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A Pilgrim Is A Person In Search of a Country
In Which God Would Not Be Ashamed To Be Called God

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Ladies & Gentlemen, Servants and Faithful;

Please forgive me, first, for my informality at times. I do not wish to diminish the significance of my claims nor my commitment and willingness to serve God, my Father, our Father.

At the same time, I've lived an unusual life, and the last several years, I have lived a somewhat solitary life, doing my work and coping with the government harassment I've endured since beginning my activism work in 2000. There's a part of me that wants to go into a complete explanation of all the things that would give you evidence to support my claims. But the truth is, I look forward to having a face to face with you, so that you can truly experience who I am, ask questions and such, so you can make up your own mind.

I want to point out to you the importance and significance of this specific time schedule. We're behind schedule in some ways, ahead in others, but poised, nonetheless, on the precipice of the war that even George Bush acknowledged after September 11, 2001 - the war between good and evil - the good vs the evildoers - I know you know that. But like the Bible says, there will be deception after deception after deception.

And what is on the line IS the next 1000 years of "spiritual" rule of His Kingdom... the anti-Christ, those seeking to Create the Kingdom of God without God thru electronic means and oppression.

Or we have a choice - a choice to create the New World as He imagined - in His vision - together, doing His  work His way, and declare once again that His Plan does work, and that His world and the example of His Son the Christ Jesus was indeed the way, the truth and the light.

I had a yearning, a feeling, a calling deep inside that through my faith made me believe it was possible to truly deliver the promised land - Global Peace and Abundance For All. It remains with me to this day, not as a hope or an aspiration, but as the purpose for my life, the reason I am here, as a human with passion and commitment to his fellow man or with divine ordination and instruction - it matters not to me how you view it - what matters to me is that His will be done. And the time is now.

And then there's a part of me who, as a human being, would enjoy fellowship. I am not seeking a particular affiliation with any given church. I've enjoyed every church I've ever been to, and appreciated every faith I've experienced and particpated in. I'd like to be able to say  things, to people who understand the Bible, who still have open minds to the revelations of God's wisdom and are willing to share and to learn, who understand the meaning of my currrent favorite verses when considering what there is to do in the world that would cause God's promise to manifest itself in the world, when I need to assure myself that the duality of the world - between the material and spiritual planes - are real, and not simply the result of my sadness at the condition of the world today.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

6:19 And for me, that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel.

6:20 For which I am an ambassador in bonds; that therein I may speak boldly as I ought to speak.

And when I feel impatient, I remember the special words of Ecclesiastes that keep me focused and moving forward. And then there's the part of me who wants to say to people who truly understand all that, stuff like...

I know Revelations said they'd do that stuff, but I just didn't believe people would actually be that vile.


Do you know what that Sacred Math Stuff is... I'm so tired of it. Yeah, all this encoding... yeah God does have a sense of humor, but my name isn't Job, though I've done that one too. :}and I'm kind of ready to move on..


I sure wish God would have me read things other than "They won't help you" and tell me something new like... one day, there'll be a crack in the sky and there'll be a voice.. and then tell me what day and time so I can take a vacation and not miss anything :}

And my favorite, the one that makes giggle, because I know how it must seem to you... as it's seemed to the limited number of religious leaders I've tried to talk to about this and was amused by their responses.. :} The remark, so what do you really want to do with your life?

So the final one I'll share with you that I'd like to share with someone and be joined in laughter over is "I know what they're thinking. Here comes another one of those guys thinking he's the Son of Man" :}

Of course I know how it sounds. :} Trust me, if I didn't laugh about these things, I'd really be crazy.

Oh well, me and Noah. :} They say I'm a little eccentric... anyway... I bet you know what I mean, though.

All I can tell you, really, is a little story I fondly refer to as The Saudi Arabian Connection...hopefully I'll tell it as well as I have before in my weblogs...

The Saudi Arabian Connection

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I was working at Sears in Eureka, California as a TV and Stereo salesperson in the early 70's.  This one evening I had the shift until 6pm.

Somewhere around 5-5:30, this "Arabian" looking guy, scruffie long hair and beard and moustache walks into my department acting a little bewildered, a little annoyed, and asking me what I thought he should do.

He told me he wanted to buy a vacuum, some appliances, a couch a stereo.. a bunch of stuff. I can't honestly say I remember exactly what he was getting, but it was substantial, and all from departments staffed with 100% commisioned sales people, so something didn't make sense to me, in terms of why he wasn't being served.

As a salesperson, I've often been surprised at the people who couldn't get service because of their appearance or demeanor, and commissioned sales people not thinking they'd get a commission by waiting on them. So, I decided to inquire some more. I'm curious like that.

Besides, when I go to buy a big ticket  item, I'll frequently dress "below standard" just to see how the sales people treat "the least of them", if you will. And if they don't treat me well, I don't trust them to back  up their product, and they don't get my business.

As the story went, he proceeded to tell me that everyone was really nice until he got to the part where they'd have to wait around until 8:30 to call his father in Saudi Arabia when he woke up in order to get the approval for the credit card purchase.

I thought, Saudi Arabia, huh. Okay, I'm still curious.

I told him, despite the fact that I was leaving for San Jose, California that night for a Todd Rundgren concert the next evening at the San Jose Civic... - the first time I'd seen him... I'd barely heard of him... I'd stick around and see what happened.

I was still curious. Especially after he told me his father, the person who we needed to call, was the King of Saudi Arabia. I had to stick around to see how this one turned out. :}

So, we hung around the store coffee shop, drinking coffee and eating hot dogs. Along the way he asked if I'd like to manage  a pizza parlor in Riyadh. I told him no, because I liked America, but even more, being in all that sand after growing up in the mountains didn't seem like the place for me. He understood. Meanwhile, we had a pretty nice time.

8:30 finally rolled around, and I walked Ferdi (Ferdinand, I think, or Fernando, maybe they called him Nando) over to the customer service counter to make the call. Before I got back from the employee's lounge to see how it turned out, they were loading merchandise into his car.

And I made it to the concert the next day too, a little lacking in sleep from the all-night drive, but well worth it.

I thought, you just really never know, do ya' ? You just never do :}

After  that, I saw him a few more times. Once when a car full of his friends left a basketball on the porch, rang the door bell and drove away laughing. Another time they dropped off a microwave. And after that, I had to refuse the refrigerator because we didn't have a place to put it. It was a nice one, though. And the truth is, I actually have no idea who he really was.

I'd be curious to know your interpretations of certain things, to see where we agree and disagree... and to find out if you understand where the "Double Cross" is in the Bible... the deception of all deceptions... the part that makes me laugh from the irony of the meaning of my name, and the citing of the names of the Son of Man that would make most believe the Son of Man is the anti-Christ and vis a versa, depending on your interpretation... and the irony of just how precisely true the prophecies of this time are about specific events and conditions - things you probably wouldn't believe unless someone explained it to you... mainly about psychotronics... and the reality of the end days... the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ.

Will the world be finally set free, or will it live under oppression? That is the question of the day, the urgency of the moment on the spiritual and material planes. And now is the time to cause us all to become unique and as one in His matrix... when spiritual and material planes merge and present their harmony in the world, the heaven, in which we truly live.

The time for reconciliation of the differences which are not differences, but separate lessons and gifts to share with one another. The  time for personal, national and global atonement with ourselves and our relationships to God by whatever name, in preparation for the full and joyful establishment of His Kingdom forevermore.

And he wants stuff to be handled so when He gets here, people will know Him as a person, a peer, an equal (with maybe a little extra respect for who He is)... He wants to play. And He doesn't always want people to treat Him like an Almighty Being, but more like a person you want to be friends with... 'course, with a little extra pull in important places.

That's why I'm here.  To assist others in understanding the kind of relationship God wants with each person and being.

A minister recently said to me that religious leaders were trying to deteremine how to represent religion, Christianity, as relevant in a post-modern society. I thought that was odd. Now, after time and revelation, I understand his point and questions, but I was taken aback at the time. I recognize now that I don't know how to do that, but I am doing that. And I'm not sure I know how. That's part of the proof to me that God is in control now, working things out, convicting people's hearts with me standing in the wings when it's time.

I had a job once at Intuit. They said an important part of my job was to understand that I had all of the responsibility, and none of the authority. Seems to actually be the story of my life. That and the person who says they like being with me because they say I make them feel closer to God... but can't believe I - or anyone - would actually be the Son of Man.

No wonder the Bible says that no one would help the Son of Man :} People talk of wanting "the one" to appear and relieve of us the burdens we endure in this materialistic world... and I understand their cynicism... the Bible said people would lose true faith... and besides, this is a paradoxical situation - there is no real evidence that I am who I am, and no real evidence that I am not... and so the only judgment left to you, and the world, must be a matter of being. I don't know what to tell you about that.

All I can say is that I'm most willing to speak to people who are actually interested in determining the truth. Frankly, to get that part over with, because there's so much work to be done. There are people who know who I am, but they appear to be those who wish to prevent me from accomplishing my purpose.

And the only thing I'll say about that... about the Kingdom of God without God... is that these people believe they can override the power of God, despite the fact that they know that they derive their power from the same source - God. And as I say, based on the Bible.... He says that He will shorten the days of tribulations - when He can't bear witnessing anymore... that time has come. It's time to pull the plug.

I look forward to our work together in the near future.

With my sincere thoughts, prayers and love,


God Bless You. Amen and Amen.

Yusef Islam - soundicon.gif (1101 bytes)  The Wind

And, while I hadn't played for years when I did this, here's a little song I wrote to James Taylor  soundicon.gif (1101 bytes) In the End

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