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The Errors of the Christs


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When you read the Bible as history, and as the owner's guide, filled with notes and data, you might read a different story, or, get  a different picture of what the Bible offers.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Waking and Dreaming

I read the other day that the Vatican receives writings and materials of people who are thought of as "potential prophets", and they store those prophecies for a hundred years before releasing them to the public, I assume to give them the chance to find out if what these "prophets" were saying came true before telling people their "prophetic" and "divine" work had been preserved.

It makes me wonder, "What good's a prophet if you don't heed their prophecy?"

Back in the early Biblical days, before Christ, prophets or "interpreters of signs", seers, were used by kings and rulers of all kinds to advise them of things to come based on the readings of religious writings, seeing the probable outcomes of military confrontation or other issues where seeing a bigger picture and understanding human nature allowed these special people to foresee the future, based on divine inspiration and typical trends of human events.

The Bible says that at some point, the seers will no longer see. That means a few things.

First, that those who would be "prophets" will no longer know the actuality of the circumstances and issues of their nations, and therefore, will not be able to accurately predict the future. That's the problem with deception upon deception. If ministers and so-called "experts" are fooled by the lies of politicians and the news media, how can anyone possibly "get it right"?

Second, that the "seers" will no longer be sought for prophecy, as in , their work will be saved like paintings in a museum, providing some sort of proof of spiritual authority and ownership of the assets and moral authority of God. You might say that later they could say, "Isn't it amazing that we had this divine work of a prophet who was amongst us".  As if it matters by then. What good does it do to have divine guidance if we don't heed it when it is given?

Third, it means that the seers will lose faith and, instead of receiving the messages of God and speaking and writing them, they interpret them in a biased way that comforts and appeases in the moment the message is delivered. In that way, inadvertently, they are deliverers of apostasy. No criticism is intended in that. It's just the truth.

I think about these things when I consider that an objective view of this world must consider both the consistencies and inconsistencies of history and the present.

It's important, for those who don't understand, to know that Jesus was not the only Christ. Other Christs included Noah and Abraham, Moses and a never ending list of people throughout time, some we know of , most of whom in that last 1000 years or so, we don't know about, except as we've recognized them ourselves as great political and spiritual leaders, whether actually anointed by God or not.

A Christ is someone who God chooses to be a leader, who God speaks to and through in order to provide guidance for the people of the world that exists in their lifetimes. These "Christs" are people, human beings, with a spirit and the spirit of God dwelling in them and actually working in partnership with God.

It's good to understand that sometimes in the Bible, caught up in the spirit and romance of Biblical stories with a pre-disposition to seeking comfort and truth in the salvation of souls and seeking the courage to reconcile our spirits and the knowledge of His ways to the world we live in, it's easy not to notice the errors made by Christs that greatly affected the outcome of history in a negative way.

Negative not just because they had a rippling effect that was a stumbling block to future generations, but, because of our interpretations of scripture, we actually chose as an example of how to be a good follower of God or Jesus". It is also sometimes considered blasphemous to question the judgment of a Christ, and to realize that each Christ had to deal with the customs and laws of their time when they were serving God as Christ, with the greater intent of leading their citizens toward a better way for the future.

And we forget that our religion of Christianity declares that Jesus Christ is the great teacher and master, the example of how "to be" as good people and citizens. When it's convenient, we revert back to harsher judgments of Christs and claim without context that these are "Christian" ways, ways based on the judgment of the Christs throughout the ages. They may well be, but they are not the ways of Jesus Christ, whom we claim sets the standard for our moral values.

That we would claim Christianity based on the life of Jesus, and then revert to Mosaic law is one of the greatest inconsistencies that could ever be noticed. Especially when you read the Bible not only as the history of humanity, but each and every word as prophecy, as human nature slowly evolves toward a more understanding and compassionate conscious cosmos.

Another inconsistency is in the use of prophecy, even unto the end times, when it is all laid out as to how things will go if humanity continues on its present course. And yet, we read that part of the Bible as if it is instruction to complete in order for the second coming to occur,and for the kingdom of God to be established. Someone has trained us to view prophecy as instructions of God, instead of warnings and divine guidance to allow us to avoid the mistakes that would cause such massive destruction. One of the ways He provides to avoid such disaster is by providing us with a Christ to lead us.

How does all this confusion happen? One way is that the anti-Christ purposely, publicly make statements to mis-lead people en masse as to what Christianity and the community of churches and spiritual faithful truly are, and what they're like to be around.

Another way is to be taught not to question, or inquire, into the truth of what the Bible provides, inspiration and hope to be sure. But also, examples of bad judgment that had negative effects. And, had we been reading and listening objectively, we would have seen them as such. It's an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

It's also important to understand that being willing to consider such objective observations of the Bible is not intended to be judgmental or righteous, but an attempt to fully utilize the information provided in this collection of works called the Bible, which does not comprise all of the spiritual writings of history, and rejects those things that I might sometimes include when I say "inconsistencies" that are as important to notice.

It's like understanding that I don't believe my writings address every aspect of every issue facing the world, or all of the possible, including conventional, interpretations of the Bible, but I do believe, through the inspiration and guidance of God, I am able to see things in it specifically relevant to these times as God asks us to listen and seek and use His guidance to see us all safely through the end days.

It's the same reason Reagan quoted Santiago when he said "We must look to the past to see the future". To learn how to do things better by not repeating the mistakes of the past.

The reason I'm  writing all this is because I've thought a great deal, lately, about persistent issues with Christs, how they handled them and what the long-term, rippling effects were. Good and bad.

Issues that include everything from the judgments of Christs regarding divorce, traditions that resulted in the diverse treatments of women and people we white people would call minorities, who are actually the majority of the inhabitants of this planet... false impressions and interpretations of roles and personal value that caused diminution of people instead of empowerment...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - It's About Time - 01 - It's About Time

But, the judgment that I believe was the most detrimental to humanity came from Moses.

Let me make something clear Moses was one of God's most faithful servants. He really was. One of God's favorites and most trustworthy friends.

But, just like Abraham, he made a few mistakes.

In the case of Moses, here was this great, respected and anointed leader of God and men, delivering the 10 Commandments. "Thou shalt not kill".

And then, responding to the current laws of the land, customs and traditions, he turns around and declares laws that include penalties that include killing criminals.

In one chapter, the Bible speaks of "stoning" homosexual men, and it also speaks of "stoning" prodigal sons upon their return home. So, why as a culture, do certain "people who call themselves Christians but are not" tell stories of the great welcoming home of the prodigal sons, and speak of condemnation of gay people?

How can Christians, those who claim to follow the teachings of Christ, not necessarily the religion, accept national religious leaders who would claim the necessity of killing hundreds of thousands of people, supposedly in response to terrorism, the wars and rumors of wars to contrive external threats to perpetuate fear. Leaders who do not even bother to read and learn for themselves by seeking the truth, instead of pandering to political leaders for power they don't deserve as they mislead their flocks based upon lies that are easy and convenient to accept.

How could we simply accept the words of political leaders who are clearly subject to the wealth of donors and lobbyists, who have completely acquiesced to the will of the anti-Christ, the Military Industrial Complex bluediam.gif (123 bytes) President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in 1961?

The covert infiltration of the government and associated institutions by the Council on Foreign Relations that bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Pres. John F. Kennedy tried to warn us about before his assassination?

Thou shalt not kill. If there was any single commandment that deserves inclusion in the inquiry of the application of the Golden Rule in an absolute way, that would be one of the most important. Look at how the 10 Commandments, overridden by flawed Mosaic law, laws of men, conveniently adopted and spoken of as God's ways by leaders seeking ways to justify their crimes against humanity and sins against God... look at the damage done throughout time because of the conditional justification absolving leaders of the need to obey God, and thou shalt not kill.

You may say, and would be right, that I say it is forgivable to defend oneself against a criminal aggressor.

However, that is very different from determining that the way to cause peace is through war, instead of resolving the differences and seeking win-win solutions between all parties with differences. Soon, we'd find that our differences are not as insurmountable as our leaders, using fear to manipulate you, would like you to think.

Thou shalt not kill. And the deceptions continue. We're told that our troops are pulling out of Iraq, and they slowly are, as they are transferred to Afghanistan to continue a war. A war not about terrorism or Al Qaeda or controlling the Islamists, radical or not, as we have been erroneously been led to perceive the Islamists are the anti-Christ..

The war, the killing in Afghanistan is about the Caspian Sea Oil Pipeline, and ultimately, control of the world's oil supply, and to maximize the profits of oil companies in supplying China with the energy it needs as the newly appointed industrial nation of choice by the financiers, who will have a nearly endless supply of cheap labor, lower health standards and a government that rules with a heavy hand to control the masses.

And we citizens sanction it, not with the reasonable fear of who we are told oppose us because of our beliefs and freedom, but with a level of deception and an apathy that prevents us from bluediam.gif (123 bytes) reading and finding out the truth for ourselves.

By relying on the same news sources that have been deceiving us on behalf of politicians an financiers for decades.

By listening to apostates who have decided their leadership is more important to the world than the word of God itself, all included in the 10 Commandments, in the Golden Rule, and the lessons and opportunity to learn from others' mistakes as recorded history in the Bible.

Mistakes that are also recorded in the history of many nations, including the United States.

Pundits speak of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, a fact veiled in the truth that our current economic crisis, global in nature, is actually worse than the Great Depression - for the citizens, at least - Barack Obama is likened, as a false prophet, as some think of him as "the one",  to the likes of Abraham Lincoln.

Lincoln spoke of  of his dread of all the promises he had to make, despite his conscience,  in order to get elected.

Obama is likened to Pres. Franklin Roosevelt, who lead us through the Great Depression only to use war as a means to rebuild the economy, as well as refill the coffers of the financiers of the Military Industrial Complex, the Illuminati, the Druids and anti-Christ, who have used war and the conquests of empire as a means to dominate the world throughout the ages. As the Illuminati did by empowering Hitler and the Nazis.

Those who have long claimed that it would require 3 World Wars in order to take over the world and install the bluediam.gif (123 bytes) New World Order, declared by Pres. George H.W. Bush in his State of the Union Address back in 1991

Those who actually control the United States Government today.

If there's any error made by the Christs, other than Jesus, and citizens and servants of God has been the consistent apostasy of giving into power, of politics and convenient public "myth" and not learning the lesson of what it causes in the world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Phil Collins - Testify - 01 - Wake Up Call

Recently, Barack Obama visited Pope Benedict in Rome. Not long afterward, the Pope issued statements calling for a Global Government as well as a Global Economic System. This is dangerous because the current political leaders and financiers intend to use the United Nations, and the military of NATO as the basis of the global economy and government, using military force and economic coercion, economic slavery, and the Pope knows it and goes along.

Pope calls for a "global authority" on economy
Tue Jul 7, 2009 3:25pm EDT bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.reuters.com/article/newsOne/idUSTRE5662VM20090707

Global Power and Global Government: Evolution and Revolution of the Central Banking System
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14464

Humanity is on the verge of entering into the most tumultuous period in our history.

The prospects of a global depression, the likes of which have never been seen before; a truly global war, on a scale never before imagined; and societal collapse, for which nations of the world are building totalitarian police states to control populations; are increasing by the day.

The major global trend forecasters are sounding the alarms on economic depression, war, a return to fascism and a total reorganization of society.  

Through crisis, we are seeing the reorganization of the global political economy, and the transformation of capitalism into a totalitarian capitalist world government. Capitalism has never stayed the same through its history; it has always changed and will continue to do so. Its changes are explained and analyzed through political-economic theory, both mainstream theory and critical. The changes are undertaken over years, decades and centuries.

The next phase of capitalism is one in which the world moves to a state-controlled economic system, much like China, of totalitarian capitalism.

From WW II To WW III: Global NATO And Remilitarized Germany
bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=14377

What the New World Order relies upon most is the frustration of citizens to the extent that they give up believing they are anything but the "ordinary" people, the Serfs, and giving into domination.

What people need to understand that the anti-Christ, the designers and implementers of this New World Order can not succeed unless they deceive us to the extent of complying with their commands.

It is true that, in the New World, the kingdom of God, the meek shall inherit Heaven, earth. But it is also true that if those who call themselves the faithful do not stand up and refuse to cooperate with evil, then the prophecies of the Revelations will proceed until the just DO stand up, and prove to the criminals that their ways will not be tolerated any longer.

There are ways to stand up to the anti-Christ without violence or chaos.

God provided us a gift in the Bible - one that shows us a good, wholesome way to live life, as well as examples of mistakes that were made by leaders that have lead us to this precarious point in time.

I've been writing since 2000 about these end days, even though I did not realize that what I was describing was the prophecy of the end days. I'd been talking about it for years before that with people who were supposedly knowledgeable of the greater goals of the United States Government. At least, those admitted to in public, the cover stories that have effectively deceived us.

There's a part of me that makes me want to ask "What will it take for you to believe me, to believe that God is speaking through me to warn you of the dangers of the present time, and that His plan and ways could relieve us all of this horrible time predicted that can be avoided?"

There's another part of me that simply prays that you will hear me now, and assist me by not allowing our leaders to make the mistakes that have caused so much harm, and have lead us to the disastrous state of the world as it is.

Christs are leaders, chosen and called upon by God to serve His intentions for this world, not the intentions of religions or politicians or the wealthy. His intentions.

Unfortunately, these leaders have decided it is within their prerogative to choose themselves as Christs. It is time for us all to inform them that we reject their "Rights of Kings" determination that they can forego the wisdom of God and choose themselves.

See Also: H.G. Wells: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The New World Order

and Wiki-Pedia bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_World_Order

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