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Most of all, I want you to understand that I am doing what I am going to do because of my passion for America


Charles Rehn
Olympia, Wa.  98512

Nov 21, 2002

Dear Vice-President Mr. Gore;

I am writing today to inform you of my intent to file as a Democrat as a candidate for President for the 2004 election.  You may have heard of me or have been informed of me..  I have a website at , and I’ve spent the last several months actually working toward causing people to become re-involved with the political and voting systems. I only wish I could have done more in the last elections.

I’ll add, before opening that site, I spent a great deal of time trying to reach you to have a conversation to work for you to make sure you got elected in the next election.  That would still be something I’d consider in lieu of this method of causing the same outcome. And I’m serious about that.

If you have heard of me, then you know that I am somewhat unorthodox in my methods.  And, given the efforts and campaigns I intend to do, I wanted you to be aware of what I was actually doing.  I will not make such a communication again, or repeat any part of this to anyone.

My strategy will be focused on 3 things:

1)      Bringing new, young voters into the system… just out of high school, through college graduate students.  This will be done through grassroots and professional voter registration activities

2)      To draw those people in 3rd parties back into the two party system, using arguments ranging from the need to consolidate power at this particular time in history… pointing out the commonality of their concerns with the Democratic positions. And specifically, yours… and those of my own that we have in common

3)      To raise issues that, so far, the mainstream political system and press has refused to address, such as the detriments caused by the World Bank and IMF… things that the new generation are very concerned with. And although I have a different perspective than they on these matters, I agree with their concerns. Part of what I intend to do is help them distinguish what it is that really concerns them, and then teach them how to do something about it within the system.  I don’t know where you stand on these issues, such as the FTAA, and we may disagree on these matters.  But that is not of primary importance at this juncture.

On my website, I’ve made jokes about running for vice-president so that you could be president.  I was never actually joking.  I have no fantasies about what a long-shot it would be for someone like me to actually generate enough support to deserve a national nomination or office.

On the other hand, I am very adept at languaging and positioning, advertising and marketing, and human nature. And I’m working with some top-notch professional grassroots organizers. I would not do this if I did not believe it was possible to win.

 I will, of course, take every precaution to ensure that none can legitimately state that you in any way endorse me or even acknowledge I exist.

Most of all, I want you to understand that I am doing what I am going to do because of my passion for America. And the true intent of those who formed it. I think we share that passion.  I’ve watched every speech you made in Election 2000, I’ve read your books, and you’re one of the few leaders at that point in time that I actually, genuinely trust.

By May, I will have published 2 books regarding my philosophies and opinions on issues.

So, no matter what happens, no matter what I do or say or what gets said, understand that what I’m doing should create a natural transition of voters from my campaign to yours.  I’ll still be out here working for you, in my own unorthodox ways.   Like I always say, when you do it for America, you do it for yourself, and the world.

God Bless You All!

Chuck Rehn


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