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2008 Edition  5/31/2008




A message to us all, each of us who are equal stakeholders in this heaven.

I want to share with you a book that my mother gave to me before she died... she was insistent that I receive certain, few, beautiful "things" to guide me in this moment. I want to share it with you, as the meditation that does and will guide me day by day, and now that I know what I know, it will guide us all.

It was "printed" in 1902. The book, which is beautiful and  may even have its pages adorned with gold leaf on its edges and in its illustrations, is called "Thomas A'Kempis".  The scans below don't do justice to the beautiful artistry of the illustraitons.

I have no idea where it came from or why, I  only know it contains the wisdom of the ages, and I want to share it with you. It has 31 days of meditations contained within.

And this is the instruction for day 1... of the New World.

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Thomas A'Kempis
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First Day

Why wilt thou put off thy resolution from day to day?

Arise, and begin this very moment, and say: Now is the time for doing and now is the time to fight: now is the proper time to amend my life.  Book 1

The humble knowledge of thyself is a surer way to God, than the deepest search after science.  Book 1

Always remember thy end, and that time once lost never returns.  Book 1

It is a greater labor to resist vices and passions, than to toil at bodily labors.

He that does not shun small defects, by little and little falls into greater.   Book 1

Second Day

No man is worthy of heavenly comfort, who has not diligently exercised himself in genuine sorrow for sin.

If thou wouldst find penitence in thine heart, retire into thy chamber and shut out the tumults of the world, as it is written: Commune with your own heart, and in your chamber   (Psalm IV. 4, P. W. B. V. 1).  Book I

Some indiscreetly intent upon a life of devotion have ruined themselves by choosing to attempt more than was in their power, not weighing the measure of their weakness, but following the impulse of their heart rather than the direction of reason. Book III

Third Day

The progress of a spiritual life consists not so much in having the comfort of grace, as in bearing the want of it with humility, resignation, and patience; so as not to grow cold in thy exercise of prayer at that time, nor to suffer thyself to omit any of the accustomed duties. Book III

In silence and quiet the devout soul advances, and learns the secret of the Scriptures. Book 1

He who would fully and feelingly understand the words of Christ, must study to make his whole life conformable to that of Christ.  Book I

Fourth Day

Christ will come to thee, and show thee his consolation, if thou wilt prepare Him a fit dwelling within thee.  Book II

It is a great art to know how to converse with Jesus; and to know how to keep Jesus is great wisdom.

Be humble and peaceable, and Jesus will be with thee.

Be devout and quiet, and Jesus will stay with thee.

Fifth Day

We ought rather to choose to have the whole world against us, than to offend Jesus. Of all, therefore, that are dear to thee, let Jesus always be thy special Beloved. Book II.

It is not hard to despise all human comfort, when we have Divine. Book II

Let heaven and earth, and all the glory of them, be silent in Thy presence, O my best, my dearest beloved;

for whatever praise or glory they have, is all the gift of Thy bounty, nor can they reach the glory of Thy name, whose wisdom is infinite. (Ps. cxlvii. 5,P.B.V.).

Sixth Day

Leave vain things to vain people; but mind thou the things which God has commanded thee. Book I

If thou hads a right spirit within thee, and were purified from earthly affection, all things would turn to thy good to they profit. Book II

Often run again and again to the Fountain of grace and Divine mercy, to the Fountain of all Goodness and Purity; that thou mayest be healed of thy passions and vices, and be made more strong and vigilant against all temptations and deceits of the devil. Book IV.

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Seventh Day

As thine eye observeth others, so art thou observed by others.   Book I.

Many count the years of their conversion; but oftentimes the fruit of amendment is but small.  Book I.

Jesus has now many lovers of His heavenly kingdom; but few that are willing to bear the cross.

He has many that are desirous of comfort; but few of tribulation. He finds many companions of His table; but few of His fasting.

All desire to rejoice with Him; few are willing to suffer for Him. Book II.

Eighth Day

When GOD gives spiritual comfort, receive it with thanksgiving;

But know that it is the bounty of God, not thy desert.

Be not puffed up, be not overjoyed, nor vainly presume;

but rather be the more huumble for this gift, and the more cautious and fearful in all thy actions; for this hour will pass away and temptation will follow. Book II.

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Ninth Day

All Holy Scripture ought to be read with the same spirit with which it was given. Book I.

We must be watchful, especially in the beginning of temptation;

because then the enemy is easier overcome, when he is not suffered to come in at the door of the soul, but is kept out, and resisted at his first knock. Book I.

The enemy without is overcome sooner, when the soul within is yet unspoiled.

Thy soul hath no enemy more troublesome or dangerous to it than thou thyself art, when thou art in agreement with the spirit. Book III.

Tenth Day

I had rather feel compunction, than know its definition.  Book I.

I will willingly accept of that grace which makes me always more humble and fearful, and more ready to forsake myself.  Book II.

The is no sanctity, if Thou, O Lord, withdraw Thy hand;

No wisdom avails, if Thou cease to govern us;

No strength is of any help, if Thou support us not; No chastity is secure without Thy protection;

No guard that we can keep upon ourselves profits us,
if Thy holy watchfulness be not with us.  Book III.

Eleventh Day

When Jesus is present, all goes well, and nothing seems difficult: but when Jesus is not present, everything is hard.

When Jesus speaks not within us, comfort is worthless; but if Jesus speaks but one word, we feel great consolation.  Book II.

How much the more and better thou knowest, so much the more heavy will be thy judgement, unless thy life be also more holy.  Book I.

Twelfth Day

A fervent and religious man is readyfor all things.  Book I

If thou seekest this, or that or wouldst be here or there, for the sake of thy own interest, or the pleasing thy own will, thou shalt never be at rest, nor free from anxiety; for in everything thous shalt find some defect, and in every place there will be some one that will cross thee.  Book III.

Oh! When will there be an end of these evils?

When shall I be at liberty from the wretched slavery of sin? When O Lord, shall I be so happy as to think of Thee alone?

When shall I rejoice in The to the full? Book II.

Thirteenth Day

O Lord, to what are we come? behold we deplore a temporal loss, we toil and hasten after a trifling gain, and loss to the soul is forgotten, and scarcely comes again to our mind.  Book III.

Whensover a man desires anything inordinately, he is presently disquieted within himself. The proud and covetous are never easy. The poor and humble of spirit live in much peace.  Book I

When thou shalt arrive thus far, that tribulation becomes sweet and of good relish to thee for the love of Christ, then think that it is well with thee, for thou hast found a paradise upon earth.  Book II.

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Fourteenth Day

The place avails little, if the spirit of fervor be wanting;

Neither shall that peace stand long which sought from abroad, if the state of thy heart want the true foundation, that is, if thou stand not in Christ;

Thou mayest change, but not better thyself. For when occasion arises and thou be overtaken, thou shalt find that which thou didst fly from, and more also.   Book III


Fifteenth Day

If we strove like violent men to stand in the battle, doubtless we should see that our Lord would help us from heaven,

For He is ready to help them that fight, trusting in His grace, since He offers opportunities for fighting to the end that we may conquer.  Book I

Sixteenth Day

I will hearken what the Lord God willsay concerning me. (Psalm lxxx. 8, P.B.V.).

Blessed is that soul which heareth the Lord speaking within her; and from His mouth receiveth the word of comfort.  Book III

True peace of heart is found by resisting our passions not by serving them. There is no peace, therefore, in the heart of a carnal man, nor in a man that is addicted to outward things, but in a fervent and spiritual man.  Book I.

Seventeenth Day

If thou set thyself to what you oughtest, that is, to suffer and to die to thyself, it will quickly be better with thee, and thou shalt find peace.  Book II.

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Eighteenth Day

I never found anyone so religious and devout as not to have sometimes a withdrawal of grace, or feel a lessening of spiritual warmth.  No saint was ever so full of light and devotion that he has no, at first or last, suffered temptation.   Book II

Keep thy vows in thy mind, and thy crucified Lord before thine eyes.   Book I.

The cross is always ready, and everywhere waits for Thee. Thou canst not escape it, whithersoever thou runnest; for whithersoever thou goest, thou carryest thyself with thee, and shall always find thyself.  Book II.

Nineteenth Day

Give thyself to me, and it sufficeth; for besides Thee no comfort can avail. Without thee I cannot subsist; and without Thy visitation I cannot live. And therefore, I must come often to Thee, and receive Thee for the remedy of my soul's health, lest perchance I faint by the way, if I be deprived of this heavenly food.  Book IV.

We blame little things in others, and pass over great things in ourselves. Book II.

Twentieth Day

It is hard to leave off old customs, and harder to go against our own will. But if thou dos tnot overcome things that are small and light, when wilt thou overcome greater difficulties? Book I


Twenty-first Day

Lord, trusting in Thy goodness, and in Thy great mercy, I come - sick to a Saviour, hungry and thirsty to the Fountain of Life, needy to the King of Heaven, a servant to His Lord, a creature to his Creator, and an outcast to my dear comforter.   Book IV.

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Twenty-second Day

If thou reliest more upon thine own reason or industry, than upon the virtue that brings thee into obedienceto Jesus Christ, thou wilt seldom and hardly be an enlightened man; for God will have us perfectly subject to Himself; and in and out of love to Him, follow on whither reason cannot guide. Book I

He that desired to retain the garace of God, let him be thankful for grace when it is given, and patient when it is withdrawn. Let him pray that it may return; let him be cautious and humble, lest he lose it.  Book II

Twenty-third Day

Nature is afraid of beng put to shame and despised; But grace is glad to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus.  Book III

It is vanity to mind only this present life, and not to look forward into those things which ar eto come.

It is vanity to love that which speedily passeth away, and not hasten thither where everlasting joy remains. Book I

Twenty-fourth Day

Patience and humility in adversity are more pleasing to God than much comfort and devotion in prosperity.  Book III

No man is fit to understand heavenly things, who has not resigned himself to suffer adversities for Christ.

Nothing is more acceptable to God, nothing more wholesome for thee in this world, than to suffer willingly for Christ.  Book II.

Thous must learn to renounce thy own will in many things, if thou wilt keep peace and concord with others.  Book I

Twenty-fifth Day

Oh! If thou wert sensible how much peace thou wouldst procure to thyself and joy to others, by behaving thyself well, and thou wouldst be more anxious for thy spiritual progress. Book I

Thanks be to thee that Thou hast not spared me in my evils, but hast bruised me with bitter stripes, inflicting pains, and sending distress both without and within.  Book III

Turn thy eyes back upon thyself, and see thou judge not the doings of others. In judging others, a man labors in vain, often errs, and easily sins; but in judging and looking into himself, he always labors with fruit.   Book I.

Thomas A'Kempis


Twenty-sixth Day

This is the highest and most profitable lesson, truly to know, and to despise ourselves.

To have no opinion of ourselves. and to think always well and highly of others, is great wisdom and high perfection.  Book I

Oh! how great confidence shall he have at the hour of his death, whom no affection for anything in the world is holding back.   Book III

Twenty-seventh Day

Keep thyself first in peace, and then thou wilt be able to bring others to peace.  Book  II

If thou didst know the whole Bible by heart, and the syaings of all the philosophers, what would it all profit thee, without the Love of God and His grace?  Book I

Twenty-eighth Day

Nature willingly receives honor and respect.  But grace faithfully attributes all honor and glory to God.  Book III

What I do not like to suffer myself, I ought to be careful in every way to avoid doing.  Book III

Twenty-ninth Day

Oh, how exceeding necessary is Thy grace for me, O Lord, to begin that which is good, to go forward with it, and to accomplish i! For without it I can do nothing; but I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me (Phil. iv. 18).  Book III

It is wise not to believe everything you hear, nor immediately to carry to the ears of others what you have either heard or believed.  Book I

Thirtieth Day

O wonderful condescension of Thy tender love towards us, that Thou, O Lord God, the Creator and Giver of life to all spirits, shouldest vouchsafe to come to a poor soul, and with Thy whole Divinity and humanity satisfy her hunger!  Book IV

Spiritual comfort exceeds all the delight of the world, and pleasures of the flesh. For all worldly delights are either vain or base; but spiritual delights alone are pleasant and honorable, the offspring of holiness, and of the inspirations of God in pure hearts.  Book II

He will easily be content, and in peace, whom conscience is clean.  Book II.

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Thirty-first Day

The saints that are highest in the sight of God, are the least in their own eyes; and the more glorious they are, the more humble they are in themselves.  Book II

There is no true liberty, nor good joy, but in the fear of God with a true conscience.  Book I

If thou considerest well what thou art within thyself, thou wilt not care what men will say of thee.  Book II






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