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For the Love of the World

The Davidic and Palestinian Covenants

In 2002, I recorded and published these recordings and comments to Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon. After making these recordings, both began to implement what I suggested.

I request that you listen to these recordings, so that you understand how sincere I really am about the restoration of your lands according to God's plan.

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For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life To Ariel Sharon  9/28/2002 

For the Love of the World - The Soundtrack of Your Life To: George W. Bush  9/28/2002 


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You can check the newspapers of this time period, I made these recordings and issued further directives to them to turn their backs on the United States government and any and all foreign interests who would use the conflict in your lands for the furtherance of the plan for global domination in order to establish the Kingdom of God without God - the 1000 year reign of tyranny by the devil in the battle for control as was announced by George Bush himself.

This included instruction for Yassir Arafat to go out into the streets and ask his followers to maintain the peace. Ariel Sharon was asked to reconsider the influences of external governments and interests that would actually not benefit the state of Israel, particularly in relation to the Palestinian people.

I referred to these directives in an article I posted called "The soon to be United Nations", when I reported to Lou Dobbs that - frankly I can't remember exactly what I said back then at the moment" - but I basically said "a little audacity goes a long way". And, I sent correspondence to Dobbs hundreds and hundreds of times, not to mention Paul Begala, James Carville, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Bush, the U.S. House of Representatives, The U.S. Senate, Tony Blair, the Democratic National Committee, Howard Dean, and on and on and on).

I ask you to respond to this news with peace and understanding. Do not raise your weapons or express your anger with violence. Simply expel your REAL enemies peacefully and lawfully so that the healing may begin.

Immediately following their compliance with my requests and directives... littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Psychotronics and electronic weapons were used to eliminate them both. Can I prove this: no. However, amongst targeted individuals, anecdotal reports and medical histories from negative effects of microwave attacks on United States Embassy Personnel and Ambassadors in Russia, suggest that Yassir Arafat's symptoms were consistent with that of an aneurysm, and of course, the same is verified to be true of Ariel Sharon.

I've been negotiating with the United States Government and the U.S. media for some 6 years now.  That is a 53 year old story unto itself. And they will not relent in their quest for global tyrannical domination. That is why I am appealing to you directly now. Whatever you learn, let your response be expressed in peace and love, and in faith that your suffering is coming to an end as of this moment.

And now, (6/3/2008) the rest of the story which led me to give you the information above and below, which I wrote last night.


I'd like to tell you a little story. It's hard to remember when I actually thought about it. It had to be before I was 15, though. I saw an ad in a magazine about the United States Government offering homestead properties in the desert to people who would farm the land continuously for 5 years. Unfortunately, I was too young to qualify for a parcel, but it got me to thinking.

I heard about water de-salination problems and the dwindling water supply In Israel, and thought to myself, it would be interesting to see if I could create a method for transforming an arid land into a lush, fertile farmland by creating an environment, much like Redwood trees create their own weather environment, by planting crops that would generate soil fertile enough to support crops and fruit trees and the sorts of things it seemed that people in the Holy Lands really needed. You could say I put it on one of those "to-do" lists for the "someday" when I had the time to experiment with the theories required, when I finally found the time for it.

A year or so after that, I'd heard somewhere along the line that in Fresno, California, the installation of aqueducts for farm irrigation actually changed the weather and provided more rainfall that watered the crops without these aqueducts, thus allowing for lakes and water supplies for humans. In effect they caused perfect farming conditions.

A few years back, before I read the Scofield Reference Bible and Concordance as an objective reader (as opposed to a subjective reader observing and interpreting the spiritual and supernatural aspects of the religion - the user's manual, or the owner's manual) I began to realize that the Bible I read and researched told a much different story than I had ever heard before.

I realized that the true purpose of the covenants were NOT to cause Israel to prevail over and dominate the the Palestine beings, nor was it to evict the Palestinians. Further, and this is the part I really want you to understand without bias on my part, because as I stated I am FOR both parties in this struggle, that there is more to the story of why the Tribes of Israel are the "Chosen People".

You see, I have something in common with all of you - similar to your struggles although, admittedly, without anywhere near the suffering you have all endured over the ages. But the lessons I have learned have made it possible for me to have a great deal of compassion, and feel a great deal of love for all concerned. And, through my observations and studies, I realized that the plans I had considered about the environment and farmlands in the Holy Lands was for all of you.

But the important thing to understand, just as in my life I've experienced the requirement to forgive those who had "trespassed against me" and to atone for my own transgressions, I realized that the true purpose of the "Chosen People" was to endure the hardships of their lifetimes and provide an example to the world - an example that would end the conflicts and wars of the world forever - an example of forgiveness.

Forgiveness of the hardships and fears and terrors and deaths and grueling endurance of such hardships and then to still have the ability to forgive each other, and work in harmony and true partnership in the Holy Lands as one.

One. One country, two formerly disparate religions and faiths - in fact all faiths - sharing a land that is beautiful and bountiful and without internal borders or segregation. Forgiveness, and sharing.

We have been mislead by the "body" or "church" of the anti-Christ - those who misinterpreted the plan of God - to believe that Israel - as the "Chosen People" were destined to be destroyed in the apocalypse of Armageddon. This is absolutely not the case. But it is the reason you are all being prompted to use war, apartheid methods and genocide to assist in the domination of the cosmos.

All throughout the Bible, prophets have come to us with instructions and insights, not the least of which were predictions of the future. The prophesies were interpreted as instructions to destroy Israel - or - suffer a 1000 year reign of the anti-Christ via domination and war.

The interesting part is that if you really read the Bible - and I want you to look for this yourselves in the writings of your faith or in the Bible - or ask your minister to research this for - but look for the descriptions of the returning Christ or messiah and Satan.

What you'll discover is that the Bible has been changed so many times in so many ways that they made an error that exposes the fact that there was a double-cross to make it appear that the "messiah" - someone who would come to explain the true plan of God, was switched to make it seem like it was the Devil, and visa versa.

Here I am explaining the true plan of God to correct its false interpretation, and, if you research the Bible as an objective reader, you'll find that the Plan of God I am telling you, and the true meaning of the term "Chosen People", are the true interpretations. Look for references to the names mentioned for both are interpretations in German can also be interpreted to mean the same as my name, Charles Rehn, or Son of Man. Looking briefly but further into this synchronicity, a lexicon informed me that the number of my name is 667.

They say God works in mysterious ways. This is one of the proofs I offer.

In the time period I made the above recordings, I began to realize and experience amazing revelations and occurrences of synchronicity that were part of the revealing to me of who I am and the Plan of God.

Synchronicity is the concept that God's plan - (God - also known as the Great Architect of the Universe, or to me, Good Old Dad) allows for freedom of choice, and thus allows for every possible option available in each beings' lives that ultimately leads them to the completion or failure of their purpose.

So, I was sleeping one night when I awoke in the midst of a dream.

Because the synchronicity happened so often and sometimes I confused me, I had begun the practice of actually tossing my Bible into the air and reading whatever page it opened it to as my "bedtime Bible study".  The night after my dream, it opened to the story of King David and Bathsheba.

That story has to do with David seeing beautiful Bathsheba in the fountain below his window. He was so covetous, that he had her husband killed so he could have her himself to satisfy his own lust. It was for that reason that David was not anointed as the perpetual ruler of the Kingdom. Because "he had blood on his hands".

That got me to thinking about the 10 Commandments and the phrase "Thou shalt not kill".

And that got me to thinking about how if God's works are good, and bad works are evil, then God would not instruct anyone to kill anyone in His name for any reason.

No death penalty, no wars, no violence, no poverty, no coercion... no military domination.

And I realized that, like the story of Adam and Eve who were tempted and failed in their test of free will to resist temptation, that we were led to believe that wars for domination - i.e. Jews Vs Gentiles - could only have occurred at the prompting of evil forces.

And, that the prophets were sent NOT to instruct us on how to win the "war" of hearts and minds on His behalf through violence and domination, but to warn us, time after time, that if we continued on the path we were on, it would lead to Armageddon.

And that is the precipice upon which we stand today.

But God made another promise. He told us that when He could no longer stand the suffering caused by the double-cross of His plan, that He would "shorten the days" of the trials and tribulations described in the New Testament. He said He would send His Son to render judgment - not judgment that determined innocence or guilt - but judgment that would allow for the fulfillment of God's Plan.

His plan is actually quite simple: it's The Golden Rule:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

Simply put, if we observed this rule, the only law required in the cosmos would be The Golden Rule, and the driving force of this rule is simple to explain as well: love.

If you believe that the driving force of the true law and thus the true Plan of God is to do all things in love, then you would also come to realize that war and domination are not the answer, that the only true way to fulfill the plan is to love one another, share all with each other, and work together as one.

And if we all did this, we would truly experience the Heaven on Earth and the Kingdom of God that we actually DO live in at this moment - though we fail to recognize this fact in the face of the turmoil of the tribulations we are experiencing - and I am the mediator whose responsibility it is to cause the Era of Reconciliation comprised of atonement and the full establishment of the Kingdom of God in preparation for His return.

The requirement for this is simple and complex, because it is that the beings of Palestine and Israel MUST reconcile their differences, and that Israel must fulfill its responsibility to be the example to us all  as the "Chosen People".

I understand that this is not the common interpretation of the events and requirements that would lead to the establishment of His kingdom.

But, if you read the Bible as I did, as an objective reader, you will understand what I know.

I implore you to stand down, to do no further harm and to examine your lives and His word, and to embrace this truth and begin the healing required in order to fulfill His plan. For this, I offer myself as your mediator and counselor.

And, in return, the promised land will be delivered to us all.

I have purposely NOT given you the chapters and verses where you would find this information in the Bible because you will only see that what I say is true if you read the Bible as I have instructed, or have sought counsel of one who has and can inform you of these truths.

So, I implore you further to read as I have instructed so that you will understand that it is your completion of this task, and the example you set as the "Chosen People", that will forever provide the promise of God in His living word For the Love of the World.

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