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Gary Wright - Who I Am

There are some definite paradoxes about this site for me and for you.

I've been writing this and other sites starting around December of 2001. I want to say straight up that the material I present is primarily due to the outstanding efforts of many other "freedom fighters" in America, who understand that the truth is the sword that the Bible says that "the son of man will wield" in the end of days. Since we are all "sons of men" (women included, of course) it is not unusual that we would seek peaceful ways to cause peace and justice in the world and the (Biblical term) Cosmos and for all beings.

The paradoxes present themselves because above, I described my political activities since 2001. And, I am truly a die hard New Patriot, bb which I will describe later, and I am committed to causing the New World we've all been saying we've wanted forever. Suddenly, I'm sounding religious again.

Since I was a young man, given my background, I've been watching the world with a watchful eye toward the trends and occurrences in the world, leading to what I knew was   the fulfillment of a plan leading to what is currently being implemented called the "New World Order", which is an Orwellian turn of a phrase of the "New World".

The difference is that the "New World Order" is by force and tyranny, whereas the "New World" occurs by an evolution of all humanity and beings, generating the "promised land" and heaven and earth God promised.

This site goes from purely political reporting to what some would call religious reporting. They are inextricably intertwined, given the times we're in. But, the interesting thing is, if you read the Bible literally, without supernatural interpretation, you fully understand that Jesus' trials and tribulations in representing the tribes of Israel under enslavement and oppression were primarily political, but fully representing the Plan of God, as well as the "powers" we all have within us.

He was able to make the blind to see: meaning, those who could not see the truth from the propagandistic lies they were being told to hide the truth would listen to Him and be able to see the lies from the truth by themselves.

He was able to make the deaf hear: meaning those who would not listen to the disappointing and depressing truth about the leaders of their lands would listen to Him and be able to hear, understand and accept the truth, and then take appropriate action to correct the corruption and oust those who would dare to perpetrate offenses against them as people and beings, and their rights.

I assure you, I will tell you many things that will shock you... both about politics and government, as well as the beliefs you have about Christianity and all faiths and religions.

It will surprise you.

It will relieve you of a burden of guilt and a world of confusion.

And in that way, the truth will set you free.

It's important that there is little I will present that I will ask you to simply take my word for. As I've said for years, I don't have to make this stuff up. Please research what I tell you so that you know you are not being deceived again in this time of deception after deception after deception.

An example of this situation is that of Barack Obama. I actually believe he is a fine man and an excellent representative.. if properly empowered.

However, he's been sold a bill of goods and conned into believing he can become president and fight off the corrupt planners of the New World Order by being a part of their cabal... history has shown that a Faustian deal with the deal simply will not succeed.

For that reason, I am urging Barack Obama to join me in an independent campaign to free the United States of corrupt leadership that will otherwise only be perpetuated as he is surrounded by people who are the designers of the deceptions that are purposely causing the collapse of the United States economy, and branding us a rogue state amongst the nations of the world.

Bible prophecy makes it clear that if the U.S. continues on this course, it won't be Israel that is destroyed and/or laid desolate, it will be the United States. And given what our government is trying to do, to our own people and through provocative military and economic coercion - ascribed as a winning strategy by Hillary Clinton - it will unfortunately be deserved.

It's all about the anti-Christian use of usury - charging interest for loans, the federal reserve, and the Council on Foreign Relations, which I still believe was an excellent idea in concept, but simply went sour. We are on a tipping point for the future just as George Bush claimed. In the balance is a world ruled by tyranny, or a world ruled by love and justice... otherwise known as the Kingdom of God.

George Bush and the Council on Foreign Relations hh currently represent the bad guys, otherwise known as the anti-Christ... those acting contrary to the teachings of Christ while claiming they are doing good. Further, they work in deception. The Bible says that anyone doing God's work will not do so in secrecy.

That's your final proof. That's why I can't support Barack Obama gg as a Democrat. Keep in mind, I used to be a devoted Democrat who actually wrote, and had stolen, most of the themes the Democratic Party has used since 2002. This website provides the proof of that. And even though there are certain to be key themes that others may also have thought of, the evidence of my claims is overwhelming.

This is also why I know BOTH Republican and Democratic Parties have now joined for a common cause, and that is the overthrowing of the United States Constitution for a global tyranny to last 1000 years. Don't ever doubt that fact. Don't ever forget, George Bush said that himself.

One of my favorite quotes is by Gandhi:

Truth is my religion; my practice is non-cooperation with evil.

That has been my guiding principal in all that I have done over the years. I request you join me in what that statement, and the inquiry it represents, means.

Because this site is the culmination of numerous years of writing essays, weblogs and more, I ask that you bear with me in its current semi-organization as I compile things into a more cohesive message. This is one of those sites you could spend years reading and always come away with something more.

For my efforts, I have been subjected to a great deal of CoIntelPro-like harassment and psychotronic and EMF attacks, which I will explain in other places. These attacks have cost me a great deal of delay in bringing this "final report", which is actually the beginning of an ongoing process. Because of this, I also represent millions of people feeling the tortuous effects of such treatment, ee and will make you aware that you are also being afflicted without your knowledge. And it IS detrimental to you.

There is something startling I want you to know about me that will also raise numerous questions and generate controversy.

I'm going to re-publish something I wrote back in 2002 about my life that explains a great deal about me and why I do what I do, and how it relates to all this. There will be many questions asked, but I welcome them all. And the paradoxes of the political and "religious" overtones of this site.

My final discovery on this subject came because, with George Bush talking about faith based charities, and while witnessing the "moral majority" and conservative Christians being whipped into a furor over issues by people seeking to take advantage of/hijack their religion, I decided I wanted to understand what it was I didn't understand about their demands for representation, what they meant by family values, and what I could do to reconcile us all into realizing we had more in common than the differences being exploited by politicians.

I began listening to Bob Barr, currently the Libertarian Presidential Candidate.   I listened to John McCain talk about a cause greater than oneself. I thought, I'm doing that. America.

So I began to read the Bible and listen more to what Christians had to say. That's when I read the Bible and began to realize how many things had been misunderstood over the generations. Primarily because the symbolism in the writings in the Bible, and the many revisions over time, made it nearly impossible to understand the actual meaning it was attempting to communicate.

Even more, it uses words that we are unfamiliar with, that are truncated and inverted and actually encoded. This is because those who wrote the Bible were activists being suppressed by their governments, and in need of using the Bible as a means to communicate to its "underground", much like the French Resistance.

I thought it was unusual that I would understand these things, even when famous ministers didn't. And, I thought, if I was following the example of Christ, and basically unwilling to lead a movement, that I would read the words of the disciples, and see how they would do it. And that's when I began to realize that I was already doing all of those things. For fun, I would sign emails as Luke, Mark, David... you name it. Kept my morale up.

And then, much to my surprise, I started a discussion on the CNN program Crossfire that induced Bob Novak (known as the Prince of Darkness) to reveal passages in the book of Isaiah that led me to come to realize that I am the "Son of Man", THE Son of Man. Not Jesus. There are many differences.

This realization was not just a sudden discovery. Long ago, as the next story will expose, I read a good chunk of the Bible, particularly Revelations, and felt like it described my actual life in many ways. But I had a problem with what I read and understood.

It seemed to me that there was this "guy", the Son of Man, who would save the world. And then, in a dual mode, what I call a double cross because of editing of the Bible by people who wanted to deceive us all (in what Nostradamus called the greatest hoax ever committed against the world that would be revealed after the millennium) in 2000, there was another part that made it sound like if I did the same things the Son Of Man would do, that I would also be the anti-Christ.

I made a conscious decision then that I refused to be the anti-Christ and refuse to be an apostate,  and that I would continue to do the best I could do in the world.   That was a difficult decision, because I had made a commitment to serve God at a very young age.

So, I was wary of the things I might do that would cause bad in the world as an unintended consequence of trying to do good. Like, take on a corrupt government. I stated in February 2003, I'd overthrow the government but you can get in trouble for that. So, I thought we could re-take it instead. :} That would be Democracy.

And now, the story I published 5/17/2003. Please keep in mind that I was not intending to be a public figure when I wrote this, and I was more concerned with "telling parables", and so a few things here are exaggerated, but accurate in their message. There are few of these instances of any true importance, but I will be glad to tell you of those things another time.

My mother, originally Catholic, converted to a very fundamentalist charismatic faith.  My father claimed to be an atheist. Our Southern Baptist Minister, Glennon Culwell of the Scotts Valley Baptist Church in Scotts Valley, California (Santa Cruz County) told us dad wasn't an atheist, he actually believed a great deal, but was too much of a scientist for his own good.  If you want to know more about my father and his unusual life, check out Memory of a Child aa in the editorial section.  Just be prepared to have an open mind.

I didn't like being forced to go to church, but I loved to go to church.  I loved Sunday School, the parables, the good Samaritan, we had to memorize 1 Bible verse per week, I usually did 10 or 20 if only because of its beautiful poetry and powerful messages. 

I loved hearing the Reverend Glennon Culwell speak... his oratory would stand up with the best of them... I was, like the girls in the family, often a soloist at this age, our church had  an incredible choir, and a man who was a professional opera singer who would sing for us once a month.

About this same time, I began being involved in student councils. In short, I was president of my class every year until my junior and senior years, which I will explain later.

It was during that summer that I went to church camp, and had a great time.  One day, I went back to my bunk to get my baseball glove (I was also an athlete, played all sports pretty well) and he was there, and said he saw I had a serious look on my face, and asked if I was considering surrendering my life to Jesus.

Now, the truth was, I had already made that decision long before, and I had witnessed to other people, and watched others praying with people who had just accepted the Lord, so we said all the words, every one of them said sincerely.  And finally, I got to go play baseball. 

See, my mom  said my face gives away everything I feel. 

So I figured he saw my intensity about finding my baseball glove.  And. like I said, I was already a Christian. I knew he was a good man, and I didn't want him to be disappointed, and I wanted him to be encouraged to keep doing good work, so as much as I wanted to play baseball, I stayed with him and prayed with him, and we created a new relationship, better than we had before, and it was good, based on sharing ideals and values that we agreed on and could count on.  That was worth something to me.    Because I truly love people. That's kind of been my whole life.

A few weeks later, it was time for vacation Bible School, and I decided I wanted to win the prize of the 3 foot Look candy bar (I always wanted to see a 3 foot candy bar), and so, being a popular kid, I brought in 150 kids over the next 2 weeks. cc    I was disappointed that the candy bar was actually a bunch of them taped together.  

But, we slammed them hard against the cement, broke them into little pieces, and sort of had a party in the church that afternoon.  A lot of those kids grew up to be leaders in that church.

Now, this is one of the things I've only admitted to one other person before. dd (Lou Dobbs)  It'll test YOUR faith. 

So, on that last day, we were sitting there in church, the Reverend speaking some words about making this a point of demarcation in our lives, to take a stand for Jesus and to be strong people in the face of temptation, and I kind of went off into a bit of a daze, and for the briefest moment, everything had a kind of a golden aura around... the flags, the  altar, the reverend, everything...  I saw a picture of myself, from the back, in a black leather coat, in front of 50,000 people, or some sort of large stadium.  I have no idea what I was supposedly doing there.  And in a moment, it was gone.

I thought, that's weird.  Guess I'm going to replace Billy Graham.  Maybe I'll be president.  Or maybe I'll be a rock 'n roll star.    And then I thought, this is too weird.  Maybe I'll just try to stay focused on the reverend... who had already stopped speaking.

But I always wondered about it.  For a long time I searched for an answer.  One day, I just said, alright God, I don't know what you have in mind, but I'm willing.  Teach me whatever I need to know, and take me where I need to go.    And, from that day on, I just kept my eyes and ears open, questioning and learning everything I could experience.  Not recklessly, just, like an observer.

From that day on, every time I thought something like, I don't understand why.... whatever I was thinking about happened to me.  It was like having a genie in a bottle, you had to be careful what you asked for, and every time, whatever happened, it was incredibly insightful.  It was only just the other day that I wondered what would happen if I wondered what it would be like to be wealthy.  Ya never know.

That paragraph is why, in the soundtrack of my life, James Taylor's October Road LP and the song Carry Me On My Way is a perfect, more eloquent way to say it. Of course, he said in interviews "These are other people's songs"... which any good songwriter would realize at some point is always true when they're written.

The truly funny part is, when I started the original www.democraticfundamentalism.org site, it was a very different site, where I claimed it wasn't about partisan politics, and, because of the use of the word fundamentalism, I wanted to be sure to point out it had nothing to do with religion. I wanted people to know that fundamentalism wasn't necessarily religious, and I was objecting to the generalizations it implied about Muslims and other faiths and religions Americans know little or nothing about.

I was particularly perturbed at Christian leaders who constantly told us all that it was appropriate to go to war against Muslims because the Bible supposedly told us to kill them as enemies of God. Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, David, the then anointed ruler of the world, was relieved of that honor because "he had blood on His hands".

And, with that in mind, consider that Iran is home to a faith, not a religion, that is inclusive of all faiths and religions - making us 1 - that provide an excellent example and paradigm for the Plan of God.  And the "New World Order" people want to destroy Iran to destroy the evidence of the hijacking... among other things.

Just as George Bush and company threatened to destroy Libya, and forced them to pay a ransom, to cover a crime in the Lockerbie, Scotland airplane crash that happened to assassinate federal agents on their way home to the U.S. in order to "whistleblow" the truth about the crimes of George H.W. Bush.

Bahai is the faith upon which the "New World Order" is based... hijacked. And, its implementation has been perverted by turning the "New World Order" into an instrument of force, as opposed to the "New World", which is ruled with justice and love.

It is not Islamic. It is called Bahai. (Daniel Nahmoud - One Power) And we will certainly discuss this more. I mentioned that to purposely inform and surprise you.

Be ever clear that while I do my best to reference the occurrences in the world to the prophesies of the Bible, that my priorities will seem political, and they are, and they are about restoring the United States as the anointed nation, the shining light, to the justice and peace and example to the world that it was meant to be. 

This will be done by delivering the truth with the assistance of many fine people who are out in the world and on the net doing excellent work. I thank them all for allowing me to collate these materials and refer you to them for information and guidance.

As I prefer to hear and say, I consider it to be a privilege to honor you by representing the needs and issues of the American people to the government, as well as the needs of the world, for all beings of the Cosmos.

But, as the "Son of Man", I want you to understand that I was doing what I am doing before coming to the final realization of "who I am", and would have done it anyway. I am incredibly thankful, however, that we have God's blessings in our work and endeavor to restore and spread REAL Democracy throughout our world.

So, for me being the "Son of Man", is important, but let's not have it overshadow the need to take action to cause the world we have always said we have wanted, and that God has promised.  Just as I promise to do my best to answer your questions about that as well, as we go along and win this Godly war as "lightworkers" for the hearts and minds of the cosmos.  That is and always has been the only kind of war that God would ever approve of.

Always remember that there's a simple rule that provides the proof of whether something in the world is an act of God or not: if it's good , it's of God, otherwise it's not.

That means God did not order the 911 attack to punish America, and hurricane Katrina had  nothing to do with lesbian and gay citizens whom God loves. Any minister who tells you such things is a liar, a true apostate, and should resign their positions within their churches or atone and apologize to their flocks for the deceptions they have delivered, and correct their errors. Not to glorify themselves, but to glorify God, and honor His angels. Us.

In fact, one of my favorite things about reading the Bible is noticing that time and time again, God goes into tirades like - "If they don't do it like I want them to, I'm going to destroy them, and then they will know that I am the Lord".

Cracks me up. He never does it. What's even funnier, though, is in noticing this before I came to my self-realization, is that I commented by saying "It sounds like my dad." Maybe it sounds like your dad too.

What isn't funny is that people do it, because they lose sight of their commitment to God and the 10 Commandments and they think the prophecies tell them God wants them to do it, so the devil inside them, the devil in each of us, make up an interpretation to express our anger, thinking it's what God would want us to do. Despite the 10 Commandments. And, instead of taking responsibility for our own actions, we blame God. Instead of the "infidels" (Christian interpretation) who push us into situations that require defensive use of force or actions reminiscent of the phrase "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".

As funny/odd as all that may seem when I notice it, and hopefully, when you notice it, the fact is, it is a key realization to God's commitment to us all to allow us choice: free will: true liberty. Democracy. Separation of church and state. All of those things which have been hijacked and perverted by people committed to hijacking all religions, and establishing the Kingdom of God without God.

That's why I take my job seriously, ff and I will not hesitate to do what it takes to accomplish the purpose of my life as a servant of God. But I also love it, and promise that my work will be based on the needs of all.. and as Gandhi said:

I must follow the people, for I am their leader.

Or as I like to think, I must follow the people, for they are my leaders.

God Bless Us All.

PS: About the music on this site, and yet another Orwellian perversion about the teachings of the Bible come from this passage:

Isaiah 13:13: That is why I shall cause Heaven (where we are) itself to become agitated (upset at the "status quo") , and the earth will rock (and roll) out of its place (current political and spiritual condition) at the fury of "Jehovah of armies" (an old phrase from an old vernacular describing armies of "servants" or Angels" fighting in the war for hearts and minds) and at the day of his burning anger. (Something about a burning Bush, or burning a Bush...:})

And that's partly what I'm up to. Music. Arts. A renaissance to stir our souls and to pass along a "permission slip" from God for us all to express ourselves in the creative ways with which we are all gifted, as we are all members of The Family of Artists and Musicians... God's Angels.

Some of us need to be reminded of that from time to time. And I suppose, that's why I'm here.



aa) To be published soon under "Essays"

bb) To be published again soon under "New Patriots"

cc ) Probably just 20-30 or so, but that's the memory of a child for you.

dd) Before posting it on the web

ee) Effects of psychotronic attacks. See Isaiah 13:15-19

Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology: Hacking the Mind By Carole Smith
URL of this article: www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=7606

On the Need for New Criteria of Diagnosis of Psychosis in the Light of Mind Invasive Technology By Carole Smith   Journal of Psycho-Social Studies, 2003.

Project  projectcensored8939.jpg (4437 bytes) Award Winner... for good reason.
Please support them.

The Center for Research on Globalization (CRG) needs your support to continue its tireless efforts in promoting and distributing alternative news and in-depth research on important national and international issues. www.globalresearch.ca

A simpler explanation by Charles Rehn 12/10/2007, written as a press release.

ff) James Taylor's "Company Man". Had I not been "Captured" by the corporations and government, I would have been a young man doing this all  long time ago. See "Ampex" and Clifford Irving, "Hoax". Also, the word "young" may indeed indicate "an age", but what if it also mean "Jung"? And the "another name" might mean, what if I had become a musician, was turned into a star, and the money I made caused me to forget that God had another plan for my life? Like many do. Like, Clive Davis, Universal/GE, a man who should know better than anyone else not to cause such things. And who should have known that I would not agree to it.

gg) See Also Milton Friedman, Trickle-down Economics. Jeffrey Sachs (who stopped working with them), The "Chicago Boys". For a definitive resource about Von Hayek and "The Road To Serfdom", and Hillary Clinton's assertion in her belief in economic coercion, see the series "Commanding Heights", which explains the policies of the Bush family, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and the Council on Foreign Relations.  www.pbs.org/wgbh/commandingheights AND   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commanding_Heights:_The_Battle_for_the_World_Economy

And: Pat Buchanan - Churchill, Hitler & the Unnecessary War

I've always said, I like Pat Buchanan's perspectives on issues, even when I sometimes disagree or find ways to incorporate his ideas into possible solutions.

PS: Have Faith and Courage.. and PLEASE open YOUR eyes Babyface & Stevie Wonder - TBD - 100 - How Come, How Long and speak to the Gaia/Nurturing part of your soul.

hh) Holly GoAnarchy  http://peoplesvoicecafe.org/

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