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Daily News in Review. Recordings of webcasts delivered from approx August 2002 thru January 2003. No transcripts available at this time

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www.charlesrehn.com The original Democratic Fundamentalism site from 2002. Please note: this mentions a boycott against MSNBC. There is no ongoing boycott organized at this site. Email addresses and some external links will not work.

The Current www.democraticfundamentalism.org site

The documents in this section are literally a "brain dump". In doing research, these are many of the documents and subjects I looked into. It's hard to fit them all into a particular context, although they contain useful information.

I can not say that I agree with all of these.

Do not get caught up in conspiracy theories, stick to tracking the facts and methods of operation that will lead you to logical conclusions.

There are a few categories for which I have sorted some documents. However, do not conclude that they are all filed/sorted correctly.

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911 WAS An Inside Job. 


www.freedomfchs.org for hundreds if not thousands if not millions of victim stories... actually, all of us.

Global Research: Excellent International Coverage of current issues www.WikiPedia.org

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"Project censored is one of the organizations that we should listen to, to be assured that our newspapers and our broadcast outlets are practicing thorough and ethical journalism."
— Walter Cronkite   www.projectcensored.org

Independent News Sources


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