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Everything is Possible
Once Democracy is Restored

Given the world today, there are so many things which
must be addressed which have been neglected so long

How Much Truth is America Willing To Hear?
And What Will We Actually Do About It?
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with America

The 2008 Conversation

  Government for the people. What does that mean to you?

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Be A Golden Rule American!

International Affairs


Domestic Issues

Israel & The Palestinians.
See Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Davidic & Palestinian Covenants

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Russia & Georgia

Much more soon.

Understanding the World Today:
Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Shillum
Sit down, relax, maybe have a drink first

The links to external sites do not necessarily indicate a support for the ideas and works on that site, or theirs for mine, but point  to similar concerns and examples of approaches that go beyond the currently applied technologies, paradigms and ideas that stifle advancement and harm the environment.

Constitutional, Civil & Human Rights

The Limits of Power:
The End of American Exceptionalism
by Col. Andrew Bacevich
Amazon Wiki PBS

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Green Spies, Black Ops
DC-area private security firm managed by former Secret Service agents, spied on environmental groups and other targets on behalf of corporate clients using a range of dubious tactics, from dumpster diving and finagling phone records to infiltrating offices

Charles Rehn for President 2008 The CIA & The Media
by Carl Bernstein

Charles Rehn for President 2008 More on the Media and the
Council on Foreign Relations
What the media doesn't tell you.


Charles Rehn for President 2008 Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
  Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Why is the Media Downplaying Our Voting Scandal?

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You'll be shocked at how much
election corruption really does happen!


The REAL Energy of the Future

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Charles Rehn for President 2008
Charles Rehn for President 2008 technical info
...all EM fields, potentials, and every joule of EM energy in the universe is produced by their associated source chargesright out of nothing at all, with no energy input to the charge at all, but with continuous energy flow from it... These highly qualified people say can manage a Manhattan Project that will end the energy crisis in 2 years... forever.
Charles Rehn for President 2008 The answers to many questions here
about why we don't need so much oil after all!

Great Ideas
for short & medium range solutions
Charles Rehn for President 2008
PS: Thank you, sir, for your love of America

Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Orion Project
For over 100 years, these advanced concepts in energy generation have either been ignored or actively suppressed due to the power of fossil-fuel based economic and industrial interests.

Astronaut Brian O'Leary's open letter to Al Gore in 2007 pointed out the problem with most organized science of today when he stated:

“...don't rely exclusively on those mainstream scientists, journalists and pundits who deny the reality of new energy. They are just as ignorant as those scientists who denied the practicality of aviation even after the Wright brothers were flying. But to expect the Wrights to immediately deliver a 737 would have been unrealistic.”

Charles Rehn for President 2008 'Massive' wind farm plans hailed The prospect of huge wind farms off the British coast have been welcomed by environmentalists. New turbines, to be sited at three sites off the North West coast, the Wash and Thames Estuary, will generate as much energy as about six nuclear power stations, and create 20,000 jobs.

Veterans, Soldiers & Modern War

U.S. Waging Nuclear War In Middle East

Charles Rehn for President 2008 How America Nukes Its Own Troops

Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Horrible Truth About U.S. Military's Use of Depleted Uranium  "I die with the conviction, held since 1968 and Catonsville, that nuclear weapons are the scourge of the earth; to mine for them, manufacture them, deploy them, use them, is a curse against God, the human family, and the earth itself."   – Philip Berrigan 

The highest levels of depleted uranium ever measured in the atmosphere in Britain, were transported on air currents from the Middle East and Central Asia; of special significance were those from the Tora Bora bombing in Afghanistan in 2001, and the "Shock & Awe" bombing during Gulf War II in Iraq in 2003.

The Penal & Justice Systems

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Reforming Juvenile Injustice Huffington Post
In the United States, 2,484 people are currently sentenced to die in prison for an offense they committed when they were under 18. In contrast, not a single youth is serving this sentence anywhere else in the world

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Probation Profiteers
In Georgia's outsourced justice system, a traffic ticket can land you deep in the hole.

The MoJo Prison Guide  The Coming Prison Meltdown

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Slammed: Welcome to the Age of Incarceration
Mother Jones. What happens when you lock up 1 in every 100 American adults? Nearly Charles Rehn for President 2008 one in four of all prisoners worldwide is incarcerated in America. It was just the latest such statistic. Today, one in nine African American men between the ages of 20 and 34 is locked up. In 1970, our prisons held fewer than 200,000 people; now that number exceeds 1.5 million, and when you add in local jails, it's 2.3 million. Eight years ago, we surpassed Russia to claim the dubious distinction of Charles Rehn for President 2008 having the world's highest rate of incarceration; today we're still No. 1.

We Deserve The Truth

WTC Building 7 - The Smoking Gun of 911

Charles Rehn for President 2008 What REALLY Happened AT Waco?

Charles Rehn for President 2008 AMERICA'S SECRET POLICE:
FBI COINTELPRO in the 1990s

Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People

Where Money Comes From, Where It Goes
  Pastor Sheldon Emry


The Agenda

Declaring Peace
Peace: not at all costs, but for all of the right reasons. God does not sanction war. Never did. "An eye for an eye" is NOT a Christian value.

See Charles Rehn for President 2008 The First 100 Days. Priorities that can't wait.

Restoring the Constitution
The disregard and dismantling of the Constitution by Dem and Rep Parties shows a partnership to do so. It also displays a lack of respect for and understanding of a document that allows for all good and appropriate things when implemented with the intent to honor it.

Human Rights, Civil Rights & the Constitution

 James Taylor - Shed A Little Light

Charles Rehn for President 2008 PsychoTronics
The typical symptoms of Electro-magnetic and Psychotronic Attack. What it does to you. Seeking assistace. See Charles Rehn for President 2008 What is Psychotronics? Without freedom of thought, there can be no freedom.  Charles Rehn for President 2008

Executive Order Review
The Executive Order gives the President the ability to rule by decree. We should examine this process & the "secret" laws that have been declared, and determine which are appropriate, and which need to be subjected to legislative process or removal.

The Federal Reserve
Restoring Constitutional Authority over the currency. Review of Usery Laws. Read Charles Rehn for President 2008 Billions for Bankers, Debts for the People Where Money Comes From, Where It Goes by   Pastor Sheldon Emry.

Weather Modification & Wars: HAARP
Charles Rehn for President 2008 Weather wars, manipulation, Charles Rehn for President 2008 chemtrails, eathquakes and mind control... and it's all true. And, right now, its rogue technology. For now, see Charles Rehn for President 2008 HAARP at this site. See Charles Rehn for President 2008Experimental Weather Modification Coming To Your Neighborhood Soon.

Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Economy
What politicians don't tell you is that the books have been cooked to hide the Charles Rehn for President 2008 worst economic depression is U.S. History since the worst economic disaster in U.S. History. And, like the first one, it is no accident. Like the first one, it is a typical prelude to war.

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Taxation
Only A Fool Would Say That

Education & Children
We are the stewards of God's precious little gifts to us all. They should be allowed to grow and develop without shaping and indoctrination. No Child Left Behind provides us an opportunity to look at how public declarations and fancy slogans (weapons of mass distraction) rarely actually accomplish something positive.
 Bee Gees - Children of the World
Harold Melvin & the Bluenotes  Wake Up Everybody

America's - and the world's - reliance on fossil fuels may be one of the biggest frauds ever
Charles Rehn for President 2008 Nuclear Power: 4.5 Billion Years in Provence
Recent radioactive leaks in France provide a cautionary tale for America's "nuclear renaissance."
Charles Rehn for President 2008 How We Almost Blew Up Ohio
Charles Rehn for President 2008 The Nuclear Option

Citizens Leading Government
Real Bottom Up Management
"Leaders" love to make headlines and announce big programs. Citizens actually get things done. And they know what needs to be done.  The funny part of the idea of bottom up management in government is that the citizens are supposed to be the bosses in the first place anyway.
James Taylor - The Secret O' Life

Social Security, Universal Health Care & Entitlements
Like the legislation that allows corporations to spend your pensions without recourse, the U.S. Gov't/corporate financiers clearly do not want to live up to its obligations. Another reason we need to take the government back. Things that are good are not socialism, they are prudent. Why stereotype a good idea? Let's call these empowerment programs, instead of entitlement programs, and then have them be that.

Homeless, Jobless & Empowered
Same as above, for the moment. A huge topic for me.
 Earth, Wind & Fire - Shining Star

Generations of Heroes:
Honoring our Veterans. To do anything less than fully honor and empower those who would give their lives for us is simply absurd. Everyone of you is a hero, and deserve so much for what you give.
 Donny Osmond - Soldier of Love
 Paul Hardcastle - 19
 Leon Russell - Masters of War

Native American Treaties
Reconciling the treaties and agreements today
A Spiritualism Worth Embracing
 Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation
American Indian Movement:
   Charles Rehn for President 2008 Grand Governing Council
   Charles Rehn for President 2008 Must Read

The Environment
 The Oceans - Country Joe McDonald Save The Whales
 David Crosby & Graham Nash - To the Last Whale
 Wildlife on the Ground & In the Air
Lakes & Rivers
Loggins & Messina - Watching the River Run
 Hollies -The Air That We Breathe

Separation of Church & State
The responsibilities of Government and Spiritual Institutions, and why they are intended to remain absolutely separate. There is a delicate balance to be respected, and a plan outlined in the Bible that makes it clear and rational.
 Abraham, Martin & John -

The Responsibilities of Corporations, particularly in regard to public utilities, employees, pensions and fiduciary responsibilities.
 Dire Straits - Industrial Disease

Charles Rehn for President 2008 Citizens Declaration of Rights
A Code of Conduct for Government servants

Regarding Globalization / New World Order
 Manfred Mann - Chicago Institute
Natural resources, population support, economic trade agreements, commitment of troops to international command, the United Nations, disease prevention and treatment,   advanced medical technology, global warming, weather manipulation and earthquake machines... My view of the BIG Picture. It's very big.

Every trade agreement must be reviewed for the interests of the citizens o fthe United States and the interests of the citizens of our trading partners.

Immigration Reform
A more holistic approach to global unity, continental harmony & equitable exchanges of skills, talents & natural resources.

Education For a Lifetime
What if, right now, you could pick any job on earth you'd want to do without suffering hardship because of the career change? What if? One of my favorite projects.

Renaissance of the Arts & Sciences
See also: Family of Artists & Musicians

Charles Rehn for President 2008 News of the Nation - Empowering the "news" to inform the citizens

Back To Real Democracy:  Election Reform
   Counting the Votes
   Public Financing (viewed in a different way)
   Integrity in Debating the Issues
 Holly GoAnarchy - They're Lying To You

FDA: Review & Re-structuring the Guardians of Our Health

Holistic & Naturopathic Education
Ban the Codex, and educate citizens about health, diet, options & alternatives

Kids Talk
Linking children of all nations through technology, travel & discovery

Patented Technology Commission
From medicine to energy & psychotronics. Development of the state of the art technologies and methods as public gifts while honoring intellectual property rights

Genetically Modified Foods and Seed Leases

Small Business & Farm Empowerment
The foundation of this nation and the theories of perpetuating a nation of liberty has always been the ability for individuals, good merchants or pioneers of technology, to find opportunities to succeed. What we would call "following our bliss".  Those opportunities are quickly dwindling, and need to be restored for the sake and well being of our citizens, citizens of nations who depend upon us, and the stability of our nation.
 John Mellencamp - Small Town

Non-Profit Empowerment
Providing a more business like environment without breaking the spirit of people with a commitment to a cause.

Mental Health System Review
We are encouraged to seek treatment, only to be discredited and diregarded later. Dependence upon mind-altering drugs in (lieu of) counseling and treatment merely creates drug addicts, and physical and mental ailments.

Justice & Penal System Review
   Precedent and Judgments, Sentencing
   Abolishment of the Death Penalty
        "Thou shalt not kill"
   Prisons: of Dignity, Healing & Reform
   Freeing Political Prisoners
       & Wrongully Convicted
    Examination of the Fitness of the
       members of the Supreme Court

   Sting - Love is Stronger Than Justice


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