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Robbie Robertson

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I always have this problem with your music...


Dear Robbie -

You don't know me, for the record. In fact, you're one of those guys who was just a little before my time.

That's not to say I didn't like your music. It's just that half the time, I didn't know where to find it. :} I mean, do I look under your name, The Band, The Dirt Band? It's Like James Taylor and the Original Flying Machine... what were they thinking?

Just joking, you know. But there's something I'm not joking about these days.

It's amazing to me how I'm finding out how many people I've met in my life who turned out to be important to me in these times.

When I was working at the Sears Store in Eureka, I was working in the tv and stereo department, right next to the carpet department. Working there was a guy named Larry and a woman named Susie. They were part of the family. We all hung out on Sunday evenings after we got off work, listened to the music and ate the barbecued roasts I won every Sunday from the major appliance department... I think it was a set-up now, but back then I thought I was just lucky (it was like, oh, I won 2 this week? Cool. Leftovers) And all these people would come over, have a great meal... well, you know what I'm saying.

But this woman, Susie... every once in a while she'd tell me about how she itched 24 hours a day, sometimes intensely, and how it nearly drove her crazy sometimes. And I tried to imagine what that would be like, and I simply can't really, and I never want to.

What I've learned about psychotronics since then is that these sadists are actually trying to drive people crazy. Of course I'd never heard of Ira Einhorn or the Thought Camera or any of that stuff the CIA has. And how it's been used by the government to do away with people who might oppose their covert agendas.

She'd tell me about the sleep deprivation and the numbness in her arms and legs at times. I'd ask her, isn't there some kind of pain pill or something they can give you to get rid of the sensation. She'd say, they could, but then you'd be so doped up all the time and she couldn't function. And she told me that she knew other people with the same problem.

Interesting that my next door neighbor in Olympia a couple of years ago had the same symptoms. Vertigo, too. The last time I saw her, she came over to tell me she was glad I was back in town. She was wearing a "Ready to serve Jesus" t-shirt. I was so psychotronic'ed I could barely have a positive discussion with her.

And the guy who wrote Conversations With God - Neale Donald Walsch - same symptoms. Not so much the itching, but  a constant burning sensation in his arms that causes him an incredible amount of pain. Way beyond fibromyalgia.

I didn't know people were trying to tell me things, that they believed I'd be able to help them. I'm sad about that. That I didn't know.

But, Robbie, your sister is one of the sweetest people I've met in my life. I hope that, when you talk to her next, you'll let her know how much I love her, and that I'm doing everything I can to put an end to this. I promise to do everything in my power. I promise. And tell her this song is for her. I don't think Michael will mind.

Michael McDonald - Robbie Robertson I'll Be Your Angel

And, yeah, thanks for the music and all your other great work.  And if it wasn't for her, I doubt I would have heard "Somewhere Down That Lazy River". I always chuckled at it, now I understand it. I'm understanding so much now.

God bless you friend.



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