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What You Can Do
As A Citizen, and As A Victim

Here's the sad truth:

The Little That Can Be Done

All of what has been described in this section on Psychotronics has been going on in one form or another for an incredibly long time.

Our government staged another Blue Ribbon "Cover-up" - yet another commission with the mandate to deliver the truth and effect legislation to prevent continued government abuse and atrocities. The Church Committee. All it did was cause these agencies to go covert to the government as well.

Russell Tice, a former NSA Analyst, requested to testify before Congress. He said Congress would be shocked to hear his testimony.

In April, I contacted a variety of government officials aware of these weapons and activities. My "inside sources" inform they they did, in fact, receive my faxes. There was some action taken, but not to relieve the suffering. In my case, attacks were intensified.

These people included Sen. Ted Kennedy, Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. Russell Feingold, John McCain and Sen. Patrick Leahy. All of whom took no positive action.All any one of them had to do is write one letter to the Judiciary Committee.

The bottom line:

The government will take no action because they are the ones initiating it.

The police will do nothing because they either don't know or it's considered classified. The best you can hope for is to talk to someone compassionate enough or knowledgeable enough to do nothing and not place you in  a hospital for observation.

Mental health providers will immediately treat you for schizo-effective disorder, and put you on drugs that ill kill you and make you more susceptible to Psychotronics. (the drug companies that make the bulk of the anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have a long history of developing drugs to assist the CIA in mind control and Psychological Operations. See Pfizer for the simplest example to find, going back to the 50's and 60's.

The result: there is almost nothing you can do about it, except suffer, and watch as your friends and relatives slowly have nothing more to do with you, your health deteriorates, you run out of money, and you likely end up being homeless, on disability and conveniently humiliated and discredited into silence and a life time of pain.

Again, I wish it wasn't true.


"Well, some time ago, we impeached a president for cheating on his wife, which as far as I'm concerned should've been between his family, his wife, and if he believes in one his God upstairs."

"When it comes to high crimes and misdemeanors, knowingly and willingly doing this and then being arrogant about it and saying we're going to continue doing it—I would certainly think falls into that category of high crimes." -- Russell Tice

The single most effective thing that could actually be done would be to elect me President, and it would be over in a matter of minutes.

However, if that doesn't happen, here's what can be done.

Document what you experience. Keep your journal in a safe place, record what you experience, don't show anyone until the day we have an attorney available who's on your side. Don't get too detailed or involved in it, because the Psyops agents will just harass you more to waste your time writing in your journal.

Eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. Sleep deprivation is the tool used most to condition you, and cause you to "break down" and be unable to resist. Use things like Sleepy Time tea to help you sleep. Valerian root, in some teas, is very effective because it effects the nervous system.. like Ambien and Lunesta.

A great deal of the effects of Psychotronics has to do with causing chemical imbalances, particularly of electrolytes. If you find yourself fatigued, restless, annoyed.. things like that that leave you with the feeling of body tension, it's likely that the tension has caused over-activity in your adrenal system, giving you an overdose, and effecting normal levels of brain chemicals. When they're off, you'll be dizzy, impatient, and possibly, euphoric. This method is well known to be used to cause hallucinations.

If you are put in the situation of going to a doctor, and for a prescription, concentrate on getting treatment for sleeping, and then, experiment a little and use the least amount necessary to sleep. Save copies of all prescriptions and even record doctor appointments if possible, because if you are being targeted, these same doctors will falsify your medical records.

Always remember, these are psychological operations being done by professionals. Their goal is to set you up to discredit you so no one will believe you, and cause an exposure of this technology.

Don't tell doctors about noises and experiences. Tell them you're having trouble sleeping. That will give you the most important assistance you need.

Take vitamins that assist in blood flow, eye health and tension. Marijuana will not stop the effects, but is very effective at relieving about 70% of the tension that stops pain and discomfort, and the production of adrenaline.

Most will recommend that you refrain from using anything to relieve the symptoms on the basis that using marijuana or anything else will indicate, when these criminals are prosecuted, that you are in fact mentally ill. I say, do what you need to do to survive and maintain as normal a life as you can. Go out of your way to maintain family relationships. When this issue is confronted, whatever you do to endure will not be used against you. The crimes against you are much too egregious for your survival methods to matter in the long run.

Assistance is Available

Unfortunately, I have to preface this as well.

Currently, after years of research, I have found only one group in the United States that offers at least "peer support" from other victims. You can contact them at

Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance is an organization of victims seeking assistance. They incorporated only this year as a non-profit organization. It has members that have been harassed like this for decades and are clearly MK-Ultra victims who were never "freed" by the Church Committee. It's members include people who were witnesses to government corruption, innocent people with no understanding of why they were chosen to be tortured, and other people who may have been operating outside the law in minor ways, likely victims of clandestine Weed and Seed operations conducted by the Federal Government, and touted as a successful (fascist) program by people like Rep. Brian Baird of Washington State.

FFCHS spends its time contacting officials, writing letters, holding demonstrations and seminars. They have had no success, because, these operations are conducted with the knowledge and approval of the Department of Defense. Their current attorney bill... for which no tangible result has yet been accomplished, is over $11,000, which they cannot afford, and a brief has not even been written yet.

Part of the problem is, these people are not doctors, activists, wealthy or anything of the sort. They have been terrorized for years. Many suffer symptoms of (ongoing) PTSD. And it's understandable. I'm not saying this to discourage you. I'm telling you this so you understand the environment you may be entering into.

You will be given a great deal of information and advice, much of it good, some it based on bad assumptions, and responses to the fear these people feel. Their lives are endangered and threatened very day for years. Imagine the effect that would have on your thinking.

To make things worse, these people are gathering to help each other. Unfortunately, they can't investigate everyone who "connects with them". There are also many infiltrators - Psyops agents there to disinform and confuse you. I could identify perps online to investigators simply by seeing what they write. The key here is, don't get sucked into sensationalism or hype. Or the next great person who claims to know it all. Someone might say something is true, and you accept it. Then, you do a little research, and find that the info was bad. Like someone taking a quote in the Bible out of context: they make it mean what they wanted it to mean because they are so desperate to find anything that will save them.So, check things out before deciding to take anyone's word about the details, the laws, the technologies and methods. Documentation is readily available.

There are a few people in these groups who are not well mentally. However, they stand out like a sore thumb. And the true stories, the ones that are consistent with your own will be obvious. Everyone has a unique story. But the symptoms and methods of the attacks will be consistent, and show clear patterns.

All that said, I encourage you to contact Derrick at   At the very least, you will find a support group of very nice people who have been brutally harmed. You will receive the compassion and fellowship that you deserve by becoming involved with them. They have conference calls nearly every day of the week, newsletters, research teams and so forth.

For those who do not see themselves as victims, please write to your elected officials on the state, local and federal levels. We believe that there is some law enforcement official or representative who will have the guts to raise this issue so that Americans will be informed and the torture will be stopped.

And if you do go to this org and their chat rooms, please respect the fact tat they are suffering greatly. Please do not allow your ignorance of the topic allow you to taunt them and tease them and call them crazy.

These people are victims of crimes that would cause the criminals to be hanged for treason. You have no idea of the suffering the victims endure. One day, I will describe it to you. And you will be horrified. Because it is torture, and it's straight out of the Intel Agency manuals. And that can be proven as well.

Be ashamed of the elected officials in Federal Government. They do not deserve your respect as human beings for allowing this to go on.

Remember, they are doing it in your name, with your money. All the while calling themselves "symbols of America". If they want to be symbols of this, then they are certainly despots.



Please also visit:


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