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For the Love of the World

Things You Need To Know About God
and what these times require
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Global Peace
Abundance for All!



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The first thing I want to point out is that the last thing I want to do in writing this is to diminish God, the image you have of God, or to undermine anyone's religious beliefs in any way.  This is about God, maybe a little about my relationship to God, but it's about God. It's about the kind of "person" He is, His  purposes for you and Himself, and what He is wanting for you at this time in history.

The reason I want to be so careful about being sure you know I do not mean to diminish God is because I doubt you've heard anyone talk about God this way, and I think he's pretty funny, and pretty simple to understand, too, when you think of what God would be like as a man.

Now first, imagine God like the father, the head of a household, let's say, 6 kids, and you really loved them, but you dearly loved your privacy and your freedom, as well as having fun with people. But you're a genius, a little bit of a geek, and your penchant for truth and justice tends to make important people you know angry because you keep telling them about Democracy and they keep saying things like "but this cool thing called quid-pro-quo and global empire, and I know you told us we couldn't have them, but they're really fun, and it makes us feel important. And oh yeah, too bad about the destruction and millions of people we kill."

Now you sort of know the backdrop of what God's life is like. For thousands of years. If God was truly as vengeful and wrathful as some would make Him out to be, trust me, we'd have all been toast long ago. :} But, that's not the way God works.

Please take this on: God is good, the Devil is Evil. If something goes wrong or something bad happens to you, it's the work of the Devil. It really is that simple and absolute. That's because it's His promise to Himself that no matter what, He wants to prove that a world driven by love can work. As long as it takes. To a point. We've reached that point. And he's certain of it.

The poems of Hafiz, because of their words and messages, read to me like letters from my father, instructing me on "being", leading, coping, loving, and being a musician.

Out of This Mess

Pray to be humble

So that God does not have to appear to be so stingy

Oh, pray to be honest,

Strong, kind and pure

So that the beloved is never miscast

As a cruel great miser

I know you have a couple hundred complex cases

Against God in court,

But never mind, wayfarer,

Let's just get out of this mess

And pray to be loving and humble

So that the Friend will be forced to reveal


So Near.

---  Hafiz

from "The Gift of Hafiz" by Daniel Ladinsky


Part of His promise was to give people free will, the opportunity to actually choose for themselves how they would conduct themselves and that their conduct, over time, would evolve to such a state that God Himself would be comfortable enough to be with us in the flesh without constantly feeling the need to instruct and work with our social and conscious evolution.

And it's not that He doesn't want to. He actually does. But he doesn't want His presence to disrupt life, and the things that need to be done now while we are transitioning to the world of the future under His plan. But it's not going to happen by magic.

When God made us to be His friends, He didn't do it to have a bunch of robots running around, doing everything the same. What would be the fun of that?

He thinks it's better if people learn to think for themselves. And if His plan hasn't been too subverted, then they will mostly make the right choices between right or wrong.

God says that He is perfected in us. Consider that we are made in His image, a phrase that can be interpreted in many ways. Consider that all the times we get angry and think and say things we don't mean, or think things but don't act on them... if we're like God, if God's like us, then maybe He figures that if He can figure out what would motivate us to always choose to act out of love regardless of our emotions and struggles, that He would be able to understand Himself better as well, and become a better being Himself.

See, God’s like us. It’s like He doesn’t think He’s being successful if we’re not being successful. And probably, ultimately, how do I say this without offending anyone… it’s like a self-esteem problem.  Imagine that. God thinking less of Himself because His children aren’t well  in a world that has everything we need.

That's not saying he's imperfect. That's His way of letting you know that He doesn't expect YOU to be perfect. But, in the balance of right and wrong, emotion and pragmatism and free will, it's always possible to lose the basic values and premises of what we consider to be true about existence and the current state of our societies such that we lose touch with our true inner beings, the ones with the connection with God.

Some of my favorite parts of the Bible are when His prophets describe what He is saying to them, and they're all kinds of scared.. and God's angry, always saying I'm going to murder you all, I'm going to destroy you, the whole world is lost, is there no one I can trust.

I think what these prophets didn't realize is that God is lonely. He made us to have friends, but He doesn't want to hang out with people who just do everything He says because He "programmed " them, or because they think they have to because he might damn them to Hell. One of the phrases I grew up with was "there is no one above or below you". Of course that doesn't mean don't show respect for individuals or even chain of command.. it's about equality, dignity, God wanting "humanity" to know that He respects the unique talents and skills of each of us... as He would have us respect Him. The Golden Rule again, after all.

And, frankly, that we also respect it's His planet and give Him the opportunity to at least be a partner in setting the direction of things. He also said that when things got out of hand, that He would put an end to the foolishness that occurred because things got so off course.

That's where we are now, in terms of history.

So, God would fuss and carry on.. call us fornicators and threaten to destroy the world... "The they will know that I am Lord!"...  :} I find it amusing in the context.. of my own context... thinking of GOD as more like Good Old Dad... fussing and fuming again, like He always does... knowing full well he's a total softy... :}

What they didn't realize is that in God's loneliness, He was often talking to them as if they were His best friends in His inner circle, privy to His most intimate thoughts and frustrations. They were His partners in the "operation" of the Creation, and He didn't want to withhold anything from them. And it gave Him someone to talk to when venting His frustrations. Just as He knew at some point He would be forced to pass judgment on certain beings, and a great deal of His frustration is that He really doesn't want to do that to anyone.

The prophets and Christs would hear God fuming and get scared that the boss wouldn't be pleased with them if they didn't resolve the situation some how, and then they'd get as frustrated as God... and they'd give up on the wars for hearts and minds, and just decide the most expedient way to deal with the problem was to destroy the enemy. And the devil would do his work and convince them that God was instructing them to take certain action. And then, there are simply some beings who are evil, and won't stop.

You can destroy an enemy by revealing the truth of their deceptions. Or, as governments often do, they deceive the citizens to prevent the revealing of damning truth.

That's also where we are now, in terms of history.

So,  He fusses and throws a fit... did you ever notice He actually never carries out His threats? Really, think about it. His promise was free will and choice and always doing things as acts of love. People talk of Noah and the flood, but did He cause it, or did he know it was coming and get Noah to save the remnant for the next generation? He never carries out those threats and things He says when frustrated, talking to His friends. He always gets it out of His system, and then makes the right decisions and assessments, and does that.

And if the story of Noah is the paradigm to base the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, wouldn't the "144,000" of the remnant of the original tribes of Israel be the remnant to be delivered after Armageddon? To lead the others, fortunately abandoned by the corrupt governors and traders?

And God wants to know, does it really have to  go that far? Do people really have to experience that in order for them to take responsibility for their world and stop it and then build a new world from the ashes in order to establish the "Promised Land"?

Or will they have faith in God, and trust His servant to do His work? And will His servants understand that His speaking to them of His concerns in this way is not an instruction to take hasty action, but is definitely addressing the need for the correct, well considered issues and options? And understanding that the probable outcomes are being shared not as instruction but as information, for the purpose of avoiding the damage by altering our course? It's like the captain telling the rudderman to turn the boat or we'll hit the rocks.

My father always said, there's never time to do things right, but there's always time to do things again... except in a Democracy.

But when  He instructed the crew to turn the boat, they turned the other way, and refuse to return to course.

And you need to understand, God really believes that a perfect world is a Democracy. He simply wants to make corrections in the "cosmos" every now and again when things are "out of whack". They're out of whack right now, and that's why He's stepping in and taking over.

And as He promised, in the paradigm of Noah, this is the last time our souls and beings will suffer at the hands of the anti-Christ.

The good news is, in His world, it really IS the Camelot as fabled and made legendary in folk lore and all. I'm talking about justice, and fairness and basic community values amongst people, healthy values about the earth and nature... a real commitment to family, and a world where money and things are fun and appreciated, but not the driving force of our lives.

Where government does its job as the administrators of citizens needs and making decisions that reflect the desires of its citizens. Legislators who understand that the real role of empowered corporations is to serve the citizens as representatives of the government, and not as profit making ventures for the purpose of purchasing nations and enslaving citizens to enrich them even more.

We all have our part to do in this world, but this world was not made for a frustrated governance system to cause conformity and strip away from people the diversity, the rich layers and textures that provide us insight and knowledge to the complexities of the thoughts and inquiries of God.... that each being and thing is actually an oracle of God with its own story to tell in its own way... even if it's only to say "gray rocks look like this" :}

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I keep wondering if, when it snows, does God make every snowflake Himself, they're unique, you know, and I can see Him doing it once or twice just to see what would happen...  thinking, those people down there will see all the designs and really think it's cool... and they just lit fires and huddled up in their caves....  So, now, I think He has more fun watching the Angels doing it - cause they're waiting around to get to earth and don't have much else to do anyway. :} Can you just imagine God sitting there, telling a bunch of Angels to get their scissors out, cause today we're going to make snowflakes? :} Okay, I'm kidding, but I wouldn't put it passed Him:}

God thinks and does stuff like that 'cause, frankly, he's that bored, and patiently and anxiously waiting for the people on earth to get their minds in gear and grow up so He can have some fun fixing the messes we've all created so everyone can have fun. Maybe then, He'd sleep at night instead of blogging :}

And, by the way, He wants HAARP and Weather manipulation, AKA Climate Change AKA Global Warming (which is a fraud) to stop right now. Like Sarah Palin says, it's man made. And it's not because of pollution.

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Life in His Kingdom

The Kingdom of God - it sounds so ominous. It is, in a way, when you consider the possibility of a world where people are living by the same, few, simple rules and there aren't scurrilous people taking advantage of those who do. It actuality, that's what's going on in the world.  That's what's causing all the problems.

Money is the root of all evil, if you live in the world where everything is based on money and assets and the ability to control and manipulate other people.

After that, the thing that probably causes the most trouble is, sadly, love. Not like it's bad when it's good and working. But bad when we have been trained to believe that love is something other than what it is, and we're told to have certain expectations of it and what our "roles" should be, and then we wonder why it so often leads to such horrible things. Hate, lust, jealousy, betrayal... And we don't even realize that that happens because that part of it isn't about love, it's about communication, and understanding the responsibility we all really do have for the way other people feel.

It's because people don't really understand the difference between a world generated by desire and a world generated by love. I'll be writing about that more in "For the Love of the World".

The point of this, and the part about God does only good... is to realize that God designed a world where, essentially, God said, who wants to be born next, and some Angels raised their hands. And when they got to earth, God said to all the Angels on earth.. okay, here's what needs to be done, and a few of them actually get around to accomplishing it. Then God says, okay, that person wanted to accomplish this other thing, and it needs to be done now, I think I'll whisper in their ear and get them to do something, and if they don't I'll talk to this other person.

And that's how it goes.

God actually created a world where His greatest fun is making sure that EVERY one of us accomplishes what we'd really like to accomplish. The obstacles, the reasons we don't get it done, often, is the distractions presented by those who would rather have you buy their products so they can be rich, and keep you behaving like good little boys and girls, controlled by their propaganda that dignity and purpose are fulfilled through earning money and being chained to a 40 hour a week job, that keeps you so busy that you don't notice how the corporations and government are ripping you off, all the while telling you they serve you  and the great spirit of America specially blessed by God.

In old-fashioned Biblical terms, that would be called the work of the Devil. God doesn't create obstacles for people. The Devil does.

It's not that God doesn't want you to have your share of material pleasures. But, it's like all the toys that children receive, play with a couple of times and then stack up in the closet somewhere. It has no real meaning. It gives you an emotional lift to receive it or give it, and it goes away just as quickly. So you think that  if you work a little harder and longer, and suffer a little, you can buy something else, and it will satisfy some need that's needed to be filled for so long. And it just doesn't.

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God would like us to appreciate things, a little at a time, and appreciate that they're gifts, not entitlements.. and He'd like to get just a little bit of credit for being the provider of your world... if you still actually believe He is. And if you don't , in His own way, He'd like you to stop expecting so much of Him, and more than that, to stop blaming Him every time you exercise your free will and turn away from His simple rules, and things go badly for you.

Simply stated, if you don't believe in God, stop blaming God. Either He exists or He doesn't. And, if you're a Christian or a person of faith,  confronted by an atheist, don't argue with them, they're entitled to believe their lives are merely a freak accident of nature or some kind of mistake, but if they have such a low opinion of themselves, maybe you should so something to help them feel better about themselves. There's a reason they think what they do. Show them what love feels like.  And it's not preaching to them.

[To people who consider themselves to be atheists. While you might find that remark to be offensive, please understand that was about instructing Christians, and I probably could have said it in a better way, but I want you to know I'd actually like to sit down with groups and talk to you about what you believe and why... and unless you ask me to, I won't try to convince you of anything. I'm actually interested in what you have to say.]

The truly funny part of all this is, if you think I'm criticizing you, is that as I type this stuff, I'm sitting here thinking "Is God accusing me of  this stuff too, or is this just for everybody else?"

I'll bet anyone who is reading this with an open, serious mind would think the same thing :} And that would be a good inquiry.

God does not make people suffer. The idea that God doesn't give you more than you can handle is true, but what it is used to do is condition your mind to believe that it's appropriate for you to suffer and just allow it.

Who said the world was fair? God did. Think about this. How did it happen that we allowed ourselves to be trained to believe and accept that our world wasn't fair, and that's just the way it is? Who would would benefit from having you believe that?

God's world is fair. And yet, there are people who say that expecting fairness and justice are naive. Is God naive, or are we? Or are we really just that cynical that we've given up on the idea that every individual citizen has the power to return us to the kingdom, the garden, simply by doing  a good deed, saying  a kind word to someone who looks depressed, giving a hungry person enough money to buy a meal or simply saying hello with a smile when you pass people on the street.

That's why I love the movie "Pay It Forward"

Ever notice how little things like that change the world? Yours and other people's? And it's like it gives other people permission they thought  they didn't have because people would think they were weird to wish someone else a good life. What's wrong with that?

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For the moment, let's forget what you think the world is supposed to be like, or how you think it is. Just humor me.

There's this place, far, far and away called heaven. And in this place, everything is done out of love.... see, you can imagine it if it's somewhere else... because the world we're in is so nuts and mean. Anyway..

Now, God loved His son, so He gave Him the world, and said all you have to do is prove to me you can follow one rule, no matter how tempting it is to disobey it, no matter what you're told... don't do it.

Adam said, okay. And Eve met this snake who was the Devil - who has powers of God - just as we all theoretically do and can have - sourced by God...with God tolerating his trouble as any father would a troubled child up to a point... and they thought it was a good person telling them it was okay, like God was just testing them and it was alright now.

So they ate the "forbidden fruit" and that put us into the alternative training method called the evolution of the cosmos of humanity.

It's like having a kid who constantly does something like play with candles, and the only way they finally learn is to get burned.

Meanwhile... God kept giving us a perfect world with free will, and people, particularly people with power and money, made bad choices, or influenced other people to make bad choices. So then the great architect would set things up for things to work out again.

It's as if the Devil thinks it's a funny game to harm people right in front of God, and leave God with the blame and the work of fixing it all afterward.

Still, for God, He does it all in love. Wanting every person to have what they want most.. and I defy anyone to say that what they want most is a material possession. I'd bet, if you really thought about it, what motivates you most.. what causes you to want people to respect you, to like you, to accept you... is always a desire for love.

What would life be like, what would you be like, if you were in a world knowing that 99.9% of the time,  the people you were dealing with wanted everyone to win, and that the products you purchase were made to work easily and right? That you didn't' have to be afraid, or live with the adage "let the buyer beware"? I know it sounds unrealistic, but it is the promise God made. Do you still believe in God? Do you really?

And, if that was all possible and true, what would that be like for you? Can you honestly look me straight in the eyes and tell me that you would not want to live in a world like that?

If the power goes out, and it's not associated with a disaster or your ability to make coffee (a priority in my house) do you enjoy it or dread it?

I love it. It's like God saying "Time out". It gets quiet and still. Animals tend to want to cuddle or play. People play cards or their musical instruments, take walks, even talk to their neighbors...  They notice there are birds and trees and puddles outside. And, oh yeah, they remember, that's the sky :} Have you really looked at the stars lately? How many shooting stars do you see? I see lots of them... especially when I lived in the Yosemite area.

Did you know those dandelions actually do make a pretty tasty wine? And it's good for you too. :}

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The point of all that is that the world has become pretty harsh, and it's easy to harden our hearts and not appreciate what's been given to us. Not that we don't know it's there, it's more like we've heard "stop and smell the roses" so many times, it doesn't have any emotional charge to it anymore. We say, "Oh yeah, that".

And I know you've heard that before too, but have you heard it?

The Kingdom of God is not a place where people walk around flashing peace signs and eating granola. They might :}

The old hippie image doesn't fit, because few people understand what real "hippies" were talking about. A great number of people traveled to the Haight-Ashbury District of San Francisco, seeking the kind of Utopia talked and sung about by musicians and leaders of the day.

But, the fact is, what the original "hippies" were actually talking about was the freedom and liberty God granted us all. All the drugs and free sex part of it were actually an abhorration, and just like the CIA imported drugs through Arkansas while Clinton was governor to undermine black youths and neighborhoods, infiltrators and others seeking to experiment with this group to turn it into something it wasn't.

The Black Panthers originally were an innocent group of neighborhood volunteers who were  tired of seeing their neighbors suffer. So they took it upon themselves to become activists, like Barack Obama did in Chicago, but because they spoke out against the government that was harming and neglecting them - because they dared to tell the truth about the policies of their government - they were infiltrated by the FBI, divided, and then the more frustrated people were prodded and manipulated into violent acts... so they could publicly discredit the entire organization and effort.

The same things could easily be said about Ruby Ridge, Waco and many other incidents where the government has used their control of the justice system and the  ability to manipulate the media in order to suppress any group that would openly oppose their policies and methods. And few of these people, prior to government, were doing anything that would be considered criminal. If anything, they were exercising their right to freedom of religion, freedom of speech, as well as freedom of assembly, and in many cases, their right to defend themselves under any circumstances.

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I don't bring this up to criticize the government or law enforcement. I bring this up to point out that we put up with a great deal of suppression of our rights and privileges that we claim to be inalienable rights granted by God, but we allow apostate government officials to revoke them almost at will, and we just say, oh well, one more lost, it must be necessary.

In God's Kingdom, the first order of the day is justice. Justice is a natural outcome of the Golden Rule. Justice is an expression of equality.  When people are treated equally and fairly, they're generally pretty happy, no matter what their other circumstances are.

Does that sound like a world you'd want?

Do you think you live there now?

Do you think that's air that you're breathing? I love the character Morpheus from the Matirx... but it's like that, you know...

And remember, set aside what you  think you know, and what you think is acceptable. Think about what you'd want. Give yourself permission to dream again, if only for a minute. If only the world was....

Why do you think it's not possible? Who told you that? What makes you think that? And, what would you be willing to do cause it?

I'm not talking about the old "one person can make a difference" thing. One person can make a difference.

It takes one person at a time. But no one person can actually do it alone.

What will be the common denominator, if not love? What is love other than the feeling of equality and safety, the Golden Rule? That "safe place"?

Who told you that thinking this way was stupid and naive? Who would gain most from having you believe this?

Deep down inside, don't you like to think of yourself mostly as a playful little kid? You are that. I'm that. God's that, trust me. :}

I didn't want to be a minister because I didn't want to get caught talking like one of those crazy TV ministers the media shows ministers as fanatical and extreme in order to make people hate Christians.

Yet, here I am, happier than I've ever been, in most ways, being who and what I've always known I would and was meant to become since I was a child.. that, and more. (Trust me, I'm not saying all TV ministers are crazy or anything. But there are a few apostates out there I have a real problem with.) And knowing that I'm actually doing something worthwhile with my life. For people. For God.

What is it that you know you were meant to be, that you really think you are deep inside... you just know it... that you gave up on being because the world taught you to go with the flow or to just fit in? People will say I'm rebelling against conformity, but what I'm actually speaking up for is the expression of being, of who we are as people and beings - and that none of these tender thoughts and desires for a world where dignity is valued and displayed by the grace and appreciation one has for all beings and creatures.

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I like to paint, but I'm not very good at it, don't even care if I am, but it's fun and pretty. For a laugh, I wonder if anyone would be crazy enough to buy any of it. :} I love to write music, as an expression of my heart and soul, and I'd still like to hear one of my songs on the radio one day, just for fun and to say I did it, but I don't really care about that. I see it all as a gift He gave me as a way to make me happy... not like I think I did it myself... it was a gift that came through me, and I always feel fantastic and free when I write it. And for me, having lived something of a solitary life - music and my dog were like my best friends. Pure freedom and unconditional love. And the music was His way of  giving me a way to "talk to somebody", like a friend who listens in a way that lets you formulate a concise conclusion about what you're feeling.

Creation is fun and fulfilling. What things do you have rolling around in the back of your mind that you wish you could do just once for the fun of it, to say you did it? I want to ride a jet ski, and perform 1 song before a crowd at the Greek Theater in L.A. Just one, before they start throwing things :} (BTW, the song above, Brenda Russell - she was part of a concert I saw featuring her doing that song, the Brothers Johnson, Todd Rundgren and Utopia, Chaka Kahn... that inspired me to have that ambition, when I saw them and a UFO at the Greek... probably Todd playing with a laser:}

You know what I'm saying, though? In God's world, that's what He wants you to do. I'm not talking about taking stupid chances and harming your body. I'm talking about helping you be the person you always thought you could be, deep down inside, the secret you never told anyone. Wouldn't it be awesome to do that? And all you'd have to do is to conduct your life by a rule or two.

What's stopping you isn't God, it isn't being grown up, it isn't being responsible or even practical, it's not even you. It's all the things you see on TV and in your world to remind you that you're normal, ordinary, average and that you should be happy in your place in this world as it is. A cast system. You live in a land that boasts opportunity, with psychological training telling you to control your creative drives, and actually purposefully inhibits it so you don't get any crazy ideas and do something extraordinary.

You see people on TV who excel at something, and you say to yourself, I'm not as good as the stars, or you believe you need to buy something to make you look or feel better. Do you really feel better, or do you hope that whatever cosmetic or facade you buy covers up the part of you that feels inadequate? Do you hope people won't notice that part of you that actually causes you pain and feelings that you're just not quite good enough? I do.

Of course, some people are able to break through that training. But not as many as you think, and more and more, people in the United States, and in the world, are living at a lesser standard of living than ever before, and they don't even know it. And that standard includes family relations and communication skills, knowledge levels... all leading to a frustration level that leads to violence, civil unrest, injustice, war, hunger and poverty and homelessness...

All to serve the financial and ego-centric interests of some very evil people who could care less about your well-being or self-fulfillment. And you have to remember, they don't think they're evil. They think they're pragmatic, objective and expedient. That's what makes them dangerous.

The alternative is to demand the Kingdom of God.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes)  Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star

What God Is Most Concerned With Right Now

When you look around the events of the world, and at this time, the United States... and you think about a lyric from this song by Yusef Islam, soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) "Father & Son", which in its own, mysterious way, has special meaning to me as if they are instructions and a message from my father... he says:

"If they were right, I'd agree, but it's them they see, not me, now..."

And what he was talking about is how the citizens have been manipulated into being frustrated with God, and to put their faith in politicians, the very ones who have misled them in the first place. Barack Obama is actually a good example of this, making fun of people who have faith in God in troubled times.

He proves himself a Sunday Christian by mocking God's faithful, and turning his back on a man who served him for 20 years, and is a true and faithful servant of God, whose name is Jeremiah Wright.

I'm not testifying on behalf of Jeremiah Wright. I'm giving you an example of the difference between a true, willing servant and prophet of God and his flock, and a hypocritical apostate.

Jeremiah Wright told the truth in those clips on TV about AIDS and Sept. 11, 2001. An apostate will tell you what you want to hear, what will appease you, and what will put them in favor with those in power.

A servant and a prophet will tell you the truth, even if it's not pleasant to hear.

My father drummed this into me somehow:
"Always do the right thing, even if it's not the best thing for yourself"

And my biggest "mainstream" complaint with Barack Obama on this point is simply that he would not even stand up for the good, decent man Jeremiah Wright is, let alone his right to voice his opinion in this so-called Democracy we call America. A Christian would have done at least that.

A cynical opportunist, an apostate claiming to be  a Christian, would do something like that. Ask Barack Obama if he cares about the damage his betrayal did to Jeremiah Wright's reputation and ability to make a living and spread God's word and truth. Check it out on the internet. There are lots of cancellations.

Tell me, who would want to silence one of God's courageous servants, willing to speak the truth to power and their fellow citizens? Really, who would want to do that?

Where's Dana Carvewy when the Church Lady is needed? Could it be - the Devil?

There's nothing personal to that observation, it's simply true.

I don't agree with all the practices of the minister who baptized me, but I still think he's an excellent human being, and despite any complaints I might have about anything he has been associated with, I have to applaud his great efforts on behalf of God, knowing that he empowered and still empowers a great number of people every day.  How could anyone condemn that? And who would want to impede it?

People would have you believe Barack Obama is a transformational leader who will not even empower a man who has empowered him for 20 years. I fear the transformation his friends have in mind.

Those of us who know what he has in mind also know he's just the front for a conspiracy to infiltrate and take over the United States Government for generations.

It's just true.

It's not pleasant, it's not fun, it's not what I want to have to deal with either.

But, the ultimate clue that it's a conspiracy is that they put forth candidates who speak of policies contrary to the ones they actually implement upon taking office. And they always have plausible excuses for their failure to actually implement the ones they propose. Because there's a covert agenda.

If you knew what it was, and what they're willing to do to win, you would never approve of it. Never. And if you did, I would hope that it was not because you agree with their treachery, but because you were enticed by  temptation into the acquiescence that God warned us would lead to this very point in time.

Would you approve of the United States, or any other nation, violating the crimes we punished the Nazis for? I doubt it.

And yet, the United States, and other nations, are doing just that. It's not what I want to hear either, but it's just true.

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) Statement from Astronaut & Sen. John Glenn regarding U.S. medical experimentation on its own citizens.
June 22, 1997  "The Clinton Years"

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about... I do not think there can be many things more un-American than that. "

gem_red.gif (110 bytes) U.S. Medical Experimentation is in violation of the Nuremburg Codes

Medical experimentation on unwitting victims who can't understand why their lives are falling apart and their health is failing... people who have military weapons tested on them until they die or commit suicide.. technology that literally gives the military the ability to see through your walls and into your bedroom at night.

Once again, I have to say, I wish I was exaggerating. I wish it wasn't the truth. It just is. And they use it.

In your name. In the name of God. At least, in public.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Leon Russell - Leon Russell - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

They commit acts of war and murder in the face of one of the primary laws of the Kingdom, thou shalt not kill. They do what we would be arrested for. And they believe it is their right and responsibility.

Why do people not acknowledge the inconsistency?

Our leaders pander to us by citing the truth that we are peaceful people... and they omit that our violent government has committed our troops to foreign soil more than 200 times since our formation as a nation.

This is, however, specifically what God trained me to identify and deal with. And these assertions are so serious, I wanted to be certain that it was true.. and my experiences and discoveries in the last 6 months or so have proven my gravest concerns more than convincingly.

That is why I am actually begging you to give up your hope and faith in the government and politicians, and trust your instincts, that something is wrong, corruption is overtaking the system and that you are being forced to be shackled with overwhelming debt and more in order to continue the same economic slavery that Jesus was trying to get us to recognize long ago.

It's all very covert... until it affects you. And then, it's too late.

This economic and social pattern typically leads to global war.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Jim Croce - It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

How often do we hear of criminals that no one would suspect of doing anything wrong? We say we're shocked and appalled, and then someone goes to jail and we say "Thank God that's over".

George W. Bush said Alberto Gonzales had his name dragged through the mud for political reasons.

Most people think that means George Bush was complaining that Gonzales had been mistreated.

Bush was simply acknowledging Gonzales to the loyal followers who understand the Aesopian language, the "code language" embedded in political speech.

Gonzales was a volunteer to be publicly embarrassed in order to provide plausible deniability to the Executive Branch for illegal and unethical activities.

So, indeed, his name was dragged through the mud, he was the scapegoat, and like most of the time in politics, it works. Because the public thinks something was done about it.  Because the corporate media perpetuates the facade on behalf of their Council on Foreign Relations employers and colleagues.

When the Bible speaks of deception upon deception upon deception, this is the very sort of thing that's being referred to. And these crazy, evil people think it's funny. Like when Tom Ridge told everyone to buy duct tape, and then laughed about how we followed his instructions (as if we were stupid fools).

Personally, every time I see a banner that says "Home of the free because of the brave", there's a part of me that agrees, part of me that wants to to cry for the parents who give their sons and daughters to wars that should not be fought, believing they are serving an honorable cause (and I so honor those people and parents and families who have otherwise so honored their nation and fellow citizens in having endured such a sacrifice).

And I feel angry and want to write over it "Home of the deceived because of the depraved"... but I would never do so and dishonor those people and their memories and the truly honorable people they are to have supported their nation and those who would fight and die on their behalf.

But all of that, and more, but mostly that, is the deception in the world, by the United States and its overt and covert partner nations and financiers, who threaten the freedom of the people of the planet.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Paul Simon - I Know What I Know

I do not say this to be critical, but if you are not aware of this fact, then you are uninformed, and your opinion is invalid except to explain your level of knowledge so that you may become informed.

I don't wish to be harsh, but someone needs to wake you up, and you'd better wake up quickly. This is it. THE battle between good and evil. Where do you stand?

The United States Government has made it clear that it has abandoned the rights and liberties and representation of the American Citizens. What will it take to for the citizens to cease to cooperate with such a government?

The deception that has overtaken America is overtaking the world.  We are truly at a crossroad in history. Like George W. Bush says, this moment in time will determine the control of the world for the next 1000 years. It's true.

Do you want more of what you're experiencing now, or would you prefer God's World? He'll let you have it either way. To a point. How much destruction and abuse will you put up with before you refuse to go along with "the way it's done" anymore?

How much abomination will you tolerate, the desolation caused by radiation and weather manipulation? The abomination of desolation is not a place, as some would have you believe. It is the planet, defiled and spoiled by human hands and greed. The desolation is an abomination.

This is the moment in time my father constantly talked about when I was young. And it's happening exactly the way He said it would happen.

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) John Sebastian - I Had A Dream

And His instruction, over and over, is to give up, even for a few hours, your pre-conceived notions and turn your back on the statements of the people you want to believe in government and in the media, and do a little reading, on this site, on many other sites

I dare you and challenge you to do objective research and then tell me I'm wrong. I wish I was.

And then empower me to continue my work on His behalf, an act of faith for which the only proof of prudence is the instruction in the paragraph above. I tried to prove myself wrong for years, because I didn't want to believe it either.

Just as the people who don't want Jeremiah Wright to be heard are the same people who do not want the truth of the word of God to be heard. Because the one thing, the greatest weapon these people, these criminals face and fear most is the truth.

And if they are innocent, they should speak out against those who are guilty or be held responsible for their silence and acquiescence, just as in Germany.

Remember, the Bible says they will destroy 2/3 of all life on earth. The stage is set.

Truly, an inconvenient truth. One that can not be denied any longer.

The good news is that in the Kingdom of God, all people and all concerns are important, the promise can be kept and the world can be the place you want it to be. The way you wished it could be. The way you wondered why  it wasn't.

The question is, have you had enough of deception and legalized robbery and murder and economic coercion and slavery?

Or do you really want your children, and generations of children, to endure more and more suppression and harm for the sake of corporate standardization, to what end?

And do you have the faith to renew your commitment to God and His Kingdom, true family values, justice and real global peace and abundance for all... it really is possible and probable if the profiteers are no longer empowered to reap the fruits of our labors, justified by their laws and protected by the special status and treatment they receive.

There is no one above you or below you. And you are not justified by the law in God's eyes.

My father is a wise being. He proves it to me more and more each and every day. And I am moved at His patience and ability to lovingly allow us choice in the face of such circumstances. And the strength and guidance He gives me.

I ask you to have faith, and to look into your hearts, and do the research, and think about what I have said. Renew your connection with God, and renew your awareness of the world, and renew it with consciousness of the context of the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, Ezekiel and Revelations.

There is no one above you or below you.

With those words, He instructs us all to recognize how we have no obligation to accept that we are subservient or less important or special than those we entrusted with our leadership, who set the examples for our cultures and who are responsible for the horrendous condition of the world we live in.

It is imperative, therefore, that we follow the example of Jesus, once again, and refuse to be goaded into violence and angry exchange with those in authority, for they have the power to contrive and control evidence and the system of justice, and they have proven time and time again that they will do so.

Let the dead bury the dead. This is not an instruction about dead people and enemies. This is about dead souls. And given time, the people whose souls are dead to the suffering of those they harm and to the love and wisdom of God will expose themselves for what they are.. and they will bury themselves, their social standing and acceptability for public service by themselves.

Just don't give them an excuse to harm you. Speak out, stay within your rights, remain informed, and listen to your heart. Listen to the teachings of Christ Jesus.

And then, no matter who you think I am, what I am, how I am, remember always that what I am most is a servant of God, my father, your father, and that I would never do anything to deceive you. If I err, I will correct myself, and if I am right, I will stand my ground firmly and authoritatively. In the same way, I am your representative, whether  you understand or agree with me or not. I am certain that in time, you will.

I stand my ground for all of us, and in service to the full establishment of the promise of the Kingdom of God. I look forward to the privilege of service to Him and to you as His son.

And I pray that if there is one thing I can do with my life in this time, it would be for you to know Him like I know Him, the good man and person that He is, loving, kind, firm and willing to give everything - including Jesus - to find a way to prove to you how much love and good will He holds in His heart for us all.

To know that God, the God, is to know someone so caring and willing to give in His own quiet way that you can't help but wonder why He hasn't stepped in and stopped it all before.

He's been around. You just didn't know it... or forgot.. or weren't looking for Him. He's quieter than you think. But He always keeps His promises. Always.

But, He wants to know, will you keep yours?

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Dan Fogelberg - Nexus

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Chaka Khan - Have A Little Faith

soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) Elton John - Honky Chateau - Salvation


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