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On the American Dream

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Statement of Candidacy
for the privilege

to honor you with service as
President of the United States
July 11, 2008

"Global Peace and Abundance For All"
The New Declaration of Independence


Global Peace and abundance for all - that's quite a statement for a relatively unknown individual to make when announcing their candidacy for an office that requires millions, if not billions of dollars and a political machine to attain.

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But then, I've lead an unusual life for which I am thankful. A life that could only have been possible in America. A life of divine instruction and purpose.

I have spent little time in my life deciding my purpose, except to understand and realize my purpose for the sake of honoring the principles and values that guide my life, the ideals and principles that have informed me of my responsibilities as a citizen, and the commitment and vision instilled and delivered by my abiding faith in God. And through the comfort of that faith, I have lived to seek, love, realize and accept the task of fulfilling that purpose.

I do not say those things or accept the project before me lightly in any way.

I actually announced my candidacy on my web site littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) on July 4, 2008 with the re-opening of the site oriented toward my candidacy. There will be a great deal more content as time goes on, including archived web sites which chronicle my work and efforts on behalf of the American and global citizenry with the United States Government and mainstream media. Further, to demonstrate that my candidacy is not an impulse or a purely reactionary response to the pressures of life at this time.

There are many in government and media who are aware of me, and are, in fact, aware that I am responsible - though now reluctantly - for many of the campaign themes and phrases use by the Democratic Party. I have been instrumental in their "public media interface" re-structuring since 2001. In addition, Republican candidates utilize and respond to my materials and comments as well.

I do not point this out to generate the theme that I am running for office in order to vindicate my intellectual properties or to pursue legal recourse, or even to cause damage to others' candidacies. Nor, to offer evidence of the psychological operations that have afflicted me since 2001 - when I began my political activities - or the awareness of my presence and my surveillance and containment by the U.S. Government.

I ask that for now, that these issues be set aside, and that we concentrate on the issues at hand - those facing this nation and the world - as there will be plenty of time to discuss the "dirty side" of politics after Democracy has been restored.

Democracy is the real issue of the 2008 elections.

We are at a crossroads - one where taking the wrong turn will have dire consequences, for this nation and the world. This is not like any other time or election. I implore all Americans to re-examine their perceptions of politics and this government and realize that it is no accident that the Constitution is being dismantled, and that the rights we take for granted no longer exist.

This election - unbeknownst to the American people - will determine the shape and future of the world inside the paradigm of the New World Order... globalization...

Few people understand that the New World Order - or globalization - is the name given to a movement to that has in fact hijacked a religion and has distorted and harnessed the original vision to serve immoral and ungodly purposes and selfish ends. They have hijacked the might and wealth of a nation - this nation - without regard to the will of the people.

The New World Order is a statement of government control by force.

The "New World" I propose instead is a plan based upon the liberty, freedom and free will - freedom of choice - a freedom so loved and claimed by Americans and people and beings around the world - a freedom irrevocably bestowed by God.

The New World is a world of choice, the Anarchy of personal responsibility based on the Golden Rule as described in the Bible leading to the full establishment and promise of the Kingdom of God, the result of an Era of Reconciliation and atonement leading to a world of global peace and abundance for all, and not the world of chaos generated by the real evil-doers.

There is no one more aware than I that I have stated a goal that many have spoken of, but few have dared to accomplish in the realm of politics. And it is a logical question to ask why I believe that I can be the one to accomplish what the beings of the world have prayed for so long.

You will have questions - questions that I welcome although some will, frankly, be embarrassing to me. And there are things I need to tell you of my experiences that will describe the experiences of millions of other people - in the journey of life, and in the endurance of psychological torture by their governments - things that will include the story of the most despicable act of my life which must be told in order to deliver a great deal of truth in the case of Ira Einhorn and so many others who have been criminalized in order to enforce their silence.

I do not look forward to these questions as a means to garner sympathy, compassion or support as a means to achieve my election. I have no desire to be a martyr in any way.

But I do intend to fulfill upon what some have told me I would become - from what I can tell - made an example of to embarrass and silence me...

But I say I will provide an example of the kinds of discussions and possibilities that exist and can in fact be accomplished when the genuine spirit of truth is present and apparent in the world.

The truth will set you free - and there is a great deal of truth to tell. And a great deal of that truth is on my web site.

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But only if you're willing to hear it.

I most certainly will run a different kind of campaign - one where I present my ideas and allow my fellow citizens to truly understand the issues and my commitments, and let them choose.

My campaign has no money or resources, and therefore it will rely upon the choices of citizens, and their inherent sense of right and wrong, good and bad, to inevitably determine the actions they will take to elect the first truly honest president in American History for quite some time.

You will never have to wonder where I stand on an issue, or the factors that are being considered on any given issue, if the American people choose me as their leader, a leader who believes in bottom up management, who has real faith in the goodness of people and humanity, and a leader who believes that service is best provided by one who serves their constituents by taking their instructions as to their needs and desires.

A leader you can trust to exercise judgement that allows for the inclusion of all people, the inclusion of all faiths and beliefs, and the inclusion of every voice of every citizen, because every being and citizen on this planet and in this universe is created equal, a right granted by God and not by humans, and a right that God has promised and will not allow to be denied any longer.

Each and every being is equally important to the well being of each and every other being, and to this planet. Each and every being and person is blessed with unique and special gifts of genius and compassion. For any one of our contributions to be overlooked or dismissed would be a loss to us all.

It is within this vision of humanity and the world that I declare my candidacy for the office of President of the United States. I will accept the decision and choices of the American people, as I pray they will understand that my intentions are real and true, that my issues and concerns as a free citizen are the same as their own, and that the spirituality from which I conduct my life is truly no different than what they know of themselves and God in their own hearts and minds.

With this statement of candidacy, I offer that it represents for me, the citizens of the United States, and the citizens and being of the world and the universe,

A New Declaration of Independence

based on these fundamental issues and ideals::

The Restoration of Democracy

Upholding Human & Civil Rights

Ending Weather Modification & War

Ending Coercive Psychotronics

Restoration of the Justice System

Demilitarization of cultures and societies

Ongoing Education & Enlightenment

Absolute Separation of Church and State

Judicial & Penal System Reform

A Holistic Approach to Health and Welfare

Real Universal Health Care

The Declaration of Citizens Rights'

...and much, much more.

These things and more can easily be addressed because the individuals with the answers, the products and the technologies exist - if only there was someone who would not acquiesce, who would not be concerned with special interests or rely upon affiliation with groups of preference or bias when serving the interests of citizens who deserve to be represented by one who provides them a full voice in the creation of the world we live in.

I am that person. You are my equal partners.

I  ask you to consider that it is true, and that I am worthy to represent and lead you through these very important and troubled times with a vision of

Global Peace and Abundance For All

If you believe that is possible, if you even simply wish it could be possible, then I request your assistance and support. This is not about hope.

It is about determination, persistence, integrity and the willingness to do what's right in the face of corruption, regardless of the odds or personal gains and losses.

As I always say, Do it For America, and you do it for yourself, and you do it for the world.

God Bless Us All.  Amen and Amen.


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