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Mike Huckabee

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Editor's Note: People sometimes misunderstand what I'm trying to tell them because I really enjoy intellectually honest discussions with fully compartmentalized areas of discussion. In this case, we have two things going on. First, I highly recommend that every one watch Mike's show on Fox, because, at least so far, I think it's exemplary. And, if that changes, I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, you might say I have a couple of issues with some things he's said... a couple of quick comments strategically inserted into his program...  and when you're done reading it, you'll say, "I thought you liked this guy"? That's just it. I do. That's why I'm being this honest with him.

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Update 11/18/2008: Mike, I didn't know this was coming out. God does work in mysterious ways, doesn't He. Looks like this means you've been called. What will your answer be?


It begins with this email I sent him after his first show.....


Hi Mike –

First, I was glad you were in the primaries.. it offered a more integruous view, and was very beneficiaL

I take issue with one comment you made today.. that is… I agree that agreeing or disagreeing with someone about issues – political issues – does not make them a better or worse person, or a better or worse patriot.

However when you are seated at a table with people who believe that deception, greed and killing people in the name of God or country, for profiteering and other immoral reasons,  then it’s not even a matter of patriotism (though I believe it is) it’s a matter of morals, and allowing people you know are committing criminal acts to continue for fear of not being allowed in their evil games.

As a secondary discussion, that is the part that concerns me about you as a minister.. because God says a minister will tell people the truth, even at their own expense… that is their job, that they choose when declaring themselves God’s willing servants. Frankly, it’s also why I can’t understand why you would remain silent knowing I and literally millions of  other people are suffering at the hands and deception of this government, and others… I won’t push the point right now, but I do have to say, as a minister, I am disappointed in that way. Of course, I’m not exactly objective in that opinion.

I hope you’ll review Revelations and recognize that we are very far along the way to end of days… and that you are not assisting God. That’s my judgment :} Tell Barack he doesn’t have a clue :} From a former democrat :}

And really though, I think you’re pretty great, and enjoy your show. Wanna be in my band? I could use a bass player :}

Chuck Rehn

And then I thought about it more, and put these comments in my personal weblog to the media and politicians.

10/26/2008  Mike -

Not only does a misnister of God speak the truth regardless of their "political position", but they do not particpate with people committing immoral, anti-Christian acts.

So, if you are minsiter still, and you have to decide that, then I say you're betraying God just like the Bible describes..  and leaders who decieve (therefore, who are not serving God) and do harm to their own citizens ARE traitors.. look it up in the dictionary.

Same thing I told Olbermann.  If you've decided to no longer be God's servant, then stop hanging out the shingle in order to use God to validate your righteousness. Otherwise, that's apostasy and using God's name in vain. I know you know that what I just said is true. Your actions will be the proof of your convictions... and commitment to ministry. And I do like your show.. 

With that.. has the Mena conduit been shut down? Are you aware of weather manipulation? Do you know about HAARP. Did you know the CIA DID develop AIDS? If you do, and you're keeping your mouth, who are you serving? AND, why? Because if more of your fellow Americans die because of your silence, what does that make you?

Like the Bible says, my hands are clean, there is no blood on me, regardless of how the governemnt, Council on Foreign Relations and U.S. Government use psyops against me to make me look insane, like a radical, and now, supposedly, like a militant.... and still, you say nothing. Despite the fact you know all about it. What would you say to these people, Rev Mike? And how about this? And all the other stuff on this site? It's all true.

And then there's this letter from a victim to Kucinich... they think he'll help them too, cause he's supposed to be some kind of civil rights hero... and he remains silent...

Ted Kennedy covered up psychotronics during the Church Committee.. and so I call him a traitor, because  he is. His health is irrelevant.

Barack Obama and the Council have stolen my ideas, even my written materials which are the divine inspiration and words of God.. that's called hijacking a religion. Pretty soon, these people will fully promote Buddhism over the message of Christ Jesus, so people will think the spirits they are encountering are God or Divine Angels.

Look what they're doing to me, even if you don't believe who I am, even if I am just a guy writing a book.

God wants to know, Mike, where do you stand? And you know this isn't just a difference of opinion? Now, how would you explain your life to God.

As for me, he's gonna have to explain mine to me... and He is... All I know is that even before I became politically active, I never perpetrated harming people.. I never schemed or anything like that... and the worse things I did were because of the influence ofother people. I know that sounds like  a cop out, but it isn't, and you know it. You're  in the position of influencing people. What will your influence be and cause?

I guess all I have to say next is that I have no doubt you're using your former ministry to prosper, and it will be used against me.. as if you are an expert... at which time I will point out that you have no qualifications in the area, because you are intimately involved with anti-Christian activities.

Mike... this is how God turns things around on infidels.. and I used that word on purpose, because that's the word the Bible uses.

So if someone thinks they'll use people like you to back me down, give it up. I'm more than happy to consider all views, and if I'm wrong or change my mind, I'm glad to say so. But even the few areas where I left things incomplete  or when I had not discovered or before God revealed certain things to me, I was almost completely on the mark, even before reading the Bible thoroughly and truly understanding a great deal. That was God speaking through me even then, and I knew it because of my deal with God when I was young.. My deal to learn and to follow Him.

And when anybody says I'm just a manchurian because of psyops, I'll laugh in their faces, because that's part of the grand setup and double cross against me, that won't work..  If you were to review the materials I wrote before the age of 18, you'd know that almost all I ever talked about in the videos I made for the school was God and country.

And I'm proud of that, because that's who I"ve always been.. just like spending hours in middle school on the bus home talking to other kids about integrity... on all levels and subjects. I know why my mom left me that particular Bible, and why the psyops people did what they did to aggravate me into doing what I did with it. I regret it. Nonetheless, isn't it interesting that when I contacted the Baptist minister who baptized me, who knew my father, and I reminded him of me and my father... I didn't hear from him anymore... either the gov't is blocking his emails, or he's afraid, or worse. Because he's very old, and it was before I fully accepted that people who are good to me get harmed... by the U.S. Government.. The anti-Christian  Government that has suppressed the  Son of Man for 53 years.

What do you say to that, Mike? Hmmm... really. I want to know how you justify it. God does too. Believe me He does... because that's the question right now for all of His servants,

A letter from a victim to Kucinich. Notice the part about testosterone testing. No wonder that doctor was giving me the wrong medicine. I was a research guinea pig without my knowledge. How do you feel about that Mike?

Senator John Glenn, Jan 22, 1997, from the U.S. Congressional Record

‘‘You did not know it, but the last time they went to the doctor or went to the hospital, your wife or your husband or your daughter or your son became the subject of a medical experiment that they were not even told about. They were given medicine, they were given pills, they were given radiation, they were given something and were not even told about this, were not even informed about it, yet they are under some experimental research that might possibly do them harm—maybe some good will come out of it, but maybe it will do them harm also—but they do not know about it,’’ people would laugh at that and say that is ridiculous.

I don't mean to rant like this.. but I really am having a problem with all of the ministers and Sunday Christians who stand by in silence while they watch fellow humans suffer like this. This is my "thought log", and not my conclusions about how to approach a situation... but I think I ask the right questions on the right subjects.

Are you going to assist them in hijacking a religion again?

I guess I have to make a new web page. I hope you won't, but I expect you're going to be one more apostate who condemns me in public, hoping that God will forgive you, and He won't. Even if I was just an "average" person", you know, not one of the special people with the right to defy God... in the eyes of their master... you know his name, Mike. And it ain't God.

Logos.. the way, the truth and the light. remember all that? Wanna join MY church? You will.

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PS: Now you know why these people don't want me talking to anyone :}

Mr. Kucinich,

I am writing to you to alert you to significant civil rights violations and criminal misconduct by Defense and NIH personnel and grantees. The Alfred E. Mann Foundation, has been developing implantable device technology under DoD SAP that has been carved from the Defense budget and involves NIH funding. The personnel involved, which includes William Heetderks (NIH), Alfred E.Mann (Alfred Mann Foundation/Quallion LLC), Gerald E. Loeb(Alfred  Mann Institute at USC), William Tang (DARPA), and Philip Troyk (Illinois Institute of Technology), have abused protections afforded them as part of a Special Access Project (SAP), and are committing  crimes that constitute assault, torture, murder, and have allowed sensitive technology developed under the SAP to be distributed to individuals not classified to possess such information. What they have done is unacceptable by any standards.

My main concern is the civil rights abuses and inhumane treatment of research subjects under this SAP. Under DoD Directive, "waived" SAP's such as this are initiated with only 8 members of Congress being notified, and that secrecy has undermined oversight and accountability. It is apparent that this policy is what permitted the criminal misconduct and civil rights violations committed by these individuals. The following outlines the long-term plan to develop this technology and deploy it domestically for Intelligence operations. This has been done under the highest levels of secrecy and the following details the extensive efforts that were made to limit the number of individuals involved,and extraordinary measures were taken to control who had access to the data and who did not. I want to come forward with this evidence and I am requesting your assistance.

1. The SAP personnel under contract and mentioned above have conducted research in a manner that is criminal, and unconstitutional. Research efforts routinely involve involuntary research subjects and the technology is refined to the point that implanted hardware is undetected by clinical medical personnel, and allows long-term investigation as to command, control and capabilities of the hardware and telemetry systems. Documents in my possession detail testosterone delivery via submillimeter sized hardware to "supplement" the effects of electrical stimulation and note increased rage and promiscuity when testosterone levels are elevated 1000 to 5000% above normal levels. This is not medical technology as publicly presented. It is considered a tactical weapon.

2. The controversial and classified nature of this research has DARPA MTO/Mems Program Director William Tang falsifying grant applications to the NIH by failing to disclose his Defense Department appointment in order to become involved in the project. If only 8 members of Congress were notified of this SAP, this would indicate that when the remaining members of Congress approved the NIH budget, they were not informed that hundreds of thousands of dollars earmarked for the NICHD to develop treatment for Children's Diseases was then taken by the Dept. of Defense to further testosterone studies, behavior modification, and sleep deprivation. This is horrible misappropriation of tax monies and betrays public trust as well as circumvents checks and balances of Government.


11/3/2008. Watched the show yesterday, Mike, and like usual, I enjoyed it.

But, then there was this part about being civil with one another. And you know, I thought about it, and thought about it, and thought about it, and I agree with you, and I vehemently disagree with you.

So I got up this morning after being blasted all night long with psychotronics and microwave, and I thought about it and thought about it and decided this is what I really think about it. I'm not editing a word, because, frankly, just like all the foul language I wrote to certain politicians, you deserve it. For all the harm you and your friends let slip under the rug all these years, you deserve it.

From me, from millions of other people, and it's about time someone was as vulgar to idiots like you as you are to the world. to put on a good show, it's good stuff, knowing all the time you're participating with the people who have made this world hell. 

And you want to talk about civil... how civil is it to kill your own citizens? How civil is it to know what's being done to me and then suggest that anyone should be civil about it? 

The government has declared war on its citizens, is using military weapons to kill them, and you all expect people to just lay down and take it. That kind of conditioning and expaectation is straight out of the manuals for satanic ritual abuse.

That pretty much says it. Glad you're all still having fun. You'll regret it. Mike, I was civil to people until they hit me with psychotronics, so if you don't like my attitude, go complain to your a*hole traitor friends that you like to eat dinner with.

And if you don't feel dirty after dinner, then I say you have a real problem, and it isn't me, the foul language or anything to do with me. It has to do with the kind of people who'd do this to me and thousands, millions, billions of people... and yet, you think at this point, 6 years of intense high-tech psychotronics and microwave attacks, attempting to resolve something without the conflicts that are to come, and you want to insinuate there's something wrong with me?

Apparently there is. I love people with all my heart, and all I get is shit on. Don't like my language, stop shitting on me. I've done everything but die for you, and now I'm looking forward to that.

You guys want to live in hell. Feel free. You want to do it all yourselves, stealing everything from me and claiming your own brilliance, fine, feel good about that. That makes you really important and special.

So when they're making fun of me and jerking me off, what is it inside you that makes you think I should prove anything to you or anyone else? I have nothing to prove, except the perversion of people like you who go along with this.

When even the ministers are this vain and self-centered that they sing and preach and say how wonderful God is and then they turn their backs on the one they say will make their world complete.  You like psyops, you think destroying people's lives is ok, and we should just go along.. wait til they start doing it to you to shut you up. You'll scream like a pig and wish that God would remove you from such a supposedly God forsaken place, when the only forsaking   that's occurred is people like you abandoning your values... how you could possible sit there and suggest that any of this is a reflection on me - it's only a reflection on you.

Now, I'm not voting, I'm not a citizen of this country according to your government, and even if I was, not voting means to me that I don't have a right to complain about the individual elected, but I most certainly have the right to complain about fixed elections and corrupt a*holes like the ones you think I should, after all these years, act nice to.. they don't act nice to me, in fact, they're killing  me with the old CIA slow kill method.. and if you think that's an exaggeration, come sit in my house for a while. You wouldn't last an hour.

How many victim stories do you need (Click here to prove you have a heart) shoved up your ass for you to feel something? How many, I got em, world wide, all victims of U.S. technology...

I think China shooting down that satellite was a warning shot over the bow to shut down Echostar, let alone HAARP  and it damned well better happen, too, or a whole bunch of zombies will forget about the fiery lake, and actually rip your a****to shreds. (Personal memo: send note to Raytheon and E-systems, WesStar system, Huntsville.. and compliment them on the name Stone-R Platform, also:Blue Beam very creative)

When they had me down trying to drive me insane for days at a time, all I could do is hang in there, and they couldn't break me, and they can't now, and that's why they want to continue this. Fine with me. I can either go somewhere and die away from American soil and be at peace with a good decision, or maybe this is when God cuts off the arms and head of the United States, like Tancredo said, only we'll do it with economic coercion and stuff just like you guys do, and when the American people get tired of being the victims of your crimes, maybe they'll do the right thing and do away with you all. One way or the other. But that's a choice America has to make.

So while I attempt to get out of this Godless nation, get out of my way. You don't want me here. I don't want to be here anymore. I am not the devil, I am not Elijah... I don't care that I'm the son of man.. I'm a human being who cares deeply about people, and I'm not going to sit around to watch a bunch of perverts destroy millions of trusting, unwitting people so you guys can be rich and famous.

So by all means you all do it all yourselves, and then you can say, see he wasn't any good, we were right. You'll make yourselves right. And I'll be laughing at your insanity, and crying for the waste of humanity.

That's choice for you, babies. You have the right to choice and so do I. You people made your choice about me before I could talk, and you've harmed me every day I've lived. So excuse me for saying **** you all. I don't need you.

And if you don't like this, stop attacking me with military weapons. And stop lying about being a country that loves and respects God, cause the last thing you people do is respect God.


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