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Projects Thwarted

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Questions that must be answered

These are the things I was working on, successfully,
when they PsyOps and Electronic attacks began

Average White Band - Work To Do

These are the projects I was working on prior to beginning political activism in 2001, many of which were at least put on hold because of governmental and media Psychotronic, electronic and Psyops attacks.

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The Farm - Family of Artists & Musicians - was the primary focus of my life from a very young age. I finally got it going - minimally online - back in about 1996 with an old web site called, which I do not own now.

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Planetary Mix became the new home of  The Farm.. and will be in the future as well. Not just for music, but for building

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Tickler Systems would have been a simple site that allowed you to enter important birth dates and such, and it would automatically email you as those important dates came closer. I had more important things to do, so not moving forward with this was a choice.

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Bridges to the World is a program to show people South Africa, and Africa as a whole. I have not been directly involved in that program due to other responsibilities. However, Lynn McMullen manages that and the Microfinance for Youth Program.  The link on the photo takes you to my photo essay (mainly) of our trip  in 2005. (unfortunately, it appears to have been modified).

The GDCU. The Global Democratic Citizens Union. This was the ACTUAL site to coordinate all of these activities. Its intent was truly to organize citizens to function in what was to be the closest thing you could legally get to a government within a government, that would have allowed the New World Order people to do everything they wanted to do EXCEPT force the American people into compliance with the government when the government discredited the media, caused several disasters and convinced us that we were under attack in order to set up their declaration of Martial Law. We are on the edge of that now.

Had I known my home was under surveillance, I may have done a few things differently, (like act more boldly more quickly), but I was proposing nothing illegal, but simply acknowledging the "people's" system I was creating.

It was to cover everything from human rights, workers rights, health care, food, alternative energy, alternative news... all on a global, national and then local level... that's part of a scalable, or holographic effect of a concentric plan. It's new home will be at

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This is my favorite picture of some of the kids who have benefitted for the Microfinance for Youth program in Loskop, South Africa.

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The Hunger Summit is a project that I was really looking forward  to. This was definitely ruined by psyops. What we had in mind was linking up college campuses throught the nation to discuss humger projects that would actually deliver food to those in need, and much more. I was committed to delivering a system to end hunger at least in the United States, and to nearly eliminate homelessness in 6 months or less. I believe it still could be done.

We don't need the government to tell us how many hours we're going to serve our (soon to become bronze age) government. It should be the other way around. But we don't need government permission to do the right things nor should we allow them to puff up their chests and say "Wasn't I a great leader?" when the truth is it always takes people like you to get any job done. Have you noticed how little credit yo get for what you give to others, in any way that you do it, even if it's only an encouraging word.

This also generated a concept I called "Kids Talk"... to link up children all over the world to talk to each other in their classrooms, in order ot find out we're very much alike, and to encourage global communications, equalization of economies (through the course of a generation), and to cause a climate for peace and reconciliation of generation-old hatreds and misperceptions about each other.

dfundmainpg.gif (5331 bytes) The site where the boycotts, news reporting, and much more began. Just as the electronic attacks and PsyOps began, and destroyed nearly everything.

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This is a simple idea that I really believe in. It was about creating a "Council" of elder, and contemporay statespeople to sit down and actually talk about the issues in a bi-partisan way. Of course, it's in my weblogs and other materials, but it was all publishe before 2004

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My position on the Iraq War, the Afghan Conflict, and the Bush Administration since 2000

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I decided,
what's an old New Patriot to do?
Click image to go there. :}

  They thought they got rid of me. But I'm back! :}

Though, because of Psyops, not as fast or effectively. But that, too will change soon.


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