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Am I A Manchurian Candidate?

Here's a strange subject for you.

I decided that, given my claims to Psychotronics and Psyops, let alone being the Son of Man, and a great number of other discoveries I have made about my life, that it would be fair to ask if I am the result of some kind of mind-control or brain-washing.

I've given this a great deal of thought myself for, likely all the same reasons you might have. These are the conclusions I came to.

I have, indeed been affected by the psychological operations against me, but, I am happy to report, I have been successful in resisting it. Because of the many goals of PsyOps... in terms of getting you to think things you never thought before, to do things that only you witness and such, there is a level of stress that's purposely induced to cause PTSD.

But, I think what most people don't end up realizing is that the biggest weapon in psyops is fear: terror. Once you realize that, the pain caused by electronic attacks and the emotional distress caused by psychotronics is relieved to the extent that you know you can use your mind to counter-act the harmful effects. I actually think I'm lucky in that, because I grew up in the hills and really came to know myself, I was able to discern when I really believed and felt something, and when I was being manipulated.

You can tell because you'll be sitting there, and for no reason, become annoyed... just annoyed, and you don't know why. And then you remember, psychotronics. Because it's electronic and it overrides your system, you still might have the "tension" of being annoyed, but you feel better knowing it's because of an external source, like a next door neighbor with their stereo on too loud. And then you can choose to not be annoyed.

The electronic attacks can be debilitating, and are the reason that there are "fragments" of websites here. One of the ploys is to - as Rumsfeld says - build you up to break you down. One of the ways they do this is to allow you to begin a project, and then zap you just beofre completion to frustrate you. This is a common method used to dissuade "dissenters". It is frustrating. If I wasn't so stubborn, I would have quit.

The bottom line on this part is that I know that when I say things and do things, they are not things I would not normally have a willingness to do. And, in a way, the psychotronics do contribute to some behaviors as if reacting to a dare or reverse psychology.

The promise I've made myself about this is that if I believe I'm being affected in an adverse way or manipulated to do something not consistent with my principles, I don't do it. I wait and see how it feels later, and usually don't act. Good advice normally, better advice when being hit with Psychotronics. In this respect, I do not consider myself to be under anyone else's control. And, I know that psychotronics can be stopped in a second by the government, so I do not see that as a long-term detriment, particularly if I was elected to office. And, I want to distinguish that this sort of psychotronics was not used on me until at least May, 2002, although I recognize its symptoms going back to 1999 and political activities I was engaged in.

Living A Bubble Life

I've come to realize that I can't fully explain all of the bizarre circumstances of my life, other than to refer to the idea that I have lived in a bubble. By that, I mean that by reviewing my life, it's sort of like the movie Paycheck. I've had people giving me clues to things I would actually need to know at this specific point in time in history in order to take action and correct what's going on today. It's clear that people knew who I am and what I would accomplish in life. I can actually explain that, but won't right now. All I can say is that some people privvy to this info decided they didn't want to accomplish my "purpose" in life. And then, all I can do is reflect back on the "vision" I had one day in church telling me I would be some kind of leader or singer or something.. and my request of God to teach me what I needed to be able to fulfill my purpose.. all at a very young age.

Basically, living a bubble life means people working around me to cause me to experience, witness and test my responses to certain things. Crime, corruption... trust me, I know how strange all this sounds. I only put the pieces together on this recently. And it's apparent to me who was involved, because of the frequency with which I was caught in compromised situations with the same federal and local authorities, and specific corporations involved. And it wasn't about me committing crimes, it was about being a witness to it.

Unfortunately, it explains a great number of things throughout my life that never made sense. So I am dismayed at that. Especially the part of apparently how many people are actually aware of who I am, and never said anything to me except leave hints. It's always easy to see in hindsight. In a way, it's as if I didn't live a real life, except that it's been very real, difficult in a lot of ways that didn't make sense to me, but make sense in terms of living with the idea that there is a time to every purpose...

And then...

There's this thing about being the Son of Man. Like the Psyops, I spent a great deal of time trying to disprove what I believed, knowing it didn't make sense. And let's face it, there's only one son of man, so why me? Still, I couldn't deny that after my "spiritual experiences", and who I felt I was and what I intended to accomplish from a very young age, that I am. And it comes from a great deal of insight, but mostly becasuse I studied the Bible in 1970-71 and read Revelations and more, and thought, this guy comming back sounds like me (excuse my informality). He acts like, does things like me, has the same goals and purposes and beliefs. But the way the Bible is organized, it made it sound like if I did those things, I would be the anti-Christ. Part of those things on my to do list was to become President... as soon as I was legally eligible, as a way to carry out the goal of causing world peace. It's true though, that's what I had planned. And, I had a plan that included being a Senator, all the normal paths. Unfortunately, knowing what I know now, that path was prevented by some very powerful people, apparently with association to the Illuminati.

Nonetheless, I don't like to make excuses.

When I studied the Bible in 2002-2003, I found some things I hadn't expected. The most important of which were 2 passages in my Bible that made it clear that if the Son Of Man came, it could be made to appear it was the anti-Christ. I got fooled by that in the 70's. It was the reason I decided not to act on my instincts then, because I decided - as all people have free will and choice - that if to do this thing, to take on the task of actually generating world peace, that I would end up being a false prophet and lead us to war and Armageddon instead, that I would refuse. And did.

I have to tell you, finding those passages, and reading the Bible as an owner's manual, made a huge difference to me, and finally allowed me to give myself permission to be who I am, and that is, ordained or not, at the very least, a minister.

And, even though I was doing political activism before those discoveries, everything I was witnessing in the world was everything I was watching for my entire life... the circumstances existed for which I had been educated and prepared was happening... the moment I'd imagined that would be required to hit the "tipping point" on turning things around, when I needed to take action was happening. And that's why I'm here now, doing what I'm doing. That's why I'm sure that I'm not delusional or the result of Psyops on this issue. I'm absolutely certain that the Psyops were definitely to impede me, if not kill me. Because people, the U.S. Government knew I was here all the time. I'm certain of it.

I have to admit, there are certian perceptions I have about my past that could be the result of psyops. All I can tell you is that I hold thoughts and ideas based on fact and evidence about the "real world", and then thoughts and ideas that hold a great deal of information that won't completely make sense until someone fills me in later, when I can descend from this bubble I'm in. I look forward to that day. But I can assure you, everything I report on this site is fact and true, is corroborated by reliable sources... and, as I've always said, if someone was able to convince me, based on what I know, that someone else was the Son of Man, I'd ask them where to sign up to volunteer. Meanwhile, I'd be happy to answer cleric questions. It would be fun :}



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