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I make a number of allegations of assertions on this site regarding illegal and unethical activities against me. This is an explanation as to why I am not interested in legal action at this time.


To Law Enforcement and Governmental Authorities;

The first stipulation I'll make is that you're aware of the illegal, unconstitutional and immoral use of electronic weapons and voice to skull technology against American citizens for Weed and Seed activities, overt and covert police operations as well as to silence dissidents and other non-conformists.  If you are not aware of this, I implore you to educate yourself about the history of the United States and its research and application of such technologies. I am not saying this to be sarcastic or critical.

Second Stipulation. I fully understand it if you look at what I've written on my website and look at certain records, and believe that I am crazy. Especially when it comes to my claim of being the "Son of Man".

Third, if you look at what I've written, with claims of proof, you might wonder why I haven't filed a lawsuit or criminal complaint. Legitimate question. The truth is, after years of research, it became apparent that the source of the problem is the U.S. Government itself, and therefore, I chose to address Congress and the government in order to change their minds because it actually is the only way to stop this horrible kind of crime - psychotronics. I once approached a police officer with the stated purpose of simply discovering what level of knowledge he might have about psychotronics, and was nearly sent in for observation. I wasn't making a complaint, just asking what he knew, so I'd know what kind of education program I would need to develop to educate police on the growing  crime of psychotronics and organized stalking.

My case is different than most victims for a number of reasons, because I have inadvertently collected evidence since 2002. Just as I am considered an activist... I don't think I am one... I'm a citizen who legally and appropriately exercised my right to free speech... some would say I went above my "position in life" by using my skills to directly address the government and media... I say, I acted as a responsible citizen. I expected some surveillance and such, but not actual physical and psychological attacks.

My case is not simple. I understand that the simplest explanation is most often the correct explanation. Such is not true in my case. It would literally take months to investigate my case, compile and correlate my evidence and such. That is why I do not make any filings now, particularly because a number of the people to be investigated are powerful people with a great deal of money and are in high places of the government and the media. And, because there are a great number of people depending on me to expose these crimes. My case will give freedom to thousands if not millions of people who are being harmed in unthinkable ways. My personal claims are not as important as the good I can do by not being tied up by responding to subpoenas and compiling evidence at this time. And when the investigations are through, you'll find that my claims of covertly communicating with the government and the media are true as well.

Understand, I claim direct knowledge and evidence of many crimes and harmful government activities, from situations I was caught in the middle of. I claim direct evidence of Psyops against me since 2002. I also claim that I can provide you with information that will inevitably convince you that my life, and the lives of my siblings, have been adversely affected purposefully by very powerful people since the late 1950's, when it appears he was psyoped out of the military because of activities he would not go along with. This included activities related to the Bush family, Richard Nixon and some corporations in the South San Francisco Area - as well as national intelligence agencies - that, in retrospect - re-occur in what I call my "bubble life".

It's an interesting dialectic or set-up... coming to this moment in time.

Because, it also appears to me... and I believe would to you as well if you were to examine the evidence and listen to what I have to say... that the operations against me and my family are either related to high;y classified work he was involved with - weather manipulation using radium at Hunter's Point (source of the radium pollution in San Francisco Bay now a big problem) that they claim is the result of nuclear vessels and armaments... and his apparent work in psychotronics.

In doing my research, I came to the conclusion that the harassment I was receiving was not simply related to my 2002 activism.  And it is a long story. But it became clearer when I did some patent searches to see if I could determine what my father was involved with in his military work. And I came up with numerous patents with the name Rehn associated with them, in a time when my father would have been active. And, understand, everyone said my father was an "off the charts" genius. One of the patents I found was for the invention of the "Thought Camera"... the very equipment that started current day "Psychotronics". It said I had to write to Los Alamos for further info. I did. Electronic attacks became intense. I don't actually know that it was my father, because the records are classified. However, I have additional info that would help clarify the matter. I once did a "back and forth" with Donald Rumsfeld (which I can prove) where he pointed out "there were things that you know that you don't know you know..."

I'd also like to say that I have a diverse background, including broadcast engineering, and so I could easily explain the theory and technology of this equipment (frankly, my easy understanding of it all is part of why I am being silenced... because I do have the technical and communication skills to explain it and expose it).  Further, my background in psychology, hypnosis and other metaphysical and other understandings and inquiries into quantum physics... and those things do come into play in this complex story.... all give me the ability to explain it all. The illusions, the Psyops techniques, and the MPD triggers that are generated in psychotronic victims... and the PTSD that generates trauma in their minds such that their own minds perpetuate the harassment.

Please understand, I have no concern about the ability to prove the technology I am speaking of, the methods of harassment, and the ability to provide you with affidavits from hundreds, if not thousands of people who are suffering. And the evidence of my own case, which will be a huge boondoggle for the government and the media... which is why no one has stopped it.

Now, about being the Son of Man. I understand why you would classify me as crazy just for that. I'm okay with that. All I can say is that I'm most anxious to speak with religious leaders who are actually interested in seeking the truth, and not simply seeking to prove me a hoax. Same thing with authorities: if your demeanor is to shut me up because I'm crazy, I won't talk to you. But if you're actually interested in investigating, I've got a ton of files that would convince you of my claims. I think you understand what I'm saying.

And, if there's an attorney out there willing to make an investment in a case that will take time and money that I don't have, it'll probably take a few years, but you'll be extremely wealthy and a national hero when it's through. Otherwise, I really am going to do it myself after the first of the year.

I have a few more points to make.

Let's just say for the sake of argument that I actually am deluded about being the Son of Man, and that I'm wrong about living my life in a bubble... I tell you, I can still prove everything I claim since 2002.

About my "delusions".... I have a great number of reasons for my claims that I am the Son of Man having nothing to do with the Psyops since 2002, although the Psyops did get me to read the Bible, and if it wasn't for the media people, I wouldn't have known I was the Son of Man. I wasn't, and still am not, doing political activism out of a religious "calling"... although to be honest, my faith has become part of my message.

I've literally spent years working from the assumption that I was crazy, actually wishing sometimes that I was because it would make for a simpler situation and explanation... and that assumption had me do and think everything I possibly could to prove whether the Psyops were or were not distorting my sense of reality - my ability to separate Psyops from the real events and occurrences of the world - and whether the evidence I uncovered rang true - just as I chose to discard the notions of conspiracy theories and rely simply on fact and occurrence to shape my perceptions... in that inquiry, I was even to find out in the Bible that what is occurring to me is what the Bible says what would occur. So, please understand, I've done my best to prove that I'm wrong about my assumptions about psychotronics, the government and who I am... but the facts keep proving that its true... even though I wish it didn't. You don't look forward to discovering that people you respect have perpetrated crimes against you. I still wish it wasn't true. I'm still hoping I'm wrong. But, very sadly, I'm not.

I'd say that I'd defy anyone to actually seriously discuss this with me and do a little investigation... except I'd actually welcome it, and it would not be out of defiance. There are simply more important issues I must address at this time.

Think what you will about my sanity or the voracity of my allegations.. but look at the site, and tell me if the writing on the issues.... and truthfully tell me if they aren't rational... whether you agree with my opinions or not. And on the "faith" issues... check out your Bible, and see if what I quote and interpret make sense to you... disregard the stuff about being the Son of Man... and see if what I talk about and say make any sense to you. I've often joked that I'm a bit eccentric, and I could make the case myself that I'm crazy (as everyone could and maybe I am:})...

But then, there's this person who's known me for more than 10 years who says... long before I decided I was the Son of Man... who says these things..

I'm a moral interruption (whatever that means :})

I'm a prophet

I'm the most rational crazy person they've ever known

And that when people ask them about me, they say they like me because being near me makes them feel closer to God. They don't think I'm the Son of Man either (I think that's really funny)

Anyway... if all that's not strange enough, if you decide to approach me and you're legit, I'll give you the phone number of the (Presumed CIA) agent who approached me not long ago, and you can run that one down.... and take a look at the files of my calls to the Secret Service.

One final note though: Let's just say I am the Son of Man, or I just know too much, and my father told people like Nixon and Prescott Bush... and they decided, for whatever reason, to suppress me... they have the power, the money, the motive, the means... the "Poppy System"... and much more.  No one will agree with you more that it's a bizarre tale. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.  One day, I believe  a law enforcement officer will have the courage to do their job, investigate this matter, and put an end to my questions, put an end to the suffering of countless people, and bring justice to a deplorable situation for all who are affected.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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