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Not Your Typical Site

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I've never been one to do things in a typical way.
You probably think the same thing of yourself. That's a good thing.

There are a number of things that are different about this site compared to others, and I wanted to take a moment to explain some of them.

The Issues

I've known since I was a young child that this day in American History would come. You could say my life has been like the movie "Paycheck"... Or the TV Show "Burn Notice... where a guy wakes up one day, and discovers the few possessions he has left are all clues and items he'll need to figure out how he was swindled out of his life after being an important, integral part of something...

My parents and a cadre of people have been dropping hints and providing me with materials. And, you could say, my father passed a great deal of information and heritage along to me even though he died when I was young.

Note: From time to time, I mention Psyops that have been perpetrated against me. Leaders and officials DO read this site, I do leave interactions with PsyOPs "Guys" and Chopper "Guys" - having a sense of humor about my situation. There is much more on this site regarding this and Psychotronics.

Just keep in mind that when you see strange remarks and references to PsyOps, there are messages being passed to officials to give them and you a greater sense of what it's like to be dealing with electronic harassment.

The point of this and this site is, after Election 2000 and then September 11, 2001, and doing just a little research, I realized that the "End of Days" was approaching, not to mention the fulfillment of the plans contained in The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as described in the Bible and promoted on CNN.

In the United States, that meant faked terror attacks to allow the government to declare martial law, and, therefore secure global dominance by force for the next 1000 years (even George Bush told us that, only he made you believe he was a good guy, instead of one of the Biblical evil-doers that he is).

I remember writing to a reporter that I knew what was going down, what I needed to do as a citizen according to my father's instruction, and during one electronic attack when I thought I was being killed, I wrote him a "dissertation" asking him to inform the military not to follow orders, but to obey their oaths to protect the citizens of the United States. and refuse to fire upon American Citizens or participate in the imposition of Martial Law.

The more I researched, the more culture shock I felt.

All of my former political heroes have turned out of be liars, if not traitors. My most trusted news people were fronting a cause to strip us of our constitution. Our God given freedom.

So, from time to time, I became depressed as I realized just how far the deception of us all went. I can't prove, but know, that it actually caused discussions in the media, such as on the Bill Maher Program, on how normal depression is when faced with real tragedy or trauma - such as the realizations of the deceptions of the U.S. Governement and people like Jimmy Carter, Ted Kennedy and now, Barack Obama and John McCain. 

Tom Cruise took a lot of flack on this same issue, but I commend him on the message he attempted to deliver, and the courage it took to bring it forth.

There was the  realization that just by following the money, you could tell 911 was an inside job. Even more, that the Democrats were every bit as much accomplices as the Republicans.

Paul Begala touted the Patriotism of Democrats as having written the bulk of the Patriot Act... which was written long before 911.. and accounts for why former Veterans Affairs Secretary in the Carter Administration Max Cleland was called unpatriotic during his re-election campaign in Georgia, despite his wounds from the Viet Nam war.

These people all gave up on Camelot a long time ago, and decided to take the world by force.

Why do you think Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is off the table?  Because to impeach Bush would mean uncovering all the evidence of the conspiracy our government is perpetrating against the American people, in their efforts to finalize their overthrow of this nation.

I wish that wasn't true.

Beyond that, I'll only say, that's why I'm here.  That's why many of us are here.

Somewhere else, I said that I'd overthrow the government, except that I hear you can get in trouble for that.

So, instead, well just have to re-take it.

And if you think I'm joking about that, watch what happens next. And, be careful out there.

God Bless Us All. Amen & Amen.

Then - Consider these songs
(You too, Bruce)
Bruce Springsteen - Not Your Typical Site The Rising - Not Your Typical Site Into the Fire

The Music

If you listen to these 3 songs, you'll begin to understand more about why I use music to communicate, and my expression of faith in God.

No one was more surprised than me to find out in 2002, after beginning to read the Bible all the way for the first time, that these songs actually provide a Biblical message that's documented throughout this site. - Not Your Typical Site Alabama - Angels Among Us - Not Your Typical Site Orleans - Let There Be Music - Not Your Typical Site Seals & Crofts - One Planet, One People Please

I ask you to please keep thes things in mind about the music:

I did not use it on the site the way I did to encourage pirating and downloads. While I made a career of computeres, it has been several years since my attention was focused on those technologies.

Please do not use this site as a method of gaining free music. But absolutely enjoy it here.

I want to create a renaissance in the arts of all kinds... and I hoped this would help to inspire you.

Musicians and artists of all kinds and at all professional or amateur levels deserve credit for the work they do and the pleasure, and message  from God, that they deliver.

I freely admit that my use of the music in this way is not an admission of any guilt of anything, but is in one degree another part of a protest against a system that limits your exposure to the arts - in terms of appreciating it, and controlling your exposure to the liberating influences that God intended them to have. And, I believe that I can successfully prosecute my case against any entity that challenges this fair use of these materials.

If the artists do not want to have it played or shown,  they certainly can notify me in writing if they wish their materials withdrawn. And, I will publish no fuss or mention of it if they choose to do so. For caontact info, See Congressman John Hall (D), formerly of Orleans. He knows how to contact me.

About the materials presented

I have so much I want to put back on line for you to examine...

It will take a little time to complete the task. But I will get it done. The formatting of the web pages will vary from sectin to section. Please keep in mind that when you see "blank spots" in the old campaign site and For the Love of the World, it's because electronic atttacks prevented me from completing my work. However, you'll soon be seeing more than you possibly imagined.

I only ask that you view it for the consistency of my positions, the passion with which I have attempted to represent the most common interests of the American people and the worlld, the cosmos...

And that you understand that whenyou get to the "bad parts", to keep in mind that the Bible says to be above reproach. While I am not, the one guarantee I would be able to give is that by being willing to embarass myself with the truth about my life, that no one would be in the position to extort or pressure me into agreeing to anything that wasn't in all of our best interests.

Unfortunately, a great deal of the PsyOps I have undergone... even at this very moment... have been for the sole purpose of setting me up to violate my most fundamental principles of conduct and morals.

While I failed at times, I actually am proud to say that I have always returned to what I believe, who I know I truly am, and to the God I have always loved, and the world God provided. This heaven on earth.

I'd like to think that my father would be proud of me.

There will be a section called Brain Dump that will give you access to what is hundreds of documents I've read over the years that led me to the conclusions I present on this site. I will not say they are representative of my opinions, and I do not go in for conspiracy theories, but they are many of the materials I've reviewed over the last 6 years, from art to religion, astronomy and quantum physics, synchronicity to Masonry and the Illuminati, The Bahai Faith, Rumi & Hafiz, the Libertarian Party, of whom a "Rehn" was a founder, the Middle East, oil pipelines and war strategies... and much, much more.

Please forgive me if I stumble on a few details in my writing and speaking. The amount of information I've digested is immense. I'm often surprised to find out things I wrote 5 years ago that I start writing over and over again, with almost the exact same words.

At the same time, rest assured that I have a good handle on the issues that provide the foundation for our common, universal future, and I know of a great number of organizations ready to take action on things we all know need to be addressed with passion and commitment.

We Are 1

The song that's been playing in my mind for years
that hasn't quite worked it's way through,

Not This Their Way

We all want to see a world that lives as one
But we refuse to be the world that's ruled with guns
We would be the ones who'd stand for freedom any day
We would be the ones who'd help rebuild this astral plane
But not this their way, not this their way, not this their way, not this their way.

Of course, the lyrics probably won't be anything like that when I'm done, but that's how that goes.


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