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Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas
Galveston, Texas

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Is Galveston Worth Saving?

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This web page is online at:

U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
Ad Hoc Subcommittee on Disaster Recovery
Hearings 9/23/2008
A Review of the Combined Federal, State, and Local Activities to Respond and Recover from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike


Mayor Lyda Ann Thomas
Galveston, Texas

Dear Mayor Thomas;

I am writing to you today in response to littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) your recent testimony before the committee chaired by Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La). I found it to be compelling, and believe I can provide you with the benefit of some 6 years of research that will inform you of the true nature of the issues  that must be considered in regard to the future of Galveston, and it concerns technology and policies that are not commonly known, but about which information is freely available in the public domain.

But first, I wanted to share with you my complete empathy with the moving statements you made that caused you to pose the question "Is Galveston Worth Saving?"   I understand that feeling more than you might know, and it is an empty, hollow feeling that never really leaves you, even long after repairs are made and new construction takes the place of the old.

In 1989, I was a resident of Scotts Valley, California when the littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  Loma Prieta Earthquake struck. Of course, most people relate that quake with San Francisco, and the collapse of the Bay Bridge... and the significant damage done to the freeway systems. Thank God there was limited loss of life. It could have been much worse. Yet, the house where I lived was less than 5 miles from the epicenter. We lived with nerve-rattling aftershocks for months.

But, the worst part was the destruction of the old section of downtown Santa Cruz. The destruction included an historic building called "The Cooper House", the restoration of which caused me to participate in fundraising events and street fairs for a couple of years.. all gone in a matter of moments, old memories, like old friends, never to be seen again, and their presence sorely missed.

I can imagine that many people have the same feeling when disasters strike where they live, and especially their home towns. That's why I believe it's so important that you understand this information which is relative to the answer to the question "Is Galveston Worth Saving?"

The information I have to provide you is also reminiscent of a part of the Bible

Revelations 10:8 And the voice which I heard from Heaven spake unto me again, and said, go and take the little book, which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth

Revelations 10:9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in they mouth sweet as honey.

This, because the information I will provide you will provide you reasonable proof of my claims, proof that will, before long, become evidence in civil and criminal court. I'm have no doubt that you will want to disbelieve and reject it as much as I did when I did the research and discovered what I have to tell you. So, I simply ask that you read this information, this truth, and consider it... and if you do that, I am certain you will know the appropriate thing to do. Because if there's anything I perceived about you is that you love people, you love Galveston, and you love your country. The same reasons I am compelled to deliver this news to you.

For me, it begins when my father performed a "science experiment" in our home in East Palo Alto, California, sometime in about 1959-1960.

My father was involved in extremely classified work at the San Francisco Naval Shipyard at Hunter's Point. The Bay there is currently in trouble because of the radioactive pollution caused by radium. The common story is that the source of this pollution is because of the mooring of nuclear vessels and the handling of nuclear weapons over the years.

But, my father's "science experiment" demonstration for his 6 kids was to show us how the government was able to generate hurricanes, tornadoes and cyclones by "stirring up" natural weather forces with the radiation of radium, causing abnormal warming of the waters and with just a little wind, causing massive storms unlike those seen before. He did the same thing with a tiny little chip of radium in the bottom of a 10 gallon fish tank, and it roared so loudly and shook so  much I ran out of the room in fear.

To be certain I am being clear about what I am saying, I will summarize. The United States Government has been performing weather modification since the mid to late 1950's, using radioactive materials. Experimentation and use of that technology is at least partially to blame for the radioactive pollution of the San Francisco Bay, according to the information I believe my father purposely leaked to me as a child in case the use of this technology became irresponsible. I have a great deal of evidence to cause me to believe this.

In 2000, being a journalist and broadcaster off and on for some 20+ years,  I decided to do a great deal more research, utilizing standard documentation and internet resources, working to get to the bottom of conspiracy theories and to sort through the hysteria of purposeful and unintentional disinformation.

I check everything out, so I want you to know that the next part, which no one including myself wants to hear, directly impacts what you must consider when answering the questions about the future of Galveston.

After Hurricane Katrina, I was monitoring certain groups of internet chat rooms, and came across an email from someone saying that the BUSHCLINTONKATRINAFUND.ORG  website was online before the hurricane hit.  I thought to myself, alright, one more crazy thing to check out to see what would cause people to think that, because there's usually some reason for a rumor like that. But, given the governmental deceptions - especially in the last 8 years - I decided it was easy enough to research, and, in fact it was.

It was easy to check out, and it was true. I even checked with Network Solutions via email to be sure that I did not misinterpret what I read on their web site, the primary registry for internet domains on behalf of ICANN, the official Internet Regulatory Agency. And they assured me, via email, that indeed, the Bush-Clinton-Katrina Fund website was online as of June 14th 2005. Hurricane Katrina struck on August 29th. I have retained these documents as evidence.

A great deal more detail about this is online at:
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For the moment, simply consider the implications of that statement, and then, for the sake of intellectual argument and honesty, consider the following additional truths. And when doing so, I request you view this information in the context of the knowledge of how and why national and international politics is actually driven, as Benjamin Disraeli instructed us long ago.

The United States, and many other nations, began working on littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Weather Modification for environmental warfare purposes long ago. If you were to read Donald Rumsfeld's and the Pentagon's White Paper on Total Spectrum Domination, a military approach to population pacification and control forwarded by the Bush Administration and the Council on Foreign Relations, which is what will in the short term generate the North American Union.

In the area of weather modification (and more) they have developed a system called "HAARP" which is used to warm the ionosphere, leading to a variety of effects including hurricanes, earthquakes and a variety of electromagnetic effects harmful to the environment and people. HAARP is the United States version of the Russian Woodpecker system, which is known, among other things, to have caused a snow storm in Crescent City, California, back in 1990.

More information on HAARP and the effects of this electromagnetic effect can be found at littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes), and another very useful site is at  littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) There is also information that provides reason to believe the recent earthquakes in China were caused by HAARP.  The same would be true of the Indonesian earthquake and Tsunami. And much more, including the 2 years of drought that struck North Korea, leading to North Korea's agreement to end nuclear materials enrichment.

In a related matter, this link will provide information regarding littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Yassir Arafat and Ariel Sharon that is consistent with the recent anuerysm afflictions of Kim Jong Il (and their decision to resume uranium enrichment) and many members of the U.S. Congress.

It's important to note that politicians these days refer to Climate Change as being man-made and have begun to pull away from the use of the phrase Global Warming. The reason is because Climate Change is man-made, but the idea of Global Warming, unnatural warming of the earth due to pollution, is a myth.

In fact, Climate Change is being caused by the use of weather modification devices such as HAARP. And, once again, when you acknowledge the real reasons that economic and cultural political trends and policies are enacted as directed, you begin to recognize the pattern of the use of weather modification in clear patterns. As they always say, follow the money.

As I explain this to you, consider the number of islands in the Gulf of Mexico which have been obliterated because of Gustav and Ike. And if there was an industry that would benefit from the shallowing of the Gulf  and removing obstacles to shipping, what industry would that be?

The First Signs of "Global Warming"

In mid-2002, I began tracking storm patterns, particularly in relation to historical weather trends, and immediately noticed a sharp increase in the number of tornadoes and floods in the Midwest. In addition, France and Germany, and all of Europe, had incredible storms and floods that left many nations declaring their defense budgets would need to be slashed in order to fund flood repairs.

George Bush announced that climate change would occur, in ways that included the death of high-altitude and alpine environments like Yosemite's Touolmne Meadows, which is occurring, just as heat and drought are crumbling Yosemite's mountains, and fires destroy its forests.

This was followed the next season by equivalent droughts and heat waves, leading to the collapse of the French electrical grid due to the overuse of air-conditioning. Many people died. And, nuclear reactors in France came dangerously close to melt-down because they weren't prepared to deal with external temperatures the likes  of which they faced.

All over the world, the environment is changing at a rapidly increasing pace. Even Mt. Fuji and California's Mt. Shasta lose their snowcaps each year now.

In that same time period, we began hearing reports of the effects of global warming, including the rapid melting of the ice caps, most notably in the Arctic. Scientists predicted that if warming continued at that rate, the Beaufort Sea and waters eastward would sufficiently that a year-round shipping lane could be established. When you consider the natural resources - oil, gold, silver and more - that would become easily available to industrialists if these ice melts were to occur, you begin to understand why they would use a device like HAARP to warm areas of the planet to reveal such resources.

The same kind of thing is happening around the world, and if examined, one can only conclude that weather modification, including earthquakes caused by HAARP, are being used for the purposes of terraforming.

The evidence I uncovered about the Hurricane Katrina disaster, including this littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes)  Montauk, NY Lighthouse Museum (see page 19), make it fairly evident that Hurricane Ike was not a natural disaster. Its formation and behavior was anything but typical or predictable for a hurricane. Its immenseness and slow speed are clear indications that it was not of its size because of normal conditions. My info tells me that Gulf Waters are cooler this year than previous years, which means that hurricanes approaching the U.S. from the Gulf of Mexico should be smaller and much less intense, if they were to make groundfall at all.

So, unfortunately, what I request you seriously look into before answering the question "Is Galveston Worth Saving?" is the actual intent of the United States Government. And to acknowledge, at least to yourself, that weather modification has been going on for a very long time, since before the current Bush Administration (and I'm not referring to simple cloud seeding).

When you see the information for yourself, I'm sure you will be just as stumped as I am about what there is to do about this. However, given that you are in an elected position and are committed to your community, I hope that you will be empowered to do what is best for all concerned.




Charles Rehn




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