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What it means to join this church.

The Body of Christ
The Truly Universal Church
of the

Kingdom of God

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - People Get Ready Universal Church of the Kingdom of God

There are actually only a few things asked of you to be a member of this church.

First, is to understand that you already live in the Kingdom of God, and that the Almighty God is alive and present among you at all times.

Second, that you understand that being and spirit of Christ Jesus, with the spirits of God & the Holy Ghost in and through Him, gave His life & set an example for all people, and that you constantly consider His example as a way to live your life, as it actually means to be a Christian, or Christ-like. 

To be Christ-like, or a Christian, does not require you to be a member of a Christian Religion.

However, the Kingdom IS governed by a few simple rules that you are asked to incorporate into your lives. I hope that this web site will give you support and new insights as to how these rules can permeate and enhance your life so that you understand and realize how great the Kingdom of God can be, if you want it to be, as well as how to be a part of what causes and creates it.

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
This is the ultimate rule that is the expression of love of all spirits & beings of the universe, the love that is God & the foundation upon which all things are created and from whom the power of this world is derived.

Agree to stand on the watchtower, to seek and be willing to hear and know the light of truth, no matter how unwelcome it is, like a bitter pill that, when taken, delivers freedom to a world that has been suffering so long.

Be willing to know that these truly are the end of days, and to be willing to understand what that means, and how your life can be transformed through the grace of God by holding to your principles and values, that built-in knowledge inside you that automatically knows the difference between right and wrong.

And be willing to discover that His son, Christ, is in the world and working to deliver God's Promises just as God promised to shorten the days of the tribulations caused by the reign of the anti-Christ.

God asks you to believe and have faith again, to renew your faith in Him and His Son, at this moment in history,

And if you ae of a church or a minister, then God asks that you listen to His guidance, through prayer and occurance, as He performs His work, and directs your life in this time of Revelation and the Creation of the New World, as it happens before your eyes.

Believe again, have faith in God and His plan and His intent for the Kingdom of God, and know that deliverance to the promised land is happening... He does work in mysterious ways. Your reading this now is one of those ways.

I recommend this prayer:

Lord God Almighty -

I pray that my life and my spirit are renewed and restored in the knowledge of your presence in spirit and in the flesh  in this world, at this time and in and through my life.

Give me strength that I may show courage in the face of the revealing of the deceptions upons deceptions that have been presented to the world for many, many years, deceptions as we were warned of ong ago in your Living Word, the prohecies of the Bible.

Grant me wisdom that the actions I take, on behalf of my beloved and in defense of my nation and your Kingdom, be the peaceful means of Christ be the example of conduct and being in troubled times, that I may be a leader of your Kingdom toward the sustenance of those who will be true to their faith, by any name, believing in God, by any name, in a moral discipline of faith and good works as directed by your Grace.

And let me never lose the feeling and gift of love in my heart, for myself and for all spirits and beings of this world and universe. Nor, allow me to lose sight of the glosrious gift and blessing this world is to all who exist here.

Assist me in being true to myself and to you, in the reconcilation of my life to your ways, and the atonement for all that I have the power to reconcile, knowing that your love and the love of Christ is unconditional and forever,  and knowing that while my love for you and this world may have waivered, I have always been mindful and faithful amidst the circumstances of my life.

Thank you for your everlasting love and guidance, in the name of Christ Jesus.

Amen, and amen. God Bless Us All


If you can agree to these few things, knowing that God knows the truth of your spirit and being, then you are a member of this Church. (The truth is, you are anyway, whether you knew it or not :})


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