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Sometimes those TV Shows and Movies
are trying to tell you something

Things You Don't Know That You Know Additional Resources
There are things that you know you know, things that you know that you don't know, things that you don't know that you don't know, and things that you don't know that you know.

There are a great number of things that we believe in, think, feel and perceive that we just don't talk about, but in our heart of hearts, we know they're true.

For example, I know I have "ESP gifts" that I decided not to develop when I was young because I didn't think it would be fair to other people if I used them.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics WikiPedia

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Project Stargate
Project info, and CIA Resources Teaching Remote Viewing/Psychic Abilities

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Federation of American Scientists
This work was conducted by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff, once with the NSA and at the time a Scientologist

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Inside the CIA's psychic program
New Age 'remote viewing' a boon to intelligence community

I don't talk to people about psychic abilities because we've all been trained to think that psychic skills are "weird", and others will say that they don't exist and that people who believe in it are nuts, and in the media, unless it's for an entertainment program, they'll make a joke of you if you're an official who speaks of it... I'll bet there ar ethins that you believe or suspect are  true that you've allowed yourself to be "silenced" about.

I find great consolation in knowing that the CIA has spent decades and billions of dollars studying, perfecting and synthesizing psychic abilities, now called Controlled or Scientific Remote Viewing. Thye call it remote viewing because if they called it ESP, Psychic Ability or Clairvoyance, it would validate to us citizens that all the "stereotypes" about ESP and the so-called paranormal were to prevent us from thinking that ESP was real and based on scientific evidence from the government, thereby making it acceptable to talk about and do.

They seem to have reversed their position on releasing info on it, and all the old CIA agents in the original programs ar ethe people selling the books, teaching peole to do it, and promoting New Age Religions, particularly Buddhism. None of which I have a problem with, unless it's a front.

What Project Stargate Actually Did

In the late 60's and early 70's, Stanford University's Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Stanford Research Institute, affiliated with the Hoover Institute (Condoleeza Rice's old stomping grounds), used the most powerful magnetometer ever made (a device that was able to measure minute radio waves, in this case, brain waves) to capture the electronic signals - radio waves - emanating from someone's brain.

There was more than one discovery sought.

1) To be able to receive brain transmissions (like a radio station) with the idea that the signals could be translated, thus enabling a remote operator to monitor all thoughts and functions of an individual being monitored, 24 hours hours per day, and be able to review it like a movie or book at any time.

Like in the movie Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics "Final Cut" with Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Robin Williams. In it, when people die, he takes a recording  of their life experiences and edits them down into a memorial. The video produced is from the eyes and ears of the person whose life record they are working from, much like these pictures of scientists who actually electronically "saw" throught the eyes of a cat during the infancy of the development of this technology.

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2) To translate brainwaves such that a "remote control" could be devised to interact with that person's mind, and insert thought and "sound" by overriding or "piggybacking" a stronger signal than the one being generated by the brain.

This concept is demonstrated with the idea of listening to an FM radio, and when you turn a corner, a different station comes in. Then, a few feet down the road, the other station comes back. It's simple The receiver receives and plays whatever signal is strongest on the channel you are tuned into. The brain works the same way.

This is what synthesized telpathy has become, at least for the government in the arena of applying it to psyops. It's why it's such a danger. It cannot be detected without equiment that costs in excess of $50,000 , and considerable training. The government could track it down in less than 15 seconds, but they're the ones doing it, so they have no motivation to do that on behalf of victims.

So, imagine being attacked by Psychotronics, synthesized telepathy, and you were feeling happy, and the "operator", perpetrator, hits a button that sends a signal to your brain to make you feel sad. It's not as far-fetched as you think.

Stargate SG-1 features a program called "URGO" starring Dom DeLuise that tells the story of the team coming back through the Stargate, having been implanted with a micro-chip that allows someone else to talk to them, change their moods, get them to eat or not... remember, Timothy McVeigh said he had a chip implanted in his body during the Gulf War, when psychotronics was first used openly in warfare.

I could play you a mix of music that could you feel sad, happy, in love, betrayed... and it' not so much based on the lyrics of the songs. It's based on the frequencies in the music, and the rhythm. The pulse beat. A combination of frequencies and rhythm that have the ability to effect your heart rate, the production of adrenalin in your system, all of which can be manipulated.

For example, some music will make you dance. Some will make you sleepy. From a Psyops point of view, these concepts can be exploited. I'll cover that more in a moment.

3) To measure the brain waves - the signals being sent and received - by proven psychics. By doing this, they could take advantage of the unique characteristics of ELF Waves - extremely low frequencies - to transmit energy and information literally anywhere in the universe.

This is a great deal of the technologies behind the plan that I call "Creating the Kingdom of God without God" by the politicians who believe in war and causing suffering to force people to acquiesce to their elitist desires.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Reading your mind and injecting smart thoughts. "If this research pans out, says Norseen, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."   "The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."   U.S. News &  World Report

Imagine that you had successfully decoded the "Matrix of God" - created a means with which to interpret, intercept and replace your thoughts and control your bodily functions in real time - and that the synthetic frequencies associated with ESP/Remote Viewing are the same "frequencies" that God uses to talk to us, and they are. They are also signals that can not be blocked.

These same signals, theoretically, would allow them to tap into the master database of the cosmos, the "Akashic Record" as some would call it, and they would want to have you believe that, anyway. Evidence suggests to me that they can, in some ways. But I would not offer assertions that it is true. I believe it is primarily an ilusion created as I will discuss later.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics DARPA - the Defense Advanced Research Projects Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Agency - announced a few years ago that it was beginning to create its own Akashic reord by developing a system whereby every moment of an individual's life is recorded on a computer at Fort Meade, Maryland. People actually volunteered to take part in it.

If they can do that... record every minute of someone's life... how do you think they do that, and what are the implications as to what the real surveillance capabilities of the U.S. Government are?

And remember, some musicians and movie makers are trying to tell you things. Have you ever heard the song Eye in the Sky by the Allan Parsons Project? They were trying to tell you something.

The movie Deja Vu offers some interesting insights, as do certain Air Force commercials.

In Deja Vu, With Denzell Washington, there is a depiction of the ability for advanced infrared and other techological devices which can actually see through walls. It shows a fully developed image for the movie, where normally a computer enhanced image would replace the "ghosted images" of the Fleer technology (Forward Looking Infra-Red) Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics that it is based on. Fleer was the same technology used to prove that the FBI and ATF did, indeed, fire upon David Koresh and the Branch Davidians in Waco, and provoked the ensuing fire and deaths of so many me, women and children.

When viewing films of that siege, you will also notice microwave dishes pointed at the compound, used to apply voice to skull and psychological operations against them, and causing Koresh to believe he was speaking to God. In press conferences during the siege, it certainly explains why the FBI agents laughed so much when they said Koresh was talking to God.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Holosonic Sound’s inventor loves to freak out library users with his mind control toy.

The Holosonic Spotlight. Now you hear it, now you don't. Simply step inside the invisible circle of sound it projects.

Back to Deja Vu... the truth is, the government does have this kind of technoloy that can see through walls and my understanding is that you would have to go some minimum of 300 feet below ground to escape it. I've read other reports on more advanced technology that requires 1000 feet.

I have to add a Biblical context, simply because it exists.

For psychics, particularly those participating in remote viewing groups. First, I won't for a moment argue your gifts. What I will say is that the Bible says there will come a time when the "seers" will no longer be able to see. The oracles will no longer work, and their work will be worthless. I hate to say it, but we're at that moment. I see a great deal of evidence that individuals on the web with psychic abilities are suffering the symptoms of psychotronic attacks, as well as likely being fed disinformation through synthetic telepathy.

All I can tell you is that I've had a number of clairvoyant experiences - especially since 2001. Some of them are not pleasant at all, particularly given they are not good and that so many of the things I've seen have come true. I've also been fed synthetic telepathy garbage.

Here's how I know: synthetic telepathy is actually a radio signal that is measurable and has mass. When I'm being "hit with it", I can actually feel a physical sensation in the area of my brain from which it is emanating, which is different than normal telepathy, and thus far, the "perps" have not been able to duplicate the sensation.

Furthermore, when receiving synthetic telepathy, it actually takes more energy to process... it's as if I can feel my mind needing more energy because it's as if it's resisting the foreign input. Think about that for a while. Also, if your "gift" gives you thoughts and ideas that are inconistent with your normal thoughts, or you find yourself doing things you don't normally do. It's important to also check out the page on littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Symptoms of Psychotronic Attacks. You'll also start experiencing extreme frequency of synchronicities - caused to disorient you. Many believe they are experiencing a Kundalini transformation. They might be. But, the euphoria and psychic experiences are actually being generated by psychotronics - projecting thoughts and images into your visual and audio cortexes. That's the problem.

Without checking it out, you'll never notice it.

Another Biblical context:  the Bible says "they will go into their caves and not be able to escape". Such is the current case. You can go into your house, but if someone wants to look into it at you, there's the government with its infra-red, or Google Earth, for that matter, which will get you to within 10 feet of whatever you're looking at. The last place I lived had a satellite shot on Google Earth looking in my front door.

When MSNBC's Chris Matthews says "What is it that causes Americans to vote for things that are against their best interests?"

I say it's psychotronics. Not just via some electronic satellite device. or portable handheld. It's also on the radio and tv. On purpose and by piggybacking signals. The concept of subliminals has come a long way. Like most things, they use a new phrase for it - Left Brain Programming... the sub-conscious on the left side of most people's brains.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Subliminal Behavior Modification Through TV Described in US Patent

"It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be imbedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal."

Remember, these signals don't necessarily come from the tv and radio station. They can be embedded into the signal after the fact. And, these signals can make you comfortable, nauseous, upset, angry, hungry, they can you want to buy things you don't want to buy...

Think about this: it's no different than the subliminal messages they put behind the music in stores that says, over and over "Don't steal, don't steal".

It's very much the same as the radio station in Atlanta that embeds a sgnal in its broadcast that repels mosquitoes. The thing is, like a dog whistle, we call it an inaudible sound because our ears don't "hear" that high. Except, the truth is we do. Our minds say, oh, that isn't a frequency I normally use, so I'll tell my conscious mind to ignore it. But your sub-conscious records it, and if a pattern emerges, it will break the code of the pattern.

The experiments in the 60's with rock music and backmasking and subliminals actually turned out to be quite successful. The CIA experiments show that people will actually decode backmasking - playing speech backward - faster than words spoken normally. And, that it goes straight to the sub-conscious and get recoreded whether you want it to or not. Even more interesting, they find that your mind will unconsciously record speech if played 14 times the normal speed. Straight to the brain.

Now, imagine you were in politics or some powerful position, and you didn't like your opponent, and you could use these techniques to implant a false memory into someone's mind, and cause them to accuse their father, the political opponent, to deal with allegations of child abuse? Just consider those kinds of possibilities.

Silent Sound

When a tv newsperson does their broadcast delivers the news, they usually have an ear piece through which someon ecan constantly talk to them and feed them information while they're talking. After some practice, they get used to talking and listening at the same time, and they can deal with it. And, they take the ear piece out when they're done.

Psychotronics, and silent sound, not only can you not remove the ear piece, but may times you don't even know sound is being fed to you because it's being done on frequencies that your mind considers to be part of the sub-conscious. Unless you're aware of the sensations and symptoms of such feeds, you won't notice.

Part of the reason I finally decided I ws being attacked by psychotronics, as opposed to having a schizoeffective disorder is that much of the information I was receiving in these feeds was information I didn't know before, and after doing research, it checked out. Given my background and open mind, and the "connections" I had made, I thought I was being given the privilege of having a new communications system demonstrated to me. (I'm not stupid, just willing :})

Silent Sound is most succinctly, publicly disclosed in this article about the 1991 Gulf War.

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics Military Use of Mind Control Weapons Psyops Weaponry Used in the Persian Gulf War.

Further excellent discussions are contained in these articles:

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics The Ground-Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) System

Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics The Mind Has No Firewall" by Lt. Col. Timothy L. Thomas Ret.

Psyops against Americans is most accurately described and its motives deciphered by Brent Jessop of Remote Viewing. CIA. ESP. Stargate. Psychotronics "We Must Fight the Net" Information Operation Roadmap Part 3   "DoD's "Defense in Depth" strategy should operate on the premise that the Department will "fight the net" as it would a weapons system." "It is now commonly understood that information and other new technologies... are creating a dynamic that may threaten America's ability to exercise its dominant military power.

You want to understand by this that the United States Government is using military weapons against United States Citizens.

I believe I've given you a great deal of information that actually proves that this technology exists. In time, a great deal more will be presented verifying its actual use. I have hundreds of affidavits from victims, and access to thousands more.


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