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A Letter To Tom Brokaw
Sent in June 2002, Prior to the Boycott of MSNBC

Note: After "retiring from NBC", Mr. Brokaw became a board member of the Council on Foreign Relations. At least he told us the "New World Order" had been installed after 911, before he retired. That's a question someone should answer.


Dear Mr. Brokaw;

First, let me say, that you have been a part of my life for  so long that I can’t even remember when you weren’t.  I’m a huge fan of yours. I am sorry to hear that you will be leaving as anchor of NBC News in 2 years.

When Walter Cronkite, polled to be the most trusted man in America, retired from the CBS News anchor position, you were handed the mantle of truth.  You have become an icon in America, you represent the reporting of fact as well as objective journalism and wisdom.

All of these things comprise the reason I am sad to have to inform you of the BOYCOTT of NBC News, MSNBC, CNBC and their sponsors with the probable expansion to products and associates of your parent companies.

I’m sure you’ll be getting reports of mysterious little emails from all over the country about the list they’ve been placed on as Sponsors of TV Terrorism. Let me explain.

During the election of 2000, the United States media, for some reason (probably having to do with who owns the broadcast outlets of America and their corporate interests) chose not to report the truth about what was occurring in Florida at the time, the fraud that occurred, the civil rights violations of more than 150,000 people and the votes submitted illegally but counted in the tally, that were fraudulent.  I was not allowed to vote after the election, were you?

MSNBC lead the way in its   disinformation, spreading of propaganda, actually inciting inappropriate behavior and the perpetration of lies as if informing the troops in the field. It was clear that the position of NBC News was to promote the idea that George Bush had won the election, claiming that the claims of a “few people” who had difficulty voting were negligible, irrelevant to the outcome of the election.   But they had everything to do with it, and that’s why the hush was on.

And yet, we have a man in the White House whom I refuse to call President, who has not brought honor to the White House, but instead, is the beneficiary of the spoils of crime. And he will wag the dog all the way to downtown Baghdad. He will wag the dog as he calls on all Americans to be honorable, corporations to end the corruption, Christians to dishonor the teachings of their own faiths by condemning other peoples and religions... neither of which they understand.  Their introduction has been by the words of the media.

He and the media spat in the eye of the African-American people, spat in the eye of one the world’s greatest leaders, Dr. Martin Luther King.  I can not forgive this.  I am a white man.   Imagine their rage. Imagine their humiliation, and tell me why you feel no shame.

The Congress has failed us, the Supreme Court has failed us, the Justice Department is nothing more than the enforcement arm of an illegal military machine to empower corporate profits and global domination…. And the press covers it up, takes on the position of the administration like a well-oiled propaganda machine for the government.  And I can prove it. 

And so, Mr. Brokaw, I am writing to you because, given your position as an icon of truth in America… given the millions and millions of dollars you earn every year off the trust of us fools who want so desperately to believe you, and all the while know that you and the rest of the media are withholding the truth and thus supporting the dangerous policies of an illegal administration.  Leaving the American people feeling helpless and lost.  That makes the media an accomplice in the crimes.

This isn’t even like Nixon.   He was elected.  This isn’t like Clinton.  This isn’t like Reagan or Carter or Ford.

This isn’t about you or me or Al Gore or George Bush. This is about America, this is about Democracy. This is about you, Tom.

You wrote a book called The “Greatest Generation”. I’m sure you’ve made millions from it.  That’s why I’m challenging you to prove something about that generation, about yourself. Are you just another profiteer, or are you worthy of our trust?   Prove it.

I ‘d like to believe that those who have benefited so greatly, like yourself, would give something back, say you’ve gotten your share, and be willing to be a New Patriot, and stand up for America.   Because I’m making this request to you first, Tom, the guy who gained so much from our faith… Do it for America. Do it for yourself.

The fact is, Tom, the truth is coming out anyway.  When all is said in done, you’ll either be on the list of those who were accomplices and those who lied or those who stood up for truth and America.  Which of those will you be?  How much more money do you need to make before the truth has value again?  How difficult will you make it on America to hear the truth?

I make my position about these things very clear on my website at www.democraticfundamentalism.org  Now www.charlesrehn.com

I have a very simple request to satisfy my dissatisfaction:  NBC, CNBC and MSNBC must run a 2-hour primetime simulcast detailing what really went on in the election, and revealing that the man in the White House got there as a benefit of crime…. Which, I know you all forgot… it’s illegal.  Laugh if you wish… I’ll have the last laugh.

Oh… and I’m not interested in discussing this with any of your attorneys…look at the site, Tom, email me if you have comments. Feel free to sue me if you wish to have the truth come out in an act of attempted suppression… I was bankrupted long ago by governmental and corporate corruption… so I have nothing left to lose… except freedom. And that’s where I draw the line.

Right now, I’m a guy standing in front of a tank in Tienemen square Tom,  and I’m not backing down until the truth is told, or I have exposed the media’s lack of credibility in the eyes of the American people.  They will come to know propaganda when they hear it, and they will be reminded that they have the right to stand up to tyranny and totalitarianism.  And you know what I’m talking about.

Still, the broadcast media lets the lie prevail.  And we suffer the policies of a man not elected.

And while I will most surely be lambasted and demeaned in the press should this become public, it’s okay.  Because I know the truth. And you should all be ashamed to call yourselves journalists.


Charles Rehn


Now  www.charlesrehn.com





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