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Who Are the "Psyops Guys".... Who's Doing It? and Why?

From time to time, you'll see me mentioning "the psyops guys" on this site. These "people" are the people used to contain me, in CoIntelPro style harassment and surveillance, 24/7/365. My "bubble".

The technologies in use are actually quite remarkable, or, the wrong hands, diabolical.

Imagine having a weapon that allows you to transmit sound to a targets "heraing system" directly via the nerves, bypassing the ears themselves, with no way to block the signal? That's what the government uses to suppress individuals willing to stand up against their policies. Thus, this brief explanation.

Electronics, Sharon Weinberger, Electro Magnetic Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons A Voice Only You Can Hear: DARPA's Sonic Projector

Whenever you're ill, you look for the symptoms and patterns of how you feel, and then assume there's a particular ailment and treat it based upon the obvious symptoms.

The symptoms of psychotronics are the same way. And, because they're intended to be destructive to the individual being targeted, they are done in specific ways, dialectics, to set the target up to exhibit certain psychological symptoms. After all, when using voice to skull technologies, and the ability to make people "hear voices" with various forms of directed sound, you have a pretty good edge on your target/victim already.

The Holosonic Spotlight is a device that is a pretty basic "voice to skull" product that is currently used for advertising, museums and other places where a company wants to supply sound to patrons in a given area without it "leaking out" to other areas. The video below shows how it can work. It's just a refined way of directing sound, like repositioning the speakers on your stereo system.

Holosonic Sound’s inventor loves to freak out library users with his mind control toy.

The Holosonic Spotlight. Now you hear it, now you don't. Simply step inside the invisible circle of sound it projects.

People who have been targeted by this technology for some time, and somehow have managed to find other people with similar symptoms and problems, say it takes an average target about a year to begin to grasp the technology and methods employed to harass them after they begin to find the right information on the topic.

Meanwhile, the targeting continues. It's painful, debilitating, life threatening... In my case, it was 3 years before I found that kind of information. For other people, it's been much longer. And I have to tell you, as horrible as it has been for me, I know many   people are subjected to worse treatment. That's nearly unimagineable.

What people are subjected to is hard to describe. It really is. It's one of those things that, if you haven't experienced it, you really can't appreciate what it's like. It is actual torture.

When I speak about the Psyops guys and the Chopper guys, I'm talking about the people assigned to my Psyops since 2002, when I began speaking out against the Bush Administration and boycotting a news channel.

They're not my friends, and they're not always "mean" anymore, but they definitely try to"trip me up". That's what they do to people. Like get us to write articles like this :}

My case, however, is different because I have evidence directly showing people involved in psyops against me. Most people don't.

And because of my broadcasting background, I understand the electronics. In addition, I have an amateur background in hypnosis, as well as a good grasp of remote viewing/esp principles and metaphysics... all of which are applicable to the technologies involved. That's why I'm not as concerned to speak out. I know that I could take my evidence and win in a court of law.

So, the Psyops guys are the people who take orders to hit me with electronic beams, talk to me, make me nervous about things I'm not nervous about and an assortment of things.

Interestingly enough, Todd Rundgren's song soun1.gif (532 bytes) Tiny Demons is the best demonstration I've heard of a targeted individual dealing with the frustrations it causes, and the things you are influenced to do.

When I talk about the chopper guys, I'm referring to the guys in the helicopters around my house. I was astonished one day when I went out in my front yard after hearing choppers flying low again, and I looked up, and 9 choppers appeared in the sky surrounding the area where I lived. I just saluted them. In the day time, they stay up just high enough to be out of sight. At night, I see their lights flickering in the sky,and sometimes when I wave to them, they come down lower as if to say hi back. It's weird. One would be enough to contain or follow me. But 9? That's part of what lets me know that the government knows who I actually am.

That's part of what every targeted individual goes through, though. That persistent chain of thoughts...

Why would they do this to me? What did I do?
I can't believe anyone would do this to another person!

It really is like that. Again, in my case, I expected surveillance and such when I began my political activities. But I did not expect that my government would physically attack me, though I've heard of that happening before. I was exercising freedom of speech, and I believed I was being quite appropriate about it.

Among the people I've asked and heard from regarding their targeting, most people really don't know how or why they became targeted. I've been in touch with a handful of people who say it started for them when they called the comment line of a particular news channel.

In fact, many people report "media mirroring" from the media... which is an illusion. Sometimes media people actually do participate in psyops, but mostly, pysops people will use subliminals to cause someone to think about something just before it comes on tv... and this happens over and over again, and a pattern presents itself. And that pattern is that people on tv are constantly talking about whatever you're thinking and talking to other people about. It's a Psyop, and I'm sure I'll need to explain that more, and I can.

Many political activists complain of targeting symptoms, though I don't think many of them know they're being targeted, and when they do, it's all they can do to continue functioning. I know of two groups of activists who are dealing with very serious issues who are being targeted. Groups mentioned on this site.

Some people are targeted because some company needed a "guinea pig" to test equipment on. Others, because of political activities, ethnicity... some because they made the wrong powerful people angry.

Such is the case of Pulitzer Prize winning author Gloria Naylor, who released the book "1996" describing her experiences as a target. While the book is depicted as a novel, it is, in actuality, true and I have been in many dicussions with her about it.

Nearly all of it can be traced back to the Department of Defense. However, most of the work is done by contractors, therefore giving the DOD plausible deniability, and the ability to say that the government (itself) is not doing these things. And, the DOD gave the technology to specialized local law enforcement agencies back in 1995, during the Clinton Administration.

And, all the victims can do is lobby Congress to stop doing it to them. Congress: the same Government that authorized it.

In 2004, when John Kerry said he favored continued development of the "new class" of weapons, this is what he was talking about. According to an NSA consultant I spoke with, it's all part of our government's plan to fully implement mass mind control.

I know that sounds conspiratorial and all. But do some research, It's ll true. And check out my other site for a great deal of info.

And, that, is the simplest, least graphic description I can give you of the Psyops guys. Trust me, taps on telephone lines are nothing compared to this.

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