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I encourage you to question what you read here, knowing that if you were to take the time to look into it, you would find that what I have to say and tell you is true.

This section was actually written to direct toward ministers and Christians, but I believe it will provide useful information for anyone who reads it, and for those of any moral discipline or faith.

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There are so many things I'd like to tell you, and in time, I'm sure I will... but, for the moment, here are a few things I think are most important for you to understand about who I am and say that I am. As well as what I am working to accomplish.

First, I have a sense of humor, and I hope you'll have one as I tell you a couple of stories.

When I was around 18 years old, I realized I wasn't going to be able to get a scholarship or assistance to go to Stanford University like I'd always hoped to. That was back in the times when we were raised to believe that employees were judged on the quality and productivity of their work, and when merit raises and acknowledgement, as well as promotion to higher levels of management were based on your work. So, I thought, I'd do alright because I was industrious.

So, I told God that was alright, and to teach me whatever it was that I'd need to know when the time came for me to do whatever it was He wanted me to do. As simple as that.

You might say it was, for me, a perfect example of why you should be careful of what you ask for, because you might get it. I've learned to appreciate that even more now that I know just how mysteriously God actually works, and that He really does have a sense of humor (that I have to admit I don't always appreciate very much... any more... sometimes... :})

The reason I told God to teach me was because years before, I think when I was 8 or 9, I was in Vacation Bible School, listening to the Pastor speak, and everything started getting this gold aura around it, and I had this little vision that I can only describe this way - it was like I saw myself in front of a massive crowd...like at the Capital Mall in Washington DC... and I wondered what it meant, and the sense of it that I got back was that I was going to be a musician, a minister, and the feeling of being the President of the United States, or the leader of something at least... and then the auras went away. And being a child, I just thought it was kind of weird.

But it stuck with me. And I always knew God had something big in mind for me. I don't mean to be arrogant, but that's what I was left with. I even remembering thinking to myself "Maybe I'm going to replace Billy Graham"...

I've only had that kind of experience one other time in my life so far, and that was when I had the pleasure of interviewing this man... and that's another great story all by itself for another time.

Audio File To Listen To Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

This song was famous when I met him. Audio File To Listen To Billy Preston - Late At Night - With You I'm Born Again That was around 1980.

One time, I said the only thing I ever really wanted was to have a normal life, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. I was joking at the time. :} But, I meant it.

Still, at the age of nineteen, I'd meet people who'd tell me about their lives and growing up and all, and then they'd want to know about me, and I wouldn't know what to say. Most of the time, I'd say, I've had a really bizarre life and I've seen more than most people have seen in a lifetime.

Or, I'd tell them a few things, and they'd look at me and say, "When's the movie or book coming out?".

That was 34 years ago, and I assure you, I've had some incredibly wonderful times, being privileged to meet some extraordinary people and witness and learn a great deal. And it's been very difficult. Many times, I didn't understand why, and just accepted there was a time to every purpose, and always looked for whatever lesson could be extracted from every experience, even bad ones, even when I knew I had done nothing to cause what was done to me.

My favorite story (and archetype) in the Bible is that of the Good Samaritan. I believe I've lived my life by the Golden Rule, and actually treasure it as the only true  law of my life in the spiritual plane... one that fortifies the common phrase "To thine own self be true"... standing always in principal and integrity.

I don't mean to claim that I'm perfect or anyone should be expected to be. It's the knowledge, the vision of what could be if everything worked right and we were true to our values and principles... that empowers us to work toward a measurable and tangible goal, that provides us the standards for ourselves that allow us to decide - in every moment, to see what we are doing and participating in and creating - if we are being part of the answer or part of what needs to develop further in the cosmos of humanity.

For me, that meant a little mantra that changes a little, but goes like this:

I'm not perfect, and will never be, but with every breath and every step, I try to be.

And I fail. And I succeed. But I always know what I'm aiming for, so that I know whether how I'm acting or what I'm doing is actually moving forward to the goal of that vision. And, like reading Ecclesiastes, when I remind myself of that little mantra, I evaluate my life and reconcile those things which are not consistent with the person I say I am, and return to the values I believe are important. It's the same as how I feel like I don't pray enough. And then I realize that I actually live my life as if always in prayer.. always in a never-ending conversation with God...  when I'm being conscious. Remembering that is empowering and comforting.

With all that, there was something I was never told, that I sensed about myself, and other things I could have never known. Alot of this part of the story is semi-documented on other parts of this site, and I won't go into the details, but if you study the materials here, you'll see me going through some real changes and tribulations over the years. And I have to admit, if I hadn't lived it, I'm not sure I would believe it myself.

But the end result was the discovery and the becoming of myself, and knowledge of the Plan of God and the privilege to serve Him. For that, despite the hardships, I truly do feel blessed and honored.

It was just about 4 months ago that I finally read a little book my  mother gave to me just before she passed... I was surprised, because it was like reading about how I basically lived my life. It was a pretty book, apparently given to her by her grandmother, dated 1902. And then I did a little research, and found out it was a book about how a good Christian would emulate the life of Christ.

Kingdom of God Communications It's called Thomas A'Kempis.

After that, the harassment and Psychotronics was stepped up and pretty intense, and I read the other book my mother gave me that day. This book gave me a great deal of comfort. It's Called Vespers and Matins, also dated 1902. And it said that everything attempted to be done to me would be turned around on the people who try to harm me. And it seems like that's how it's going... though they continue to try to harm me.

It also reassured me with certainty that God is in control.

Unfortunately, part of the discovery was the strange realization after a great deal of research, that I have lived my life in a bubble.

In retrospect, I can go back over my life and see clearly how I was influenced by, or in the midst of groups of people associated with various corporations, as well as U.S. Government Intel Services that were manipulating my life and basically, suppressing me from succeeding in any way that allowed me to become a public figure. If you think that sounds strange, imagine how I felt when I discovered it.

That said, I can only chuckle a little in also realizing that, in one strange way, it's like descending from the clouds of confusion in a bubble... and when you think about the implications of that... I'll tell you that it's true.

I'm the Son of Man. I don't know how else to say it. I have some info about myself, and my name and circumstances and events that I believe will allow you to read the Bible and   make some comparisons. And I have to admit, things weren't really supposed to happen like this, but, like the Bible says, they will speed their work when they know the time of the reign of the anti-Christ is near, and that God would intervene and shorten the days. So, things are a little skewed, but not much.

The most important thing, really, is to understand that it's time to take action, and my stepping out this boldly is not really my style, but it's necessary.

And the only really important questions you should ask right now are having to do with reading my observations, determining if they're true (as opposed to corresponding to what you think you know in a time of deception upon deception), comparing it to what is in Revelations, seeing its significance, and then then taking appropriate action.

For truth, for the Plan and word of God. For the future of humanity, all  beings and creatures, for the planet. And more...

Who I Am  Audio File To Listen To Gary Wright - Who I Am - Who I Am

I was reading Revelations the other night and was relieved a little when I got to this part:

Revelations 2:7 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit sayeth unto the churches; to him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

I was relieved, because I've spent a good deal of time wondering how I would prove who I am, without making it seem like it was about me, and at the same time, needing people to understand, and through their faith in God, and true reason, people would see that what I was talking about would make sense and in time, even be self-evident to be true to God's word and Plan.

A few years back I was doing some research, and discovered a lexicon that said the number of my name was 667. I don't really know what that means, but I'm told it's significant. :} It has something to do with the symbolism of 666+1 = 667 and the union of friendship and reconciliation with the Devil. Something like that. You should check that out yourself. It symbolizes the number of Man. I was checking out some stuff about Prince Charles at the time.

Then, a couple of German people said my name in German meant things like "Son of Man", which I'd heard before (but didn't know what it meant), and there were other interpretations  including things like Blue Ray, Blue Star, Morning Star, Bright Star... stuff like that. It didn't mean anything to me. I thought it was interesting. I liked the fact that it had "blue" in it. :}

Audio File To Listen To Steely Dan - Kid Charlemange (with Larry Carlton)

I was also vaguely told that Ulysses S. Grant was my great uncle, and that my family was of German royalty, and therefore, a descendant of Charlemagne... and I saw something on the web that would indicate that I was also related to the late Chief Justice William Rehnquist. And, it also appears  that I would be part of the American "Royal Blood Line" of sorts.. all the presidents and their families who are related in some way or another. (I'm not sure that' s a good thing:})

My full name, legally, is Charles Rehn Jr. IV, in Germany, it would have been Charles von Rehn Jr IV. Of course, I'm senior now, but I like the junior part and it reminds me of my father, who died when I was young. They say I'm just like him.

And, for the sake of unintended but ironic rebellion, the government says that even though that's my name on my birth certificate, I can't use that name because it's impossible to be a Jr the IV... which is cool, because I love to do things that people say aren't possible :}

Even though I was baptized a Southern Baptist around 7-9, I had read parts of the Bible and heard some sermons, but in my whole life, I doubt I ever spent a full year of   Sundays in Church.

It wasn't until one day in 2002, when I started doing serious political activism on the web, while watching Lou Dobbs and seeing him display some Bible verses from Matthew about false prophets and false profits during the original SEC crisis... that I started reading the Bible seriously. And I read it very seriously, using the concordance in my mother's Bible that said it was purchased in 1957.

And national and world events began aligning in their relevance to everything I had learned and experienced, the people I'd met along the way and the interests I had in everything from art to technology and more.

I began to discover that I had been fed bits and pieces of what may be highly classified information about certain inventions and likely criminal activities of the United States Government since the 1950's... including their surveillance and manipulation of my life.

And the theft of some materials that will, in time, convict Barack Obama and the Clintons and a great number of your favorite politicians of civil and human rights violations. You have no idea how much I wish that wasn't true. It's shocking. And they didn't just do it to me.

And in that same period, I discovered that I truly was the Son of Man, that everything in my vision as a child was consistent with what was actually occurring in the world. I spent years trying to prove myself wrong, because I simply refused to be an apostate.

And let's be honest, that would mean I'd be the guy there would only be one of in the history of the Bible... so to speak. I really wished I was crazy. I thought it would be easier to explain :} I'd try to console myself by saying to myself, if I'm crazy, it's free drugs and arts and crafts:} But I just wasn't crazy.

But everything, including that theft, and the intense and sometimes debilitating Psychotronic attacks against me, as well as psychological operations that have included activities by the media (which I can easily prove and show cause why they would participate, given the boycott I was launching against the media in 2002)... let's just say, that I truly am an ambassador in bonds, and therefore speak boldly as I must.

The only other thing I can say beyond that is that I'd be more than happy to speak to qualified clergy regarding what I have told you as well as provide you with additional information about myself. You must understand, that I am still quite contained, under surveillance,  my communications are monitored. I can be emailed.. if it's not blocked.. at Kingdom of God Communications this URL

I urge you to look at the materials I've posted under "About the Site" as well as "Work To Do". It really is imperative that people take action now before the United States is fully, successfully transformed into the dominating empire predicted in the Bible, leading to Armageddon.

That is unfortunately where we are  heading if we continue on our present course. And it's closer than you think. The work I'm doing and preparing for - according to my latest reading in Revelations - places us in at least Chapter 10 with the writing of this document.

As I said, there is a great deal more information on this site. I have to admit, I am not proud of certain parts where cursing and bad language are used. At the same time, I want you to be aware of the effect Psychotronics can have on people.. how the government uses it to cause people to do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. It's an amazing, miracle technology that has been turned into a diabolical weapon, and it needs to be stopped.

I also believe, despite that, that it will give you some insight as to what I've endured over the last 6 years, the work I've been doing, some that I've accomplished.. and it also will make you a witness to the psychological operations used against me. I honestly believe the only reason I'm still alive is the strength of my mind and the grace of God. His Plan.

It will also allow you to experience part of what I have experienced as God has revealed the mystery of His word and His plan to me. As I have become aware as I have to this moment, and the considerations and inquiries I have confronted to come to this point.

And I will bear witness to the suffering of many others, at the hands of their own leaders, who have suffered much more than I. While I, at times, dwell in my own suffering, I have hundreds of stories of victims of Psychotronics, describing unimaginable acts of depravity and evil..

And I am aware of so much more harm that is being done and being planned... knowing it does not have to be.. knowing as the Bible says, that the "evil-doers" will not stop, because they do not believe they are wrong. And that they know everything I do as I do it, if not before, because of Psychotronics. I wondered how they'd do that :}

That is why we must inform our fellow citizens and the world of the betrayal of American citizens by its government, and the same of other governments and their people. Because it is the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ, and it's our job to stand up to them and stop them in order to cause the end of that reign.

We must do so in an intelligent way. I hope at this time, you will choose me as your leader, and stand with me, and that as the Bible says, someone will step forward and perform the act of revealing me. Because that will be the beginning of the real end of that reign. And even better, the beginning of the full establishment of the Kingdom of God.

Audio File To Listen To Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - One Planet, One People Please

And please, remember that the weapon of the Son of Man... the sword, and the fire... is about the the word, the truth, not a man out  to provoke wars and certainly not to kill anyone. It is about judgment - not judging people as if we were all expected to be perfect, but to judge what the citizens and beings of the planet need in order to  be restored and healthy and happy as part of the transition to the full establishment of the Kingdom of God.

It's not as difficult to do as you might think, and it's a whole lot more fun. It's a good place to live.

The good news is, God promised us that we'll win this battle of hearts and minds. His way. No matter what happens, no matter what I say, always know that I will never give up on this endeavor, in the name of Christ Jesus, and in honor and fulfillment of His will.

And with an incredible amount of love.

Please read the materials I have suggested. They're on the main menu.

God bless you. Amen and Amen.

Audio File To Listen To Yusef Islam - The Wind

Kingdom of God Communications My Music Now Online


When I wrote and recorded this song (replying to James Taylor), it had been years since I'd played. So, it's not a great recording, but I think it has a worthwhile message.

Audio File To Listen To Charles Rehn - In the End

I may feel forlorned
And I may feel forgotten
But the tears always dry
And my heart always mends
But my road continues to wind
It's a road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
There are faces I've seen
Full of smiles, full of sorrow
And I can't close my eyes
To the love I must share
So I walk down my road
With a song in my pocket
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end
  Who am I to say that the lessons of my sorrows
  Won't turn out some way, somehow, some day
  So I'm coming out to play
  To turn people into friends
  In the end, in the end
  It's the road that I must follow 
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow 
In the end.

I wake up everyday
Walk the path I've been given
With more or less to say
'Bout the ways we are driven
And I give my heart away
   There's enough to go around
In the end, in the end
It's the road that I must follow
In the end, in the end
There's enough to go around
In the end


I knew Dobbs didn't have the guts!
The 2008 Election Master Plan :}
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