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2008 Edition

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I first "made contact" with the media and the government when I staged a boycott against mainstream media.. That may seem unusual to most  people, but my background in the media gave me knowledge about how to go about doing that. By doing that, I knew I would gain access to leaders and politicians. It worked.

Like George Bush said, terrorists like me would be sending and reeiving messages via tv and radio broadcsts. Only I'm not a terrorist and they're the ones using coed language. It's called

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is a communication that conveys an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government & the Council on Foreign Relations).

Given the state of world affairs, I believed it was appropriate to "put it all on the line". At one point in 2002, I wrote on my web site - when referring to statements  I was making to Israel and the Palestinians under the title - the Soon to be United Nations - that " a little audacity goes a long way. :} I believe in audacity... when it expresses a commitment and the ability to deliver transformational results, and not just the ability to deliver shocking words to cause a sense of hope,  just when people and the world need action most.

That's when I created this website, and the idea "A Conversation With America". It was, in fact my way of demonstrating to the Democratic Party how to make a web site and present campaign themes in a way that actually spoke to the needs and desires of Americans.

And to demonstrate the benefits of actually interacting with citizens, instead of telling them what they should be concerned with in order to support ulterior motives. Talking to people, not at them.

After a great deal of research, I became aware of so much corruption in both parties that I could no longer support the politicians and ideologies I was witnessing as I watched the news and did research day by day for years. That's why in 2004, I announced my candidacy for President... and have experienced electronic attacks and psychological operations against me since. That's why this conversation continues.

A Conversation WIth America A Conversation With America 2002-2003 Edition

The issues and essays presented in the original "Conversation With America" for the 2004 Presidential Campaign. See also the archived 2004 Campaign Site. I have made few cosmetic changes to this site, added additional navbars, but only altered my thoughts or positions on a couple of things since.

A Conversation WIth America A Conversation With America 2008 Edition

After nearly 7 years of research and experience, I launched a new campaign to appeal to Sen.'s Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama to relieve the suffering of Americans who are being tortured by the U.S. Government inside the United States. I did this with information that convinced me that they would have knowledge of this situation in America, and globally, but because I had additional information of their knowledge of my own situation for a very long time... before I began this activism.

The bulk of these "Conversations" were written rather rapidly, as I became aware that a number of members of Congress were, with a high degree of plausible deniability, listening to what I had to say (as they still do for a variety of reasons) and so I wanted to let them know what I really felt about a number of situations, so that they would understand I was serious about my intent, my issues, and my desire for them to undersand I was not simply some citizen "letting off steam". Little did I know that they knew more about me than I knew about myself. That will be another story for some other time, say, March 2009.

This is an abridged version of the index/table of contents to these web pages, because it would otherwise present information related to crimes gainst me, and even evidence, that will most certainly come out, but which I will not personally address at this time because it would only tend to divert attention from the issues of this nation which are of much greater importance.

I will add that the media and politicians have this information, as it was provided on an "off the record" basis, despite the fact that whether they admit it or not, they already have more of this info than I do. That will be an interesting part of the future. But, because of the criminal implications of the disclosures and the individuals involved, I will hope for now that it not be necessary to go there. For the sake of many people.




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