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For people who don't know, Zbigniew Brezinski is an advisor to the Barack Obama campaign, which should be referred to as the Clinton Regime, also known as the Council on Foreign Relations "front" candidate.

John McCain is also a member of theCouncil on Foreign Relations.

It's the people behind the scenes who tell the real story...


8/27/2008 - The encouraging part is knowing that I was right about you and your friends... you're sicker than I thought. Just remember that all of those women and children you're killing with microwaves and bad drugs are people whose deaths you will be held accountable for.

I can't figure out what is wrong with you people... what you have done if someone did to Mika what you do to me?


It's imortant that you understand who this man is - he is Obama's Brain.

It's important that you understand the role he has already played in this nation's history, and what he intends to accomplish on behalf of his "friends".
                                          Books By Brzezinski

He is considered to be the modern day equivalent of Henry Kissinger
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July 18, 2008

Dear Mr. Brzezinski;

First, I want to share with you how much I enjoy Mika on MSNBC. She does  great job, and I'm sure you're rightfully proud of her.

For the record, you could easily claim you know nothing about me, and plausible deniability would allow you to succesfully deny any knowledge of me. I'm fine with that. But I alsoknow you know of me for a variety of reasons.

With that in mind, I hope you will understand tht what Iam saying is not inteded to be insulting or diminsihing, but in fact, I intend to show you a great deal of respect by being direct and honest with you regarding my concerns and considerations about the events of the next 6 months, and the coming years. I've actually considered contacting you for years, so I actually know what I'd like you to tell us.

And I'll just stipulate that I believe you, like many of your associates, are brilliant, and actually provide excellent analysis of the status quo, particularly when not focused on persuading someone of a particular personal outcome or agenda. I won't go into all the discrepancies about the incorporation of the CFR and the Tri-lateral plans and all that for now. We'll, just say it was you guys' way of handling PR in an unfriendly environment (after the protests against the Tri-lateral plan in the late 50's and early 60's, resistance to the Rockefellers and waiting for people to forget before formally re-emerging).

So here we go...

You all claim that no one can say that what you at the Council on Foreign Relations are a conspiracy. I beg to differ. While your tactics have, in many ways, been perfectly legal and absolutely Democratic in appearance, it has been a facade I watched through the decades until this time period, when I will no longer allow it to continue.

Everything you people actually want to do is tehcnically, theoretically ok. Except for this.

You have essentially infiltrated every level of government and the media, with specific non-disclosure agreements that prevent the media from revealing your actual goals and methods.

You have essentially replaced the United States Congress, and have chosen every President since Eisenhower (and who knows, maybe him too, but I doubt it. I admire that man.)

All of that, in a nation of loopholes, is still technically fine.

Now here's the problem.

The fact that I have never heard an open debate regarding the Council on Foreign Relations plans to ostensibly end the concept of national borders, EXCEPT to the ends of controlling the U.S. Military in order to forcibly control the rest of the world through threat of force, economic coercion and oil embargo.

And that means, while you maintain the web site and make it appear you're operating in a public and transparent manner, your foisting up of political candidates who do nothing but echo the latest marketing research on voter trends in order to win elections in order to impleemnt your covert agenda makes it Conspiracy, technically RICCO violations, fraud, perpetrating a public hoax... but it most certianly is a conspiracy.

And the real evidenceof it is that Barack Obama doesn't mention any of these plans tht are designed to make it look like the transformation to the lofty goals of the John Lennon Song "Imagine", but it's not. It's a facade.

And the final evidence comes in the fact that you haven't asked the citizens if they want to essentially combine Mexico, America and Canada... you're doing it behind their backs.

Paul Begala constantly declared on Crossfire that Max Cleeland helped write most of the original Patriot Act... which we found out was written long before 911. Which means, the Democrats and Republicans... via the auspisces of the Council on Froreign Relations, had already designed the Apartheid-like documents to begin dismantling the U.S. Constitution.

That represents a collusion, combining the Democratic and Republican parties in conspiracy against the Constitution and teh Citizens of the United States. Consider that. It's a viable arguement that could easily find standing in a just court of law.

And I know the race is on to make sure you get the presidency this time around, because there is so much criminal liability that must be swept under the rug. George Bush did what you guys wanted him to do, he was just a little too brazen and got too many people upset and investigating, and it's about to come to a head.

Why don't you all inform people of weather wars?

So here's the deal.

The idea of a one world government was about government, not control, dominance, mind control and citizens of the government, as Jimmy has said seems to work best in his mind.

Government's role is administrative, not monarchistic or controlling. Government's role is to enable and empower the ctizens. It's that simple. It's like God is good, evil is Satan.. It's that simple. There are no gray areas. Even when something bad happens, God at least gives us the reasoning ability to make something good out of it. See how that works.

So there you guys are. Here I am.  See, it works.

And what I say about you guys, in thecourt of public opinion, and in the courts of the land if necessary, is that I don't ever recall there being an election where the American people gave the government the mandate or permission to spend their money and the lies of their children in order to create an empire that holds the world hostage by force.

That generates leaders who laugh at the idea of waging war as if the citizens of other nations ar efun to blow up with our awesome guns and aircraft. This is not a video game. The people whose lives you continually disrupt with hyper-inflation, inappropriate pharmaceuticals and the idea of using anti-psychotics and anti-depessants to dug a nation into compliance, all the way generating the need for those drugs with Sychotronics... HAARP, the strees of war, economic stress, fire, "Natural" disasters/ weather manipulation... all the CIA facets required to ovethrow and/or disrupt the function of a   culture... that's straight out of a CIA manual, as the concept was applied to the unnecessary destruction of Hiroshima, and the demoralization of the nation of Japan. Remember, they had been trying to surrreender for months, and we wouldn't talk to them. All those things are occurring now.

And the all important ever-present threat of terrorist attack. Most people don't understand that terrorism was actually invented by nations using it to covertly silence and eliminate dissidents, not citizens attacking a government. I understand that.

It's like this. I laughed the day I received an FBI brochure stating that my display of this document, quoting it and speaking of it, my faith in God and possession of an almanac - I do all 3 - would make me a "profiled" potential terrorist. This document, I must admit, is quite revolutionary, and is resilient in the brilliance of its timeless wisdom when interpretated with respect to the intent of its purpose and symbol. It is not a God Damned piece of paper as George Bush claimed.

This is the United States Constitution. I request that you and your freiends read it, and understand that the citizens of the United States have not authorized you or the United States Government to in any way diminish the sovereignty or dominion, or national security of this nation under any circumstances.

If you and your friends, and Barack Obama, pursue this course, I assure you that I will lead a movement to use whatever rights and legal means are left to the citizens of this nation to have you all removed for failure to uphold the oath of office to protect the Constitution and serve the citizens against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Barack was right the other day, the people responsible for the attacks on Septtember 11, 2001 are still at large, and they are residents of the United States with many foreign friends and affiliates, and they are traitors.

I do not use those words lightly.

Nor do I take pleasure in pointing out that the hyper-inflation schemes being used to bring this nation to its knees and into compliance with your agenda, it will fail. Because Americans love their freedom, and when they relize what the hidden agenda is, they will stand for it, even if they do not understand all of the underlying issues, physical and spiritual. They will feel it, and it will move them, and they will take action. Your psychotronics are not as good as you think.

Let me point one more thing out. The plan did not call for the dissolution of states or domination. To believe either of these concepts displays an abandonment and lack of imagination in transforming the world through peaceful means. States are important in tht they create security while tust is gained amongst nations adn beings and for the moment, create microcosms of culture and wisdom tht can more easily be identified, the information shared, and then the diverse cultures of the universe would eb  understood, and at that time, we might  relax borders and dominion if people want that. But it's up to the citizens. And they require and deserve the truth about your plans, otherwise, it is a conspiracy.

Issung press releases and white papers using "code" buzz words, and preventing the public from knowing your discussions through confidentiality agreements with the media does not constitute transparency, or informing the public. And, therefore, the disclosures you do make are deceptive.

See how it gets circular. And like the Protocols say, it only takes one. And I'm the one. I don't say that to threaten or extort. I say that because I love America that much. I love people and beings and places that much. And I respect God's plan that much. It makes sense. And everybody but the greedy win.

And I have, we have, a right to work toward our agenda too. At least ours is not convert, and it is legal.

Please pass the word up to your friends, and tell Barack I'm sorry.. I actually believed in him too. I wanted to believe in him, too. Even though I recognized the signs at the Democratic Convention in 2004 when Hillary introduced him as the Rising Star... I knew what that meant, just as I knew what it meant when she pointed out that his middle name meant bless-ed.

Deception, after deception after deception. And you don't get much more diabolical than that. But I wasn't and am not fooled. And the people who have been fooled will no longer be soon.

I'm going to raise one other that probably won't be popular, but so be it.

I remember hearing my father talk more than once about the importance of the provision requiring tht the President be a native born American. I understood why, in the early days when infiltrators could have come to America on a mission from a foreign nation to undermine or overthrow us, but I wondered over the years if it was a legitmate stipulation, more than 200 years into our history.

When I look at global history, and the relationships and state of the world, and the people and influences that have shaped it, I can't help but notice the influence of a number of people in U.S. Foreign Affairs and National Security who are legal immigrants to the United States. Please understand, I have no initial reaction, positive or negative,   to the idea of immigrants having high positions in government, elected, appointed or hired.

But I can't help but wonder if the fact that you are not a natural born citizen causes you, deep inside, to be less attached to this nation. Not like you're against it or oblivious to the negative mpacts your geo-poltical theories do when implemented.. but because you came here - for the reasons you came here - that you have some feelings that in a way you are something of "a man without a country". I wonder how Madeleine Albright would answer that. I'd seriously be interested just to understand.

Still, the comments you seem toso casually make about the concept of national boundaries being obsolete and so forth... I  don't hear Barack saying that that's part of the philosophy of his presumed presidency. And I sure can't help noticing how the Council on Foreign Relations network news people are following him around, glorifying him to make it look like his election is the relief and the sign of the transformation that will put the American public at ease just long enough to enact the final legislation and actions to finally dispose of the constitution. I can hear the announcements - "We have  come so far tht we have even elected a black man.."

I have to tell you, part of my original support for him was for the same reasons. Hearing what he says now, knowing the individuals involved in his campaign,it looks more like to me he's trapped in the midst of a lot of unscrupulous people with a great deal on the line as we approach the tipping point that determines whether you all succeed or fail. And the answer is... you will fail. one way or another.

I request that you alter you r views in a way that reflects that while in service to this government, you ar in sevice to the citizens of this nation, and you ar enot authorized to build empires or dominate the world without our permission, and certainly not while fighting illegal wars and bankrupting the very people you are sworn to serve.

This is my county, land that I love.

I ask that you at least respect that. And then have Barack show the guts to tell America what all of you really have in mind. He has no clue what audacity is.

That would be refreshing. Unfortunately, all we ever see when watching politics is reruns.



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