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For the Love of the World

To Al Gore


cc: Barack Obama, please consider the contents of this web memo

Dear Al;
I may not know you well enough to call you Al, but I thought I would anyway. In case you don't know the story, ask Begala about how I didn't even vote in election 2000, and still put computer made 8-1/2" x 11" posters up and down Capitol Avenue in DC, as well as in front of MSNBC and in the newspaper stands, saying "Count the Votes"... and a few more choice phrases. Patriot stuff.

It wasn't about you or me or who won... it was about America. I have a thing about America.

Anyway, the thing is, after we had moved to Washington State, I thought I'd do something like write a weekly political column in the local paper or something like that. Started a web site instead.

And, interestingly enough, I wrote to your training program in Tennessee to see if I could be admitted, as well as to offer some advice to you regarding Election 2000, campaign tactics, and more about the Democratic Party. I found it interesting that Tipper may have coincidentally stated so many of the same things on Larry King's program after you "came out of hiding", so to speak.

One of the things I got from listening to you was the phrase "WWJD"... What would Jesus Do? I had actually never thought of things that way. I was coming more from the story of the good samaritan, believing that we are, indeed, our brother's keepers. In a golden rule kind of way. Not economic coercion like Hillary says, and not by total spectrum domination.

So, you might get from from this that I'm a little upset with you. And you're right. After John Kerry announced to the world in his 2004 acceptance speech that "the Son is waking up in America", I felt a little pushed aside given all that I had contributed to the Democratic Party, including what appear to be many of the Obama campaign facets. You know, audacity, understanding of the citizens needs and poverty and such.

Then, there's Hillary introducing Obama as the Rising Star of the Democratic Party and that his name was "bless-ed"... as opposed to blessed... and then of course, what did you say when you endorsed Barack? 

Thanks so much for your conern for my pets. It was so touching.

I guess the thing I'd want to say to you is, given your position and knowledge, what would you think Jesus would do if he found out that, among other things, citizens of his own nation were being tortured by their own government, and that I was sitting there watching you all smiling and celebrating and laughing, knowing full well you are aware of all of this among so many other things, including weather warfare (which leads me to believe that "Global Warming" is in many ways a cover-up of HAARP and weather modification, chemtrails and other harmful synthetic attempts to overthrow God's Kingdom).

What would Jesus have you YOU do under these circumstances? This is the essential and quintessential test of God's Plan that includes and requires free will: choice.

That's my challenge to you. And requirement to show yourself in the light.

For the record, I am not Jesus. I am here for a different but equally important, but a parallell and holographic application of judgement in every conceiveable way. Don't ever forget that.

I may joke around and use God's greatest gifts to us all in the form of art and music to express His message, but it IS His message, and he IS in control, and giving you the final message before He allows all of your political friends to commit political suicide in the court of public opinion, throughout the universe.

So please pass this advice on to Barack, with my love, and for now, my respect, and a sincere challenge and opportunity for you all to make the right choices for all the right reasons, or accept that the consequences will be of your own choosing and your own doing... you are not justified by the law.

This was the first thing I did toward becoming active in the Democratic Party. I faxed it AND emailed it to you more than once. (PS: I'm an independent now)

Note: I stopped looking for the document above when I accidentally found and was reminded of your speech below... called Do It For America. I have to admit I have an upset stomach right now from one more blast of culture shock that in my mind answers the WWJD questions above. But, being who I am, I want to hear the truth... did you go along with using my material that I contributed with the knowledge of my life and identity, fully willing to use and suppress me, or did someone feed you this to embarass you or embarass me, or what? If nothing else, it proves the connection I had with the Democratic Party for years, and the materials I provided. I had this on my website - that appears to have been created 4/17/2002.

Now here's the interesting deception upon deception trick: The Psyops guys almost tricked me into believing that this document that I wrote to you in most ways was a speech you gave. It sure would have been one way way to make it look like I was making up the idea that the DNC used my material and then screwed me.

Which makes a couple of other emails I exchanged with Donna Brazille even more poignant when she told me that the people at the DNC were a bunch of a**h***s. (or was it SOB's).   You bet  I could provide those to a qualified, verified investigator under surveillance. Check out the time period when Paul Begala was claiming that Al Sharpton was just trying to get a job in radio (if the transcripts have not been altered on Crossfire).

Anyway, this was on my website in 2002.

reelectgore.gif (5247 bytes)

Did you write this, or did I, Al, or, who on your staff did? Because among other things, I coined the term New Patriots... not Wesley Clark.

And can we talk to Mr. Bayh about the term New Democrats, cause I was using that before you guys decided to dilute ITS meaning as well... You know how those linguistic things go. If someone's got a hot slogan, use it firt, then discard it and take it away from them.

6/22/2002 - I wrote, and then sent to you on 6/24/2002. This is also the same time period I had begun writing to Paul Begala and James Carville. I can prove that much of the material in your speech matches many themes in my web site materials. This, by the way, is one of the probably hundreds of documents I accidentally find when searching for other things.

From: Charles Rehn

TO: The Honorable Al Gore

June 24, 2002

Dear Mr. Gore –

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you will find it useful.

What I want to tell you most is that I am a huge fan of yours - as an individual and a leader. Just because you were not sworn in as President does not change that fact.  You are my leader.  I am asking you to be that leader.

The fact that you were not sworn in as President is nothing more than a “code red” on the Homeland Security chart about the era we’re in and the motives of people who seek leadership positions in this country.

Those kinds of people are the real danger to America.

We need a leader who understands the difference between free markets and free trade and globalization.  We need a leader who understands that deregulation of utilities and essential services, maintaining and elevating environmental standards and the like cannot be left to the people who would profit most by our vulnerability.

We need leaders who understand that regulations and laws were put in place not to limit, but to control those who turned their backs on the public good long ago, requiring the legislation in the first place.

We need a leader who rejects the concept of might makes right, who understands the denial occurring in the middle class regarding the disconnect between the governments’ activities and the deeper values of democracy that define what it means to be American. 

A leader who understands that people are not choosing what’s occurring as a matter of free choice, but instead, are responding in a compensatory manner to their circumstances as they attempt to survive and flourish in dangerous and corrupt times.

Corruption of Democracy - from the election process to bribery to destroying the environment – people in the streets are talking about it everyday, but are resigned to it because they do not see a leader willing to speak as their representative, to speak on behalf of the justice and compassion they have taken for granted for so many years.  And they assume that if the people in power aren’t willing to stand for the truth, then it’s pointless for anyone to try.

More than all that, we need a leader who truly informs the American people, and in so doing, gives the American people a choice in their future… not the information they need to employ to adapt to globalization as it is thrust upon them, nor to cause them to adopt a hollow vision or belief in a cause that exists solely for political expediency.

Americans have proven time and time again that when they are informed, they make the right choices. That is what made America great. A partnership with their government such that any disconnect between the government and the will of the people was always an election away, and not dependent on the mastery of propaganda campaigns and the manipulation of poll data.

I believe there are ways to accomplish a bridge between the global requirement for free-trade and allocation of resources without requiring nations and communities to give up their cultures and traditions.   That is the real challenge of true globalization.  Not might makes right.  Not forced compliance. 

If  people believed that those installing globalization could be trusted, they would embrace the benefits of it.  But it’s hard to see any benefit from trusting people who have failed you time and again, offering only obligatory contrition for their corruption and betrayals. Even Exxon will get out of paying for Valdez.   Even Microsoft will be allowed to continue its unlawful practices.  Even George Bush, Jr. will get his additional $30 million from the passage of the end of the estate tax. (I’m not necessarily against doing away with the estate tax… more opposed to the idea that the RNC would declare war on the issue when it’s appointed President has so much to gain…)

There are many choices to be made about globalization… as our leader, you have the opportunity to inform Americans… and people around the world… about the choices available that would place real Democracy in charge of it all, instead of attempting to defend itself in the face of overzealous capitalism and governmental corruption.

As our leader, you have the opportunity to speak to Americans like adults, report on the goals, report on the occurrences, and express the vision of a just global society, a Democratic society.

I firmly believe that the next Presidential Election will be a defining moment in the history of the United and the World. The winner of that election will have the opportunity to install and empower the character of this nation’s role in globalization.  Will we be dominant due to military might, or will we be the defenders of Democracy we have always claimed to be, providing options and benefits and win-win propositions that the people of the world can support? A government truly for the people.

For example: in Columbia.   Are we defending Democracy, or, like we’ve done so often, are we simply supporting regimes who will comply with our demands?   Regimes unpopular to their own  people. Is it narcoterrorism, or a civil war?

 In Venezuela, are we supporting Democracy, or are we seeking to install a government that will comply?

 Is anyone willing to admit that what occurred in Iran when Khomeini took over was a country saying “No, we don’t want our country to be like the U.S.  We want it to be like our culture and for our best interests”… like any intelligent people would, if they felt threatened by outside influences.

Can America say, live and let live, or is the compulsion to open/control new financial markets and control resources too overwhelming to resist? Will we co-exist with those who defy conscription, or will we covertly wreak economic war on their governments?

Dare we ask how many lives per gallon it takes to deliver fuel to our automobiles through those pipelines our troops are sworn to protect against those we have so angered.

Can we really continue condemning terrorist attacks and ignore the injustices that compel them, using the terrorists attacks as an excuse to dismiss and destroy them?   Will we ever acknowledge, not condone, that their response is an understandable response to pervasive injustice? And the answer is not extermination, but resolution.  Is America really too proud to admit its mistakes for the purpose of “resetting” relationships and seeking resolution, not forced compliance, to problems that are decades old?  Or will we simply label those we have angered as terrorists?

Are we above having to earn the trust of the rest of the world?

We need a leader bold enough to answer those questions truthfully, and do the things that need to be done.  We need that leader now.

You don’t have to be sworn in as President to do that… to be that.

We already elected you.  The Congress failed you, the Democratic party failed you, the Supreme Court failed you…

But the people did not fail you.  Please don’t fail us now.  Be the leader.

You have the opportunity now to choose to either be a player in the “game”/status quo or to actually lead the people… (and not to be corny or na´ve… but passionate about Democracy and America…) to be the true patriot that you are… putting service to the people and fulfilling Democracy above a personal agenda.  I understand that about you, and the American people can remember it again.

Sir, if Milton Friedman and Friedrich von Hayek get their way, the people will then need to form unions to replace it’s government.  And there will always be a battle of oppression and injustice and lies. It will not be pretty.  I am in the process, as are others, of forming such unions.   And it doesn’t have to be that way.   But we created a government of the people over 200 years ago… and we can do it again.

There are hundreds of strategies that are not being used… ways of communicating ideas that were abandoned in the 2000 campaign (that Republicans have mastered)… advisors having you change course to respond to poll data instead of allowing you to be yourself…  I watched the entire election, dusk til dawn, because I was interested in observing the process of Democracy… not the election… the process of justice (which I had so very much faith in), not the election…   You were right on the mark with the issues. (But every time your staff released your speeches prior to speaking, the media only reported their interpretation of what you would have said, if they had then broadcast your speeches).

The Supreme Court’s decisions left me as dazed and confused as the day John Kennedy was shot… nothing could be trusted, nowhere was safe, and it was difficult to find something to believe in.   Among other things, my name is Rehn,  his name is Rehnquist. A black mark on my ancestry.  But, my great, great uncle Ulysses S. Grant… I think of his history and am reminded what the battle is about.

I can imagine that you have spent many more hours of soul-searching than I since that time… wondering if there is anything left to fight for… any way to fight… so I began my website www.democraticfundamentalism.org  … still in beta phase, but close to ready… planning to take national action on August 4th (We’re doing a kickoff conference call July 4th, 11 am,  you’re welcome to koin or just listen in) created for the primary purpose of educating people, collecting news stories that present a composite of world events, and… should a leader not emerge… as a base to create a people’s union. We will soon be releasing info on our own proposed legislation (The Act of American Integrity) (The Contract For Americans - a purposeful play on the Republican ruse) and declarations to begin that process.

I don’t wish to be arrogant, sir, but I do believe that if you were to choose to be the leader, I could cause your election.  Not because of personal influence, but because of the ability to package the truth in a palatable, understandable, actionable way.  I am Karen Hughes’ equal.  Really, sorry for the arrogance.

And I would like that opportunity as part of your staff.  I won’t go into the detail of why.  I simply request that you give me the opportunity to speak with you about it.  It’s not about money, it’s not about power, it’s about Democracy… and REALLY trusting the people.

Today’s political environment requires grassroots support of a true leader of the people’s issues.  It’s a complex mix of “cold war” and “one world” thinking that actually agrees in principle, but is divided by vernacular, symbols and subliminal conditioning and re-definition.

It provides an opportunity to meet the demands of the new world, and bridge the gap between old and new ideas in the form of cultural and sociological reclamation of family and community values.

Whether you allow me to assist you directly or not, I sincerely hope you will take what I have said into consideration, as much as I request you choose to boldly lead this country back to the intent of the Constitution and the American values we have always claimed, and the world has vigilantly prayed for.


Charles Rehn

P.S. Millions of people around the world, including the United States, are taking to the streets to oppose globalization.   They don’t really disagree with the concept.  They fear the lack of leadership that cares about human needs, the future of the planet and it’s ability to support human life.  In the absence of that leader, they would rather keep what they have instead of risking another betrayal of the corrupt leadership of corporate America and the government.  One in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.

From the movie:   The Verdict, by Barry Reed

Screenplay by David Mamet

Summation by Frank Galvin, attorney for the plaintiff

Played by Paul Newman (best actor nomination)

Produced: 1982, 20th Century Fox

Well, you know so much of the time we’re just lost.

We say please God, tell us what is right. Tell us what is true.

When there is no justice the rich win, the poor are powerless.

We become tired of hearing people lie. And after a time we become dead. A little dead.

We think of ourselves as victims. And we become victims. We become, we become weak. We doubt ourselves, we doubt our beliefs, we doubt our institutions. And we doubt the law.

Well today you are the law. You are the law.

Not some book.  Not the lawyers.. Not a marble statue or the trappings of the court.

See. Those are just symbols of our desire to be just... They are in fact a prayer, a fervent, and a frightened prayer.

In my religion they say “Act as if you had faith.. Faith will be given to you.”.


If we are to have faith in justice we need only to believe in ourselves and act with justice.

See, I believe that there is justice is in our hearts.


6/30/2002 - A Speech by Al Gore   Charles Rehn (a document from my website. And no, I didn't create the Foundation, I got too busy working against the Iraq War.

Do It for America

We are living in a time of trials and tribulation, a time when serious choices must be made about the course of America, the course of the World.

The United States has become the icon of freedom and leadership in the world.  The current trends of globalization are as exciting as they are troubling, as we seek to find ways to allow free enterprise, and be certain that we are responsive to the needs of people, and being certain that we are caring for our planet in a way that acknowledges our responsibility to the global community

We need to be certain that we tend to the needs of America, the same needs people have in other countries… we have to stand up to terrorism by all legal and military means necessary to preserve our nation… and realize that the economic and electronic weapons are every bit, if not more dangerous than the attacks we have seen, but through commitment to our nation, can be overcome. The people who are committing terrorism are not to be applauded in any way.   But they are to be understood. Because if nothing else, they represent the outrage in all of us when they believe justice does not exist, and their own existence has no value.

And we need… we want to live up to the cherished high esteem so graciously given by the people of other nations. To be walking, talking examples of Democracy and the Christian values that we have always claimed to be the true character of America.  To be the land they vigilantly pray was their own.

I have always believed that if people actually lived the golden rule – do unto others as you would have them do unto you – there would be no need for law.

But people are.. human. They do things out of weakness that they wouldn’t ordinarily do, and regret it, but like a web of lies, it’s hard to undo without penalty.

It’s as simple s the reason why you park your car, close the windows, lock the door and leave packages out of sight.

A criminal would see the valuable and break the window and take what they wanted anyway.  An honest person would not be tempted because prudence was taken in a few simple acts to keep honest people honest.  It’s like laws.  A few rules to keep honest people honest, and support them in resisting the temptations of power and money.

We do not harbor animosity toward those who violate our trust.. at least not as humans. We do not condemn them as humans.   We recognize the temptation, just as religious teachings would instruct us to do.  Not to justify them.  But to understand our own human weaknesses, to overcome them and be better as people… and as a nation.

As a society, it is important for people to be penalized for their acts, not their weaknesses.   If people betray the public trust, whether criminal or not, they must be willing to accept the consequences.  We need not be vindictive in order to enforce systems of justice that support them against their temptations.  But the public trust requires that corruption be removed from the chain of command. Without that trust, there can be no agreement, no unity, no nation.  Just a nation of people defending themselves and their own.

At this time, when America and the values of our people are at risk, when the planet is at risk, I am calling on all Americans to take a closer look.  To see what the issues are, learn what needs to be learned,  to see what needs to be done, to expose corruption, and to take on the challenges of justice and long-term planning for ourselves and the world.

I call on you to join me as The New Patriots.  New Patriots. Think about.  People who are zealous about ensuring the things that we love so much about Democracy and America exist and are empowered.

You are a new patriot whether you want to be or not, as a citizen of this great nation.  And it will be your commitment and your actions and your decisions that will determine if we are, as Tom Brokaw says, The Greatest Generation, but not just the Greatest Generation, the greatest people.  The greatest patriots.

This is the time to pledge to this nation, each of us, one by one, to be a New Patriot and let our actions express the ideals we claim as Americans.  And honor the commitments and sacrifices of our founding fathers.

Be a new patriot in the way we treat each other as people, as neighbors, as nations.  Take on the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   Do it for yourself. And DO IT FOR AMERICA. It’ll feel good.

Be A New Patriot by taking care to discard chemicals and hazardous materials safely.  Care for this planet that feeds you and gives you water and inspiration. Do it for yourself, and Do it for America.

When you see others in need and you have extra to give, give.  When you see a problem and you know how to fix it, fix it. Take it upon yourself, be the leader.  You are responsible. This is your country.  Do it for Yourself, Do it for America.  What’s good for America is good for you.

There must be a million ways to use good old American ingenuity to make this great nation, this planet, better and better and better. 

So tell me will you accept my challenge.  Good.  Are you with us or against us? Good  What are you?  (A New Patriot)

Why should you do it?  (Do it for America)

If you’re in the mood do the pledge of allegiance with under god included

Now, for those skeptics out there, and I know you’re out there, sure this is a political speech. I am an American who is, as everyone else, an American citizen with the right to free speech. And, I’m a political person. As the former vice president, and recently having the support of some 50 million Americans, among other things, people have asked me to share my ideas, and contribute them to the discussion of American issues.  And so I have.  While my critics will most certainly find ways to criticize my hair or the awkwardness of my delivery, I simply challenge them to criticize the idea.  That would be a worthy discussion.  An intellectually honest discussion about any issue is worthwhile in a Democracy. And so I’d welcome that.

But, the next most logical and worthy question would be, okay Al Gore, what are you going to do for America?

I’ll bet you won’t be surprised that I have an answer to that question.

Today, I’m announcing the launch of the Al & Tipper Gore Educational Foundation.  This foundation will primarily take the form of a website that informs Americans, the world, of the issues that face us, the problems that exist, the answers in use and discussions of long-term concerns.

I believe that informed Americans have a great ability to take information and make decisions that are good for us all.

Now, that too may sound political. But I want to assure you, this will not be a place to promote my personal goals and ambitions.  This is about empowering Americans to participate in America and the world as people qualified to forward the discussion and work for peace and prosperity for us all.

To further ensure that what is presented represents the needs and concerns of all people, I have asked a number of the nations’ most respected leaders to join me in what I call the Coalition of Statesman.  As a group, they will discuss the similarities and differences of their positions and constituencies… and they have agreed to present and represent those similarities and differences not as adversaries, but as arbiters, seeking ways to ensure that Democracy leaves no one behind.   That every human is included.  That truly is the American Way.

Today, I am proud to announce that on the Coalition of Statesmen so far, these people have accepted…

Make sure Ralph Nader is in there…

The Coalition of Statesmen should be talked to as if they understand and agree that they may be called upon to serve in cabinet and administration  at any time.. like being drafted to serve their country.  It may well be we’ll  get rid of George and Dick, and I want him to be ready with a coalition of people who can take the reigns and satisfy… or at least pacify, Americans legitimate concerns during the terrorist conflict.   Not to put them off, but as a way to unify us all in the midst of tremendous turmoil.

Gerald Ford should have been so inciteful.  Remember, if America is strong enough to fight a war, and it is, then we can certainly stand justice.


And then, of course, there was this that I believe I faxed to you so there wouldn't be an electronic thumbprint. And, for the record, I never read any of your boks, though I say that below.

Charles Rehn

Nov 21, 2002

Dear Vice-President Mr. Gore;

I am writing today to inform you of my intent to file as a Democrat as a candidate for President for the 2004 election.  You may have heard of me or have been informed of me..  I have a website at www.democraticfundamentalism.org , and I’ve spent the last several months actually working toward causing people to become re-involved with the political and voting systems. I only wish I could have done more in the last elections.

I’ll add, before opening that site, I spent a great deal of time trying to reach you to have a conversation to work for you to make sure you got elected in the next election.  That would still be something I’d consider in lieu of this method of causing the same outcome. And I’m serious about that.

If you have heard of me, then you know that I am somewhat unorthodox in my methods.  And, given the efforts and campaigns I intend to do, I wanted you to be aware of what I was actually doing.  I will not make such a communication again, or repeat any part of this to anyone.

My strategy will be focused on 3 things:

1)      Bringing new, young voters into the system… just out of high school, through college graduate students.  This will be done through grassroots and professional voter registration activities

2)      To draw those people in 3rd parties back into the two party system, using arguments ranging from the need to consolidate power at this particular time in history… pointing out the commonality of their concerns with the Democratic positions. And specifically, yours… and those of my own that we have in common

3)      To raise issues that, so far, the mainstream political system and press has refused to address, such as the detriments caused by the World Bank and IMF… things that the new generation are very concerned with. And although I have a different perspective than they on these matters, I agree with their concerns. Part of what I intend to do is help them distinguish what it is that really concerns them, and then teach them how to do something about it within the system.  I don’t know where you stand on these issues, such as the FTAA, and we may disagree on these matters.   But that is not of primary importance at this juncture.

On my website, I’ve made jokes about running for vice-president so that you could be president.  I was never actually joking.  I have no fantasies about what a long-shot it would be for someone like me to actually generate enough support to deserve a national nomination or office. On the other hand, I am very adept at languaging and positioning, advertising and marketing, and human nature. And I’m working with some top-notch professional grassroots organizers. I would not do this if I did not believe it was possible to win.

I will, of course, take every precaution to ensure that none can legitimately state that you in any way endorse me or even acknowledge my exist.

Most of all, I want you to understand that I am doing what I am going to do because of my passion for America. And the true intent of those who formed it. I think we share that passion.  I’ve watched every speech you made in Election 2000, I’ve read your books, and you’re one of the few leaders at that point in time that I actually, genuinely trust.

By May, I will have published 2 books regarding my philosophies and opinions on issues.

So, no matter what happens, no matter what I do or say or what gets said, understand that what I’m doing should create a natural transition of voters from my campaign to yours.  I’ll still be out here working for you, in my own unorthodox ways.  Like I always say, when you do it for America, you do it for yourself, and the world.

God Bless You All!

Chuck Rehn



And then I found these from a guy who's been much maligned and imprisoned by the political system cronies, Lyndon LaRouche, whose description and specifications of an "automated" economy are very much the same as those I proposed in my weblogs back when Begala introduced his economic book




Aug. 28, 1999

There is an old saying, "Never mention the rope in the house of the hanged." The roots of the money-laundering scandal involving Vice-President Gore all lead directly back to former President George Bush. The money-laundering operations lately involving the Bank of New York were all set up under President Bush, and by the Bush apparatus. Al Gore simply jumped, "barnyard epithets" and all, into the same trough already occupied by George Bush's gang.

Some of you may recall, that when President George Bush appointed Bob Strauss to his Moscow posting, I issued a statement commenting on that appointment: George Bush is sending the Prince of Thieves to Moscow to teach the KGB how to steal. (``The Coming Blowout of the Financial System,'' July 3, 1991, LaRouche Presidential campaign statement; interview of Lyndon LaRouche by Viktor Kuzin, November, 1993.). That was how the BONY money-laundering operation, among many related things, came into existence.

Later, during the course of my several visits to Moscow, I launched an inquiry into the role of corrupt operations by circles associated with Bush and also certain Democratic Party figures, in running large-scale mafia operations contrary to the interests of both Russia and the United States. (``IRI's Friends in Russia: The Anti-Utopia in Power,'' Part 1, and ``Mont Pelerin Pushes the Criminal Economy,'' in {EIR,} Sept. 6, 1996, Vol. 23, No. 36; ``Russian `Democrats' Recruited to Conservative Revolution,'' Part 2, in {EIR,} Oct. 4, 1996, Vol. 23, No. 40.)

True, I have denounced Vice-President Al Gore repeatedly for his part in these dirty operations. (``Gore Caught in Corruption with Wall Street Cronies,'' ({EIR,} Jan. 29, 1999, Vol. 26, No. 5 and ``Gore Caught in International Murder and Theft Ring,'' {EIR,}, March 19, 1999, Vol. 6, No. 12.) However, in these matters, the apparatus of former President George Bush is much, much dirtier than Al Gore.

Don't you wonder, whether or not the Washington Post or the Wall Street Journal have the honesty to report on the Bush gang's role in this vast money-laundering scandal?

While you are wondering, read the attached summary of certain relevant facts about the Bush connection in this affair.


Vice President Al Gore's seminal role in protecting and abetting the kleptocrats and oligarchs who have looted Russia blind over the past seven years has been belatedly noted by the major American media, as a feature of the Bank of New York $15 billion Russian money-laundering scandal. But, to date, the media have failed to report that, long before Al Gore entered into his criminal partnership with former Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin and others in the Boris Yeltsin Kremlin mafia, then-President George Bush helped usher in the decade of looting of Russia's national patrimony in league with his British nanny, Margaret Thatcher.

Nothing more clearly symbolized Bush's commitment to the free market and International Monetary Fund looting of Russia than his June 5, 1991 appointment of longtime Texas Democratic Party fixer Robert Strauss as his ambassador to Moscow, replacing Jack Matlock. Lyndon LaRouche would dub Strauss the ``Prince of Thieves,'' the man George Bush dispatched to Moscow to teach the Russians oligarchs how to more professionally loot the country of its raw material wealth, drain its banks of cash, and dismantle its once-powerful military-industrial-scientific complex.

Strauss had longstanding ties to the Bush-Baker duo. Indeed, all three men were products of the Brown Brothers Harriman ``invasion'' of Texas, a generation earlier. In 1980, while he was running Jimmy Carter's failed re-election campaign, and James Baker III was a central figure in the Reagan-Bush campaign, Strauss and Baker, along with Strauss' son, were co-owners of a California brewery. Strauss and his wife were intimate personal friends of George and Barbara Bush. The two couples spent long hours together at the White House during the height of Bush's early 1991 Desert Storm war against Iraq, when, according to Presidential biographer Bob Woodward, Bush was near nervous breakdown.

At the time of his appointment to the Moscow posting, Strauss was the attorney and a board member for Dwayne Andreas' Archer Daniels Midland grain cartel; he held similar positions with RJR Nabisco, the tobacco and food cartel owned by the family of Bush White House general counsel C. Boyden Gray; and he was also a director of Conrad Black's Thatcherite media cartel, the Hollinger Corporation--along with Thatcher and Henry Kissinger.

One of Strauss' most pressing missions, during his tenure in Moscow, was to assure that Russia and the other nations in the Commonwealth of Independent States were drawn into the International Monetary Fund--to assure that no measures were taken to interfere with the wholesale looting of Russia. Bush made Russian enslavement to the IMF a major theme of his 1992 State of the Union speech, and a subsequent Washington summit with the newly anointed Russian ruler, Boris Yeltsin.

Strauss had arrived in Moscow during the final months of the Soviet Union, and he and Bush were on hand for the imposition of the first ``shock therapy'' treatments, by a combination of foreign predators and already-corrupted Russian ``reformers.''

- Konstantin and Natasha -

In fact, on Aug. 21, 1991, the day that Russian Federation President Boris Yeltsin was standing on the tanks in Red Square, in what was to prove the final blow to the already-collapsed Soviet Union of Mikhail Gorbachov, Konstantin Kagalovsky was seated with British Prime Minister John Major at 10 Downing Street, demonstrating his mastery of Friedrich von Hayek and Milton Friedman's brand of British free trade economics.

Kagalovsky was one of a dozen or so ambitious young Russian ``economists'' who had been picked up, during the mid-1980s, by the Mont Pelerin Society, and groomed for what the City of London financial oligarchy had already deemed the likely prospect of the economic collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Kagalovsky, along with other familiar figures--Gaidar, Chubais, Fyodorov, Potanin--set out to do the bidding of their Thatcher-Bush Anglo-American patrons, at the first opportunity.

Kagalovsky was named as Russia's liaison to the IMF when Boris Yeltsin chose Yegor Gaidar as his prime minister. In that capacity, Kagalovsky would prepare the first memoranda that ``qualified'' Russia for membership in the IMF. When, in March 1992, Russia was admitted, Kagalovsky was Moscow's first ``director'' of the IMF, posted in Washington.

It was in Washington, outside the IMF headquarters building, that Kagalovsky met Natasha Gurfinkel, a Russian-born woman employed by the Bank of New York. The couple married in 1994, and shortly thereafter, Kagalovsky left his post with the IMF, to return to Moscow and a post at the now-defunct Menatep Bank, founded by one of the self-described ``Russian oligarchs,'' Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Soon, Bank of New York was one of the leading Western banks operating in the mafia-infested Russian banking scene.

On Aug. 20, 1999, Natasha Kagalovsky was suspended from her post as head of the Eastern European department of Bank of New York, for her role in the estimated $15 billion in looted government funds and Russian mafia booty that found its way into at least nine separate accounts at the bank, between March 1998 and August 1999.

- More Bush gore -

Contrary to recent media accounts, the Bank of New York did not break into the Russian financial world via the Kagalovsky family. Bank of New York's access to the fast and loose Russian financial structures came top down, via one of the most notorious of the Western ``bankers'' who had built a ``special relationship'' to corrupt elements of the Soviet era ``nomenklatura,'' Bruce Rappaport. From 1980, at the latest, BONY had been absorbed into the hot-money empire of the Swiss-based wheeler dealer. First, Rappaport bought an 8% stake in Bank of New York, giving him the largest single stake in the bank. In 1990, Bank of New York purchased 28% of Rappaport's Geneva bank, Inter Maritime, in effect, transforming it into the private banking arm of BONY. In fact, significant portions of the $15 billion in Russian cash laundered into the BONY, first passed through Bank of New York-Inter Maritime in Geneva.

Throughout the 1980s, as his ties to Bank of New York were consolidating, Rappaport, in league with Ohio-based savings and loan swindler and Robert Strauss protege, Marvin Warner, set up a string of offshore banking operations in the Caribbean British Crown Colony of Antigua. Warner would see his own banking empire collapse, after U.S. Federal drug agents shut down two of his Miami banks, Great American Bank and ComBank, for laundering Colombian and Venezuelan drug cartel funds. When Warner, who was Jimmy Carter's Ambassador to Switzerland, was later charged with financial fraud in the collapse of his Home Savings and Loan, Robert Strauss personally appeared as a character witness at his trial. Warner's Florida dirty-money operations had been originally set up courtesy of a former top official of White Weld, the Boston and New York banking house of George Bush protege, William Weld, who was the U.S. Justice Department point-man in the mid-1980s railroad Federal prosecution of Lyndon LaRouche and scores of his political associates.

Rappaport escaped unscathed from the Warner debacle. He would be called upon by George Bush and the Iran-Contra ``guns for drugs'' apparatus, in the late 1980s, to allow his Antigua banking operations to be used in two of the filthiest operations of the Bush ``secret, parallel government.'' In 1988, in league with ``Republican Party political consultant'' Richard Bond, the former vice chief of staff of Vice President Bush, Rappaport financed the creation of an Israeli-run secret arms-running and mercenary-training facility on Antigua. State Department loan guarantees, arranged by Iran-Contra point-man Elliott Abrams, backed up Rappaport's cash. The project, run by Col. Yair Klein, was originally aimed at raising a mercenary army to overthrow Panamanian Defense Forces chief Gen. Manuel Noriega, who had refused to play ball with Bush's Central American guns-for-drugs operations. In August 1989, the same Klein-Rappaport Antigua operation provided the weapons to the Medellin Cartel that were used to assassinate anti-drug Colombian Presidential candidate Carlos Luis Galan. When Klein's Antigua operation was exposed, after the Colombian Army traced the Galan murder weapons back to him, the Israeli colonel fled home. Miraculously, Rappaport's name scarcely emerged in the ensuing scandal.

Today, although he lives in Switzerland, Rappaport is Her Majesty's Antiguan Ambassador to Russia.

- Gore gets into the act -

It was this Bush-era network of offshore financiers, Mont Pelerin-trained Russian kleptocrats and bankers, that were inherited by Vice President Gore, in 1993, when the Clinton administration came into power. Gore's scandalous ``special relationship'' with ex-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin have been amply documented in the pages of EIR. Even the New York Times revealed, in November 1998, that Vice President Gore had suppressed CIA documents, back in 1995, showing that Chernomyrdin had stolen an estimated $5 billion in Russian government assets into his own personal foreign accounts.

But even as Gore and his coterie were building on the foundations laid by the Bush team before them, in subjecting Russia to total ``inside-outside'' economic warfare, the hand of former President George Bush was never far removed from Russia. In 1996, as Boris Yeltsin ran for re-election as President, it was the International Republican Institute, the GOP arm of the National Endowment for Democracy, that played the pivotal role in steering Yeltsin's campaign (reportedly, Yeltsin received hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign slush funds to literally buy his victory). Among the leading IRI directors who oversaw this effort: Bush National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft and Bush Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger, both also partners in Kissinger Associates. In a 1996 interview, Scowcroft boasted that George Bush was one of the biggest public boosters of the IRI's role in Russia.



- Criminality Was the Policy in Russian `Reform'! -
by Rachel Douglas

The spokesman for Yukos Oil sounded like Beghjet (``I'm just a businessman'') Pacolli of Mabetex, when he answered questions about the company's vice-president, Konstantin Kagalovsky, whose wife is one of two Bank of New York officers, suspended in the money-laundering probe. ``Yukos has nothing to do with this scandal,'' Maxim Buchkov was quoted in the {Moscow Times.} ``The only reason [Kagalovsky's] name is coming up is because of his wife.''

Not quite! In {EIR'}s articles on the 1990s looting of Russia, Konstantin Kagalovsky figures as a kingpin of the scheme to package the criminal takeover of the former Soviet Union's economy, as ``reform.'' With Yegor Gaidar and Anatoli Chubais, Kagalovsky was one of the small group of young economists, cultivated by the Mont Pelerin Society's London Institute for Economic Affairs, to grab the reins of state power in post-Soviet Russia. On Aug. 21, 1991, the day the standoff between the (Soviet) State Emergency Committee, leaders of a coup attempt, and President of Russia Boris Yeltsin ended in favor of the latter, marking the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, Kagalovsky was at 10 Downing Street to confer with Margaret Thatcher's successor and prote@aage@aa, British Prime Minister John Major. As a member of the Gaidar team in power, Kagalovsky became Russia's first ``director'' at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), when the country's membership was finalized in 1992.

- Crime pays -

``What is the causal relationship between the shock therapy, so-called, and such phenomena as organized crime, corruption, and the narcotics trade, based on examples of countries where it has been applied?'' Russian political activist Viktor Kuzin asked {EIR} founder and contributing editor Lyndon LaRouche in an interview in November 1993.

LaRouche replied, ``Well, you see, the way it's recommended in, say, Bolivia, Peru, and so forth, the Harvard Group in particular who have recommended this, [Jeffrey] Sachs's teachers, openly admit that {organized crime is an integral part of their chaos process, which they say leads to the kind of capitalist economy they want to create}. The murderers, thugs, and gangsters of today, become the capitalist entrepreneurs of tomorrow--after they get through killing each other off, the survivors become the capitalists.... When you hear the word `informal economy,' you're talking about organized crime. Their intent is to destroy Russia, by turning it over to a mafia, knowing that if there's nothing but a mafia looting the country, you're going to have nothing but gangsterism and prostitution. And they say, out of this will come--after they get through killing each other off by Social Darwinism--you'll get the great genius capitalists of the future, they will come out of the survivors of this {nomenklatura} shooting each other....

``There was a joke I told many times, beginning in 1990. For many years, for decades, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union told the people that capitalism is thuggery and theft. One day, Gorbachov said, `Comrades, we're all going to become capitalists.' And they understood. And we see the usual thing. And then they sent, from the United States, Robert Strauss, the Prince of Thieves, as ambassador.''

- `Institutionalized' criminality -

The ideological center for the promotion of criminality as the motor of economic progress, is the Mont Pelerin Society, founded in the late 1940s by the Austrian economist and ardent foe of the nation-state, Friedrich von Hayek. In our Sept. 6, 1996 feature on the criminal takeover of Russia, {EIR} documented Mont Pelerin Society official Count Max von Thurn und Taxis' overt advocacy of ``unrecorded transactions,'' which are tax-free, unregulated, and earn ``higher incomes than would otherwise be the case.'' Crime pays!

The Mont Pelerin doctrine was the key to the Russian ``reforms,'' executed by Kagalovsky and his group. Look back at the first installment of Roman Bessonov's ``IRI's Friends in Russia: The Anti-Utopia in Power,'' in that same 1996 issue of {EIR}:

``[Reform economist Vitali] Naishul's 1991 tract [on the `institutionalization' of the black market] reads like a Mont Pelerin Society textbook, replete with fawning over von Hayek. It is reminiscent of {The Other Path}, the treatise on the informal economy as the locus of `real' economic activity and freedom, written by Hernando de Soto, head of the Peru-based Institute for Liberty and Democracy, and the man George Bush once, in a speech at the United Nations, hailed as an exemplar of creative economics for the Third World. It echoes the infamous 1980 accolade to `The Underground Economy,' by longtime Mont Pelerin Society treasurer Max von Thurn.

``It is no surprise to find the theme of `institutionalized' criminality so thoroughly articulated by a Russian in 1991, because the Mont Pelerin Society trained its sights on the Soviet Union, and eastern Europe, nearly a decade before.

``In 1983, the Centre for Research into Communist Economies (CRCE) was organized in London, out of the Institute for Economic Affairs. The IEA, headed by Lord Harris of High Cross, is the main Mont Pelerinite think-tank in Britain.

``CRCE representatives began to go into eastern Europe in the mid-1980s, especially to Hungary. There, they met a young Russian economist named Anatoli Chubais, member of a loose group that included Yegor Gaidar and other future leading lights of the `reform' in Russia. There were similar contacts, also made in Hungary, of the CRCE with people from Poland and Czechoslovakia, including the future prime ministers of those countries, Leszek Balcerowicz and Vaclav Klaus. Before long, Gaidar and other Russians were travelling to London as guests of the CRCE, or convening with students of the Mont Pelerin agenda from throughout eastern Europe, at seminars held in Hungary, Vienna, or the United States.

``Lord Harris, among whose published titles is {The End of Government|...|?}, co-founded the Moscow-based International Center for Research into Economic Transformation (ICRET), in 1990. It began to collaborate closely with the similarly named (Russian) Institute for the Economy in Transition, launched under the auspices of Academician Abel Aganbegyan and subsequently headed by Yegor Gaidar and Vladimir Mau. At the end of 1991, that Russian institute nearly folded, because most of its staff entered the government of Yegor Gaidar, the first prime minister of independent Russia, chosen by President Yeltsin. From the Mont Pelerin-trained group, Gaidar became prime minister; Mau was his assistant for economic policy; Andrei Nechayev was minister of economics; Leonid Grigoryev (later at the World Bank) was chairman of the Committee on Foreign Investment; 500 Days Plan co-author V. Mashchits headed the committee for economic relations with Community of Independent States countries; Pyotr Aven was minister of foreign trade; Sergei Vasilyev was head of the government's Center for Economic Reforms. {{Konstantin Kagalovsky, the first executive director of Lord Harris's ICRET}}, was detailed by the Russian government to handle its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)! Above all of them, Anatoli Chubais spread his wings as the privatization czar--officially, as chairman of the State Committee for the Management of State Property, which was actually a commissariat for eliminating state property.

``Lord Harris and his collaborators were in a position analogous to that of British Foreign Office agent Bernard Pares in March 1917, who exclaimed over the Kerensky cabinet, formed after Russia's `February Revolution,' that `it seemed like a dream. Of the twelve new ministers, seven were actually collaborators of my {Russian Review} in Liverpool.... To me it all seemed almost too good to be true.'|''


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