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Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Smith - Traveler - 01 - Part-Time Angels

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Simon - The Essential Paul Simon D2 - 09 - Spirit Voices

Hebrews 13:1 Let brotherly love continue
Hebrews 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels  unawares.

Angels are everywhere.

I've believed in angels for a long time, though they never seemed real to me. Besides, people think it's a little weird when you talk about them, especially guys.

I just always believed because my parents did one of their "staged conversations" one night around 1960, the kind I think they wanted to help me overhear in order to "burn something into my brain".

They were talking about hitch-hikers, and how you should give them a lift because you never know when they will make contact with you with a message from God that makes a difference in your life. And you might not even know they're angels, it might be the person sitting next to you at work who just happens to say something goofy that just happens to be exactly what you needed to hear for some reason that no one else could possibly understand.

It's the same thing I talk about in my bluediam.gif (123 bytes) letter to Barry Manilow about a girl I met long ago named Mandy. And a lot of the same thing involved in a story I heard about Sufis. The story goes that someone in a village says that they knew that the Messiah was among them, and they all wondered who it was. They asked themselves, is it me, is it you? And what they decided they needed to do, from that moment on, was to treat everyone they interacted with as if they were the Messiah.

Can you imagine what a difference it would make in the world if we treated each other with the same respect we'd give God?

Another example is how when I was a little child, Reverend Culwell said one day in a sermon "one day the anti-Christ will take your Bible away from you, and you'll have to remember it." It's part of why I was so willing to learn Bible verses in Sunday School.

Before my mother died, she gave me a few things and was sort of adamant about wanting me to have them. One was her Scofield Reference Bible. She had used a red marker to mark the words of Jesus, like a red-letter edition, as well as the instructions to the "Son of Man" in the end times.

In the midst of one incredibly intense Psychotronic psyop against me consisting primarily of sleep deprivation - I think it was 85 hours, I used TM techniques to save and restore energy -  I became convinced that, for reasons I'm sure I'll tell years from now, I should burn a few books.

One was a book listing all of the Hit Records from the Billboard Hot 100 since 1955. Being in radio and loving music, it was a good thing to have around.

Then, came Hillary Clinton's book, It Takes A Village To Raise A Child, a concept I believe in but, let's face it, you'd better have a good community raising that child. It was weird. It burned like a Ouija board I once burned. I couldn't keep it lit.

Unfortunately, I also burned my mother's Bible, something I really regret. It had things in it I've never found in the limited number of other Bibles I have to research in. And I know I documented what I want to tell you somewhere in my 100's if not thousands of pages of documentation and web logs and all...

But, back when I really started my inquiry into being the Son of Man, I came upon this one verse that said musicians are the Angels of God.

I thought, cool, I have help. And they know who I am. Because it also said they knew more and were more powerful than me, until they weren't, and would guide me.

It made me believe I finally, fully understood why I felt so at home talking to the musicians I was privileged to interview when I lived in Los Angeles.

Just as I thought, the Bible says the Son of Man, Christ, would be welcomed and assisted and all sorts of great things, and I thought, cool, my life's going to be a little easier from now on.

I hadn't read and fully understood the part about tricks and traps and the idea that I couldn't understand when I read it, that no one would help the Son of Man, and He would go away, and come back later.. and the rest is prophecy that is not complete in the short term, at least the King James version of the Bible. So, let's just say, what will happen next is somewhat unknown to us.

Just for the record, I went away. I'm back.

Here's what I really wanted to talk to you about.

It took me some 47 years before I began to comprehend my purpose in life, what I call my spiritual identity, now understood by me to be called a triunary being. Other people had to tell me to read the Bible to realize who I was, to recognize my purpose and being in this world, my responsibilities and commitments to God. That it was a time for me to do what He asked, the most difficult part of the work that always comes at the end of a project, when anticipation and expectations are high, and the little details are being worked out and implemented, the details that often mean the difference between success and failure.

It's like having a producer or art dealer... will they actually seek a place for your work, or will they simply display the easy parts that are the most popular, like an album record companies burn out on the radio to maximize sales, leaving geniuses like John Denver and Barry Manilow overexposed, diminishing their careers, in the same way that eating the same food everyday would make you want to eat something else.

For some artists, most artists of one sort or another began their art, and then with an incredible personal effort, pursued a profession in their art, but because of the pressures and distractions, have lost something of the inspiration and spirit that moved them to love and do nothing but their craft in the first place.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 01 - Gotta Serve Somebody

I want to ask you to think back and relive that first moment when you felt the joy of music and art go through you like a ghost. Like a wave of joy and freedom that can not be experienced in any other way. I know that feeling. I know you do too. What is that feeling? What is it really?

I wrote a song for Donnie McClurkin to sing, "Bless the Fallen Angels", and I don't know if he ever got my emails with the subject lines "Oh God Part IV: Golden Visions", which may seem odd to you, but I saw him on CNN one day, and He said there was this one song that God dictated to him while riding in a plane. I thought, since He believes in that, maybe I'd see what he'd do if someone sent him a song - you know, as Christ - and see if he'd even check it out.

And the reason I actually chose him was because after the interview, I checked him out on the web and he had this one song, I think it's called "When He Comes Back", and it made me believe he might be faithful enough to want to check it out and see if God really does work in mysterious ways.:} I wonder if he saw the lyrics and didn't realize I wanted to empower fallen angels to return to God, and because of the way God works, God had and has a reason for him to be part of what needs to be done for some special and important reasons. It was, after all, a horribly recording made under DEW and Psychotronic   attacks.

I had another reason for choosing him. He mentioned on TV that Andre Crouch had a gift that he could give to other people, about music, a gift that McClurken also had, he called it "the touch". In another chapter, I talked to an Angel, about the time I interviewed Billy Preston, I mention that I experienced the same thing with Preston as I did with my pastor in Vacation Bible School, the aura of gold around him as we spoke that I now recognize as being divine and angelic, the Holy Ghost filling him and the space we were in.

A few days later, I attended a concert at the Roxy... Billy Preston was the show, and he was awesome. At one part, he passed around the mic to his friends to sing an impromptu verse to a gospel tune, and I have to admit, I was hoping they'd pass the mic to me, but Andre Crouch was there and so was this young man I barely remembered until I started sending him those "Oh God" emails. And then I couldn't help wondering what Billy Preston might have told him, because I just know Billy knew who I was. It was Pastor McClurken.

Because of government Psyops, I assume, anymore, that important emails never get delivered, because I rarely, if ever receive responses, especially on important matters. And, unfortunately, I trusted a fallen angel to assist me in contacting him, and I assume he never knew I was trying to contact him. Besides, I know people like him get a lot of correspondence from fans, and no one can keep up with that, even when you're doing a cheap imitation of George Burns. :}

And of course, if you're not on the watchtower to look for Christ, you likely wouldn't believe it even if he stood before your eyes. I was originally going to visit his church on my birthday with a letter and a tape of the song in his collection plate, and then leave. Unfortunately, due to another psyop, I ran out of money and couldn't do it.

I wonder how many angels know that they are angels?

This message, this chapter is a call to consciousness and awareness and action. It's God's message to you, His Angels in this world in the flesh.

Let me ask you, angels... and if you're sitting there saying to yourself, with an odd sort of eerie feeling coming over you, am I an angel? You probably are, or the thought would not have occurred to you.

Did you ever get the feeling there was something of a greater purpose to your music other than making music, earning a living, becoming famous and.. whatever...?

I know you have.

Just like all the professional musicians I've talked to, when I've asked them how their music comes to them, not one has ever failed to declare it's a gift, and that they're blessed to be given the opportunity to make a living and their lives the way they do.

And I've had conversations with some very famous people who said something I didn't want to say in public before, thinking people would think I was weird or something. And that's the fact that, sure, I can craft a song for a particular subject, manufacture a tune and its lyrics for a specific purpose or message... like Barry Manilow did with commercials. But when I just let it happen, when I strum the guitar and it flows and the lyrics pour out like sweet syrup on hotcakes, I know that I've sort of tuned into God's radio station, and my job is to write it down before it passes like a fleeting thought that means so much and is forgotten in the blink of an eye. A thought that, later, you might realize is a significant message to you or someone who's heard it who you don't even know.

Like songs I've been writing since I was a child that seem to fit the context of this book, some 40 years later. Like a book or book with a soundtrack he's been having me write, bit by bit, song by song, chapter by chapter throughout my life, and I didn't even know it.

Years ago, while working in Los Angeles, I'd always make sure I gave good reviews to my favorite musicians and bands, when they deserved it. One of my favorite groups of all time is Ambrosia.

Their management and producers, Freddie and Teri Piro, liked my work, I interviewed the guys once, did a great review but never got to see them in concert. Otherwise it was nice, very nice.

Anyway, they called one day and asked me to come up to their offices in North Hollywood, and it looked sort of like a peasant village, very comfortable for a country boy like me in Los Angeles. They were interviewing me for a job to be their publicist, as well as to manage their recording studio. I'm not sure, but I think they were the founders of Word Music, and Amy Grant was one of their artists, distributed by Warner Brothers Records before it got taken over by Time Warner.

Some of the members of Ambrosia were in the Los Angeles Philharmonic under the conductorship of Zubin Mehta, and also were in the band the Alan Parsons Project, trying to tell us all about the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God "Eye in the Sky".

In this interview with Teri and Freddie, who I really liked a lot, very down to earth, at least in the way I knew them... they asked me about the Knack, I said they were funny but I liked them a lot. Teri said they were a burnout group doing a copycat of the Beatles to sell records.


Then she said, if you had a Christian Record Label, what would you do to get that music played in mainstream radio and media. I said, I'd take the songs with the most ambiguous lyrics, release them as mainstream singles, and then let people hear the whole album with the complete message of the artist, and let people who like their mainstream music get exposed to the Christian message.

I didn't get the job. She said I deserved better. I couldn't imagine having a better job than managing a recording studio, that I assumed I would have been able to use when it wasn't in use. Prince and I would have had more in common then.

Nonetheless, in retrospect, I wonder if I was giving her fresh advice, or if she was trying to tell me something. But a few months later, Amy Grant had what I believe was her first main stream single hit.

When I finished the first short version of  "For the Love of the World", I thought these musicians knew who I was. I still believe some of them did and do. Nonetheless, I sent a copy of the book to David Pack, the lead singer of Ambrosia, who also did a single called "The Key to You" with David Benoit. Of course, at that point, I'd given a lot of thought to the Ambrosia song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ambrosia - Make Us All Aware

I asked him to give a copy to Teri & Freddie and others. Roby Duke was very nice in exchanging emails about some other issues, and I sent him a copy too. Jackson Brown, Billy Preston, and a whole bunch of other people in some of the old time groups, including a management group that includes Grand Funk, Three Dog Night and a bunch more. I quoted Grand Funk, told them I was their Captain, as in Three Dog Nights' "Family of Man".

Nonetheless.. A few years after that interview, I called Teri up and asked her if she remembered me, from the reviews and the interview, as well as my cameo shot on the Joker's Wild when my wife was on and was one of the top prize winners of the year.

I told her I wanted to submit some songs to her for publication and for other people to sing. She said, if you really think they're hits, like you're really sure, send them to me. I never contacted her again. :} How do you actually know for sure? :}

This year, in a moment of exasperation, I sent him an email again. Of course, no response.

But I was fascinated because about 6 months after I'd sent him the first book, I read that Pastor Rick Warren, in his way, was able to show David how to have God reveal his true purpose in life to him. And it was basically to help other musicians, unknowns to use their gift more in the context of the work of God.

God Bless You David. And thanks to Rick Warren.

Interestingly for me is the fact that, if I'd built this thing called the FARM and the Family of Artists and Musicians as I'd wanted to long ago, I'd have suggested to David to do some very similar things. Just as Billy Preston agreed to do in that special interview I had with him that day at Motown Records. To teach and empower others in the arts.

I guess God gets His way with us willing servants one way or another, hey David? :}

Back in those days in Los Angeles, Bob Dylan's album "Slow Train Coming" came out. Back in the 60's, I enjoyed a number of his singles and knew he was a cultural icon, though I didn't know why. I was just a few years too young.

But in 1979, the album came out, I listened to it, it was quite different than anything I'd ever heard him do before. I actually liked it better than anything I'd ever heard him do before, as an album and content, and an old folk artist doing music in a more modern genre and with substantially different instrumentation.

Legendary concert promoter Bill Graham would have called him one of those musicians who were the voice of a new generation asking for a more Christian culture, one that adhered to the Golden Rule. I have to admit, I wasn't aware of that when I listened to some of the music from people some ministers now call "old hippies". But I did notice they had some good ideas about how people should treat each other, just as I've noticed that most of the people who identified with that culture during that era quickly abandoned the more peaceful philosophy in the 80's, the era of money under Ronald Reagan, when the world really changed.

The thing that was different about Dylan's music on that album, like many other albums by people in that time period I didn't think were spiritual or religious, was that the lyrics were about Christianity. About the Second Coming, actually.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Dylan - Slow Train Coming - 09 - When He Returns

I gave him a good review because I knew people would be interested in knowing Dylan had a new album, and because musically I liked it. And even agreed with the lyrics. But because of the erroneous image given to him and many other artists back then, like John Lennon and the Beatles, I thought his counter culture ways weren't Christian.

I thought, Dylan sold out too. He went Christian and gave up the "new ways". Shows you how little I knew about these Reagan Christians, and born-again Christians and such. :}

I talk about Aesopian communications, like the French underground used to use when their country was under siege. In a way, these 60's musicians had a language of their own, as it seemed much of America did, just like fad words are used in music and society today.

He used to say, you can't trust anyone over 30. I thought he was talking about people over 30, who had conformed to a materialistic paradigm and given up on the idea of a world that is - as I say - fair, like God intended. Where people live what I now call the Golden Rule. Back then, I thought of it as people being considerate of one another.

I don't know if he was saying that in code or not, but a more modern and useful interpretation of that remark might say:

There's an organization called Masons, filled with good people, who are being used as a front organization by powerful people called Free Masons who are perpetrating evil, and they are designated as Free Masons ranked above 30.

This would include people like Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Bob Dole and so many people who are affiliated with them that it would make your head spin.

All this is why I took the advice of the Doobie Brothers early on in my "new education" called becoming, listening not to music as romantic love songs or protest songs necessarily, but just to hear the common themes, the words and the definitions of the words they were using, and to listen for the overriding messages of peace and love and unity... talking about all of the things that comprise what they may or may not know is part of God's Kingdom, being counselors to heal people's hearts and giving voice to the questions and concerns we all share.

They're prophets, and when you Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Listen to the Music as if the musicians were God's angels, you begin to understand things and listen in a whole new way.

And sure, we all love to hear romantic love songs and such, but have you really asked yourself why you like you like to listen to love songs? Why you like to hear songs by artists singing introspective lyrics? What do you really receive from listening to it? What part of you does it satisfy or give perspective to?

I doubt musicians and artists truly understand the importance of their work to society. To people's lives, hearts and souls. To the part we and they don't talk about in public. The truth inside of us that we're afraid to let anyone know.

For Christian and spiritual artists, please understand, I'd love to hear your work, and have people know it and love it. But the reason for rock and roll, whether artists know it or not, was to deliver the message to people like me who didn't go to church or hang  around groups of Christians who listen to your music. It's another part of the Matrix of God. God reaching out with arms open wide to all people. God likes Jazz a lot too.

I was listening to Todd Rundgren's album "Healer" the other day. Someone asked me, is that whole album Christian music. I laughed. I wondered if Todd Rundgren had ever heard his music described as Christian music before. To me, it's always been very spiritual, especially if you have a sense of humor about such things, but I never thought of it as Christian before.

I told her, I guess it's all in the way you listen to it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 05 - Compassion

Sometime in the 90's while working at KWAV in Monterey, I remember hearing a song I'd read about for the first time, written by Van Morrison, and made even more famous by Rod Stewart. It's Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, an exquisite love ballad that I love to listen and sing to. Which is actually a song Morrison wrote praising God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rod Stewart - Have I Told You Lately

What a great Valentine's Day gift.

One time, I bought a set of 20 acrylic colors and some of those canvases with cardboard backing that are ready to paint. And I was just getting to the phase, like the Dalai Lama, where I laugh at everything. I watched a special on CNN on the Dalai Lama, and he was telling the monks they government said they were going to kill them all, and they all laughed, and I actually understood.

Anyway, I got these paints, set up an easel and painted a first take on the canvas. Then, for fun, just to test this, what this Bible says about how God was in control of my life and I should just follow His lead, your lead, I turned the canvas upside down and said "Okay God, paint something."

I painted and painted and painted and when I thought it was about through, I turned the canvas upside down again, and it was the first thing I've painted since elementary school that actually looked like something. It was the head of a goat with space aged blue sunglasses, a strange crown with a piano on top of his head, and over his shoulder, what must be a demon spirit looking over his shoulder (that was originally painted when it was upside down as a peace sign) and the sun shining down in the background. I thought, God DOES work in mysterious ways, and he really does have a strange sense of humor. Now, being on the cusp of Aries and Pisces...

For more fun, you might want to look at the fun letters I wrote to bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Leon Russell about his incredible Blue Album that I bought something like 9 copies of over the years. My letter to bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Streisand is kind of fun too.

My point is this.

Did you musicians and artists know that you're angels and prophets, and sort of on the front lines of speaking God's ways into the hearts and minds of the people who listen to your music and view your art?

Do you realize how your work is like delivering healing messages as counselors and those who've inquired and sought wisdom, shared through your creativity, sort of like painting a picture or writing music with God, not like He's doing it for you and not like you're doing it without Him, but like you're playing a concert with Him?

It's kind of interesting to think about, isn't it?

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord... Whether Christian or Jazz or whatever genre, you are the voices, the representatives of the hearts and souls and the hopes of the people you sing, play and create with. And like the Living Word of God, the Bible and His faithful servants, every person who hears or sees what you do derives a special, unique meaning to what they perceive, experience and decide because of your influences.

That painting I did... the next one I did, a few weeks later after God revealed more and more as I awoke to the world and His wisdom and His purpose for my life, is my favorite so far, and looked even prettier when I saw it in the sunlight for the first time before slipping it into someone's mail slot, in hopes they'd "find their way" somehow despite whatever might have happened.

To me, as abstract as it was, it was like an owl hiding behind the leaves in a tree, peeking out, barely visible to anyone not looking for it or knowing it was there. I thought it represented who I was and what was going on in terms of my own awakening at the time.

God's angels are everywhere, and they do funny things, and they don't even know why, or what it might do for the person or things or animals they do them for. It just feels right. And then God thanks them for delivering the gift they didn't even know they gave, and puts it to use.

No wonder Lou Dobbs says there are no such things as coincidences. It's not like I even gave that a thought before now. And now I'm sitting here thinking.. maybe you are too.. I wonder what else God's had me do that will come back to haunt me later? :} It's sort of like dealing with random acts of kindness and instant karma all at the same time :}

So, I have to admit that I take some liberty talking to you angels this way because I know a little something about what you're really like inside, and all the fancy clothes and limos don't fool me into believing that you're not still the same person you were when you "made it". And don't forget, all the people in the world who can whistle, hum, and throw mud on the ground and think it looks good in some way are God's angels too, so you don't have a corner on the market.

But you pros.. now or before or yet to be... you raised your hands and said "I want to do that" when God was asking for volunteers, and there you were, the guileless angels that you were, thinking it sounds like tough work but it could be fun spreading all that love and wisdom of God around. And here you are.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 08 - Wholy Holy

I call you all Charlie's angels, because my dad's name was Charlie, and I have this inside track on His spiritual identity too. I also call you crazy angels, just like Paul Simon does on his album, because I love you so much and I know a little about how you actually are in your own inimitable ways. Crazy about the beauty and wonder of it all. And you can't convince me that isn't true.

So, someone had to tell me what I needed to know to do what I told God I wanted to do when the time came.

I ask you to open your hearts again, let the little kid out for a while, listen to Minnie Riperton's "Perfect Angel" album, it's mostly on YouTube... and in the letter to bluediam.gif (123 bytes) Minnie, there's a few cuts I'd like you to hear.

Now, I know I'm behind on keeping up with arts and music, and there's people out there like Wyclef Jean and Eminem and Michael Jackson and Prince and my (special one) Alanis Morrisette, and Jackson Browne and James Taylor and Carole King and Carly Simon and Michael McDonald and the Doobies and Neil Young and Michael Tomlinson and Mariah Cary and Paula Abdul and Chaka Kahn and the list goes on and on and on of people I know are out there on the same team, and probably don't even know it, and would be surprised to be called angels even if they knew they were.

And when I send people like Jewel emails... Jewel, who sort of painted one possible vision I had of my private, more intimate part of life when she recorded Painters, and reminded me what my vision of heaven was like, and then lead me to listen to the song "Amen" which asks "Where Are My Angels?"... please understand and tell your agents and managers that I'm only writing to you about God because your lyrics and work make me believe you know things that I know, that I've never heard anyone else say before, and I want to share the wisdom God blesses me with with you, and hope you'll want to share your blessings with me.

Like Todd Rundgren and the Bourgeois Tagg say, we've been Universal Church of the Kingdom of God "Waiting for the worm to turn". Apparently, I'm the worm, and I turned.. counting blessings instead of RV's... it's time for us all to, as Kenny Loggins says in "This Is It", make no mistake who you are, just as he also sings "It's About Time", and Mike McDonald sings some say it's a hopeless fight but I say "I Gotta Try", and Wycliff Jean sings "How Come? and we all tell a story that's bound together as one in the matrix of God.

Despite the fact that Barack used another one of my themes when MTV put on the We Are One concert,  I say, sort of like Thoreau said, We Are One.. A Majority of One, ONE huge body of citizens united in common values, moral and ethical values, like we believe in our hearts the world should be like. What I declare as the Kingdom of God on behalf of the Almighty God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Ingram with Michael McDonald - Yah Mo Be There

It's time for the suffering and the devastation of this world to end, and I know you want that. Empower me and let me empower you to make it the way you know God Planned it.

Global peace and abundance for all. No one can take it way from you.

It's a whole, new world, and all you have to do is want it. Let God provide it. And find that angel in you, the one that believes you're bound to a system that suppresses your soul. I know you know what I'm talking about. I just want you to know you have permission and the blessings of God to feel it and live it and know it in your hearts again.

Marvin Gaye knew what he was talking about on his album "What's Going On", from Mercy Mercy Me to God is love and Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Who Will Save the Children?.

I don't believe it's possible for anyone to listen to that album without knowing that truth, that God is love, that He is perfected in us as we are perfected in Him, and that He wants us to learn of and share the secret and gift of that perfection now.

As His servants, the canvas is empty, and the paint is fresh. The rest is living art. Create. What would you like to see in your image? God wants to know if you and He have things in common.

He thinks we do, and He asks you to see it and hear it fully.

That truly is God's message to you, his angels, and to me, His servant.

We are one. Forever. In love.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 04 - Riding On A Railroad

Update: 6/7/2009 Here's a little of the synchronicity of my life. I wrote all that stuff about David Pack and Ambrosia.  This morning, while writing to Barry Linn, I accidentally found and clicked on a Google ad for someone named David C. Pack, and on article called: bluediam.gif (123 bytes) http://www.thercg.org/books/hwpwc.html How World Peace Will Come.

I have to tell you, I've only read a small amount of one of his articles, and I've only scanned the titles of what else he's written, but he looks like a true prophet to me in many ways. It gives me  a great deal of hope to know that there is someone who appears to understand. Someone tell Pelosi he gets it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Initiation - B02 - Eastern Intrigue

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