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I've heard that some theologians think of Jesus with the analogy of being something of a corporate president or someone who wins something of a political election. Let's talk about it that way for a moment.

I always find it interesting how "whistle blowers" are made heroes in the media when what they discover things "going on" and tell us all about the corruption.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam - Father & Son

At the same time, given the  amount of corruption not reported in the media, you have to believe that the media allowing the whistle blower to speak out on national TV means that releasing the information likely serves an ulterior motive, such as discrediting a politician who "won't go along to get along", or a public figure of any kind who speaks of things that people in power don't want you to know.

It's the same sort of thing that goes on with apostasy, telling people what they want to hear, telling people what you want them to hear, and telling people what will cause them to think what you want them to think. It's all about power and control, and the ability to shape the "reality" of the consciousness of the public, the cosmos, by people who have basically told God "I'd rather do it myself", which would be fine, so long as they got the job done wit integrity.

But the whistle blowers... the citizens and public servants who speak out on behalf of us all, they rarely go on to great roles of leadership or elected office or organizational leadership. It's why they came up with the seldom taken advice of   "Don't kill the messenger".

The messengers... the kind of straight talking people we always say we'd prefer to lead us, even if we don't agree with them, at least knowing where they actually stand on issues and their willingness to take action, if only to know where to begin a broader dialogue.

The messengers.. those who are truly serving God in their lives as examples of Christianity, as ministers seeking and providing truth, prophets and Christs.

You hear stories all through the Bible of prophets living tormented lives, often imprisoned or shunned by churches as heretics, and we've come to accept that as the way it's supposed to be, instead of the work of the anti-Christ preventing those who choose Christian ways from serving the people God wants them to serve.

When it was pointed out that prophets are never accepted in their own lands, meaning prophets had to go outside of their own countries to be taken seriously, it was not because God wanted them to grow up and live in one place in order to force them to go somewhere else later, it's because in one's own country, or community, people know you as a certain kind of person with a certain kind of beliefs, of a certain occupation, all having stereotypical descriptions and images that disallow the appreciation of another perception of that individual in another role or with a new context.

When a citizen  is compelled by a moral imperative or a servant of God feels their calling from God, and they act on it,  regardless of the truth they tell or the honorable actions they take, they are often castigated and diminished by those who are comfortable with their perceptions of the world as they are, despite the harm it causes to themselves and others.

Even Jesus  had the need to escape for his safety when spreading the truth about the world and about spirituality and the ways of God, and about the apostasy and hypocrisy in the world.

It is said that the proof of a prophet is the verity of the prophecy after the death of the prophet. It may end up working out that way, given that we live in a world where true faith is rare, and thus, the prophets God provided deliver His wisdom for the time they were delivered. Because of our lack of faith, we withhold God's guidance until after it comes true and then gleefully declare that a prophet was amongst us.

In truth, Jesus received the same treatment, spreading the greatest truth of this world to us all, treated as a radical and apostate, offering the possibility of everlasting life and true liberty, rejected by the governments and those who had infiltrated the 12 Tribes of Israel, and then put to death, now honored as the great master and Messiah who died for because of our sins, the  Son of God Almighty, who understood that His work would require time to take hold. But he knew it would.

When it was written that the crucification of Jesus was a stumbling block to Israel, it wasn't because Jesus "caused problems", it was because their rejection of his wisdom and leadership caused them to stumble in their covenants and purposes unto God, and instead of being more truly the people who were directly to be involved in the spreading of His work and His ways, they became, instead, a people like all others of the flock.

And still, there are those sealed unto God of the 12 Tribes of Israel.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, God has provided us prophets and leaders throughout the ages. The concept of Christianity did not begin with Jesus.

Ever notice that when the owner of a business makes a final decision about hiring a CEO or COO, they make an announcement, and then they move forward by operating as if that person is in charge with responsibility and authority. That person either succeeds or fails.

Often times, the difference between success and failure is the combination of fresh applications of ideas, innovation, and the key skills and insights by the person who built the business from the ground up and caused it to succeed in the first place, the Creator, who is uniquely qualified in the importance of the foundation of that business.

In an intellectually honest discussion, that  CEO or COO is the "Christ" of that company, their selected leader, empowered by the owner, and, in an objective sense,  the person you take orders from, like it or not. The good news, you figure out there's a good reason they were hired, and when you give them half a chance, you find out they're pretty nice people too.

Whether or not that person succeeds or fails at their overall mission is dependent upon employees, professionals, doing their jobs to the best of their abilities, true to the mission, methods and principles of the organization, with a clear understanding of company goals and objectives, agreeing to work within company policies and yielding to the judgment of the CEO after reasonable discussions have taken place or decisions have been made.

In my company, that would also mean requiring people to step forward when principals and practices are being compromised, for the purpose of rectifying a situation, or identifying individuals  who are not willing to commit to such policies. I also don't tolerate brown-noses, I require actual teamwork, and have a great disdain for employment tactics such as competition for position or favor, mobbing, rumors, gossip and inequality.

When God "hires" a Christ, He does so with a number of things in mind.

First, it's not like an election where people vote and choose the person they like best. God decides. He's the owner. It's good to point out, as well, that the person He selects doesn't exactly have a choice either. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - In the Stone

God chooses someone He knows has a spirit that will endure, of whom He does not require perfection, but true and pure intent. Someone who knows the ways of God in their spirit, and through grace, it is a part of their being.

With His guidance, the job gets done, with the constant instruction that if the judgment you are being led to doesn't make sense, don't do it until it does, if it does. In this way, you won't be fooled by other spirits or influences. And, in this way, God absolutely respects free will.

God understands abnormal psychology, and yet, in His world and perception of spirit and being, it never makes sense. By choosing to select a Christ and work in and through that person, living in the world that is being ruled, abiding and reconciling the cosmos that particular Christ is tasked to alter through the speaking of truth and wisdom, popular or not, and then providing human being insight to God as His vessel, His eyes, ears, feet and mouth, is a sort of way of comparing notes with soemone else.

It is through this chosen Christ that people are led, the consciousness of the cosmos is altered based on the judgment of the Christ based on experience, as well as the wisdom of God which is expressed in that Christ's understanding of human nature, probabilities and outcomes, cause and effect on the material and spiritual planes.

Every Christ must have the ability to fully comprehend the rippling effect of the judgments they make and the actions they take, as they affect humanity, from that moment on. Where the greatest errors are made is when the Christ compromises to the law of the land, the laws of man, the opinions and deceptions of man, in order to appease and gain favor and power, or take the easy way toward a result.

Examples of such things include when Abraham gave his wife Sarah to a king in order to gain favor and a prominent position, or when he sent his son and Sarah's handmaiden into the wilderness to appease Sarah's jealousy. Or when Moses received the 10 Commandments and then created laws that ascribed to killing of criminals and sinners. This is not a criticism, it is an observation, and I ask you to look at the rippling effects of those decisions.

The question that always occurs, especially in these, the end of days, is, who and how many who call themselves Christians will honor their word as Christians. How many actually understand what it means to be "Christian", and who and how many actually have faith enough to be Christian.

These days, the interpretation of what it means to be Christian is to be "a Christian", and most particularly someone who would claim to follow Jesus. I always used to wonder why my pastor would sometimes call Jesus Christ Jesus, Jesus Christ or just Christ or Jesus. I'd wonder why it wasn't called Jesusology or Jesusanity, and decided Christianity must just sound better. We use a lot of words that sound good, that we don't really know the meaning of.

I certainly will never be one to diminish the importance or the examples and teachings of Jesus.

But Christianity existed long before Jesus came into this world. Christ primarily actually means a chosen leader, anointed/chosen, and in this context, it means, chosen by God Himself.

In essence, people who claim Christianity agree to the idea that they will have and express their faith in God by following the leadership of the Christ He chooses. Having faith that there is a reason God selected that spirit and being for the job.

There has always been a Christ in the world, even since Jesus. But, the pervasive power structure of the world, a material world filled with a requirement for greed to survive, has been to suppress the Christ and to emulate the requirements God speaks to political and spiritual leaders to give the appearance of compliance, but rarely actually comply.

The proof of the rejection of His Christs for over 2000 years is the status of the world as it is today.

The Christs God selects are the ultimate whistle blowers, rejected by leaders because of the truth they tell and the threat they pose to corrupt political and financial powers, rejected by followers who have been mislead to give faith to political leaders and corporate institutions, rejected by those who find the actuality of the world too painful or inconvenient to face or overcome, and accompanied by the unwillingness to face ridicule for speaking the  truth that a moral imperative would require.

People simply shake their heads, ask "what am I supposed to do about it", and conclude "it's just the way of the world." And it is, if you say so.

It's a whole, new world, and all you have to do is want it.

And have faith in God, and the leadership He provides to His Kingdom.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chaka Khan - Have A Little Faith

It's important. Because here's the game plan that the group of errant Druids, the Learned Elders the Bible speaks about have in mind, a plan that is in its final phases. bluediam.gif (123 bytes) The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion - Essential Reading

In the Bible, they're referred to as those who call themselves Jews but are not. These days, they would also be people who call themselves Christians, but are not. All too often, they are people who call themselves patriots, but are not.

God's calling you to follow and assist Christ today.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - 101 - Pipes of Peace

8/5/2009 Update and addendum

This brings us to the reasons and purpose of  the "Second Coming".

Throughout time, Christs have succeeded and failed, primarily because of the willingness of the leaders to listen to, if not follow the counsel of the Christs. Often, when leaders would no longer listen, Christs, such as Noah or Moses or Abraham or.. God would have them take action, at least to do their best to secure the safety of their families, while waiting for their time to do their  further and more important work for God.

That's not to say that the followers were less important, because it was their values that allowed Christs to reconcile God's ways with the ways of the world. It was sort of  a "tell me what you want, and I'll give you what you need situation." Moses was actually an amazing intercessor in such matters.

Jesus had the big picture, though, the whole picture, and he didn't need divinity to know what the right thing was to do in standing up for right against wrong, or God's ways, and doing his best to be the representative of people's issues without endangering them.

But that big picture, knowing what to do was just a part of him.

But, before Jesus, God realized it was time to re-plant the earth, the seeds of His ways because people had formed into flocks of "birds of a feather" and by their own choosing and with whom they identified with, it was possible to provide greater context to groups with specific interests and opinions, as needed to be delivered on behalf of God.

So, God  gave us Jesus, someone who spiritually and as a being was just like God, His son, because he is God's son, with the life of the "Son of Man" in order to learn and observe the world as it was, in order to learn what was needed to know what to do or say when the time came. And Jesus didn't need the Bible to affirm himself or to have the approval of leaders or even to be told that God would "tell him what he needed to know or do" in order to provide service, in "judging" the churches of his time, or the politics of the times, he just did them.

I don't know if anyone else does, but when I read stories about the Christs I often laugh at the stories told, parts of them, like when Sarah s accused of laughing when God tells her and Abraham that she, past menopause, was going to have a child. I don't know about you, but I can imagine that scene in a movie, and you can just see her sitting there with Abraham, with a little giggle, wanting to have a child, knowing it was a miracle, not sure if you want to, and wondering what that crazy God guy is going to do to prove His mysterious ways next.

Maybe you'd have to have it happen to you to truly appreciate the sense of humor you get after a while when you finally get to the point when these strange things happen and all you can do is say "Alright God, whatever. I'll just go with it".

It's why I love Bill Cosby's old routine of Noah and the Ark. I'll give you a link to it at the bottom of this in case you've never heard it before. You'll want to because it's funny, AND, it really is like that in a lot of ways.


I really like Moses, and I particularly enjoy the story of how Moses becomes Christ. Here's a guy who lives like a Good Samaritan and kills in defense of another, worried he'd be punished for his crime, still being a Good Samaritan, marrying outside the faith and exiled, and God tells Him he's going to lead the people.

Moses, despite his self-evaluation that he was neither qualified to be someone to lead as a leader of a nation might as well as deliver the wisdom of God, something we, a nation professing to be under God, would view as someone being insane with a messianic cause, was convinced, finally, that God really was talking to him and that he would follow God's instructions.

Interestingly enough, Moses instruction was to do the work, and God would provide the words and the wisdom Moses would deliver to each group of people and in every situation that he was delivered to speak about or was involved in. And Moses accepted it, and he did. And he was a great leader.

For the most part, they were the same instructions as for the Son of Man, except that the Son of Man - as the Son of Man that Jesus was when he "became", fully developed into the leader and deity he was  and is - the Son of Man did not have the authority to effect change. The ability, but not the authority.

You could say that Jesus became when his knowledge and wisdom, and his experience, compelled him to take action as a leader with an inherent and intuitive knowledge of the spirituality of our beings and the ways of God which generated greater inquiry into "the master plan".

When Jesus was ready, and when God saw the need and opportunity in the world, as He knew He would, Jesus was promoted from "Son of Man", like a job title, to "Jesus"... whatever title you want to call the CEO.

Son of Man. It reminds me a great deal of a job description I once had that included the phrase "All of the responsibility and none of the authority".

In the case of Moses, and all other Christs, God did not ask any man's permission to choose anyone. And interestingly enough, most of the time, those chosen were not  people you would ordinarily think were the type or having the qualifications, with the exception of Jesus, despite his rejection and especially when you know more of his history.

Nor did they initially consider themselves worthy or capable, but they were willing. Willing to do the work, and willing to take God's instruction. Willing to face people who did not or would not understand.

Part of His choice was because their lack of pre-conceived notions made them willing, most importantly, to listen and understand the weight of their responsibilities under any circumstances.

But God knew they were the right people because He knew they existed and would exist before they existed.

The more interesting thing to consider and inquire about is how the Bible, a condensed history of particular times and eras, makes it seem as if miracles and supernatural events and all sorts of things were happening all the time, everywhere you look, and if you are not mindful of the dates projected of the stories told in the Bible, you might think Christs and more are as common as presidents serving 4 years in office, and then the next one takes over. Christs typically live as long as 900 years. (Then you have to ask, is that God years, or people years? And, why are they different? When did they become different? Oh yeah, the Garden of Eden :} )

And then you get to the big question. Why did these people, Christs, like   Abraham and Moses and Noah, believe they were talking to God and were chosen to lead the people as a Christ, with the understanding of a Christ? God chooses Christs of particular domains all the time.

If you remember that the fundamental definition of a Christ is someone God chose to do something, Christ basically means leader, and so God chooses people to be leaders in certain domains of influence and concern. Sort of like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, to serve certain purposes and accomplish certain goals.

But, God always proved Himself to these Christs with what we would describe as God's mysterious ways.

In their domains, each of them might have been considered experts or great communicators.

But the Christ of the world such as Jesus, had the big picture, has the understanding and wisdom of all of the Christs, all of the archetypes who were the perfect indviduals of their time per God's judgment and wisdom, Him having faith in  their worthiness for leadership and trust in their willingness to know and rule by reconciling the ways of the world with the ways of God.

I think in governance, it comes down to understanding and having  the ability to respect and apply values and consider and respect current mores - allowing the world to be in the state it's in - whatever their derivation or purpose, and serving without also applying personal or organizational ideology and preference, because government is an administrative function.. despite what our current government wants you to believe.

The only ideology a government should profess is that of the intent of its inception and the teaching and respect of the Constitution, just like a Christian obeying the intent of the 10 Commandments, that provide the foundation for the possibility of the accomplishment of perfection.

As Christ, the same things must be understood but what also needs to be understood is the need for any anointed nation to seek the means and nurture the will of each citizen to such that each individual is empowered, not solely by the power of their being, but with the empowerment of  a community, to flourish, and to seek good toward one another instead of fostering a culture and therefore a need because of a mindset that requires us to defend ourselves. Even as we acknowledge that the first responsibility we have as individuals and as a species is to survive.

And that even though physical death does not equivocate spiritual death, that the place God provided for us that would allow everyone and everything to flourish in a way that would provide a world of true liberty, as if being in heaven, because it is intended to be and can be heaven...

But in order for us to live in a physical form we must also have a place that supports the survival of those forms. What there is to survive is a discussion that is far too large for this subject.

Throughout time, God has made covenants with individuals and nations. As the world became more populated, the Living God lived in many nations and those nations became known as the anointed, the empires, and not one nation or people kept their covenants with God. Each will claim the rewards of those covenants in due time, however, they should be mindful that God keeps His promises to those who keep theirs.

Nonetheless, part of these covenants was to seek and perpetuate the ways of God, to the best of their abilities, and to seek the wisdom and counsel of spiritual leaders, and of the Christ of the time, God, in the flesh, as part of a triunary being, someone who has from generation to generation, always existed.

Over time, leaders have, to say it politely and as objectively as possible, caused us, citizens, to become unaware of the true prophets and Christs in the world, and because God truly respects liberty and the right of people to exercise free will and actual choice, He has allowed himself to be suppressed and working as a silent partner in this world by allowing the suppression.

The difference between now and before is the very reason stated in the Bible, visions and prophecy that only now can truly be related to the world that now exists. There was a reason for those visions and prophecy to be undecipherable except to those of His choosing, those who are to lead the world beyond the end of the days of the reign of the anti-Christ. Just as there is a reason for requiring the chosen to interpret those visions into current day events and technologies in order to give you reason to listen.

Just as the Bible says that the rejection of Jesus was a stumbling block to the government and nation of Israel, because it disallowed him the opportunity to lead with authority, the world is at a  point where it truly is making decisions... the leaders are making decisions that have the absolute capability of destroying the eco-systems of this world to the extent that, even though we would perceive our lives and world to be going in a consistent and familiar way, our health and our families and communities are endangered by the privations being granted by our leaders, just as the Bible said they would.

Nations, the empires of the world that have been given the opportunity, through real covenants with God, are anointed with the initial knowledge that God had chosen them to build a nation and lead the world with principles and values that actually would generate the Kingdom of Heaven, covenants  that none have fulfilled, that God allowed us to try because part of understanding and requiring free will is the knowledge of what it means and why people say "I'd rather do it myself".

To say that no nation has fulfilled their covenants with God is actually not a criticism at all, nor is it an expression of God to belittle anyone by saying "I told you so". If anything, God would commend you and us all for retaining the goodness we have.

But, still, God understands and understood the temptations from the beginning to this very day.

From the beginning, He provided us with the foundations with which to build the Kingdom of Heaven, with an incredible freedom to build it with every ounce of creativity we could muster. If you think of it as He and I do, life truly is living art. Those foundations allowed for this living art to go from abstract to chaos to order and anarchy - allowed for it - another discussion greater than the scope of this chapter with words you should look up in the dictionary and Bible, because few people understand what they actually mean.

The Biblical version of "personal responsibility" is anarchy, where the few laws of God are all that are needed, and the "laws of man" are no longer required.

Wouldn't that be an interesting world to live in? Why, exactly is it, that you think such a world is not possible? Think about this. Is it the corruption of citizens that has lead to the corruption in government and leadership, or is it the corruption of government and leadership that has lead to the corruption of government and leadership? As cultures and societies, who sets the example and makes the rules we live by, that determine all of the things, some unethical if not criminal, that we have to do in order to survive? We publicly humiliate athletes and performers with bad habits, people we require to be role models, and idolize and admire politicians who have the same problems and sanction torture and illegal wars, problems we don't hear about until party leadership or the Council on Foreign Relations decides to leak something to the media in order to force them out of office.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

The Bible says that laws, man's law, are the proof of the knowledge of sin. A world without "laws of men" would be the proof of a world without sin. When false Christs and false prophets speak of living by the "rule of law" they are saying that they prefer to live by the "laws of men" instead of the laws of God.

You might say, it's good to live by the law. It is.

But not when the laws are being made in order to benefit those in power to strip the citizens of their rights, even their lives, if they don't conform to the "reality" or ideology of the reigning power, which has, as God thought it would, been tempted to serving the kinds of things Satan would have happen instead of what God wants to see happening in the world.

It should be no surprise. It's all in the Bible. It  says that the possibility of the moment, though not the final result, is a world that would make the choice or be blinded from making the choice to seek the ways of God, that are mostly misunderstood, or continuing to follow the current power and world order, which, instead of leading to anarchy, would lead to complete tyrannical control.

So, this is the moment in history when God said he'd give us what we commonly refer to as "the Second Coming", a concept scoffed by so many in private, public and in the media because everyone is saying "how come it hasn't happened. And, why is God allowing this to go on?"

However, when you actually read the Bible about the Son of Man becoming... there's a bit of  a mystery about what will happen, how and, frankly, whether people will accept or reject the "Son of Man"... leading to a surprise ending of sorts. You need to understand that God is working with us in real time at this moment in history. As He always actually has. Just a little more directly, and being a bit more adamant about it.

Because the Second Coming is about taking over the controls of setting the foundations back firmly in place in this world.

My father used to say "Sometimes, when you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself." He'd also say "A job worth doing is worth doing well".

Most importantly, the Second Coming is because the leaders of the world, for whatever reason, have stopped listening to God, and have forgotten or abandoned the teachings of their spiritual leaders, particularly the requirement to govern with compassion and the interests of others foremost and forefront.

And that the truth that will set us all free includes the truth of the corruption of governance such that all can easily see what must change and what is functional or restorable. But most of all, that governance is changing and destroying the wholesome and enduring foundations of a world they promised, when anointed, to defend and promote throughout the world, an agreement and mandate to execute in God's ways, ways that have been abandoned for the evil and corruption of self-granted absolute power through the perversion of man's law.

It is the mandate of the Christ to determine what is needed in the world and seek to fulfill the needs of the citizens and the planet by whatever ethical and God fearing means are available.

But, at this time in history, because of the true condition of this world world, the Second Coming is God's way of simply saying, enough is enough, and the people and this world will not suffer any longer at the hands who have been blinded by the power they are not worthy to wield, believing they have been chosen by the people for their faux wisdom instead of their willingness and dedication to actually serve the will of the citizens and the needs of the planet.

Ultimately, by the choice of the people, the faithful, this may be the time of the Son of Man, the prophet, or the Son of Man become Christ, to put an end to this insanity now. And until or unless the time of Armageddon, which is happening but is not likely to happen in the way that we think as few prophecies comes true in the way we might think initially, particularly when they are delivered...

Still, God believes in free will, and still, for the moment, will allow your decisions to stand. So long as you know that His leader is and has always existed, whether anyone was apprised of it or not, even when some of those leaders did not realize it, but He needs you to understand most, that the prophecy of the 144,000 left after destruction of the world was what would happen if humanity did not choose to change the ways it was going and being led

That means there really is a choice.And the choice is yours. But at least now you understand a little more about how we might characterize the role and selection of Christs, that Christianity is also about being to follow the leaders God provides, and that the faithful should understand that the fulfilling of prophecy of global destruction of one sort or another does not have to occur  in order to fulfill God's plan and intent, but it can happen if humanity chooses to continue in its current path.

The Second Coming is about interrupting the timeline, shortening the days of tribulation. And allowing God to "do it Himself", in His ways, because He knows how.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bill Cosby - Noah _ Me and You Lord


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