up and to claim he's a sex pervert and pedophile later when we all jump ship and kill the president of the untied states

Just remember Delong, that ploy will only convict the secret service, the fbi and every other idiot yiu and these perverts were trying to protect. This pretext will be backed up by the story of waco and ruby ridge. And as for killing the president, the fbi seems to be the only people wanting to do that. Good luck delong. I'm leaving it in to see how stupid you and your fucked up fbui friends really are, Wait til Jakson Browne's attorneys get ahold of the fbi on this one... 

Just rememebr idiots who want to say this if you bother me on your perverts stupidity, you'd better arrest Palin and cOulter and Bachmann, and a bunchh of others. And then arrest the secret servic efo rparticpatin gin more crimes against me as they did in 2004.

Thurston is a very desperate fellow

It could only be idiot criminals who would continue  to laugh at crimes that now will likely yield the death, thurston's wish to make  me a hypocrite. Like I keep telling him, if he wants the death penalty just to embarass me by enforcing the laws he loves so much, fine with me. It's the jury's decision cops, and you knew what the penalties were when you started having fun raping people

Delong the perverts want me to tell you now how excited they are to have made the case for you. Given psychotronics, you'd arrest them delong...

And rememebr, this doesn't let the people in LA of fthe hook at all.

Obviously thruston and his gang still on this, so stupidly believing psychotronics will not be proven. ell the woman jamming my phone outside steamboat island store will have explaining why her friiends think reporting all their crimes against me will help them

I just let them keep going, since they wanted so much to have me document how they torture and delay us with intent to kill.

3:05pm Extreme torture continues. Attempt to puncture lips.

3:14pm Attempt to puncture lips

3:41pm We like being pedophile perverts because we need the money to pay our bills and we don't care what happens to our victims as long as they're dead whenwe're though.

I went to the bathroom, and the psychotronics guys couldn't resist getting their terrorism listed.

4:00pm Since last report, 2 more attempts to puncture lips, difficult to talk, painful, dinner in a few minutes Auschwitz in Amrica.Thank you fbi for proving you're nazi jew hating traitors.

4:31pm Attempt to break toes 4:32 attempt to break toes 4:32pm another attempt to break toes say they'r egoing tokeep doing this to make sure dinner gets burned.. 

4:54pm Serving up my dinner. Tooth torture continues. Attempt to puncture tongue. Had not eatenm anything eyt.

4:55pm Attempt to break toes make it more difficult to eat. I'm so glad the perverts think it's a joke

5:01pm not being allowed to eat just suffered extreme attempt to break teeth and toes aian again again again again extemet attempt pto break toes again attempt to injure back,. Fuck you FBI

Tell the thursotn country sheriff to fuck off and die

Deny psychotronics mazlett and thruston county sheriff. Deny it. Deny  attempt  to break toes. DDeny it FNBI extreme attempt ot break teeth and toes. another extreme attempt to break teeth and toes. 5:04pm as the us govt perverts think this is funatempt to break teeth. exterem attempt to nbreak teeth and toes.. again attempt to puncture tongue.extreme attempt to break teeth and toes attempt to break toes ateempt to break toes and teeth extreme attemp to break teeth and toes again extreme attemp tot break teeth and toes attempt to break toes againbextreme attempt to break teeth and toes 5:07pm extreme attempt to break toes having lots of fun, trophy criminals for the FBI, attempt to break toes attempt to break toes toth torture attempt to break teeth and toes.. extreme attempt ot break teeth and toes. Still not able to eat

extreme attempt to break toes again again burger king boy thinks this is fun Another attempt tobreak toes..extreme attempt to break teeth and toes5:09apm attempt to break toes.. burger king boy usa today, the olympian, burger king, nearly 10 years of proud sevice as a nazi

attempt to break teeth and toes... continued attempts to break teeth.. lovin every minute of it

extreme attempt to break toes and teeth 5:11pm Remind your dentists you're trying to cover for that this only proves their complicity. Be sure to remind them of that as they encourage you to commit these felonies.

attempt ot break teeth... attempt ot break teeth and toes attempt to break toes  again again thursotn is laughing so hard he cant hold it in

Attempt to break toes5:14pm attempt to break toes still no food. attempt to break toes again again again again again attempt to break toes again again again again again fuck off and die you mother fucking rapist

Laugh about the weblog all you want thurston. Rememebr what happens when you direct the psychotronics with the idiot in san francisco

Atttemp to break toes 5:16pm extreme attempt to break teeth and toes 5:17 attempts to break teeth and toes thurston says he'll do this all night if it amkes you starve to death you were supposed to die a year and a half ago and that's why the comsia's siigned up fr AARP att this address

I already knew that thurston. attempt to break teeth and toes5:18pm again

5:20pm Jr torture while trying tourinate

5:41pm tooth torture trying to eat was so bad, the pain got so bad I only ate half my meal.. meatloaf and baked potato... here's the list of extreme attack (delong, I relly love it tha tyou people think this is a joke) here's the list of extreme attacks while trying to eat

5:21, 5:21 after 1 bite of food, 5:21. 5:21 5:22 extreme 5:22 again 5:24 very extreme attempting tobreak toes and teeth with mouth full of food - choked.. 5:24again 5:26 again 5:29pm Jr and self described mason county sherriff extreme tooth torture  5:23 attempt to break teeth and toes beginning to work on wrecking ketcher's work.. video ketcherr, claim reid is helping torture now

5:38 extreme torture mouth full of food  5:28 fuck you rapist pervert son of a bitch while I'm tryin gto eat %;37 reid supposedly conductin gtorture extreme 5:34 very extreme focus on kjetcher's setup teeth 5:39 more torture weve done this to victims before and they never got to court because they were dead  5:40pm extreme torture to ketcher's work

Gave up trying o ea

7:19pm The idiots were torturing me to post something. 6:45pm attempt to puncture lips;

They motivated me to write this by pointing to me that when Ripp pulled me over, he was helping thursotn and the wsp complete the msnbc psyop to We Have A Voice. I  knew when he pulled me over, he was doing it with the weed and seed death squad people, and it was to intimidate me from taking video... especially since the perverts told me the night before they were going to stage that pullover. It relates to We Have aA Voice bcause it was partly about the biased coverage by the news media to put a chilling effect on certain people, including theman who  caught the police brutality ncident on video, and then was afraid to turn it over as evidence belieivingth epolice would beat him up, which they did. This guy, the difference between hos and my story, is that he wa on a parole violation, bu his fear was bodily harm. In my cae, I'm a victim, as is Lynna nd millions more people, and the police think its a joke to intimidate the people they're helping to kill. 

THink I'm predisposed against police - when the WSP actually threatened my life - the second time - I was intimidated, but it wasn't until the psychotronics guys boasted later that the cop was threatening me, and the video will prove it, as his procedures and position of his vehicle will prove. Thurston of course will be convicted of lots of things, including extortion and attempted murder. Multiple multiple counts, including causing domestic violence with psychotronics... sinc ehte attorney general's office responded on his behalf that I should contact local police, who had proven to be working with the death squads and medical people purposely providing fraudulent services and assaults... We have A Voice... an din our cases, the Washington State Law Enforcement System as well as the FBI are compromised and have been for at least 10 years, reasonably easy to prove, 15 just as easy, and more than 30 for both of us, individually and together. And I'm still proud I've been able to keep her alive.

Illegal detention: today has not been an unusual day, for  me and for millions of other people being murdered by the US Government. The sickos waned some more trophies, Thurston insists on proving he's nothing but  a thug and a cop who lends his badge to murderers and rapists, and really ought to learn to read.

So all you traitors in intel, not the honest ones who'll point you out, whatever you want to call yourselves and laugh at when the truth is told, people aren't as stupid as you think. But thanks again for giving Thurston a thrill, as well as his mason county counterparts, and showing the true nature of the United States Government. I'm looking forward to the stats from WHO on ailments to people of Jewish descent in this country. Chronic Fatigue or depression? Or just dews and psychotronics and heavy metals?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lovin' Spoonful - Younger Generation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - You Were Meant For Me 

I really think Go is laughing at the sex traps. I hear Delong doesn't like being called a Bimbo.... guess who doesn't like be sting torts?

9/27/2011 813am I can always tell when I wake up in the morning whether I'm dealing with someone probing me to find out what's on my mind, as well as if their Cameronizing took overnight... Delong.. be clear: I believe in the law. I understand your ploys and the ways that you and your friends work. And I've seen it all.. despite what the goons would want me to believe - all you so called pros always think you're very tricky and that you can push a button and people will respond like robots... if that's true, you're  arobot, I'm not, and the thing you people can't overcome is my willingness to live and die believing life is more than being in debt and worrying about peer pressure.

After that, after days like yesterday, all I can really say is I hope the media peopel and politicians you're protecting feel very secure in their protection. Like DObbs stressed, revenge is best served cold. And since the US government wants me dead, and the joke is once agian that just like my father, they'll kill me when I turn 58..  the best revenge would be to let this nation go Nazi and walk away so you can all enjoy the betrayals to come.. the other best revenge will be to prove to your clients that justice exists. And because of  days like yesterday, I intend to serve up legal justice as cold as it could ever be considered. Enjoy it with thurston,  you both have the same trademark: filthy obnoxious mouths that the world will instantly reject. I hope they think you're good at your job and defend what you do.

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Prince Controversy Controversy The Lord's Prayer

Extreme tooth torture has begun before I even posted. Be sure toknow every ecent and every day will be counted as individual crimes... so FBI  keep in mind that no matter how brutal and corrupt you people are, justice will be served against you all and your attempts to prove your sickness by directing mass murders with George Bush and his other presidential phonies will be counted agianst you all. Me and a bunch of other people disassembled NOVA a long time ago, and a woman named Mary will be part of the evidence of hem trying to disassemble me... so Delong... feel free to be a Nazi all you want the world will recognize what al of you are. 

Every taunt, Delong, is nothing more to me than more crimes to tell the world about the US government. I will succeed.

9/27/2011 10:25am Somebody wanted me to watch tv, probably to show me HBO was no longer on the menu..  ended up watching my favorite Chinese News Channel.. headline: there's an old saying in China, if you want to go bankrupt, make underglaze red porcelain.

The weather is a problem: the red phone ahs been used, and there will be no blood on my hands... that's Biblical with meaning.. so..

Back in 2002 I believe I mentioned how the idea that the cold war with Russia had ended was a complete lie... and before  I make it sound like Russia the bad guys, what would U.S. citizens do if a nation went out of its way to bankrupt this nation in order to render it unable to afford weapons to defend itself. Many nations surrender. Large nations don't, and while we claim Ukraine as our friends, I assure you they're aware that the U.S. is/got away with using them for a while... back in 2002 I talked about how Russia was exporting more theater weapons (non-nuclear) -  6 times more than the United States, and that the cold war was obviously not over. Rumsfeld talked about the new army and then repositioned troops around the world, as well as convincing Poland to create war ships and planes for less money, and station patriot missiles aimed at Russia that can easily be offensive or defensive weapons.

Even though it may seem that Russia and France are siding with the US in the  latest efforts in Libya, it needs to remembered that every nation has to protect its own interests in order to survive any outcome... Russia was threatening to cause problems with NATO in order to force the US to not push them out of contracts related to Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline. Karzai, their president, before that war, was a consultant from Unocal. The so-called Russian invasion of Georgia was actually a US instigated offensive attempt to shut down Russia's oil pipelines and thus bankrupt them further, and Russia simply said no by protecting its pipelines.

Part of the supposed Illuminati plan was to merge Russia with the U.S. Frankly I don't think Russia is agreeing to it at all. And France teeters, while the people of Germany keep their government in check. We should also remember that GW Bush informed the governments of Japan and Germany, by treaty illegal for them to have standing offensive military forces because of world war II, told them to develop their own military... to me, that meant the anticipation of Global War, and in the current paradigm that taking shape, means he declared on them, and in Germany's case, not because the government is unwilling, but because like people like me in the Untied States, if the people knew the truth, and the people there know more than most, they would not approve of, endorse or support their government's actions.

I  said a while back something about the Yellow River being a new Gulf of Tonkin type of affair, or the place of some sort of pretext for conflict.. I was noticing that Russia appears very involved with emergency preparedness and things related to surviving war.. or  disaster.. factoring n weather HAARP wars... and it would appear that the germanesque style of waging war was actually to bankrupt nations first into acquiescence followed by constant military force to accomplish...  ultimately, the only thing I really know is their own destruction. Lots of scenarios leading to it. Always works out the same. Alot could be accomplished long ago because of communications, or lack of..  the current communications and other things setup to induce civil war and utilizing the internet to gather info on people to silence them... it's all going to be used against the people who sought to use it against the people they are supposed to serve.

Critical mass.

Anyway, it looks like the world is almost ready to wage world war.

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That reminds me: why would LA not want me in contact with California  and LA and Coleman? Chinese TV follows the Michael Jackson story too. And I'm gonna claim obstruction of justice on this story, and Baca needs to understand I have no interest in any of them, unless I have to in which case a good cop's job is never done.. and I don't have a badge.. except for this one I thought I might wear sometimes.. it says "The Voice of Democracy"... from the veterans of foreign wars.. What America Means To Me.. see photo Ronald Reagan.........

The joke of all that is that I dare Jerry Brown to turn down THAT obstruction of Justice Case.....

They say there'll be fighting before and after he visits... personally, I'll just be talking to people, remembering how all I wanted was a warm bed and a meal...... by request

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12:40pm Apparently thurston woke up after last nights hangover. This morning's extreme torture theme is about how the washington state police as a whole are proud of being pedophiles. You cops out there who think this is another joke you can murder, tell your friends that I will assert my rights and the additional torture is nothing but more evidence of how far you people go to prove to someone like me how corrupt you are.. and you think that when this all goes public, you can further intimidate me by proving what researchers have already proven about the FBI, by  trying to make me write something like I think all cops are corrupt.. the only thing tha twill be known is how Thurston operates, and how he so badly wants to prove the corruption of this state, that he'll get his wish, you people can explain it, and thrusotn loved playing the forecast his action games.

I am being violently tortured right now.. this will  indeed make great evidence regarding how sick fuck cops like thruston try to stage things like Mazlett did to implicate the victims.

One hour of news the rest has been torture since around 6am Yesterday was morethan 16hours, and all the government ever accomplishes is providing complete evidence that it is Nazi. I don't bluff when I play cards. ANd I could care less about badges when the peopel wearing theem should have the shoved up their asses should be the ones arrested.

1:07pm Extreme tooth torture to cauuse further damage to what ketcher's office caused on last visit.

1:34pm New threats regarding Sarah, extortion, Capital Cities... 

1:36pm the trophy hunters are back talking about how proud thurston is about being a pedophile to go along with threats against sarah.

The trophy hunters actually believe they can torture me and get me to say things and waste my time, and that it;s a joke. The reason I allow them ot think their tactic is working is writing what they want me to say with limitations given that what I do write implicates them on several flonies every time they open their mo\uths. Here's the lates from Washington's finest.. and btw decoy games won't work, he put his p\badge on it just like delong, and they are not innocent anymore than the rest.. here's wheat they tried to distract me from reporting

I am Thurston and I AM going to rape sarah...

Can't wait for the next joke..

For the fbi idiots who think they can ruin things with media  corporations, just remember they'll be liable to protect her... now FBI  idiots, who else do you want to screw

1:47pm now they'r ethreatening to kill me the same way they killed my sister's husband. I'm glad they want to confess to that

1:54 doing his best to impres sme with how brutality accomplishes the goals of corrupt cops inwashington State Tellsyou what a joke the cops here think of rape and murder (when the cops intimidate rape victims - laugh all you want copmsnbc cops extreme tooth torture this moment..again great cops in washingon state.. he's the guy who trians the idiots who clal themselves buttfuckman and I'm glad he wants to remind the world that that's how sick the thruston county sheriffs dept and the state justice system is.

more extreme torture. Ckaims he doesn't believe inthe death penalty but 

ANd now he wants me to sya butr he does it for a living

Good exchange idiots. Deny psychotronics.. And you're not anonymous Thurston. I'm gonna love screwing the fuck out of you

2:pm Mre extreme tooth torture while urinating great cops

2:09pm Brought up reid ketcher, immediately followed by extreme torture on work at his office

2:16pm We ARE gonna say that the US government loves to torture jews to death

Now to play the supposed confusion game on a matter I know nothing about but that the perverts want to say "we talk about torturing people every day on KMAS" Good luck KMAS. They're your friends

2:23They now want to say that they think its funny that I believe evideence matters also how funny it is that its so easy to get me to write things down

Monterey is not the place to be because they're a million and one weed and seed people there

Continuing to play on the idea that I would travel to California to go after weed and seed. That case is over. Including in California. This is how they set up the guy from groveland as being someone actually wanting to harm pelosi. Remember where I would have been when that was going on... Groveland. See ya Delong.

2:28pm We don't know what to say say we're going to keep doin gthis in hopes you'll be dead or disabled by it and thenwe'd stand a chance in the future. but we've learned so much from torturin gyou that we're nver goiing to stop doctaating this stuff to you to prove you're nothingbut a psyops victim.

2:30pm Thurston says he's going to have people change my website again and have it say that I'm threatening his daughter, of course he forgets the only thing I know of him is what he had his neighbor say about him and how he breaks the law to set people up. Can't wait for your explanation thruston. And you're not smart thurston, you just put more torture and attempted murder charges on yourself. Remember Harry, Thurston... remember psychotronics thurston. ANd your warrants better be from before 1980

2:36pm Continuous extreme tooth torture and attempts to break toes again a nother great demonstration of sick fuck cops in washing ton state

2:38pm Extreme torture while attempting urination. Delong, the weblog shows a clear pattern and it's not about me... When Gregoire goes up on sex predator charges, she wont like you more exteme tortre It's obvious the idiots have the green light for murder Thank you state of washington for using typicla mo to convict yourselves

more extreme tooth torture.. another day of torture too bad

goddamn fuckin grapists sick fuck cunt faced losers while being tortured, these are things they say to offend people who don't like foul mouthed cops

I did not fail to put anything in black or red incorrectly who gives a sdamn you mother fuckin gtwo bit rapist

Just rememebr when foul language appeared on this site: CNN,Chris Matthews, HBO, Pastor Melissa Scott, Thurston, Candice Delong.

Another example of how funny they think it is 2:44pm 

Now they claim I'm egging them on Chalries joke about selling us eggs partially incubated... as thre mo of iding selves goes on, charlie thinks this cant be proven as if it's going top rove anything except being the first contact on the island with psyops,as he continues to make fun of the matrix defenese, and prove he can get you to  write whatever he likes to prov ethis is a rambling weblog - I worked on this  on efor over 2 hours - and he forgets the dog jokes  and theinsutls to Lynn, attempting torattle her in a way that owuld have caused severe injury...

I'm gonna stop there cHarlie.. All of you continue to think every detail needs to be proven all you want.. all you keep doing is proving your mo and this will not reflect negatively on anyone ut the people who are on the death squads. Remme orture remember that I knew you'd all believe you had me and millions of other people beaten. Remember that REMEMBER THAT A key phrase used to prompt people tofeel compelled to say things... to continue... you don't have them beaten, and good luck with being a pathological liar charlie..

You don't have them beaten, and the only reason I'm recording the torture is so you guys can continue to make complete fools of yourselves and to later make sure you can never harm anyone else. Matrix Defense. CNN Like thruston, attempt to incite violence and blame the victim. Charlie wanted me to include that because he doesn't want to be left out when chucky pooo is laughed out of towm.

Matrix defense: what police and DA's call it when victims pop and claim their neighbors were trying to kill them. Charlie's been working this angle since CNN gave himthe cue by running ht escroll about it.. now charlie now that youthink you've made a fool of me.. you explain it CNN. Patterns CNN.

Remember charlie, how you do while you dictate this, that I pointed that out long ago.. and guess wht Charlie, you really are a fool. and I don't hate you charlie, you're not worth thinking about 

Now go tell delong I'm crazy and have fun denying psychotronics. 2:54pm

Charlie just did extreme torture, then screamed you'r epopping charlie.. oh no I'm so afraid of another of Mason and Thurston finest pervert wanna be trainees.

Thanks for iding yourself and makin gsure you'r eincluded charlie.

2:57pm Like I said along time ago, charlie has worked hard to make sure he gets mentioned as a hero to his community He's the one who wants to be ruled criminally insane.

Charlei basically wants to ditto all the threats made above. It's clear thurson and his burger king team are on me, as always thi stim eo fday.

PS Anyone who thinks they have control of me is the delusional. 

Charlie says that' ssupposed to be my confesion that I'm not being illegally contained. I think the weblog of the last couple days proves that he really is a pathological liar.

Charlie wants to continue the community club ploy of deciding  I'm being tortured because I smoke... what else charlie? You are not important charlie... this is not MPD charlie, and remind mazlett antles is nothing but proof of assault.

Thurston and Burger King zgirl: I know we don't have to do this but it's so much funn to have a submissive to play with

We want you to know that weve never done this kind of thing before but its the most fun weve had inthe weed and seed.

This is a real joke,. THey're saying they want ot claim the voices are trying  to tell me to kill obama so they can claim I'm arrestible Good luck psychotrnics delong

Worst extreme torture, jamming the root into my jaw and breaking or bruising bmy toes..  more proof of how desperate these lying cops and dhs people are.

3:08p, More extreme torture as if I'l become angry and pop like thruston did years ago Rope a  dope. Funny how the cops forget the importance of evidence, especially when erverything thye do is criminal


more extreme torture. ell ketchers the molar is almost out, thanks to them and their work on my teeth. ANd tell victor And now they want to say the mayor of scotts valley is a criminal I'm glad they like to threaten themselves. I'm sure scotts valley police will really appreciate thtat.


why don't you just take a  gun and commit suicide because police everywhere will hate you

Isn't it great how thurasston wants so badly to get his legal execution for treason, turned in by his fellow officers

3:14pm More torture while urinating.

Delong, Iknow your  profile game.. I dare you to deny psychotronics.And don't forget antles said he had another patient/victim like me, and he's easily proven a fraud, and screw providence

3:16pm Still lovin every minute of it

Rememebr DA's love web notes and journals when it convicts someone.. didn't work delong

The shrinks you use better know all about psychotronic sand how you  people use them, or they go with ya

As a vehicle sounds like its pulling out ofthe driveway, standard mo to keep me busy  like this when they do damage outside...

I take  good notes. And all your psychotronic games are for nought

3:27pm hear recording fololowed bypolane overfly typically because I would have been outside when ups cme.

Glad you gave them your badge, Delong.

End of game Tell your torturing contractors thanks for the memories charlie wants me to add taylor Brice.. tranceformation of america.. and charlie, don't ever try to pretendd you're my frined, you actually did me any favors or that I ever did anything but avoid your lies.

The perverts wanted tme totalk about how UDAy and Quday are their heroes, but instead I  want the world to know just how stupid the fucking nazi cunts fbi rapists are

I will repeat. Psychtonics. Argue with yourselves.  INtimdation will not work for you and I will not surrender my right sna dtand take your goddamn waco talk and stick it up your ass

Argue with yourselves and reape your fuckin gdaughters

Argue with yourselves and enjoy that adrenallin rush so when th epeople of the united states become awareof all this sort of thing, George Noory will be able to tell everyone that what I'm talking about is true ANd your attempts to pit ABC against us or infer they will have any mor epoweer than CNN and NBC will be gladly prosecuted. By ABD< I'llbe there witness until the FBI wants wants meto say before I prosecute them Thurstons trying to play a game of using Lynn's granddaughter as bait as he threatens her again on behaldf of NBC and CNN, as if it makes up for his big shot confession for rapin ghis daughter.. as if I ever used her for hbait.. but notice what these perverts are inferrin gnow. Go through yoyur  checklist all day delong, the FBI has records too. ANd I dounbt the reference to the john lennon files is a coincidence, but nice try trying to make me out to be an exztremist. 

Just rememebr delong, psychotronics,jury.. have fun tryin g oget yourboss to approve any action against me I do that as a threat delong of course. Keep the mo's coming pervert

Extreme tooth torture continues as the fvbi perverts continue to taunt me and futilely disclaim psychotronics 3:38

Olbermann You denonstrated tooth torture on the air, I don't care if you admit it, but I bet afew techpeople will speak out

3what else delong

3:40pm more community club rules about torturin gpeople

i'm now bein hassled abot fedex... Charlie just blew it it was ups chalrie wants to be included in the buttfuck gang, and he thinks he jsut found a way to clim i'm poaranoid

Charlie how would youknow someone was a tthe house?

youre now going to find out thq candice delong is the sickest fuck in the world and shes going to personally screw you tonight by destorying your teeth

More of the smae ploy to supposeldly get people of fthe hook wit plausible deniabiity that doesn;'t exist in the real world. Charlies favorite game that even thruston tried to use.. I'll be glad to explain it to a jury. Mo, style, cadence, words and more... Glad you think its fun thruston Thurston did the last 3 words too, but I wanted to let him demonstrate again how people ar ecompelled to say things, like on myspace, faceook, all the other social networking sites they were trying to get me to give lynns granndaughter an old unserviceable computer so she could post things so they could harm her. ANd when it goes down the evidence is lost.  

ANother threat.

ANother arguement thruston tried to use to get lynn to demand things. ZGO ahead thurston, prove you cops are rapists. Your trick is not tricking me thurston, rmeemebr, I don't care. Thosuands of people across the country will hate you, and then thurston obamas confession will be proven correct by his own supporters.

What else ya got delong?

10000 emails thruston, You bet Im making this up. and the you bet  just finished off the FBI right back at ya... :} Next volunteer...

You bet. Places delong in the mix with Olbermann on the Pastor Melissa Scott psyop, right Brittany? Synthetic reality, Delong?

One of these day, whne the important stuff is handled, I'm going to look up 4/5/4008 in the weblog. I have hundreds of clues to get back to , once the important stuff is done.

Charlies really having fun. Just said he wants to claim plagiarism fo rme saying stuff. Then Barack stole it from th eBible,, We've done this, the conversation began, Hiillary took it upon herself to describe Barack as Jesus at the 2008 convention, and good luck AL Gore, Dobbs will appreciate your explanation of killingmy dog with hillary in the front row with popcorn is not going to make mavericks very happy. the internet 

Good luck Al. About the study on how to incite civil war... and the now current threat to kill Lynn in Kirkland that was unsuccessful last time  when a dew attack gave people reason to call it a stroke. By the way government, I knwwhy the CIA and NSA want everyone's medical records: to hide dew and psyhotronic attacks. Be sure antles knows I know ANd remind him, I never mentioned providence, but I actually gave you documnetation on psychotronics the first trip to your office for your phony diagnosis.

That was Mazlett again who thinks he'll make th ecase that I'm crazy with a doctor they use in Olympia to set people up.

They now think they're going to embarrass me again by supposedly having to coerce me into telling about how antles gave me shots that gave me breasts. Thurston, why do you find that funny, since it's in your jurisdiction,.. again...  Why would it be embarrassing to me to claim humiliation and assault by a doctor who knows better? No Mazlett, you and Thurston aren;t smart and tricky.. why isn't the Thurston county sheriffs department embarrassed by cops who think raping people and maiming them is fun? aND THE YOU DON'T KNOW WHO YOUR TALKING TO GAME DOESN;LT WORK BECAUS EIF IT DID, EVEN IF i DIDN'T KNOW, THE CRIMES YOU just had me describe are real.

And now the great cops are threatening to kill Lynn again, the only witness toANtles, except for his prescriptions... which will prove thurston county sheriffs dept is complety des depraved.. keep going thurston, remember you and delong and mazlett will be the proof.

You explain it all thurston..And where did antles get records from Providence. ANd prividence had no diagnosis either, and guess what, all I needed was sleeep due to you....

So anyway delong, as I said, there are more important things than public  opinion, juries aren't stupid, and the way you think you're making your case is the best way a victim could ask for. Keep Confessing And remember Yosemite, Dave, Pelosi, and AOL Delong.

4:16pm still allowing the perverts to prove they're perverts, since they're wasting my day with torture anyway

 Thurston wants me to being up his voyeurism while neighbors are having sex. Done.

Thurston an delong are obviously incredibly desperate,. No I'm not overconfident, nothing has changed from my end (good thruston another buttfuck joke) except more evidence by desperate people.

Now about obama buttfucking melissa scott

Next volunteer, delong.... jr just realized how compromised the last bf joke did to him...

The lcoals want me to sya, depite our best efforts to make this be a cover up for Obama, it will never work. because it always goes back to him, always. And that's not my fault. Thanks hillary, Al and so mnay others for being arrogant like I  said they'd be, like true coward nazis are.

Now when they come knowcking on your door waht are you going to say, because they will, and they'll seixe your evidence, an you;ll be out on your ass without a penny for publicly humiliating linny.

Good luck with that delong. I think you guys just proved again its the other way around. ANd DObbs final idea of lovin every minute of it and Newhart one sided conversations long ago will not be to his advantage... next volunteer... 

Burger King boy says "we'll never give up, we're the champions of the world.


Thanks agians fo rthe demo of illegal detention, Delong. DOn't bother saying youre not on this case.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judds - Grampa Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days

something about a rockwell collectors plate beverly suggested I'd like. Even got to keep it after the divorce.. there are thing you'llnever know about me, she thought. Binary. Exxon.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sade - Diamond Life - 08 - I Will Be Your Friend 

They told me to not play DOng works for yuda anymore... so..

Prince - Emancipation - 304 - Face Down

David Benoit & David Pack - Key To You

She'd better be careful about what she says :} Set me up in sex traps, will you? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Arkenstone & Andrew White - Island - 06 - Caravan

Todd Rundgren - Adventures In Utopia - Caravan

Along time ago, I mentioned a convoy that turned left in San Francisco and headed for DC... plane 4;32 and then there was the meeting at Armageddon.... only I just thought it was a way to find peace, not armageddon. Barack, making war does not avoid armageddon, the planes are rediculous  as it circles, and "your peace is killing alot of people".. Hillary must have forgotten that part of the Bible, or wanted it bady to prove she's as good as a man, agreeing to kill to be in politics...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 08 - Love's Worth Fighting For

God still picks em good.. something about playing catch

Prince - Music From Graffiti Bridge - 02 - New Power Generation 

God damn the government of the United States. God bless the loyal citizens.

Prince - Controversy - 01 - Controversy The Lord's Prayer

4:46m They're daring me to call Mazlett a liar. You're a liar Mazlett. Remember Mazlett, you'll be id's as the sex pervert. So go ahead mazlett. next threat. Please use antles as your expert, Mazlett. Please do. How would you know wabout that, and rememebr thurston's confusion games won't help as dleong said what is this weblog for? And remember idiot, it doesn't matter. Once involved in RICO, you're through,And conspiring totell the truth and end torture for millions of people legally is not a crime. And no Mazlett, this one page, like thrust on wanted to believe, is not going to determine the outcom eof anything. Next threat. OKAY Mazlett, I'll repeat  posychotroncis is not going to be the primary cae, but because of the stupidity of the thurston county da and atty general, it wil be what ends it all for those suffering. Now threatening to murder millions yourself, Mazlett. Dentists, doctors, cops, ministers, fbiu, CNN, NBC... oh yeah.. churches and infiltration... 4:52pm torture me all you want thurston and mason county perverts, delong is still the superior office, and ripp and thruston are still the locals empowering criminals on behalf of their sheriffs, counties, state and Obama.

RICO Idiot. Mazlett and his frineds now want me to believe that I'm going to be accused (as always this time of day) of malingering. Again Mazlett, you, thurston, ripp, atty general, brian baird pam brokaw, do I really need to list it all? What atty is illegally interrogating me today delong. Later on in discovery, i'll be able to make that pattern too delong.' Rememebr, PMS said we'll beat you up then ask alot of questions, as well as padilla me... keep going delong... first I cna prove most of this. Second, listing all sort sof things iz can't prove will simply punctuate (PMS Joke) the true covert and sex predator nature of the us governement, weed and seed, council on foreign relations, bill CLinton, who else delong? Am I supposed to be more afraid? 

Now remind Antles of the prescriptions, 

Delong the only point you made today is further illegal detention, obstruction o justice, illegal interrogation, torture, and about 2 dozen more crimes comitted today alone. Call yourself a bitch anytime you want

Oh no now im supposed tobelieve that people will only read the last entry, and I'll look bad. I'm so afraid of your style Just rememebr Delong, hearings.  And the longer this gets with descriptions of your torture, the more stupid you;; look the more you prove the us govt tortures jews to death.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 05 - I Will Fly

This one is from me Delong. You perverts are sick fucks. You people relaly have gotten away with it too long. Like cliffy will tell you serial criminals like you always end up being caught. It'll be good for them to understand how the Government actually enjoys watching people being tortured to death, and what a great career people like you love to have.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Young -  Heart of Gold

Another satanist joke: Is there noone I cna trust?

8:36pm Havent eaten, extreme tooth torture and extreme attempt s to brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreak my toes, and now thursotn says, he;s not going to rape sarah but he is going to keep his eye on her because he believes he can use psychotronics to get her to do somehing to ruin her acing career. What acting career?

BTW Thurston, the real danger tothem is the suppsoed former cop next door whos edescription and demeanor matches a weed and seed pervert, and tnext door a fire department mormomn church infiltrator - bothe weed and seed, and some  other people demonstrating and being proud of manipulatin ghtem with psychotronics,

extreme tooth torture again

They now want me to issue another suppsoed threat against delong for further criminal acts, as if she is anything more than a pervert peon like thruston and I agree withthat statement

And the mo and pattern will prove they are already planning to do things, and just rememebr thurston

Mo enough for you thurston.

more extreme torture as they want me to say more things suppos

You'r ea very screwed uop cop thruston. Tlel your boss to arrest you  to save your life from yourself 

Ulike you thruston, I didn't claim to rape a  little girl you did and youre stupid enough to want to claim I'm a psyop victim instead of any sort of minister and you are stupid enough to spend a day getting me to wreite lots of things tha twill be corroborated by your other victims 

I hope that confession, thruston, is what you wanted, and be sure to tell your fellow officers you can be thanked for forcing international investigations when otherwise, other thna your weed and seed and fbi nazis no  charges woyuld have been filed in this state and all would have beenn handled as a political issue. Good work thurston

Finally thought on these perverts: they told me thye've been going through materials that aren't online to  use them themselves to claim I'm making this up now. TOo late.

And Delong, what claims and lies you make, it's cemented tha tyou will be charged with sexual predatory practices and  your victims will not be embarrassed by your threatrs and your stupid word games 2-3 three years ago it was stated that it was obvious the lcoals were doing nothing but trying to confuse things as if I was lying. Evidence idiot. The FBI ought to try solving real crimes instead of manufacturin gevidence to convict innocent people so their cia counterparts will be covered for human rights violations admitted to during the church comitee. Arre3st Peter Fenn anbd Begala.

Extreme torrture.. if my teeth weren't getting so  loose, my toes would havebeenbroken instead of bruised. 

more extreme torture... 8:49pm tTemember thurston, this has been going on since about 6 this morning.  You poppedd pervert cop.

9:28pm Charlei just staged an even tcoordinated with chooppers in the front yard.. I heard somebody scream something went out turned the klight on and this sort of explains one of his other phony events - chasing someone awya when he slammed his brakes on in our drivewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww driveway and yelled a the guy, another weed and seed guy, mother fucker get the hell off my property.. so I goout and yell.. do you have ht erecordedr on like you did the day you tried to stage an evnt for the mason county sherif fthe day you tried to murder LLynn and I...just remembr charlie

ANy claims you make to humiliate Lynn about being irrational or violent will be one more time you and your idiot frined sget charged withh more conspiracy AND conspiracy to commit torutre... 

I hope you kept the tape you played another day week slater to intimidate me, nbecaus eihave the videos documenting she was under psychotronic attack so you guys could finish killing her, weeks after her "stroke" which WILL be proven to be a dew attack, like som eof thurstons other victims.

Extreme torture And by all menas charlie, clal me a liar just rememebr all I really know of you is what YOU told me, other than DOn's guy telling me not to tak eyou seriously because all you do is bullshit, and MIke telling me you were stupid, your monicker... ANd Don, be aware,these people re trying to claim you ripped us off as part of weed and seed, I don't believe it's true, I don't care, and nothing would surprise me, but if someone paid you  money for the rental I have recorded on video while people harrassed me, say whatever is true. The small excavotr, short guy, short dark hair,possible hispanic, bline truck... I believe the video will prove it;s Mike.

Thurston wants me to state that yet another friend of Lynn's suffered a nearly exact same type of attack, with slightly differenet results requiring neurosurvery, calcium deposit of shatter skull, and they said it was from a bacteria caused by the dogs that could show again anytime anywhere on her body, They did surgery claiming it was a tunor in the same place as Lynn had a sore skull and calicifications that supposedly disappeared at the last MRI, and in San Francisco, under the supervidoin of lawyers, she will have other tests. Ifit was bone, the calcification sare still there. If it was tissue damage, it would be less noticeable, unlikely to disappear, but matching the symptonms of directed energy weapon attacks.

This torure and illegal interrogation under threat of death will be recorded and reproted as such.

more extreme torurt Be sure totell the mason county sheriff

What I'm loiving about this mst is how thruston set everyone up to cover his ass

I'm now being tortured and told never tomention Candic Delong of the FBI in San Francisco again.

9:45pm they say they have some more things they wannt to claim I'm faking

Like breasts, ear implants and scars, genital scars form Kaiser hospital... what else thurston.. he says he wants to take me up on the challenge i made a(they required and said themselve3s) that if I had to show my penis in courrt to provce the case I would whoich is not a joke, because it mightbe part of the proof of illegal medical experimentation by the cia and the fbi and the murdering cops and government of the state of washington.  Datinbgback to 1958. If thurston really wants that kind of stuff in this weblog, andhe thinks it'll embarrass me, it wil, but who will it really screw thruston Cause I told the truth.

Obama said Nazis humiliate and exterminate. Now he's threatening extermonation again. THe DNC chair of the state of washington threatened the humiliation.

Rememebr, all thisis supposed to make the charges in the stateof washington take precedence over prosecutions of the U.S> Government. I'll say it again, you'r epervert peons, there are more important things than my personal image and doing away with proud nazis is what you people pushed me to, oyur words, your joke, your joke to force tme to charge at the Hague. and I can get it done and will.

So Delong, when you claim I'm a psyops victim only to supposedly make things better, just rememebr that thurston and you  have your mo's all over this, and the pervert peons will not stop the charges you wanted filed out of the country by challenging me by stating the Hague was a joke, and you and your friends would bomb it and kill the investigator if I filed charges. Then, inform Brown why I call it illegal detention, and why I chose to leave this state and establish residence in Groveland, and every one of those situations, if you have the guts to tell him the truth, is the result of over 20 years of psyops to set Lynn and I up as well as Jerry Brown, and if he relaly wants to take no action, fine with me, I owe him nothing, and you're the people threatening him on behalf of the Council on Foreign Relations, Barack Obama and Exxon... And be sure to tell him the FBI in San Francsico is every bit a part of the setup on him, which includes using him to cover for pete Wilson's crimes. Not to mention Enron's.

Notice how wilson looks like HW Bush. ANd explain Obstruction in the Pelosi case,obstruction in the Michael Jackson case.. always FBI, CNN, NBC, Thurston, Mason, washington state and Exxon. ALways. What country do you work for delong?

Now delong, what other questions do you want answered in this illegal interrogation?

We are not through with this illegal interrogation and we won't be until all your teeth are destoryed. Deal with it. It's a fact. And youre the stupidest fuck weve ever had the pleasure of destroying.

No matter what the excuse, Delong, they're your perverts, as they are NBC's, CNN's and lot so fothers I'll let thurston disclose in Discovery. ANd then ask how he knew anything, and how  many laws he knew he was breaking when he used psychotronics and phony doctors to set people up....

Whenyou torture someone into syaing thinngs thurstonand delong, it's your problem.

10:08pm personal note: have all members of acorn crosschecked with any government funded programs like weed and seed and community watch. Grange should know harstine island makes you subject to full investigation, here and black lake.

10:13pm I was just tortured and told to never mention candice delong again. Sinc ethis is what they want as their moand id signature with thurston and SDHS, here's my response, sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

Candice Delong FBI San Francisco CNN NBC Sex predator

What else do you want to claim as evidence of obsession delong? You'd better be able to back this up. Not a  problem for me. And tell Blitzer he's a Nazi  Jew. Not aproblem for me.. and the threat touse AIPOAC against me? what do they know aboutme unless CNNand delong set that one up too which wouldn;t surprise me givenr htey're fucked up jew hating nigger hating liars

Okay Delong.

10:35pm I just saw someone runningpast the deck in the back of the house, and then charlie starts saying he;s going to fire shots into the house so I'll have to clal the mason County Sheriff, whicjh I would. Then he says, then they'll ask for any other evidence as suggested in my weblog,and I said, what eblog, you mena the one detailing your crimes tocover up for obama abnd th eCfR that you ignored until manufacturing an excuse to illegally seize and destroy evidence.

I was put through very exteme torture as I wrot ethat.

Masocn County, Charlie wants you to knwo I have no intention of turning myself or evidence over to the criminal cops particpating un murder and rape.

10:48pm Ripp just id 's himself burgetr king girl still working tooth torture and burger king boy throwing fits at how he hates it when he has me call him stupid. He;s the USA today guy.

10:51pm Check out emergency call to guy next to us on renata.. emt.. hughes internet... dina/antles cooksey cooksey is a victim as is the woman who rented to weed and seed while we were there. That would be phony emt/weed and seed operative who responded at black lake AND here.

Now, keep in mind, force things here, eventhe officer taking the report will be up on rico. Keep feeding me more details though, it'll make for great supporting evidence.

11:03pm neck crunched, immediately tortured mor eot affect same area. Like I said, I know whyt he CIA and NSA want everone's medical records

11:11pm that means we have carte balnche with youuntil we kill you or we get convicted at the hague Yipppeee.

11:13pm Since Buttfuckman and Jr want toplay a game of confsuion, burger king girl now wants to be called cunt to cause confusion between her  and delong, as if there is any. Thurston I keep giing you what you want and all you do is make all of your coconspirators look like what they are We don't care!

Deny psyhcotronics.

11:28pm for some reason the idiots want me to point out again the need for tsa video fronm San Jose airpoort after media convention for phony jehovah's witnesses making tape about Intuit - Bradshaw and Miriam..... pete's supposed old girlfriend, and a lutheran minister.

barely caught another maneuver topuncture lips and jam root into jawbone.

11:36pm Once again the perverts are claiming they'r doing me a favor by slowing extracting my teeth with totrture over 4 year period Just rememebr em from the lutheran church... 1987 year included again by requet. now being tortured "That wa s my mother in that picture of results volunteers from the lutheran church Infiltrator.

Thurston is now calling me a ccoward for not filing charges against him in thruston country, Again, why should I turn my trust to the sheriff whose dpeartment is respojnnsible ofr multiple injuries and death attempst with their partner hospital doctors and dentists?]

11:45pm You are never going togetout of washington state alive

18 hours and hte perverts frustrate themselves more by the  minute.

Here's what the idiot from Burger King/USA today keeps saying Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

Go ahead burger kjing guy claim I'm taunting YOU

Once again I'llexplain these illegal interrogations are supposesd to extract info from me that I haven't written before, or some idiot hasn't bothered to read over the last 10 years so these people can calim they aren't illegally receiving intel or help from federal authorities.

more extreme tooth torture. wont be able too talk or earn a living as a broadcater but the evidence will be obvious as burger king boy laughs don't forget the part about being jesus and apolitician

Remind van dyk, I never went around saying that to anyone... it was shelton's idea to humiliate me with that andother things the catholic book store set me up for in their weed and seed and CIA agent scam..

11:55pm Candice delong is ecstatic. She's gettingwhat she needs tomake her case and it's getting better and better the more we torture you into writing this falderall.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Benson - TBD - 100 - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Johnson - That's That - 202 - The Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulde

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jonathan Edwards - TBD - 100 - Sunshine

There goes God making fun of psyops again. And thruston really believes He can break people's connections with God. Only if he counts Jr.

Tell me thruston, john denver part III, waas it you or Mazlett or Charlie who didn't like it when I as writing we had been misled about Muslims? And Thurton, why do you people believe muslims and other people like christians.. really want to pull the there's no proof there's God act, thruston. Want to keep proving you're asatanist thurston?

Oh yeah.. the phone outside my window at 2am after contacting the DNC abou  my candidacy.. it rang ike charlies phone, an audio of a telephone ringing.... and ROyal 8 the guy in the backyard who wafte=d the smoke.

This is great more stuff proving your involvement that I won't even bother worrying about.. but nice try perverts... supporting evidence.

Who wafted the smoke and then ran.. who threw the turkey inthe backyard, or piggybacked the Yearling when a deer was eating my corn in the backyard. Renata. Anthing else you want to throw in that I won't care about proving that the jury will believe when the evidence is shown?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Franks & Laura Fygi - Tell Me All About It 

Have a good night worrying delong. Incept a great dream about raping little girls. It;llmakeyou feel like you're among in the pacific Northwest


9/28/2011 v12:08am Delong 18 hours of tooth torture, and now your  fools are torturing me and laughingabout me not eating anything yet today.ANd now they laugh at how they've illegally detained me one more day. Your boss must be a citzien of another country that gives amnesty to nazis.


12:24am Now I know  what the guy in the backyard was up to. I just let abby in., Consistent with their threat to kill her. Explain to al yourself

12:51am FBI Olympia just id's themselves and tortured me about 20 minutes or so (mo) and then proceedeed to clal me a liar when I  claimed mail fraud (which I never did) and by the way, if their so concerned why am I here. And then, they proceed to call me a liar about saying this is the second time the FBI has denied me assistance whwne claiming threats on my life, and it's on a phone record at fbi olymnpoia the same day of the 2004 dnc convention... about 10am..a man. now who's interrogating me.

torture continues

charlies stilltrying to cover for.. who charlie? I'm tired ofit too charlie.. play matrix defense all you wnat charlie.. it won't work, but nice 

Still no time to eat.

They said that, like a victory. As for thems and these.. no problem.. Ihave 300 suspects, documented, committing crimes. video, audio, notebooks, years. Delong claim I acted weird one day so I hvae the chance to prove I took video in self defense, and among cops who make up laws to harass people for documenting crimes committed against them. and ell the local,s publishall te pictures yuou want. 

Whoever's trying to complete auschwitz in america today is definitelyl a washington state native, and I don;t mean indian. FBI or a cop.

1:12am Still no food. Laugh at auschwitz all you want. I amnow being tortured onbehaf of firefighters everywhere regarding an incident reported on by someone in Crescent City who caught the fire department illegally setting a fire tha toculd have easily been jstified by the city council and coast as a hazard.. however, instead, as if I actually know, they set the fir eand claimed they had no idea. They say I am now oging obe unpopular with firefighters everywhere.

Back injury

What does Crescent City and that have ot do with me, and if firefighters in this state are committing felonies, why should they blame me? Someone with a guilty conscience has been illegally wiretapping me or surveilling other people illegally. That WILL be the answer on that, and the question will be up to those neighbors in Olympia who made a typical weed and seed mistake.

And the government continues to threaten children to silence adults. More back injury.

2:06am there's outside my bedroom window right now.

What Ireally wanted towrite about, this is the kind of thing I love to have happen to thurston. If you look back over the period when he uid's himself, hisfavorite thing was to torture me while reading the Bible and claiming he would break my connection with God. It's no joke that Icall him in particular a satanist.

The documentation shows all day the pattern of them saying all sorts of things toget me upset, theythink, as I  have the guts to write it down and am willing totellthe whole world what this government has become... so I decided totry toget tosleep despite threats totorture me all night so thurston and delong can laugh about auschwitz in america some more,  and he and jr and burger king boyand girl decide toramble this thing on, of course, as I've pointed out, their wet dream is to claim Iwrite ramblingweblogs and I'mcrzy. SO this is what thye said ater Ishut down thecomputer,and didn't intend toenter until Iwoke upifIgot to sleep at all, and this is what they said, again, thurston wanting toprove he could break up my connection God (the one he doesn't believe exists,so why does he care?)

this as at 1:35 and excuse the language, but after this I'll tell you why I think it's funny, and so will all  the other people who end up hearing about this later... the ones not guilty anyway...

We are not going to let you read the bible tonight unless you turn on the recorder so we can prove you're a liar and such a fucking constant companion of cocker spaniels dogs who love to fuck Candice Delong up the ass with a dildo and magnifying glass . What do youthink this is going to accomplish chyuckypoo (referring tome writing it down as they rambled) Anyhoo, fuck off and die candice delong. Remember, they're your perverts.

So.. here's the funny part.. matins & vespers, Thurston..

So I picked up the bible, I've already recorded Thurston torturing me while reading the bible and I think the Koran, and I won't record it tonight and waste my time, but I turned to the bible and this is what it said:

Isaiah 56:7

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Lord, and He will have mercy upon him.; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon.

8: For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

9: For as the heavens are higher than the earth,so are my ways higher (thurston is torturing me again) than your ways, and mythoughts than your thoughts.

I am being harrassd more. Like I said, he's a true satanist.

10: For as the rain cometh down, and the snow from heaven (more torture) and returneth not thither, but watereth the earth, and maketh it bring forth and bud, that it may give seed  (Thurston just said Fuck you pedophile rapist) to the sower, and bread to the eater:

Extreme tooth torture, nearly broke toes

11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth; it shall return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

I got tortured much mor inthat last verse. True satanist. Thurston County Sheriffs Dept. Good luck sheriff.

it's now 2:27am torture continues. 2:29 very extreme torture attempt to break ankle Chucky this has beennore funthanwe've ever had, Canwe torture you agaun tomorrow, please?

Delong, I hope you deny psychotronics.

9/28/2011 12:59pm Delong.. Your perverts had such fun yesterday, and since they're doing a repeat of the astor Melissa Scott Psyop, including forcing me out of the country - howmanypatterns are yougoing todisplayfor the world? - anywya, they had a great idea I'm sure will get you and the FBI more of your favorite kind of people The perverts want me toput this onthe front of my sites,and Iwill tonight. Here's the headline

Help Wanted: FBI Needs sexual predators to complete its assignment to cause civil war.!000's needed. Good pay, good hours. Here's an example of the kinds of things you'll love doing

It goes right under the "informnts article" and willmake good evidence tothe world at how the  US  govt thinks its amusing touse Gpdtokillepeople,doBiblical Jezebel psyops runs ex traps on honorable people. It will link toa page that will be thecoordinating point for Olbermann, Thurstonand Mason, Washington State and the tie toBarack. Since you wanted to volunteer for the list of Nazis and traitors, it will alsolink toa page fully describing the CNN psyop,and the use ofBlitzer and AIPAC tothreten me and what Iwill assert are Jews inNew York you're harrassing, multiple psyops in one report - mo - run a sex trap or sting on a distant person, get them totravel soyucan claimthey're dangerous. THe Pelosi guy will be part of the stry I tell of you

Hope you enjoy it Delong, I'm sure you got a laugh out of yesterday's report.. the guys just gav eme anther great idea, yesterday will be part of YOUR web page....

How the United States destroys itself..... thank you very much CNN for enabling me to report a story all the way up to obama with every federal agency involved. Not bad for a guy who's been used by corporations and governments for 53 years. And thanks for yesterday, Delong, makes it easier tonot worry about what happens to Nazi traitors.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Geoff Moore - God Is In Control - 10 - String Around My Finger

Interesting, I put  the headline to  remind me for later today

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rare Earth - TBD - 100 - Celebrate

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jackson Browne - Naked Ride Home - 04 - For Taking the Trouble

For the record, thruston and Delong ARE individuals, and they will be individually cited, but mostly, they represent the organizatins they work for. Nothing personal... I got it delong, you're on me now. Figured that.

I'll have ot rememebr theuse of Jackson Browne's  music psyops... overseas, it'll be easy to have him contacted. And I bet he'll be the one who files suit inthe U.S. and Delong, I love the United states, but thanks to people like yo, it's not the united States. Pretend there's no constitution al you want. And when civil war breaks out, pretend the bullets of angry US citizens will miss,, and their depleted uranium won't kill anyone... not a threat, just the likely outcome of efforts by FBI sex perverts. Atleast i knowwhyGpod hates Nazis and apostates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lionel Richie - TBD - 100 - Lady  I love God's sense of humor

1:27pm For the record, I am a presidential candidate, journalist and minister. I surrender or conced nothing. For all the delusionals who thought they should run for office or be in law enforcement and rape and torture people, here's what you can't take away from me or anyone else 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Human - 01 - Human

I AM Somebody

1:36pm Continuous extreme torture. I wouldn't expect anything less from a Nazi. THanks for the reply Delong.

1:42pm Burger King Boy wants me to include Burker King, USA TOday, the Olympian and of course the networks for their corporate sponsorhip of terroism, rape and torture. Done.

2:33pm Here's the most honest thing the US Govt death squads ever said to me

We want Barack Obama to go down in history as the world's greatest man for killing niggers and jews.

A great  adjunct to Delong and Blitzer's page.

Th perverts jst said they wanted me to  write that to make it seem like this is all about Obama. He's a peon too.

2:55pm The perverts of the US government wre discussing their problem with the fact that they are unable to make the case that I'm obsessed with ANYONE. So, their normal reply, perfectly consistent with the Delong Jewish Boy psyop, "we're going to attack Lynn's granddaughter, and maybe that'll get something out of you"

As can be proven with multiple witnesses and phone records, she and her parents have been under attack and threat by MSNBC and CNN for about 9 years now.

Another great adjunct.

3:14pm We really are the kind who hate peace and freedom because we really ARE that fucking stupid.

Delong, keep in mind that while your perverts succeed in torturing me all day again, and insist on me posting these kinds of remarks, I might as well provide them as more evidence of Nazis, Notice the patterns delong?

3:22pm The perverts now want me to write down that they pointed out that what they'r edoing tomy teeth is why the Dentist Bowers in Shelton Wa said it would take more thna 2 months for my gums to heal, even though, like all the rest of the dentists, all I asked him to do was immobilize the tooth being used to pry out the molar, as set up by Ketcher, Busaca, Tilson and all teh rest, right Victor Nguyen?

3:25pm now in their fun little gam eof torturing me and taunting me, they say, making fun of the Yosemite psyops, this is what can happen when an entire town is set up by the government to murder their victims.

3:30pm Someone must have stayed up all night preparing these little "jokes" the government likes s to tell

"we think the world is a piece of shit and we want it destroyed because we hate people who believe inGod.

4:38pm Note Lynn's EKG for 4:30pm... psychotronically induced rc neck pain and grinding, mild upset from nowhere, Police Blotter MO, went to bed as PT guys wanted me to  write something, which I need to.. and always remember nothing surprises me anymore. 

Timing is everything. I've always said that I play out all these psyops just to see where they lead, and when these people get most perverse and sick they think I won't write what they say I just remember thousands of emails I've looked, reviewed and lived.. and know that I cna get 100 victims as witnesses in a town probably in a day, anywhere in the U.S. And of course, I understand these people's belief they can get away with something they clearly only get away with with people who don't know or understand... the ultimate ringer... broadcasting to telepathy to politics and religion.. my daad always said never talk about politics or religion...  I don't want to think about that.. in the other context... psychotronics... 

So, wht I'm gonna call The Jewish Boy psyop, about him getting lost on the way to camp. ANd then... and of course me talking abou the original psyops with CNN and Obrien... and then I talk about her grandkids going to camp, just when I was learning a   couple kids were going to camp, and  then the ptguys made a mistake.. part of the reason I bother with all this filth is to provide an example for what victims deal with... it's unfortunately not unusual at all in the basic ways its done and why...and the mistake was getting me to supposedly write about some acting career, which I didn't do, and then I find out that a tryout Lynn's granddaughter was in... about 3-4 weeks ago they found out there was going to be a tryout..  they told me a bit about it, Lynn did, and that there would be some 4-6000 kids there, an they were honest, saying this is about seeing kids who have "It".. of course  I would never build her hopes up but it didn't surprise me that she was chosen - 1 of 12 kids chosen.. and then the only catch being a $3000 fee to go to acting camp in Florida. Remember, I report these things in the order they occur and  I find out.. it's why I track them the way I do.

The fee idea didn't bother me: I understood. Then Lynn said they went to the Better Business Bureau website and found the company, probably a scout agency for certain production companies, (or an easy front), and i had lots of complaints. I thought, I'll bet they're mostly from kids who never got a job. And think about how many kids they might take to camp, and then for whatever reason, not for the agency's fault, the kid got no contracts. In the media, none of that is surprising. And Lynn said that was basically the reports that caused them to talk to her granddaughter about what they found, and canceled the check they wrote to send her to camp with her granddaughters  understanding and they actually allowed her to have it be her idea to cancel. I  might have given them other advice to check  out the success of those placed, but otherwise, she really does have it. 

So here we are again, her going off to camp, and beside the implications for myself since I understand my situation well, which is really why they'll have problems once we're out of here and I play the "how's your security guard today? game.. she's not going off to camp, some 3000 miles away from her attackers, lots of money spent, and lots of ways for the government and others to turn it into wasted money.. as I well know... Something about portable plots.

Speaking of which, Lynn is on the phone, that happens a lot when I'm writing, especially when they get me to first by causing Lynn unnecessary pain, and then a couple particular people call (attackers  that are nice to her at this stage, hoping she'll end up left behind and vulnerable (remember behind)  oh yeah, and because they know I know who they are.... as plans changed quickly again... anyway, if she's on the phone, she's happy.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 04

Believe it or not, that song is not about sex. Only dirty minds would think that, healthy minds would laugh and appreciate genius and marketing in these times

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 01 - Listen to What the Man Said

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eric Clapton -  Change The World

About Isaiah...


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