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  This is a message for King Henry II, the final Holy Roman Emperor, who's name means 'Help from God'.

from Dorothy of Cambridge

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Wisdom tells us, 'that to deny the voice of Christ, is to deny His presence and to deny His presence, is to deny His very existence.'

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I send these words to you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. And I entrust delivery to the Archangel Michael, that despite time or place, this will reach you. Someone will find it and someone will know where you are. God can do anything.

It is nothing short of difficult, to know where to begin such a conversation. For as it may be nothing at all, it could in fact be everything there is.

What is one to do? Please forgive the familiar verb, but I can not decide otherwise, when an opportunity to communicate presents itself. I do not believe it to be in error, for the historic messenger had a certain Stigma. And how can I possibly react in part and not all.

What would I be saying to God? He is perfection and I must trust Him with all things.

When I first found the Lillie in my studies, I thought the translation was incorrect. I must be honest in telling you, that I closed the book and went to another. But once again the flower bloomed in front of me, and I began to contemplate the possibilities.

That if the Mediatrix can subdue, than surely peace can reign. I never said I was an easy student. To accept this adjustment in our understanding, is to accept a change in the timing of His return.

This is difficult, for we miss Him very much. I have nothing to offer one predestined, but a friendship of common commitment. To reach out across this distance and let you know, you are not alone.

How are you Henry? I pray that this letter finds you well. My wish would be to see the aigle fly, to watch heredity beyond extinction. Where love and mercy, are but a crusade. To hear the rare bird, to understand the moment of eclipsed rational.

But I must offer these words per chance of the undetermined day. To exalt that which my heart believes, the lemphealt sovereign. For one does not know, to what time our hour comes. So please consider my confidence in the chosen absolute, for we have in heart our best friend and through Him, we are never strangers.

The journey can be complicated. In wisdom we search and through revelation we are perplexed.

How can it be so easy to love Him, yet difficult to understand His Passion?

So much more than time, separates us from the garden of our beginning. We are unworthy and undeserving. And in that moment of realization, there is a breaking of self. Where everything stops and we know what we have done to offend God.

But what is one to do, when they have already fallen in love with Him? It is hard to see the distance between what you are and who you should be. So we take responsibility for our part in His suffering. We walk up to the cross, look into the eyes of our Messiah and we understand.

It is the day when vision begins.

The once small voice is no longer silent. It speaks in the late hour of reality, as a name across the room of our souls.

It is time to stand and find the disciplines of old.

Wisdom tells us, 'that to deny the voice of Christ, is to deny His presence and to deny His presence, is to deny His very existence.'

For those who have ears let them listen. God still speaks to His children, but how many are willing to listen?

Can we prepare ourselves a humble ground, on which the message of Jesus can live?

We know the self of yesterday, but lack confidence in who we are now. Or maybe our lack of self-reliance, has become our strength. We are nothing apart from Him. All that matters is what He will do through us.

We have to abandon our fears and let go of what we know. He will keep us from the fire.

We need to look past what we can see, and seek what is real.

And trust all the days in between, to the Son of God. He will not fail us.

The undistinguished road, wide enough for one to travel, that leads to a solid destination.

To swim in the water of life, even though we can no longer see the boat. God chooses what man considers nothing and makes it everything. He perfects the wounded vessel, to reveal Himself.

How else will He reach the people?

His presence must be obvious and unquestioned. He does not make mistakes. And even though the brain aches to keep time, this is where we should be. This is who we are.

The Cross can be very heavy. The fear of ever seeing disappointment in those big bright Eyes. But we keep going forward, whether alone or surrounded. A person of special circumstance, who is weak and faltering, and rushes toward death all too easily.

We think this should be going better, that we should have gotten farther. We wonder if He should of chosen someone else. And then we begin again.

For some the Cross is an isle of refuge, and for others it is the battle for souls. Where are they? Our beloved Apostle Paul asked us to remember his chains. What was he trying to tell us? Could it be that his love far exceeded the physical restraints of this world? That his suffering was welcomed in the passion for which it was intended, to express the Holy confidence and exemplify the life of Christ.

Many suffer in love for Him, who died for all. And there are some who share a bond that few can, or are willing, to understand.

Henry, your Cross will not be an easy one, but it will always remind you of who you belong to. It will help you to stand for what is right and keep you from falling. And in your suffering, you will live His Passion. You will think on His Sacrifice and the moment He gave it to you. In recognition of your Purity, please do not falter.

Why are the empty Churches, filled with Nuns of old? They turn and look for those who will listen. What are they trying to say? Have we forgotten the words they left behind and become immune to their sacrifices?

They wait for us to realize what God has shown them, while there is still time.

Do we as a people, have all the answers? Do we really believe that we represent the Church, that Jesus died to create? A divided house can not stand, so how could it possibly be ready to fall. What a foolish generation.

We do not deserve the time that is before us, but in His grace, He has given it to us. We must not fail Him. There is so much to be learned. We need to stop and go back. We need to find what was lost.

We need to listen to the Living Voice of our Resurrected Christ.

Why is He crying?

The Lady tells us that His people keep taking Him back to the Cross. As we remember his suffering, we look for answers. What are we doing to Him? Have we pillaged the spoils of our Salvation? Are we a separate people or children who have left the narrow path for an easier road, bending God's Will to our own image?

Whether we realize it or not, he continues to suffer and eventually the Father will step into time and correct us.

What would it take for us to change, to be the people that He intended? His love is greater than anything we could possibly understand and in this heart he feels all things.

He is Love. We want to reach out and comfort Jesus and let Him know that His blood did not flow in vain. That our love for Him goes beyond the explanation of words. We want His pain to end. We need to be the souls of His refuge. A betrothed heart, in a world that has forgotten Christ.

Many walk in the separation of man and God. To stand as a light in the darkness, giving peace to His pain. Our choices need to show that His sacrifice is our life and that our Love is more powerful than death. A profound word to help dry the eyes of our Lord.

Who has filled these boots? In daylight, he stands before a crowd of relief. As three stripes walk and talk. Instead of finding, perhaps one is found. What time is it?

Again the hands proclaim 4:44. The clock does not rest and wakes the late at 1:11. And as for the long night, is it found in the falling star? And what of darkness wrapped in black, where the white line bends and breathes. In abnormal motion will it seize the half of better? If so, one asks the King to find him.

Was there a Butterfly in the garden? What did our Jesus go through as he waited? When His sweat turned to drops of blood. He remained pure.

He did not let their hate, enter His heart. And despite how they tortured Him, he did not give up.

Do we appreciate how easy it would have been, for Him to end the pain?

That the armies of Heaven, were under His command. With one word, He could have walked away.

But He chose our lives, in place of His own. To give us a life, we could find no other way.

We are facing days that will test our resolve in Christ. It is imperative that we do not walk alone.

We must hold His hand in the garden and look for the Butterfly, that He has placed among the flowers. It will give us something to hope for, when hope seems very far away. A beautiful Monarch of God's creation.

It is difficult to live in two places. To have even a glimpse of what is out there. A longing of heart, given to those who love Him deeply.

When will it be? How far are we from that moment? It was very hard for our beloved Apostle Paul to stay, but he knew there were things he needed to do for Christ.

As the body starts to age, the heart weakens and the soul aches for release. It is a balance of reality. We are not orphans in this silent world. So in those moments when you are so very tired, please think of the one who did not give up, who did not walk away, who did not compromise.

We must stay focused on His Cross, as He is our example of what love really is. And regardless of how He has been redefined, the truth remains in our hearts.

Vision, wisdom and understanding were but a simple prayer. And now He has become our Teacher.

Please don't ever give up this sacred residence, it is the life you were chosen for.

His ways are always a mystery.

We miss the sound of His voice, the way He can make you laugh. The times when He has reached out and made Himself known.

We wish to be someone He would consider a friend, to know Him as one would recognize a loved one in a crowd. And while we wait, we look for the ones that we can trust.

Thank you for granting me this moment to speak with you, it has been a great privilege. We have waited a long time.

And we thank God the Father, the Son and Holy Ghost for waking us up and making this possible.

I would humbly ask if you might say a Mass for my family and if one would remember All Souls Day. We wish you only the very best and hope that others will find you ahead of time.

Spring is not so far away and the flower will be in season to bloom. God Bless you Henry.

In Service of the Lord

Dorothy of Cambridge



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